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Here are some tips to help you hit your protein targets every day. 🎯

1. Plan your meals ahead of time: Planning your meals in advance will help you make sure you are getting enough protein throughout the day. Include a protein source in every meal, such as chicken, fish, tofu, beans, or lentils.
2. Use a food tracker: Using a food tracker app can help you keep track of your protein intake and make sure you are hitting your daily protein goals. Pre-tracking your food is a great way to ensure you hit your goals! My favorite food tracking app is MyFitnessPal.
3. Snack on protein-rich foods: Snacking on high-protein foods like Greek yogurt, protein bars, or nuts can help you increase your protein intake throughout the day.
4. Opt for lean protein sources: Choose lean protein sources like chicken breast, turkey, fish, tofu, or legumes to keep your protein intake high while keeping calories and saturated fat in check.
5. Experiment with new recipes: Keep things interesting by trying out new recipes that incorporate different protein sources and flavors.

Remember that hitting your protein goals is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to a healthy diet. Be sure to also focus on getting enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats to support overall health and well-being.

Comment or DM me “PROTEIN” to get my free protein guide! 🙌🏻

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Only 3 days left! Don’t miss out on this opportunity 🙌🏻 I will be giving away 2 spots for my 1-1 online coaching!

Link is in bio to apply ❤️

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Applications for my New Years Scholarship are available starting TODAY until the 26th of this month!

If you’re trying to start your journey or even continue on it, I would love to help you on it!

I will be picking 2 winners. There will be 1 winner for 3 months and 1 winner for 6 months.

Apply through the link in my bio so I can hear your WHY 🙌🏻

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Cute pictures with an important message ⬇️

It’s important to listen to your body and rest when it’s needed. If you overwork yourself you will be out of commission longer then if you just took that rest.

I remind myself of this all the time. This past week, and coming into this week I have been sick. 🤧

I still have so many things that have to be done such as things for my kids, cooking, cleaning, and work. But there are things I do have control over.

- I got to bed earlier and slept in longer to get extra sleep
- I haven’t worked out all week
- My husband has been a great help with everything that has to be done
- I ensure I’m eating and hydrating well

Your body needs that extra rest and being taken care of when you’re not at 100% so don’t neglect the only body you have by trying to push yourself too hard.

And a reminder not to beat yourself up when you need to take these breaks! It isn’t going to ruin your progress, you still got it sis 🙌🏻


Be aware of your SELF TALK 🗣

What you say to yourself can really affect your mindset and the things going on in your life.

The things you speak will come to existence. If you’re constantly saying things like

“I can’t..”
“I’m not good enough”
“That person is better than me”

That is going to be what you’re constantly feeling and putting out into the world. If you have ever heard of the Law of Attraction, it is real!

Be mindful of the things you’re saying to yourself and about yourself to others ✨

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As a mom we all struggle with ..

TIME. Am I right? ⏰

I feel like as mothers we always have difficulty balancing all the things we have to do.

- Take care of the kids
- Spend time with our partner
- Clean the house
- Work
- Cook dinner
- Fun activities
- Exercise
- Get to bed on time

It can be overwhelming and you may feel like your head will explode sometimes 🤯

Here are some tips I have for balancing your time and not getting overwhelmed.

- Create a master list of everything you need to do
- Separate out what is most important
- Create a schedule to keep your kids on track
- When the kids are occupied or napping knock out your most important tasks
- Wake up earlier then them, or go to bed later (ensure you’re getting at least 7 hours of sleep though)
- Envolve your kids with clean up, cooking, or even exercise

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You are worthy of care outside of your roles as a mother, partner, sister, daughter, and friend. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Yes, those roles are important! But so is the care for yourself! If you don’t take care of yourself then you won’t be able to care for those around you ❤️

Some of my favorite self care ideas are:
- Journaling
- A Walk
- Working Out
- Read a Book
- Take a Little Nap
- Some Kid Free Time

What are your favorite things to do for self care? ✨


Ask yourself this ⬇️

“When are your best days? What is happening on a day when you feel like you’re on top of the world?”

Answering these questions can help answer what your feelings of worth and core values are.

This is important to identify so you ensure you are including the things that make you feel you best during your day!

For me some of the things that happen in my best days are

- Working out
- Hitting my water goals
- Eating good throughout my day
- Having a productive work day
- Spending time with my husband & kids (whether we go somewhere to do something or just chill at the house)

What are some things that make you have the best day?

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After having a baby you may have said “I want to get my body back” .. I said it. I couldn’t wait to get back to working out to get back to how I was before being pregnant.

But it’s not “get your body back” - You’re body didn’t leave, it just changed. There is no going back to how it was before.

And that’s a good thing 💕 You created a whole human!

Now instead of saying “I can’t wait to get my body back” I say “I am so excited to see how I continue to grow and evolve to reaching my goals.

Exercise is about loving yourself and taking care of your health 💪🏻 not setting unrealistic expectations!

Tell me what excites you to exercise 🙌🏻

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Photo dump from a wedding a couple weeks ago 📸


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It can be a challenge fitting in a workout with a newborn, but I’m truly thankful to be back to working out 💪🏻

Did I have to stop every few minutes because she wanted to be held or eat.. why yes I did. Did I end my workout early because of it? No I made sure she was okay and kept at it!

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Don’t look at the bandaid on my arm 🩹


Ready to be back like I never left 💪🏻

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Phoenix Baylee Fisher 🥰 you are already so strong and beautiful. You are so loved and have all the support behind you!

Born at 11:04am April 12, 2022. 4lbs 10oz

Please keep us in your thoughts as baby Phoe had to go to the NICU 💕

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Counting the days down for baby Phoenix to be here ❤️

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We are one blessed family ❤️


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A glimpse into our maternity photos 🥰 I will be posting more very soon 👀



Preggo post cause I’ve been a little MIA lately 🤰🏼

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Pre-Pregnancy to 6 months Pregnant 🤰🏼

Not being able to work out anymore throughout my pregnancy has felt a bit more discouraging then I initially thought.

But I know it is only for a few more months, and it is to keep babygirl safe inside me 💕

Just know once I have her and heal from having a c-section I will be hitting the gym hard af, so prepare for that 💪🏻

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6 months preggo 🤰🏼

Swipe ➡️ to see the belly vanish from the front view 😂

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In the spirit of giving.. 👀

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄

To spread a little holiday cheer I want to do a giveaway!

I’m giving 1 special winner 1 free month of online coaching 💪🏻

To enter you MUST ⬇️

-Follow me (.fitness)
-Like this post
-Tag 3 friends in the comments
-Share & tag me on your story

I will pick a winner on New Years Day 🥳

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Wanna see a 9 year throwback of me 😂

Swipe ➡️

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Daily Routines 🗓

Routines play such an important role in productivity!

If you’re just going through your days doing random stuff it will be so difficult to stay on track and you will get random results.

Extra Tips:

• Don’t add too much into your routine in the beginning. - you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with everything all at once

• Focus on what’s important - get your priorities done first

• It’s okay not to be perfect - if you don’t complete your routine one day, wake up the next day & start fresh 💫

What’s something you have in your daily routine?

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How creating goals can help you thrive 🙌🏻

Simple daily goals to major long-term goals can really set you up for success and here’s how..

Creating daily goals can help keep you on track from the day to day, to ensure you are getting done the important things you need to.

Where long-term goals give you something to strive for and work towards.

So I challenge you to make a daily goal list and a long-term goal list and see how it keeps you on track!

Tell me one of your daily or long-term goals ⬇️


Post-pregnancy goals ✨

Looking back on my pre-pregnancy photos has me so determined to be better than I was prior.

Though I love the feeling of creating life, and feeling the baby move around inside me, I cannot wait to put in the work to have my body better then it was 🍑💪🏻

This photo gives me so much motivation and determination. 2022 post-baby #2 body gonna be crazy 🔥


Hello 👋

I know a lot of you have been following me for awhile, but to those of you who are new I wanted to reintroduce myself.

My name’s Alyssa! ✨

I am an online fitness coach that helps other moms and women reach their health & fitness goals.

Here are 5 facts about me:

- I’m from North Carolina, but live in Florida now.🍊
- I have a 5 year old boy & currently 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.
- I love sweets, especially chocolate. 🍫
- I have 3 siblings.
- I never can decide a favorite color, there are just so many good ones. 🌈

Tell me something about yourself below ⬇️

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I call my pregnant style..

Comfy yet cute 🥰

Swipe ➡️ to the last pic to see my lil bump 🤰

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It’s starting to get hard to hid this anymore..

Swipe ➡️ to see a surprise.

Can you guess it?

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A smoothie a day 🍌🥭🍓

Seriously though, they are so refreshing and delicious 😋 how can you not love them!

My favorite combo for a smoothie is 🥭🍍🍌🍊🫐🍓🥬🍠

What’s your favorite mix of fruit/veggies?

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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Ready to be back like I never left 💪🏻