Bike Virginia Tour

Bike Virginia Tour

Join the festival on wheels for Virginia's longest running bike tour. Each year we choose new routes

Operating as usual


What an amazingly beautiful day we had in Woodstock yesterday for our first Woodstock Wander. Thanks to all the long time riders and new riders that joined us as we explored the rolling hills, historic towns and amazing collection of wineries!

Thank you to Woodstock for rolling out the red carpet. We look forward to coming back next fall.


One of the coolest parts about our Woodstock Wander is the Edinburg Old Time Festival. We'll be providing a free shuttle from our parking area at the fair grounds to the festival from 12-9pm on Saturday.

Festival organizers said that our cyclists would love the Old Timer's Breakfast and Party in the Park.

The festival kicks off on Friday and continues through Sunday. Check out this packed schedule!



All riders holding a 2020 deferred registration are invited to be our guests, no need to use you ride voucher.

Based in beautiful Woodstock, Virginia, this event is the perfect choice for an enjoyable fall weekend getaway!

Strike out for a fun day of cycling on one of three bike routes of varying lengths; choose the one that fits your lifestyle and goals best.

Or stay the weekend, spending your night(s) at Woodstock’s nearby hotels, so you can…

…catch a live show and festival activities at the Edinburg Ole Time Festival (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

…watch the Harness races for FREE at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds on Friday night, continuing on Saturday

…drink and dine at the Woodstock Brewery or at the many unique restaurants of downtown Woodstock

GPS-based routes hosted on the RIDE WITH GPS Experiences app
Digital riding guide
Recommended places to stop and visit for heritage tourism, plus nearby food and drink
En route SAG support provided by local Boy Scout Troop leaders
FREE Parking at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds
Bus Shuttle loop running 12pm – 9pm between downtown Woodstock (& Brewery), the Ole Time Festival, and the County fairgrounds
FREE Yoga session (bring your own mat)

More details at


We understand our guest concerns and desire for refunds from the postponed 2020 event.

Please refer to initial e-mail communications from us at that time which explained why refunds were not issued. That information has not changed. Bike Virginia is still unable to refund registrations.

We hear your anger. We feel your dissapointment. We respect your concern.

We are doing everything we can to continue moving forward. We ask that you show kindness to our staff and our board as they are not able to personally make this matter different.

You've trusted us for 34 years, we ask that you stand with us and allow us to work as best as we can on this process.

Your support during this time is greatly appreciated.

If you have received an email auto reply, please be patient. We are not ignoring you. We just have no additional information to share at this time.

Please note:

Each individual who registered for the 2020 event completed our release form as part of the registration process which indicates that refunds are not issued beyond a specific date. The event was postponed after that date. By that calendar date, registration fees have been used for planning, preparation, and costs associated with event delivery, thus are not refundable. We have made every effort possible to make sure our guests have an opportunity to use those fees as soon as we return to operations.


Due to continuing economic and supply chain challenges we are unable to host a 2022 bike event.

Our team has been making every effort to adapt in light of the current environment. Unfortunately, we are not able to proceed with offering a quality event at this time.

We know you are eager to return to riding. We are too.

We appreciate your patience in this matter. As updates become available we will provide them by email and social media.


We've been waiting on some critical planning pieces to come into place so we know what services will be offered in June 2022. We now have almost all the updates we needed to open registration. ☺️ More from us very soon. The event dates are June 24-29, host locations Staunton/Harrisonburg.


The holidays are upon us and we want to wish you a safe and joyful winter season. May you find peace and happiness in all that you do.

The Bike Virginia Team


Hello friends! Well here we go. Official location announcement for the June 2022 Bike Virginia Event.

Our two host camps are-

Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia Friday June 24-Monday Morning June 27.

Hillandale Park -Harrisonburg, Virginia Monday June 27- Wednesday June 29.

Please note we are not ready to open registration yet and event details are still in development.

We're stoked to be getting back to riding with you in 2022, however as you know with COVID affecting businesses of all kinds, we are deep in assessment and planning.

Save the dates now though, we would love to have you join us.

Have a great week, The Bike Va Team


Okay Bike Virginia Family.

We know you have a lot of questions. The dates have been chosen for Bike Virginia 2022. June 24-29.

We know there are a lot of questions on how deferments will work, what the event will look like, etc... We are working on answers for all of those now. We are currently working with the health department to create a path forward for services like shower trucks and rest stops. We appreciate your patience as we all learn how to adapt and live with COVID-19 and it's affects on every aspect of business.

We look forward to riding with you in June.

Stay tuned for the location announcement and for details on how to redeem your 2020 registration if you were a past registrant.

We expect to open registration services in December.

The BIke Virginia Team


With great consideration for health of our participants, staff and community, and availability of services in the host community we have determined that hosting a fall event is not an option for 2021.

While we recognize that some events are taking place, many have decided to postpone such activities until 2022. Our board and staff feel strongly that this is the right decision.

We are deep in planning for the June 2022 event and will make announcements soon regarding the locations.

Thank you for your understanding on this important matter. We wish you all health and wellbeing during these challenging times.


We know our riders are anxious to get back on the road on one of our hand selected routes. We had hoped to have finalized details for September at this point.

Unfortunately COVID related issues are making this year's ride planing very difficult.

At the moment we are in a holding pattern on the September 17-19 ride. Three things could happen:

1- We host a DIY ride experience with limited services.

2- We host more of a club ride. Come join us to hang out. We'll provide the routes.

3- The activity could become a virtual event.

Our team is working to answer your questions. And we wish we knew more. Unfortunately services that we rely on are not able to meet the demand of our business due to staffing, changes to local businesses that have arisen due to COVID, and COVID transmission concerns.

We are also facing new concerns from participants, staff, and volunteers due to the increased spread of the Delta Variant.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate pandemic affected operations. We'd love nothing more than to be doing what we love— giving you a great vacation experience. Your smiles give us our smiles.

Thanks for staying tuned. More from us as soon as we can provide details.

SAVE THE DATE 21/05/2021

SAVE THE DATE Mark your 2021 calendar now for this fun "Weekend Wander" bike event with the BIKE VIRGINIA family. We''ll be exploring the New River Valley including Claytor Lake, Radford and Blacksburg.  



Riding with friends over rolling hills (and the occasional challenging climb :-), exploring the scenery of small towns and historic sites, returning to headquarters for a hearty meal and nightly entertainment, then turning in for a night of rejuvenating sleep... we miss seeing your smiling faces!

Since the 2020 tour was postponed, we have been brainstorming non-stop for a way to bring back the camaraderie and quality you expect from a BIKE VIRGINIA event. Even though our hopes are high, we can't do it through sheer will alone.

Out of overwhelming concern for our participants and due to logistical barriers, we are unable to host a 6-day event in June of 2021.

However, the year is not yet over... and we are excited to create new riding experiences for 2021!

(e.g. self-guided routes, single day event(s), and a weekend event in Fall 2021... that meets or exceeds current health and safety regulations)

What comes to mind when you think about your favorite BIKE VIRGINIA TOUR? (if this was to be your first, what were you most looking forward to?)

Check your email soon for a survey from us about your personal preferences on cycling activities to be offered in summer and fall of 2021.

We will announce further details about our upcoming events as soon as information develops.


This decision was based on availability of the necessary resources for hosting the event, as well as the health and safety of participants, host community residents, staff, and volunteers.

Continued infections, vaccination distribution schedules, and multiple global COVID variants are all impacting our ability to host a safe and quality event.

Other factors included the willingness of local communities to host, as well as availability of vendors and volunteers.

Please be assured that 2020 registration deferments will continue to be honored for future events of your choice through 2023.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we strive to continue the tradition of Bike Virginia in the near future.

Kindest regards,

Bike Virginia Staff
and the Board of Directors


We had hoped to have additional details about a 2021 event in January, but we do not have any green lights on operation of an event at this moment.

We are as eager to return to riding as you are.

However many external factors beyond our control are at play so we are unable to offer definitive information at this time.

1. Health departments are a crucial aspect of approval for our event operation.
2. National and state directives on events are applicable to our permit approvals.
3. Communities must be open, willing, and prepared to provide services that our event utilizes.
4. Critical vendors must be ready and capable to provide services with new safety standards.

At this point we do not have confirmation on any of the 4 factors listed above. Each week more vendors and service providers contact us indicating that they will not be operating event services in 2021.

With current vaccination challenges, low likelihood of herd immunity until late in 2021, and new virus variants, no one is prepared to offer any commitments.

We are closely monitoring other event decisions and participate with the National Bike Tour Director's Association as well as other national groups.

Other organizations have begun cancelling their 2021 event operations. We are hoping not to do that. We ask for your patience and continued support during this time.

Our team would like nothing more than to resume the way things were, but like everything in these times, we are all making the best out of very different circumstances.

Stay well friends. Ride, and be kind to one another.


Thinking of our Bike Virginia friends and family—we wish you a safe, warm, and love-filled holiday season.

In late January, 2021 we will make announcements about our event plans for the coming riding season.

Our intent is to ride in June 2021 using protocols to meet potential restrictions related to COVID.

Given that we do no know the level of immunity that will be achieved from vaccination, and the regulations that may be in place for June, we are moving forward with a COVID event strategy that will allow us to meet strict event limitations in 2021.

The location of that event has not been finalized.

The window for the event is June 18-27, 2021 (with the possibility of two weekend options as a part of the new format. This has not been finalized).

We feel confident that 2022 will allow us to resume standard event service.

In the interim we will use stringent safety protocols as required by the agencies that regulate our opertations.

Stay safe this winter and stay tuned for details from us soon.


Behind the scenes at Bike Virginia, we’ve been working with event organizers across the country to develop event procedures that are adapted to the current environment.

We are excited to see that this fall, a very small selection of events have operated with new protocols. Those few events have laid the initial footsteps for others to follow and are willingly sharing their learning.

Organizations like ours are taking those new procedures and evaluating the use of those for our own unique event and communities.

The Bike Virginia staff has been working to develop strategies based on that information alongside our specific state and regional regulatory agencies' requirements.

This is incredibly challenging as the environment is shifting weekly, so we remain fluid with our planning and have multiple ideas in place for different scenarios.

Some of the areas of operation which are being addressed include:

-How to operate within state and county crowd size limits and enforce such regulations
-Adapting foodservice operations to meet new health department requirements.
-Socially distant and safe SAG transportation services.
-Securing locations that allow for appropriate spacing and safe social distancing.
-Adapting to meet new health department regulations for- restroom/shower facilities and handwashing at any event sites, including rest stops.
-Mask regulations and enforcement in event spaces
-Staff and volunteer training

Just like you, we hope to be back to doing what we love next year.

Our team looks forward to bringing you an event experience in 2021 that offers added safety measures for riders, volunteers, and staff.

We will communicate additional details as they become available. Stay safe friends, we have much to look forward to.


Today marks the beginning of national Bike Month. Hoping your bicycle brings you comfort in these times of change. It's been inspiring to see many people enjoying their bikes when they may not have for a very long time. The simple pleasure of a bike ride lifts the heart and bolsters the spirit.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels


COVID-19 Event Update

Our staff, board, and volunteers, like many of you, have been holding our breath as we watch the COVID-19 pandemic unfold. We have been concerned with the same uncertainties that you have; facing uncertainty about our health, our loved ones, and our jobs, about impending restrictions, and our world’s future.

Over the last two weeks, our team has been acutely aware that the pandemic was growing worse and was going to touch every aspect of our lives both professionally and personally.

We soon realized that with the severity of the illness and rate of spread that critical decisions about our event were only days, not months away.

Events of all kinds began making the decision to cancel or postpone and we came to understand that proceeding as normal with event operations in June was very unlikely.

We have been working diligently with host communities and vendors to evaluate options based on constantly changing restrictions, regulations, and logistics. Today we received word from one of our host communities that the event would not be allowed to operate in the community if COVID-19 was still spreading. As you know, none of us can make a prediction on when the highest risk will have passed.

This message is to notify you of the postponement of the 2020 BIKE VIRGINIA TOUR to a yet to be determined date.

We have been evaluating options but do not have specific answers at this time regarding the dates of the next event.

We will be deferring registration fees from the 2020 event to a future event of choice between June 2020 and December of 2023.

We feel strongly that postponement with deferment is the only option.

The BIKE VIRGINIA TOUR includes close social settings in registration, camping, on-site meals, and shower trucks. We host over 1,500 riders on average. We have hundreds of community volunteers. With the current virus concern, the safety of all parties warrants moving the tour to a safer date in the future.

We are considering all options, and will maintain vigilance in following the federal, state, and county regulations specific to each of our potential host communities.

We ask for your patience at this time.

We know that you, like each of us, was counting on attending BIKE VIRGINIA's event this year. This is our 34th annual event, and never in the history of the organization have we had to postpone an event. Never before have we faced this kind of circumstance and challenge to keep our organization financially solvent.

As soon as we know more we promise to update you via email and social media.

Please stay safe. We look forward to enjoying a ride together in the future when we can all breathe easier and resume doing the things we love with people we love.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Kim Perry


Hello Bike Virginia Family, just providing another update. We continue to follow the information from the Virginia Department of Health and National agencies regarding large events and gatherings. Thank you for your patience for news about the 2020 event. We promise to update all registered riders and social media followers as soon as we know more. Please stay well friends.


The board and staff at Bike Virginia are monitoring the current COVID-19 virus situation closely. We are working with local health agencies to determine the best ways to keep our Bike Virginia family safe. We are thinking of you all, wishing you and your family health and peace of mind.

Photos from Bike Virginia Tour's post 05/03/2020

We're getting ready to stock up the Bike Virginia Store and would love to hear from you about your favorite kinds of memorabilia or gear. Let us know what you'd like to see at the 2020 event store. Thanks!


Did you know that you can camp at Bike Virginia without the frustration of setting up camp? Camping is so much fun because you are at the heart of the event and meet so many great people. We work with Velo Sante Cycling Services, a provider of everything you need to be comfortable! Just book one of their packages and show up. Your tent will be ready and waiting. They will treat you right with lots of creature comforts too like shady sitting areas, snacks, and more. Learn more from Velo Sante at


The thought of spring puts some pep in our pedals! Summer is not far away now. Planning for the 2020 tour is so much fun and our team has some cool experiences in store for our riding family! We're excited to offer a Singles ride this year for the first time and have so many amazing routes picked out just for you.

FHWA should follow the NTSB Recommendations to Promote Separated Bike Lanes and Safer Intersections 21/01/2020

Interested in supporting development of future separated bike lanes and safer intersections for cyclists? These are a great way to make cycling safer. Today is the last day to comment. Sharing here the League's web link for taking action.

FHWA should follow the NTSB Recommendations to Promote Separated Bike Lanes and Safer Intersections Join me and in asking for Action on recommendations for Separated Bike Lanes and Safer Intersections. []


Velo Sante Cycling services returns again in 2020 to offer outstanding supported camping services to our guests. Yay! And they have coffee service for their guests. Double yay! If you're new to camping, or like to just show up and enjoy the ride, they have everything down to a fine science, the best details large and small to make your trip outstanding.


Oh my dearest Summer..... I am thinking of you today!


Wishing you a very Happy New Year. May your 2020 be filled with miles and miles of smiles. We look forward to sharing adventures with in the coming year. 🚴🏻‍♀️❤️🚴🏽‍♂️❤️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️ PS don’t forget to sign up by midnight tonight EST to catch the best price for the 2020 tour.


Go fast my friends... right on over to register at Early bird pricing for the 2020 tour goes us on Jan 1. Save your spot for the best adventure you and your bike could have together. They go fast 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️


It might be winter now but it’s the very best time to save your spot on the 2020 Bike Virginia Tour adventure. Prices go up on Jan 1. We’ve got lots of exploring and relaxing in store for you in June 2020 as we visit the heartlands of Va. This beautiful region offers rolling terrain, amazing countryside, two awesome state parks, and so much more. Ride for 1, 3 or 6 days on this SUPER affordable bicycle vacation. Choose your routes, ride up to 400 miles during the event if you choose the longest routes. Route options from 15-100 miles. Perfect for all kinds of riders. Camp or stay in hotels. Have your car nearby every day. It’s a ride like no other. It’s really about becoming a part of our Bike Virginia family when you join our 33rd@annual even this summer. ❤️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️🌲🌷🎉 Learn more at


Twin Lakes State Park

Explore our HQ for the second half of the 2020 Bike Tour.   Want a cool place to go hiking, swimming, or camping? Then prepare yourself to explore the beautiful woodlands of Twin Lakes State Park. About a 25-minute drive from the streets of Fa…


BIKE VIRGINIA - The Highly Addictive & Ever-Changing Annual Summer Cycling Holiday

Give the most fun gift this year! Bike Virginia Registration is open AND we have gift certificates at It's so much more than a bike ride!

BIKE VIRGINIA ►► Want to join me on the 2020 BIKE VIRGINIA tour? I'll be attending the event again in 2020 and you are invited to cy...


Rally the crew!!! Bike Virginia's 2020 tour is going the most awesome riding adventure you can take with your friends and family. Registration is open now. Get the best price now, before December 31. Lots of fun in store this year, riding in a region that we haven't visited in many years (The Heartlands), and an all new Singles Mingle ride! Come for a day, a weekend, the weekdays, or all 6 GLORIOUS DAYS OF RIDING! You'll enjoy our unique format that allows you to camp, RV, or stay in a hotel, and have vehicle nearby for all 6 days. Yes you read that right! Loop rides mean you start and end where you car is parked every day but get a fresh new route every time. Visit the website today to learn more about registration


Bike Virginia Tour's cover photo

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?


Welcome to Bike Virginia! We are a nonprofit that works on cycling initiatives such as events, education, working with elected officials, advocacy programs, grants, and consulting in Virginia.

To fundraise for these important initiatives, we host an annual 6-day cycling tour. Over 1,500 kindred spirit riders have gathered for over 30 years to travel and explore Virginia’s most historic and scenic regions.

This year’s bike ride takes place June 22-27, 2018 and offers two unique riding locations (Radford and Claytor Lake, VA), plenty of riding length options, camping, food tucks and a beer garden. Can’t make it for the full 6-days? We also offer 3-day options.

To find out more about this fun, colorful, festival on wheels, visit:

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