Pamela Otero, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & HTMA Expert

Pamela Otero, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & HTMA Expert

LIVE FREE of chronic fatigue, RESTORE your energy, and RECONNECT with the active life you love! Hi! I'm Pamela.

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, HTMA Expert, “Root Work” Seeker, and someone who's personally traveled this path. I help women LIVE FREE of chronic fatigue, RESTORE the energy in their body, and RECONNECT with the active life they love by uncovering the root cause of their fatigue, increasing the energetic potential of their body, and restoring optimal function using the most effective approac

Operating as usual


Oftentimes I think we get in the habit of thinking things are out of our control when it comes to our time - not having enough for our running and training.

We've gotten used to responding to everyone else's needs before our own. And as a result, we're not where we'd like to be with our running, fitness, weight, body, or health, and...we're a little resentful.

Join me today for Coaching Over Coffee with Pamela as I dive into the topic of "Asking for What You Need" so that you get the results you want with your health and well-being!


In today's Coaching Session I want to talk directly to those of you who are or have been experiencing ankle issues with your running.

You either roll your ankles or have had previous injuries that cause aggravations with your running or keep you from getting started.

This ONE thing is rarely talked about!

Join me today and find out what it is and how it can support you and your running!


Today I want to talk with you about 3 Things:

1⃣ How I've been stripping things away and why
2⃣ Why I've stepped away from social lately, and other things
3⃣ How this applies to you and your running

Jump on and join me this morning for Coaching Over Coffee (or whatever you enjoy) with Pamela!


Let's play a game...the comparison game.

You're probably pretty familiar with it. You know, scrolling social media or flipping through the pages of magazines, eyeing her legs, her arms, her finish times, and comparing yourself to her.

Criticizing yourself for not looking like she does or running the way she does.

Well, that's exactly what I want to talk about in today's Coaching Over Coffee. How playing this comparison game is keeping you standing still or in the driver's seat of that struggle bus 🚌, and why it's ultimately hindering the success I know you want with your running and fitness.

Over the many of years coaching and running, one of the top 3️⃣ things successful runners I know DON'T do, is they DON'T compare.

So join me today as I share with you why grabbing your running shoes 👟 and running as far away as you possibly can from playing this game is the BEST approach to your success with your running and fitness!


Runners don’t JUST run!

✅ We ride, row, swim, lift, and soak up Savasana.

I use a Wholeistic Approach (TM) with running and coaching. More running (and only running) doesn’t make you a better runner. ❌

💪 Building an injury-resistant body is what makes you a better runner!

I talked all about it on my podcast 🎙 “She Decided to Run Her Way,” in Episode 52: How to Preserve Your Mental Energy, Create a Positive Emotional Experience, and Build an Injury-Resistant Body with Your Running. (I’ll link to it in the comments below.)

If you’re someone who aspires to start running or stop struggling so damn much with your running, go have a listen.

There are 6 more months of 2022 left.

💡 DECIDE to do something different, so when 2023 rolls around you’re standing in a different spot (you’re that runner you’ve always imagined you’d be) or you’re no longer struggling because you’ve finally realized running more isn’t the answer.

You’ve got 6 months my friend. Let’s do something AMAZING 🤩 with it!

Coach Pamela


Flexibility with your fitness is a must!

I had to make some adjustments on the fly (not the butterfly stroke…ohh heck no, that’s a tough one), but with this mornings COACHING OVER COFFEE. ☕️

Because of the holiday weekend here in the U.S. we (these two dedicated kiddos of mine, who are also part of my Accountability Circle of 7), needed to move our weekly swim 🏊‍♀️ session from Friday to today.

✨ I know you’ll understand because I bet there’s been a time or two when you needed to move some things around to make your workouts happen.

✨ If not…I’d highly encourage you to be open to that!

✨ Yes… it’s best to have a plan and create a framework of structure, and stick with it as best you can, but sometimes FLEXIBILITY is what our fitness needs.

(BTW…can you tell my daughter Ava isn’t happy about moms idea of taking a pic after wrapping up our lap swim session! 😂)

Even though we couldn’t be together LIVE today, I hope you find a bit of coaching inside this post! 😉

xoxo Coach Pamela (and her sidekicks)


This morning’s Recovery Ride 🚴‍♀️isn’t pretty, but who has time for pretty!

Screw pretty…ride gritty! 💥👊

Let go of making your workouts pretty and perfect (you’ll be waiting a long time), but instead make them happen MESSY as all get out!


It’s just 💦 water!

Running in the 🌧 is so refreshing. It washes away the heaviness of the world for just a bit. I’ll take it! ✌️


Set Yourself Up for Success with a Circle of Seven! 🙌

Tired of standing still NOT taking action or completing what you start? Need a simple suggestion to set yourself up for success?

Well, today on our Coaching Over Coffee ☕️ I'll be sharing a simple tip that I've been using for years to help me with this and I know it will be of HUGE help to you too! 😃

Join me!


Visibility can mean different things to different people.

➡️ Finally mustering up the courage to show up to a run with a sports bra on instead of that long sleeve shirt you always wear to cover up your arms you've never felt were attractive.

➡️ Leaving the hot, clingy leggings at home and opting for your comfy running shorts that show a little more skin...and cellulite too for that matter, but allow you to run free and less constricted.

➡️ Maybe even showing up for a run...PERIOD, instead of wasting yet another day dreaming of becoming a runner because you always felt like you didn't fit that title or belong.

Visibility can mean all of these things and so much more.

This week my friend I want to encourage you to:

✅ THINK about what MAKING YOURSELF VISIBLE means to you.

✅ IDENTIFY where in your life you've been hiding and intentionally being invisible.

✅ DECIDE to step out, speak up, and share more of your amazing beauty.

Let's lift each other up and celebrate making ourselves more visible in this world!

Post in the comments below 1️⃣ way you'll make yourself more VISIBLE this week!

Love ❤️ & Running 👟
Coach Pamela


I got a message from someone asking me why I don’t talk more about the specifics of training schedules during my weekly coaching sessions.

Great question.

It’s because training schedules don’t matter one bit if you’re not in a place to follow it!

I can teach you “all the things” to do, but if you can’t recognize the invisible things holding you back or the self-sabotaging stories getting in the way, no training plan I suggest for you is gonna work.

I don’t care how pretty and periodized it looks.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk with you about this week:

✅ Recognizing the invisible things holding you back.
✅ Releasing the self-sabotaging so-called “friends” you have in your head.
✅ Understanding the secondary gains you get from putting your pretty procrastination running gear on and not doing a dang thing!

Join me this week as I expose the whole truth…and nothing but the truth!


A little tired this AM, but nothing ☕️ can’t fix. Preparing to. beat the heat 🔥 and rock my 5 mile run.👟

What about you?

What distance or time are you gettjn’ after today? Let me know in the comments. 😁

Photos from Pamela Otero, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & HTMA Expert's post 09/06/2022

Wrapping up my “Van Life Vacation” with Buddy! Coaching Over Coffee will resume next Thursday at 7:30 am MST (6:30 am PST/9:30 am EST)

See ya then! 🚐


How often do you have conversations with yourself about how many times you’ve failed with your running, your fitness, or your exercise plan?

You know, those split-second thoughts you keep repeating over and over in your head about what you didn’t do or how you didn’t follow through…again.

Well, that’s exactly what I want to talk with you about in this week’s LIVE Coaching Over Coffee!

Join me as I share with you how you can:
>>> understand what failure really means
>>> create a new story that embraces flow and ease
>>> choose to reset your running

Grab a Cup of Joe and let’s go!


Do you find yourself waking up super-dog 🐶 early to get your run in?

You know…before the rest of the house wakes up 🔆 so you have a little time to yourself before the day quickly moves ahead. 🔜

Or sandwiching your run 👟 smack dab in the middle of the day in lieu of eating that dang sandwich for lunch because you know it’s the only time of day where you get a full hour JUST to yourself.

Maybe even tacking your run onto the end of the workday before heading home because you know you’ll be pulled in all sorts of directions once you walk through that door. ⬅️ ⬆️ ⬇️ ➡️

Well, if any of those scenarios sound familiar I want to CONGRATULATE 🙌 you for striving for more with your running and fitness. Carving out time ⏰ to make yourself and your runs a priority.


But I got ONE MORE question❓for you!

Yah…just ONE. 1️⃣

Are you feeling stressed to make it ALL happen? Feeling anxious, rushed, and disconnected with your runs?

If so, I’d love ❤️ for you to do ONE simple thing this week with your running.

Continue striving (because I know you can), but lighten the stress load by warming up longer before your run (who cares if your overall mileage is less), relax your pace just a little (so your shoulders soften a bit while you run), and intentionally focus on your breath while you’re running (so it’s calm and controlled).

There are always ways to STRIVE toward what you want, but this week try doing it without STRESSING to make it happen!

~ Coach Pamela ✌️


I’m so excited about our coaching session today! 😃

You might be allowing STRESS to rule your runs 👟 either with how you’re approaching them or what you’re thinking💡about them, and that’s exactly why we need to have this conversation.

In today's Coaching Over Coffee I want to talk with you about:
✅ Learning to say “YES!” to what stretches you and “NO!” to what stresses you with your running.
✅ How to identify which one might be ruling your runs.
✅ How you can decide to do something different.

Grab your favorite beverage ☕️ (“Cup of Joe,” Chai, or good ol’ clean H2O) and join me! 👍🏼


I know what you're thinking.💡 You're thinking this FB LIVE coaching session is gonna go over how to be a safe runner, looking both ways before running across an intersection, or always looking to see if there's someone in the parked car backing out before you run past it.

Well, if that's what you were'd be WRONG! ❌

No ma'am! Today's coaching session has nothing to do with any of those things, although they are great tips that every runner should follow. 😂

Watch today's FB LIVE as I explain the significance between parked cars and running especially for those of you who are struggling to get started running or you've been wanting to get back at it, but you're standing still with the fear of how uncomfortable it's gonna be if you do start!


🪟 WIndow install first thing this morning!

Sorry I won’t be able to hop on LIVE and spend a few minutes with you on our thoroughly great Thursday coaching session! 🙃

Today is the fourth and final phase of replacing my old crank windows in my 1959 old home that I love. ❤️

It’s taken me about 2 1/2 years to get them all replaced (saving and paying cash 💰), but today they will all be replaced and then I can move on to my next home project. 😁

I will be back next Thursday at 7:30 am MST and I will do a better job of reminding you ahead of time so you can join me LIVE and I can help move you forward with your running and fitness.

Until then my beautiful running (or soon to be) friends… go make your Thursday, thoroughly GREAT! ✌️

Coach Pamela 👟


Crazy morning. Tech issues. Showin’ up imperfect and all!


It's NOT a problem to do "hard" things, so STOP being overly dramatic about it!

It's only "hard" because you choose, yes it's a choice you're making, to make it mean that.

If you’re someone who’s wanting to get started with your running, wanting to get back to your running, or wanting to challenge yourself to get better, but you’re not moving forward because you’re thinking of all the ways it’s gonna be "hard," then stick around for what I have to share with you today.


We will resume our regularly scheduled program (aka Coaching Over Coffee with Pamela) next Thursday at 7:30 am MST!

Sorry folks… my kids forgot their lunch and I’ve gotta “run” these up to them…like now! 🤪

My apologies, but this mama’s gotta do, what she’s gotta do!


The #1 Reason Many Runners Don't Complete What They Start!

When it comes to your training are you:

..starting, stopping, and then starting all over again with your training?

..getting stuck weeks into your training because you fell off track and don't know how to proceed?

Well today I'll be sharing with you the #1 reason I've found many runners struggle to complete what they start and how you can prevent that from happening to you.

Join me today!


❌ Don’t let “busy” stand in the way of consistency…

If you’re someone who wants to finally be consistent - like seriously, no more messin’ around - and complete that running distance or race without starting, stopping, and then starting all over again, then join me Wednesday at 12:00 pm MST (11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST) for my brand new, freshly created Masterclass…

✅ The Simple 5 Step Framework to Finally Create a Running Plan that Fits Your Busy Life

This Masterclass is sure to show you a better way.

Is consistency and a "better way" worth it?

Heck yah it is.

Well then, if you and I can both agree on that, then you don’t want to miss this final Masterclass I’ll be offering:

DATE: Wednesday, April 6
TIME: 12:00 pm MST (11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST)
Topic: The Simple 5 Step Framework to Finally Create a Running Plan that Fits Your Busy Life

Snag your seat and join me tomorrow!


What keeps your from starting, stopping, and stressing when it comes to your running and fitness?

It's this 👇 simple 5 step process!


👟 Your Running & Fitness is About to Change in a BIG Way!

✅ SAVE YOUR SEAT by going to...

If you’re tired of starting, stopping, and stressing when it comes to training for your desired running distance and you’re shoving your life into a cookie-cutter training plan you found online that doesn’t actually fit with the reality of your busy life…this can be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been waiting for.

Join me and learn this simple framework that will help you create a running plan that sets you up for success, allows you to be consistent with your running and workouts, and do it in a way that works with the busyness of your life and the reason you’re running in the first place.

I’ve gone before you and dialed in the details - I know exactly the steps you need to take, when you need to take them, and how to fast-track you toward creating consistency, crafting a plan, and moving you confidently across your finish line...all in the time you actually have.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally have a plan that fits perfectly into the busyness of your life, one that YOU designed for yourself, I can’t wait to fast-track you there.


Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

Run & Train with G.R.I.T.

At Graced by GRIT, we specialize in running & personal training. Our private fitness studio is located in Albuquerque, where we delight in guiding, coaching and facilitating the process of your transformation. You will need to dig deep and leverage your GRIT so that you can create a life & body filled with confidence, consistency, and a commitment to showing up for yourself in a big way.

Yes, you’ll become the runner you desire to be, you'll improve your health, reduce your weight and become stronger; but not with a quick fix, superficial, unsustainable, push through the pain, suck it up approach.

You might have thought with a name like Graced by GRIT, we're all about push, pain and suck it up. Nope...not our style!

At Graced by GRIT our primary focus is establishing a system for long-term, sustainable health through running & personal training; with our G.R.I.T. (Grace, Resilience, Intention & Trust) philosophy and proven fundamentals, to get you running toward strength & fitness!

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