Sweating Like A Mother

Sweating Like A Mother

Just a husband and wife out to make personal training, AFFORDABLE. We are here to help YOU.

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If you could reach a short term goal in one month…

What’s stopping you from making the start today?

Because waiting only delays the goal being achieved.
But starting gets you one day closer.

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And it’s one, you won’t regret.


Change comes when YOUR ready to make it.

Not your friend.
Not your spouse.
Not your family.

Y o u have to make the decision.
Y o u have to make the plan.
Y o u have to want it.

YOU have to stick to it.


Don’t be afraid of what a 20 minute work out can do — 👏


It takes
-4 weeks for you to notice a change.
-8 weeks for your friends to notice it.
-12 weeks for the rest of the world.

Don’t give up in week 1, it’s a process.

One you have to trust.


Take care of yourself, your health and your gut.

See the difference in how your life changes as a whole.


It’s almost a new month.

Whether January was a bust to your goals and a good start — it’s time to set a solid routine and see the changes of putting your health first.


This journey will

- not be perfect.
- be messy.
- include holidays.
- faces sickness.
- fades motivation.
- has ups.
- and will face downs.


A n d I can assure you this —
It doesn’t have to be hard.
It doesn’t have to be different meals for you vs your family.
It doesn’t have to be skipping out of date nights, Friday pizza or ice cream.
It doesn’t have to be cut carbs, fasting, thousands of dollars on weightloss clinics, diets or supplements.

What we do here — makes sense, works and is EASY TO FOLLOW.

If you’re ready for the lifestyle change - we are here to help you, show you AND do it with you. ⚡️💛


When we can mark off the first goal for our client!

It’s a good day.

OVER 7lbs lost in just 2 weeks of starting working together. ⚡️

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Here — us trainers eat pizza too.

We teach our clients this is a lifestyle.
We teach our clients this is fitness.
We teach our clients weekly results, pictures changing, scale moving ISNT WHAT FUELS US.

Teaching our kids to move our bodies, that working out is a privilege and that food is fuel is our goal.

Ask us for our at home - fun - & simple - pizza recipe.


It’s the real reviews from real clients that show us we are doing this the r i g h t w a y. 🥵


Month 1 in the books!

We are learning to control what we can and make a lifestyle that WORKS for the season of life we are in.


C E R T I F I E D makes a big difference in this field.

But add R E S U L T S in a lifestyle way — means even more.

Anyone can sign up for a class.
Anyone can take the test and pass.
Anyone can ‘train’ someone to lose weight.

But it’s the way to train that is
1- correct
2- sustainable long term

You don’t start our program and just fall off because it ‘isn’t realistic.’
You don’t start our program and not ‘see results.’

Our program is still here, our program works, our program continues to grow and our program HAS RESULTS & RETURNING clients.

What we have makes sense and works.

You just have to say yes and be ready for change.


If we all ate the same meals,
If we all worked out exactly the same,

Our bodies would still look different.

This is why our programs are CUSTOM. TO. YOU.

From the sets, reps, work out itself, time limits, equipment availability, comfort levels, days of the week and everything in between.

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We are thankful for each of you. 💛


Every one take a moment and wish our trainer and owner Casey a happy birthday. 💛


If you’re ready to see the change — we are ready to help you. 💛

A program that works.
A meal plan that involves foods you like.
A work out that fits your goals, comfort levels and equipment.
A investment that will pay off with r e s u l t s.


It’s more than the physical results — it’s the FEEL GOOD. 👏👏👏

We help you accomplish it all.
From being good, to feeling good to showing up good.

It’s everything in between.


6 week progress check in. 👏

Even as a man - don’t underestimate our custom program.

⚡️ just a set of bands at home, moving his body a few days a week and enough food.


We are rebranding and refocusing for the better.

We are so thankful for those who have supported us, trust us and continue to give their love to us.

We are just getting started. 💛


It’s the consistency.
It’s the balance.
It’s the eating sweets, breads and still seeing the changes.
It’s the working out at home.
It’s the doing less than 15 minutes.

It’s. The. Results.


And that one month results WAS DURING CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS. 🥵🥵🥵


Our plans come with RESULTS. ⚡️

Time and time, week after week, check in after check in — it shows.

What we have here works, makes it a lifestyle & is affordable.

Let’s chat on your goals today —


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If you fear starting with us because of being newly PP or breastfeeding — here’s to show you, we can help here.

Begining to first check in — week 1 done, at home work outs with a set of bands, less than 15 minutes AND DOWN 6LBS WHILE BREASTFEEDING. ⚡️🥵👏

Here’s your sign — you are just as important as your kids, spouse, family and friends.

Take care of your health.


If I can do it, you can too.

These results are from eating more food than the left photo, working out a couple day a week at home and prioritizing water.

From 280lbs to 212lbs — I’m here to help you.


If you’re not someone who needs a custom routine.
If you’re just someone looking to push it to the next level.
If you’re simply wanting a solid routine that’s 30 minutes.

Drop an emoji below and get the CUSTOM plan emailed to you (that I’m following myself for the next 4 weeks) for just $25. ⚡️👏


Losing pounds in one week is UNHEALTHY & UNSUSTAINABLE long term.

We teach you how to focus on body recomposition.
Because that’s what most people want.

They THINK they have to weigh a certain way to see results or see the body they want — but reality is they could hit that number on a scale and still not ‘look’ like what they thought.

Here’s to changing the stigma of how to get your results and actually achieving them the right way. ⚡️


Anyone can be a trainer.
Anyone can take a test.
Anyone can have a certificate.

But to be a trainer AND see success is where you stand out.

Our program — ⚡️ AFFORDABLE
Our training — ⚡️ UNMATCHED
Our clients — ⚡️ SEE RESULTS

If you’re wanting a change that WILL WORK & MAKES SENSE, we have clients after clients with results that show what we do makes sense. 👏


Help us wish these baby boys a happy first birthday. 🤎

They are the reason, why and push on us opening Sweating Like A Mother.

And because of our clients, I want to thank YOU, for trusting us, allowing us to be your trainer and in turn have allowed me to stay home and raise them full time for a year. 🥲 Something that wasn’t possible with our other children.


Let me explain 2 things about hiring a trainer…

We aren’t magic workers.
We don’t have magic secrets.

What this means…

⚡️ our plans are custom, they DO work, they WILL get you results.

⚡️ no, they arent ‘magic’ but they work because we are certified. We know how to get you to your goals, we know when to and how to make adjustments.

⚡️ there’s a REASON that TRAINERS HAVE TRAINERS. Because yes, we know what we are doing buttttt, accountability, pushing us, making us do hard things and calling us out.

⚡️ B U T for the above to work, you have to actually — sign into our custom app, do the program, ask questions, TRUST US and let us help YOU.

Next time you think ‘I don’t need a trainer’ or ‘the program didn’t work’ — reevaluate yourself.


A lot can happen when you just decide to start. ⚡️

Home work outs — Custom plans — r e s u l t s.


It’s the that make it worth while!

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If y’all EVER doubt what can be done in a short amount of time — D O N T.

⚡️ with the right program
⚡️ with the right macros / calculations
⚡️ with the right trainers

Results on results my friends. 🥵🤎👏⚡️

5 days between these and Aubrie is just getting started here.


Let me introduce myself — I’m Brandi, the owner of SLAM.

FAQ’s of training with SLAM —

What’s included -
Custom work outs for you :
This includes gym and or home with the equipment you are comfortable with, have and the time limit and days scheduled that fits YOU.

Custom nutrition for you :
This includes macros, calories, learning balanced eating, managing eating disorders and reaching your goals in a lifestyle way. We do not cut carbs, foods you enjoy or have you hungry.
Custom meal guides includes and sample meal guides given weekly.

Accountability :
This includes a plan that works for you with results you want to achieve. You’ll have access to multiple trainers, myself 1:1, group chat, weekly video or voice memos check ins and all of us cheering you on.

Custom training app :
This includes a custom app that holds everything in one place. All your trainers, all your work outs custom made with videos and description break down on exactly how to do the work out, the form, the sets, reps, and rest times. You’ll see how to track your foods, the meal guides and food restrictions or allergies here. Photos and body stats with your work out progress stored.

And most importantly…
Access to me 1:1 :
This includes myself who has used these programs, lost over 150lbs without weightloss surgeries, wraps or following any fad diets.

All of this — for o n l y $100 a month. ⚡️

** you may have seen this posted before, but sharing to be able to pin **


Here’s your daily reminder to get moving.

You don’t need a gym.
You don’t need equipment.
You don’t need to go for hours.
You don’t need to burn a thousand calories.

Take the kids for a walk.
Do some stretching and include the baby.
Find a park to get some vitamin D.

Make it a lifestyle and it’s enjoyable.


March 2022 - January 2023.

It’s been lots of inconsistency..

Enjoyed many pizza nights, food out and carbs.
Probably more missed work outs then made.
Constant schedule changes between moving states 2 times in the year.
Many sleepless nights with the last year of being a mom to 4.

I’d proudly say though,
I have made this a lifestyle and because I’ve made it that — I’ve seen results even when I’ve lacked checking the boxes.

2023 — I’m just getting started and this come back is one to watch for.

Join me if you’re ready to see what you’re capable of. ⚡️


The WINNERS for the new years give away contained 3 spots.

- 1:1 personal training FREE - Jordan Bennet

- 1:1 personal training FREE - Shannon Mitchell

- 1:1 personal training 50% OFF - Kaitlynn Nutter


No one will ever tell me our program isn’t worth it.

⚡️ affordable
⚡️ results that happen
⚡️ while eating all the foods

Tell me again you haven’t been seeing results or need help — because.. I got you.


Home work outs W O R K with the right program. 👏

Just a few days a week, a set of bands and 10-15 minutes is all you need for it.

If you’re ready for change, don’t have time for the gym, not ready to step into the gym, busy with kids or no child care — we knock those excuses out the door — we are ready to help you change from the comfort of your home. ☺️



Home work outs W O R K with the right program. 👏

Just a few days a week, a set of bands and 10-15 minutes is all you need for it.

If you’re ready for change — we are ready to help you change. ☺️

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