Critter Watch: Deer Project

Critter Watch: Deer Project

2020 is our 3rd year of following behind the scenes, everyday life, of our critters and deer herd.

All videoed on 5 acres of land in South Walker County Alabama.

Operating as usual

Photos from Critter Watch: Deer Project's post 20/03/2022

The new Critter Watch Assistant has arrived. She will begin the long process of training as soon as she is big enough to make the rounds and keep the squirrels from toting her off. Sissy can never be replaced.

We didn't feed the critters this past season but they are still here. A maternal group of 7 have moved in close to the house and pretty much taken up permanent residence with us. They are occasionally spotted bedding down in the edge of the yard.
If everything goes according to plan, we intend to restart the project in August.


After making over 1000 trips around the Critter Watch Deer Field, Sissy The Wonder Dog will be accompanying me for the last time this afternoon. She passed away suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. We have no idea why. She was just soon to turn 11 years old.
She has been out on many rivers around the state and has been the best indoor/outdoor friend a man could have.
She will be badly missed by everyone and everything on this hill. Critter Watch wont be the same without her. She is now eternally on guard out there among all the Critters that interested her so.


We have not started feeding the critters yet nor put up any cameras. They are out there but I'm just not up to taking on any major projects right now. The Does have already started letting the older fawns start traveling with them a little.
We may start it later on, I'm just not sure at this point.


The first of the new fawns should be on the ground around here now. Here is a clip I found of an excited youngster nursing around Thanksgiving. Still have several Does hangin around the yard.


Hawk catches rabbit, deer catches hawk, rabbit gets away...... wow.


Got kinda bored and missed creating the videos. The c***s didn't get any air time this season so we gave em some.
They were more contrary this year than they have been in the past.


We call these the Group of Nine. 4 mature does and 5 fawns. They have done everything but knock on the door the last few days. We aren't putting out corn again. Looks as though the season is winding down.


Looks like the secondary rut has already begun up here on Tha Hill. I really thought we would get to see the actual deed this time. The doe was very cooperative staying around the camera..... just not cooperative enough. They don't stay in one spot very long.


They gonna come up on tha porch if we don't get some more corn out.


No, they ain't gone far. 10 in the yard now with no corn out yet.


The deer and turkeys did mingle but nobody likes to get surrounded.
The turkeys are gone.... for now so some fresh corn will hit the ground today. Don't expect it to be long before the turkeys find it again.


Rutting Activity Part 2
The storms shut us down 3 or 4 times but finally got-er-done.
This one deals mostly with the Dec. 28th till Jan. 6 time frame. The rut was on big time then and the critters stayed on Tha Hill this season. Gotta lot of good clips but can only show a few.

We are in the lull between the primary and secondary rut right now but expect the action to get hot and heavy again the first week in February. Going to put more corn out this week since the turkeys are gone and will have some cameras runnin. Some of the deer are never very far away.


It has been a while but we are still here. Haven't put out any corn since December 27th but have run the cameras occasionally. The turkeys took up residence here and they won't leave a single kernel of corn for the deer. They haven't been back since Jan. 11th so we may start putting some back out.
This is Part 1 of 2, primarily focusing on rutting activity. Will start on Part 2 now. There was a LOT of rutting activity on Tha Hill. We lost our outside dogs in November which is probably the main reason they stayed on Tha Hill this year. Got a lot of very good clips but can only show a few. Despite having no corn, they have put on a real good show for us this season.


This flock of 15 hen Turkeys have become very familuar with the turf. They come once or twice a day most days. They hang around 45 minutes or so when corn is out, just pass thru checking when its not. If corn is there, it wont be long with these gals present.
We have had a couple new bucks show up, A spike and a 3 point. That makes 18 videoed this season, but not feeding them very much still.


A Little easy listenin plus another new buck. Very little activity right now partly because the acorns are raining down everywhere.


We still here. Just a little sidetracked right now :)


Heard the strange hissing vocalization again last night. It may be the "Wheeze" but I haven't ever heard it and do not know it's meaning in the deer world. Can anyone shed any light on this sound and it's meaning?

All 6 cameras now have top notch audio. Yall may even get to hear a mouse p**t :)


Staying away from facebook but still going to upload a Critter Watch vid occasionally.
This is a few new deer on Tha Hill. There are just too many to keep up with. The crappie have taken my mind away from the project and they been biting GOOD! Gotta reload the freezer.

Video Length: 6 Minutes 3 Seconds


Things are in disarray right now. Have let the deer go unfed several days recently which has led to some dispersal. Only 3 bucks on Tha Hill in last 3 days. R21, Cody and Knot Head.
A few acorns have started falling so natural food is still abundant.
To the latest news:
We have the 5th Site up and running. It is where we will see a lot of activity during the Pre Rut.
Camera #6 has just arrived. We will be using 6 cameras for the first time. All 6 cameras are now Dark Ops Extremes. We will be getting great audio at all sites along with 720p video.
The 6th camera will be set up on scrapes when they start making them. Shouldn't be too long now.

We now have a 3rd set of Twins. They are new to Tha Hill. That makes us around 12 fawns. We aren't losing them like we have the past 2 years. I think the Pups are the reason. Unlike our previous 2 Great Pyrenees, These pups range well off our property. The Yotes aren't coming in NEAR as close as they have in previous years. It seems we may have some very effective guardians now. They still chasin the deer tho. More work yet to do. They are still very young.

Video Length: 10 Minutes 22 Seconds


We have had an interruption in the Critter Watchin. The fish have caused the deer to go unfed several days here lately. That has caused several of the bucks to go in search of another food source. Just a temporary thang.
We are now sure there are 2 sets of twins. The second set includes the Injured Fawn and BOTH have double throat patches. The only 2 deer on Tha Hill that has the double patches.
We are now about 80% sure we have a 3rd set of twins. The jury is still out on that as it is getting terribly confusing as they are getting older. It does appear we now have 12 fawns coming in. They runnin all over Tha Hill.
Will try to do a vid occasionally. Too many irons in the fire right now.


This is Part 2 of the video posted below but occurred the day before. Don't know who throwed the party but a lotta residents got the memo.

Video Length: 6 Minutes 40 Seconds


This is the first of 2 post tonight. Trying to cram something in before the next crappie outing.
Quite possibly the elusive 2nd set of of them is the Injured Fawn. They have me a bit confused right now.

Video Length: 2 Minutes 28 Seconds


The beginning of our Fall Crappie Season has cut deep into Critter Watch. Probably cut deeper. Can't get to these fish if they pull the river very much so the rain off this hurricane may open up some time.
We have a Halloween video to post and have GOT to post another fawn vid. It's a good un. Working on it now.
This is just a touch base clip but has a sound I'm sure very few have heard. I haven't. It's too low in volume.
Ok deer guys, what would this sound be called? It's made with the back of his closed mouth. This is LB #3 and no other deer are very close.


Went ahead and made the Persimmon Experiment video. Thought it would be a short thang, it wasn't. Turned out to be an all day and all night marathon. They didn't appear to like the persimmons NEAR as much as some have said.
Put out bout a dozen at 10am. At 4:15am the next morning over half of em were still left. They were gone just after daylight tho.
A little better than the peanut butter experiment last year. Went through 3 jars of Jiff and a deer never even licked it. The c***s and possums were smackin their lips tho.
Without further ado........The Persimmon Experiment.

Video Length: 10 Minutes 44 Seconds


Still just running 1 card. Gotta crank em up tho, missing some action. The bucks have started bumping bone.
The Does just cant seem to get the hang of the soccer thang.


Fishin trip got canceled so will just make a video. Still laying off the bucks, their time is coming soon.
Do have a Halloween video almost ready to post.

More fawn watching here and we got a few new, not so welcome, guests. Corn eatin MACHINES!

Video Length: 9 Minutes 7 Seconds


Just not up to doing a LONG video.....two of them to cover the experiment......... but look at this DOE!!!! She is as big as CODY!!! Thats pretty damn big. Never seen her before. May name her Mothra or something if she comes back.
Notice the acorn is still on the block and the dark spot in front of the block is the persimmons. Both were gone this morning. A lot of interesting reactions. May feel like doing the video later or next week.
Cody has lost his velvet as well. All our bucks have now shed their velvet. Still just this one camera running and the new camera has been lost in delivery...... by UPS this time.


Our little experiment with the persimmons and acorn turned into a marathon. Filled up a 32 gig card by 4:15am. 214 clips, all associated with the experiment. A video will have to be in 2 parts. May build them or just type the result :)


Still on a break....sorta.
Started a little experiment this morning. Set Tha Flat camera back up. We've got the feed mix, the block, a dozen ripe persimmons and Chestnut Oak acorn that just fell set out. Going to watch their priority.
Just checked on the experiment. They have ate some feed mix, rolled the block but didnt get the acorn or touch the persimmons. Will see how it goes tonight.

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Critter Watch: Deer Project

We are now in our third, 2020, year of following our local critters through their daily routine. Hopefully we all can gain a little more knowledge of their actions and habits. using 5 cameras on 5 acres of land gives us a little more in depth look at their activities. Using video and audio we have captured some rare things that very few of us see in person. Hope y’all enjoy and learn something in the process.

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After making over 1000 trips around the Critter Watch Deer Field, Sissy The Wonder Dog will be accompanying me for the l...
The first of the new fawns should be on the ground around here now. Here is a clip I found of an excited youngster nursi...
Got kinda bored and missed creating the videos. The coons didn't get any air time this season so we gave em some.They we...
Deer Got Surrounded
Rutting Activity Part 2
Rutting Activity Part 1
Staying away from facebook but still going to upload a Critter Watch vid occasionally.This is a few new deer on Tha Hill...
The beginning of our Fall Crappie Season has cut deep into Critter Watch. Probably cut deeper. Can't get to these fish i...
Still just running 1 card. Gotta crank em up tho, missing some action. The bucks have started bumping bone. The Does jus...
The fawns and ladies are getting a lot of the air time now because we KNOW whats fixin to happen. When it does, you migh...
2 new bucks.
A little peace around Tha Hill. Gotta show some of the ladies and litluns while we can. There is a bird that stays aroun...