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What Is 710? And What Does It Stand For? 10/07/2023

What Is 710? And What Does It Stand For?

What Is 710? And What Does It Stand For? The cannabis community is buzzing with excitement about the 710 holiday every year. But what exactly is 710, and why has it become so well-known among smokers? 710 (or July 10th) is a day for celebrating concentrates and oils in the cannabis industry. It’s an annual event that brings together dabb...

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I've been quiet on here, and for good reason!

My business has been popping in-person, I just bought an Rv I'm living full time in & I'm gonna be a mom in Nov. to the sweetest Lil boy, Aang 🩵

I just did Karie Kaufmann growth club last week to kick start my online work again with...

*New videos that I'll be adding to my YouTube channel

*Starting lit fit live again on here!

*A pregnancy workout series

*Becoming a medical cannabis caretaker, so please keep me in mind for that if you're in the area!

*Crafting cannabis topicals, infused foods & wild foraging plants to add into the mix!

I hope you guys have been doing well and staying high & healthy! 💌


Excited for this amazing workshop! My biz always benefits so much from it!

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New Yoga, Pilates & Lit Fit Live Classes + Beach BodyWork Appointments this Week.

If you're a subscriber to the MBP monthly membership you receive all these classes I teach online & in person!

Beginner friendly and classes range from 30 mins. to an hour.

Sign-up here for $30 a month

I'll also be offering Beach BodyWork this Week (Tuesday & Friday) from 4:30pm-6:30pm.

Book your hour appointment ($150) here: https://www.mindbodyphysique.com/body

Mind Body Physique Blog— Listen with your Heart. 14/01/2023

Mind Body Physique Blog— Listen with your Heart.

As I lay in the grass and look up at the sky I ponder, what's worth writing? What do people need to hear & what message do I have to share?

Listen with your heart, dance across my mind, and wants to be heard.

But how? What does it feel like to listen with your heart?

You see, the mind is capable of listening from many different perspectives when tuning into a conversation. The thinker can combine the past, present & future all in one thought, it debates whether or not the statement is valid while picking apart what fits his or her reality. The mind doesn't want to only listen, it wants to react & reassure that it's also being heard.

But the heart,

The heart gets lost in the conversation, it feels the other side of the story, listening to not only the words but how they are spoken. The heart wants to lean over and hug the s**t right out of your chest and say "I understand you & I love you for being you"

Yet, every day our hearts and mind misunderstand each other, one wants to define and understand every bit of everything while the other is only wanting to be free of limitations & expectations.

The perfect Yin & Yang, White & Black, Night & Day.

They both desperately need each other to see clearly the big picture around them. I personally feel the world has been out of balance for some time now and most of us only want to listen with our ears but not with our hearts. And it's okay, our hearts are vulnerable, they've been bundled up, locked away, and sheltered from the trauma of our past experiences.

The mind has a way of convincing each one of us, that our hearts are meant to be guarded and only opened for a special few. Because the world is a bitter place with s**tty people and back-breaking situations, and our gentle, vulnerable hearts can be smashed in a heartbeat.

But, what if we started listening with our hearts first before our minds chimed in? Would we easily bloom into something new? Would our lives sync with our purpose, and lead us into what's meant to be?

I mean, why else would we have this ticker within our chest? And why would we guard it with our life if it didn't mean so much?

It's here to be listened to.

It's here to be expressed.

It's here to give love and be nothing but loved.

So I leave you with this friends, next time you find yourself in a conversation with another being or even the thoughts within your mind, quiet the restlessness in your ego & all your self-doubt, and just be you.

That's your heart.


Mind Body Physique Blog— Listen with your Heart. As I lay in the grass and look up at the sky I ponder, what's worth writing? - what do people need to hear & what message do I have to share? Listen with your heart, dances across my mind and wants to be heard. But how? What does it feel like to listen with your heart?

Mind Body Physique Blog— Are your health goals realistic? 5 Tips for Creating Goals That are Reachable. 12/01/2023

Mind Body Physique Blog— Are your health goals realistic? 5 Tips for Creating Goals That are Reachable.

Goals, dreams, and intentions we all have them and we all strive to achieve them.

Goals keep using moving forward, help us gain a higher perspective, and inspire us to become better than we were yesterday.

But what happens when we miss our targets, and our dreams fall below the wayside once again?

Are you quick to give up when it gets bumpy? or does it fire up your motivation to keep aiming?

Well in my line of passion, goals, and objectives are first on the list to discuss when it comes to working with a new client.

"What are your goals?"

It seems pretty simple when the question is first asked, but as always if these goals are not truly heartfelt to an individual, those "goals" soon become unattainable.

Unfavorable habits and weakness fall victim again, and you find yourself at the bottom once more.

It doesn't have to be this way my friend, let me tell you why.

People fall so easily short of their goals because they aren't truly relevant. I know an irrelevant goal when I hear it...

"I want to lose 50 lbs before I go on vacation"
"I want to put on 30 lbs of ONLY MUSCLE."
"I'd like to look like her, but with a bigger butt"

This type of mindset is unrealistic, and these types of goals are purely superficial.

Wanting to look a certain way will never bring you fulfillment because, in the end, the picture you have in your mind is always different than it presents itself.

When I know a client is truly ready to make a lifestyle change when I hear things like...

"I want to feel strong from the inside out."
"I'd like to feel good in my own skin"
"I want to have the energy to take care of my kids and be active"

These are the individuals I consciously choose to help, and I know they're ready to make a change.

So how can you build relevant goals to stay on track?

Here are 5 steps for Creating Realistic Goals.

Mind Body Physique Blog— Are your health goals realistic? 5 Tips for Creating Goals That are Reachable. Goals, dreams, intentions we all have them and we all strive to achieve them. Goals keep using moving forward, help us gain a higher perspective and inspire us to become better than we were yesterday.


This week I started teaching a year long Yoga class for Collier County Employees here in Naples, FL & yesterday I taught my first Pilates Class at a Fitness Club in town, so today, I'll be teaching a mix of both on Lit Fit Live!

Even after 11 years of teaching fitness I’m still a student of movement, and cannabis is a huge help in this process for authentically building my physical, emotional, mental & spiritual, balanced-wellbeing.

Not sure what all that really means or looks like to you? Check out my blog where I talk about endocannabinoid & biomechanical homeostasis or download the Cannabis Fitness DIY e-book for Beginners on mindbodyphysique.com. And, of course, join me in class today to see what cannabis fitness training can do for your health.

Bring your cannabis to enhance your workout experience; drop-in Live or subscribe for $30 a month (includes a monthly class pass + on-demand workout access for every class that's uploaded)

Btw, I'll be adding these new classes each week so the subscription is ideal if you’re a DIY workout person!

See you today at 12pm est. in class,

Class Sign-up: https://www.mindbodyphysique.com/lit-fit-classes

E-book Download: https://www.mindbodyphysique.com/purchase/3d-functional-foundations-to-cannabis-fitness-chakra-series

Blog on Endocannabinoid & Biomechanical Homeostasis: https://www.mindbodyphysique.com/blog-/the-science-of-movement-meets-the-health-benefits-of-cannabis

Kendra Solow
FAFS 3D Movement Specialist
Cannabis Fitness Trainer
Certified Thai Massage Therapist (woop woop, yep that’s new!)



Hi, I hope you had a great Holiday!

I took the past two weeks off of social media to have some reset time before starting the new year, and it's been so good I haven't wanted to come back, lol.

Yesterday I hopped on Instagram & Facebook for a minute and before I knew it, this feeling of ugh washed over me, and I snapped into hater mode.

Do you know what I mean?

My thoughts are usually pretty supportive of what I see other people posting but yesterday it was the opposite. It wasn't what they were posting, but why that got me so overwhelmed.

People that are close to me or so I thought, were off on trips, doing fun stuff, yet I would have only known if I opened up my Facebook. Even though I've been calling/ texting them, they didn't share that info with me.

That's where this feeling and significant reflection came about.

Why are they posting this for everyone to see, yet they didn't share it with me, a very close friend?


Then I noticed all the likes on everyone's photos (mostly of their family/kids/engagements/selfies) & the question came into my mind, when I have kids would I want to post this of them & my family, of our life events?


Now, I've been on social media platforms since I was like 11. From AOL instant messenger to MySpace, and I'd say I've OVERshare way too much. That's a fact, lol.

But as tech has developed through the years and I started MBP in 2014 I've been focused on sharing information about health & wellness from a DIY approach of my own experience to help others dealing with something similar.

It doesn't get many likes, follows, or shares… and that's OK because even though people aren't directly sharing their interactions with my business, I know it's affecting them in a really good way.

Maybe not in a way where they're like, "yes, I love this, and it makes sense, thank you," But more of a, "oh wow, do I do that? Have I done that? idk about this". A reflection that might not help them right now but in the future to make better decisions or be more mindful of themselves.

Or even better, when they're high, working out, or both :) they come back to a thought about my blog or offering and think about it.

That's pretty cool, and I know this happens because I do the same thing!

Things I read, and interactions I have with people, I think about it at different times and make sense of it, usually finding the good in it or a boundary that's true to me & my values.

This get's me so stoked about what I teach because it all comes back to each individual doing what's best for them, what's healthiest, and for them to define what that looks like in their life.

& if they want more support, they know where to find me.

Which is why I'm not getting caught up on what other people want to post on their social media because it must be a good thing for them, right?

Maybe down the road, they'll shift, and it'll change, but for now, that's where they are, what they want to share, just like me, and what I choose to share through my business.

So today, I pop the question, What are you sharing on social media, and is it the healthiest for you, your kids? and your relationships?

If it is, wonderful!

If it's not, what could it be instead? What would be healthier for your mind, body, emotions & spirit?

Less time online?

More interaction in the real world?

No drama written posts?

More privacy for your family & children?

These are a few recent questions that come to mind when I'm scrolling through social media these days and come back into my head when I'm elevated working out too.

Is this social media normality the best for me and everyone else?

Idk, but I'm making decisions for my well-being and my future health, so I hope you'll take a moment to think about yours too.

Talk soon,

Kendra Solow
FAFS 3D Movement Specialist
Cannabis Fitness Trainer
Certified Thai Massage Therapist (woop woop, yep that’s new!)

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The Winter Solstice is right around the corner, this Wednesday, the 21st, to be exact. So how is this time for you?

Many of us are heading into the cold winter months (even myself in FL, lol); the days are shorter, darker, and we are the farthest away from the sun we'll be all year.

The winter season can naturally make us feel tired, unmotivated and bring up what I like to call a lot of "muck." You know, those self-critical and judgmental thoughts of our past, present & future?

But again, I think this is natural, healthy, and effective for re-energizing, motivating, and taking action on what's important to us.

As in nature, it's vital to the trees, the soil, and even animals like a mama bear to hibernate. So that when Spring arrives, it's rejuvenated & rested to start moving again.

Several years ago, I taught a program that synchs our health with this rhythm of the seasons, and my clients saw tremendous results. From weight loss to better bowel movements, these lifestyle changes gave them more energy & confidence to live a better quality of life.

Tuning into the seasons can support our well-being; it's also free and straightforward; we can look outside our doors and be guided daily!

So here are a few tips that will help if you're overwhelmed with "muck," unmotivated, or to tune into what gifts this time of the year has for you!

+Eat with the seasons. Soups, pies, oh-my!
+Journal (write out that muck & reflect on it)
+Warm Baths, Saunas, get out in the sun when it's out!
+Vitamin C
+Use less or more cannabis (I find THC is extra potent for me right now, and using less feels really good. Just a lil cannabutter on toast does the trick! :)
+Exercise Daily, even if it's for only 15 minutes!
+Spend time in nature or watch nature documentaries if it's a freezing day.
+Slow down, and take time to find stillness each day (cat naps!) or dog naps lol

I hope this list was helpful for you today to make the most of this wonderful time of the year!

Please check out my fitness training rates below for any of you who want to exercise more consistently. In addition, the 30 min. Online Packages are a great deal & affordable if you're wallet is barren this season, lol.

Happy Holidays from me at Mind Body Physique, and thank you to all my subscribers. You are very much appreciated.

Also, this Wednesday, the 21st, I'll be teaching a Winter Solstice Workout that's all about tuning into this time of the year and receiving what it has in store for you. I hope you'll join me!


Kendra Solow
FAFS 3D Movement Specialist
Cannabis Fitness Trainer


Fitness Training, Bodywork & Class Rates Update🌟

Classes 12/12/2022


This week's class will strengthen our confidence through a dumbbell routine that sculpts the body while empowering our mindset.

Enjoy this full-body workout paired with a guided meditation to target healthy self-esteem!

Sign-up here 👇

Classes Dec 14 12:00 PM12:00 cannabis fitness classes Lit Fit Live! Virtual Cannabis Fitness Class Wednesday, December 14, 2022 12:00 PM 12:30 PM 12:00 12:30 Google Calendar ICS Exercise your mind and body with a cannabis-infused fitness class.Every Wednesday at 12pm est. join in Live at Mind Body Physique....


Ladies, I've noticed this happening a lot recently, have you?

I can speak about this because I've been here & I'm positive you can relate too.

Online, in-person, and at family events, girls & women are overexposing the sacred space of their bodies. But before you say, "it's my body I can do with it as I please," hear this.

Again, I was the queen of this! I owned the shortest shorts and always wore crop tops; anything revealing was my favorite.

But as I've matured over the years, I realize the WHY I dressed so openly. I often see it in girls/ women now, and I want to speak about the health of it.

I see it as a cycle that starts with a lack of love for one's self & a ego that's very protective of this lower version of it.

For example, a girl believes she's not being seen/heard/appreciated for how/who she is. So as she grows into a young woman, she observes how other women "do it." How they get attention, be heard & seen.

As this girl is growing into a young woman, she notices the women around her; on social media, in movies, at the grocery store, etc., don't wear a lot of clothes, or if they do, they're wearing tight pants that show every curve of their bums! They're extra flirty with any man or woman that speaks to them, and their body language is sensual, but there's something off about it.

She views women posting videos of themselves in bras with empowering quotes about their bodies on her social media; most of them are married with children.

She sees these women getting attention, being heard & SEEN. So she mimics these traits as she grows into a young woman. Then, finally, she starts to receive attention, and people listen to her and see her.

But as the years go on, she notices her people don't stay around for long. They want her for a little, and in all honesty, she doesn't have much to offer but her body which she believes is why they didn't stay longer. She should have been skinnier, prettier, sexier, etc.

Her ego is triggered to protect her fragile self. So, therefore, she reacts in hate and becomes cold towards others for mistreating her. Which feeds the cycle of her not loving herself & that toxic ego she's operating from.

Over time it seems her luck gets worse, and she becomes more confused about who she is. One facet of herself is on social media almost naked, and another part is on a different account selling homemade candles and preaching spirituality. It's hard for her to trust herself and her other girlfriends are just as untrustworthy; they, too, seek attention in those ways & will step on her if they have to.

Is this story familiar to you ladies? I can relate and wanted to write about it because I see young girls going down this path and mature married women still operating from here.

But what's so unhealthy about it? Some of you might say, I like being like this. THIS IS ME.

You might feel that way now, but when the time comes that you really want to be heard, seen, respected & loved for more than just your body, it'll be hard.

You'll have to start from the basics again, unlearn and re-train who you want to be. Second, people will judge you on your past; not only are you learning to trust yourself, but people will be skeptical of you too, which makes it doubly challenging to grow your self-esteem.

So how do you make your way out of this black hole and be a role model for other young ladies too? First, be mindful of WHY you dress, act, and overexpose of your sacred temple.

Is it for any attention you can get? Is it because you don't feel good about who you are?

Most of the time, this is the truth. We want attention because we don't feel good about how we act and only know of this superficial recognition we receive from others.

Start to read about healthy relationships, speak to a therapist specializing in self-esteem, and journal what you think is healthy and not healthy about yourself.

A few years ago, I wrote down a list of all the things I wasn't good at/ what I didn't like about myself, followed by a list of what I was good at and liked about myself. Then, a few months later, after I committed to focusing on myself in healthy ways, I could come back and check off all the ways I was growing & making progress!

I'm still working on it, and there are always new challenges, but how I feel about my body from the inside out is untouchable, authentic, and HEALTHY!

It's a really good thing for the Kendra I hold accountable today and who I want to be in the future, and for my family, friends, and business.

If this blog hits home to you or someone you know, I have a program I created that's self-paced, online, and that grows your confidence naturally in just eight weeks!

The Body Confidence Cannabis Fitness Course is only $88.88 and will teach you how to plan, sow and grow your best self by using the seasons.

Check it out here: https://www.mindbodyphysique.com/mbp-body-confidence-cannabis-fitness-course Use the code SOWANDGROW for 25% off! Discount is good until Dec. 31st.

Cheers to you today and the woman you'll be tomorrow,
Kendra Solow

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