The Futbol Factory Videos

Videos by The Futbol Factory. Indoor futbol/soccer training facility in San Diego's South Bay (Chula Vista/Eastlake).

Opening Ceremony of The Factory League 💪🏼⚽️

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Opening Ceremony of The Factory League 💪🏼⚽️

Welcome to San Diego David Villa!
Welcome to SD David Villa!

@Guaje7Villa will be at @FutbolFactoryUS in January! ⠀👉 Register in for the @dv7sd tryouts a...

Practice makes a difference. 😎#TheFutbolFactory

Way to go Andres! #PrivateTraining

Final U12 and U14

Our players are fired up! #BecomeABetterPlayer

Join us tomorrow for #TheFactoryLeague finals! The best #futbol and many surprises are waiting for you! ⚽ #TheFutbolFact...

Dedication helps you to #BecomeABetterPlayer

Hard work and dedication are keys to success! That's why we concentrate on our player's progress! #TheFutbolFactory

Strength, balance, and coordination. A complete workout with Instructor Chikis! #TheFutbolFactory

Consistent hard work, dedication and lots of fun! That's the way we do it at #TheFutbolFactory.

Do you want to have good ball control? Come and learn with us how to juggle the right way! #TheFutbolFactory

Getting a shot mid-match can be a real challenge! Take a look at how we do it at #TheFutbolFactory.

Training results! Superb coordination is just one of the many skills you'll develop with us. :D

#SummerCamp is all about fun and enjoying the game! ⚽ #TheFutbolFactory

Place the ball where you want it to be! Come in and find out the way we do it! ;)

Check out the progress of one of our players! #TheFutbolFactory

Perfect shooting? You'll learn about that and more with us! #BecomeABetterPlayer

Varied excercises: perfect recipe for improvement and fun. :) #TheFutbolFactory

A #TheFutbolFactory moment. 😎

Training pays off! How about you give it a try? ;)

Final Game !

Want to practice your crossing and execution? Schedule a private with us! #TheFutbolFactory

An inside shot allows for greater precision! #TheFutbolFactory

Trust us, we'll make you a better player!

Circuit training is a great technique to challenge your body and mind. Come and test your skills with us!

Make your warm-up fun! And always remember its importance before a match or a training session. :) #TheFutbolFactory

Reflex-improvement training is key to becoming a better goalie! ;) #TheFutbolFactory

Hunting for the target with Instructor Cruz! #TheFutbolFactory