Team Furbee

Team Furbee

Team Furbee is a Professional Downhil Mountain Bike team based out of Los Osos, CA.

Timeline photos 27/11/2016


Ben here writing to let you know we appreciate all our followers. So much in fact that during this holiday season we would like to give you a gift that will so totally blow your mind.


Thanks for the continued support, and if you have anything to send to us (eh hem, cough, grunt, cough again) feel free to message myself, or Nate. Though Nate probobly will try and sell your gifts on ebay. or blatantly on facebook. Re-gifting is how the world goes round right? After all thats not even my puppy. Thats just a pup I found on Google. I stole a puppy OK?! Moving on.

Timeline photos 24/05/2016

Sooooo stuffs pretty dialed this year. Thanks to all the support and we'll see you at the races.


Hi. We're still a thing.

Love you xoxoxox



So we have things to report, but you don't get to know about them yet. We're like Team Rumors x5 billion right now.


We're still a thing. Currently accepting Ford A0D 4spd transmissions.


Mobile uploads 16/04/2015

Team furballs are heading to sea otter. Here's a selfie.


Crucial Update:

We are brothers.

POW! I bet you never knew that.


Team Furbee has been working on a national regional contemporary race series for 2015. We have some major sponsorship backing by Mom and Dad and have prize purses for pros up to 149408.00 Vietnamese D**g!

We have added a new discipline for added spectator viewing pleasure. We are pleased to announce the arrival of Bike Fencing! In this new sport two competitors fence. On bikes.

Bike fencing will be a support event along side Downhill and Downhill (There will be an Enduro event, but it will be held in a parkinglot. Racers will ride their bikes up a 100ft service ramp and then race down a highly technical high alpine handicapped wheelchair ramp 4 times before finishing all together at the bottom of said ramp. Many beers and high fives will take place at the end of the Enduro.)

However nobody will watch the Enduro event because it will take place in an entirely different county than the main event. Shuttle service will be provided by your legs as you pedal from the main event staging area to the designated course.

Our schedule is off the hook! Literally! We have no idea where this is going to be held but we're announcing it anyways!

TBD 17/4/1976
TBD 6/6/6
TBD 9/9/2034

Thanks everybody!
-The Idiot and The Dummy

Mobile uploads 31/10/2014

Team Furbee has a new team vehicle! Keep an eye out for Matilda at all the GRTs this summer!

The Tundra will be going back to my dad in California. And the van will stay with me in Washington.

Big announcements to come soon. Excited for 2015.


There will be no slow motion in Nates and my new edit.

Mobile uploads 30/09/2014

Nates accurate portrayal of the brother team.

But here at Team Furbee we like to let the public know the truth. The honesty. So let's get real for a second and aet you all straight.

Nate is 100% correct I his pictorial description.


Over the summer we made a few videos either by ourselves or with the help of good friends brian buell and cody johnson. Here for the first time ever are those videos!!!!

Feature length edit!!!!

Photos from Team Furbee's post 20/08/2014

Nate's a dick. A broken dick. A dick who by some miracle will heal from his injury, But a dick non the less. Now I have to finish the race season by myself. Everyone go text (18058010225), facebook, and instagram () him to let hom know how much of a dick he is.



Id you didn't already know. I write for Nate and I on a blog as well. Its more recapping than my standard unintelligent rambling The Facebooks posts you see here. Right in front of you. This is one right now.

Anyways. I have written for every race since our first this season. Go check em out and let me know what you think. Usually this is where I post the best photos too.

Timeline photos 08/08/2014

So here's the story. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but racing World Cups take much time.

ANYWAYS! Lot's has happened this past week and a half. Nate broke his hand into a bazilion pieces and has flown home to get surgery as of last Sunday. He will be ok but could potentially require bone grafts and multiple surgeries to fix it all up. Text or call him to let him know he's a dick and abandoned his brother to drive solo the 3500mi back home again. Or whatever.

I qualified 52nd at MSA. Pretty stoked to just get that over with and know I can hang in their with a safe run with the fastestest in the world. I had a massive crash Saturday morning and had thoughts of not racing to stay safe for Windham. I decided just riding MSA was worth it I wound up 65th. I had a blast in my run. I did have some pain from the mornings crash and had a hard time commuting like I had in qualifying.

I then drove with Kyle Thomas, and Luca Commetti thru Maine and Massachusetts and we spent 3 days doing nothing but relaxing, fishing, and eating lobster rolls...Good times and I can't wait to get back home next week, see the fam, see the girl, see my ocean and see my dog Charlie!!!

Here's a photo dedicated to my brother. The rock crusher. The hand breaker. And the very very fast bike rider who sometimes doesn't make it down the hill, but when he does. Smashes it.


furbee large 23/07/2014

New riding video! Raw and mostly uncut with losts of randoms. Thanks to good friend Cody J for the filming!!!

furbee large p***s wrinkle

Timeline photos 16/07/2014

Lambchopsphoto getting a great shot from last weekend.

Yayyyyy bikescycles!

Mobile uploads 13/07/2014

4th today at the Snowshoe ProGRT. Quite happy. Had a small crash which added some time but I'll take a podium any day.

Nate placed 7th! After a massive get off yesterday he is very happy with his result today.

Snowshoe is a legit track. Very long and very rough. I really enjoyed our time here and can't wait to come back!

Thanks to all the sponsors hekping us along the way on our insane roadtrip of a limetime. 9200miles on the truck so far and we're only halfway done with this thing!

Also. Love you Mom and dad!

Mobile uploads 11/07/2014

Well here we are, another weekend of racing to scratch that itch of going fast via two wheels and a blatant disregard for our bodily health.

Let's consider this photo fair warning West Virginia is beautiful. Flat out. They seem to have a great track here at Snowshoe as well and I can't wait to get a track walk in early tomorrow morning.

Travels were that of smooth sailing and total reckless behaviors. We had some construction coming thru St Luis and missed 3 exists and wound up having to drive thru downtown at 1pm Wednesday. That was a bummer. Also had our trailers light cable come off the truck. Drove who knows how many miles with no tailights before stopping to switch drivers and realized, "oh s**t. That's not right." Nate spliced and redid the adapter with a new one but by the time it all got sorted we lost 3 hours of drivetime. Then this morning non of us set our alarms and wound up sleeping in till 10am. This got us into Snowshoe at 5pm after a 3hr drive and shopping for a weekend of racing at the closest grocery store which was still 1hr out of town.

Anyways...all is well. Will update ya'll with practice photos abd a gopro of the track tomorrow!


Mobile uploads 30/06/2014

Fun times in Crested Butte Colorado! Nate got 2nd on his 275 Covert on a pretty burly track with a mix of pedaling too.

I had some miss haps in my race run and wound up outside the tape a few times. This was definitely not the plan but I can only look forward.

Nate and I both did runs on our downhill bikes on Friday, but found that the upper and lower portions of the track would be faster on a trail bike despite the tighter room for error.

Thanks to our family and sponsors for all the support,

-Ben and Nate

Photos from Team Furbee's post 26/06/2014

And just like that the truck and trailer are packed and we are off to another race! This time we are heading to the Central States Cup at Crested Butte Colorado. Hoping everyone turns out for it and we all have a ball of a good time on some big bikes!

See ya'll there,
-B n' N

Mobile uploads 21/06/2014

Nate qualified 5th like a badass. I qualified 19th because I...wanted...too? No I got loads of time to take off that run. Had problems in my run which I shall remedy tomorrow for race. Congrats to Nate and a good one and thanks to everyone for the support!

Oh P.S.! My parents and little brother are showing up tonight from home! They drove all the way out here to watch us race and the spend a week with us in Colorado. Can't wait to see them and scared to see how tall Jake is.


6 weeks on the road as of tomorrow. Kinda flew by due to the massive quantity of fun we've been having.

Gravity Nats is going well. Just taking our time getting up to speed here and focusing on Sunday.

11 more weeks to go before home for me (Ben) then 1 week at home before heading to Mammoth for the ProGRT Final. Then I move to Olympia for school the 3rd week in September.

What a life...


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There will be no slow motion in Nates and my new edit. #slayerlovesalexrankin