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Begin to Bloom


Hi Friends! Welcome back to my page.
I wanted to let you know that I am going to be teaching a beach class on Tuesday, January 21st at Lowdermilk Beach. I would love for you to be there! Namaste.
As of today, my business page name will change to "Begin to Bloom" !
< sat·sang > Hi everyone! I'm trying something new! Every week on Thursday, you have the option to arrive to yoga 15 min early to engage in SATSANG. Satsang is best described as a "sacred gathering," more or less a peaceful, group discussion. Every week we'll have a new topic that either myself or someone in the group will discuss if they feel the need to express it. It will be short and sweet but detoxifying to say the least!

If it rains, we will still hold class because luckily, the stage at Cambier Park is covered YAY! I am so excited and I will see you all soon. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Namaste!
Hi friends and pals! I would really love to start teaching yoga again! My favorite place to teach was on the beach and since that's not accessible anymore I'd really prefer to teach somewhere scenic / OUTDOORS! SO if anyone would like to help me in suggesting some areas where I would be able to share my practice, I would love that! Thank you!
1. Keep your head up
2. Let your hair down ;)
Hope everyone had a sweet weekend 🤙🏼 see you at class on Tuesday!
My love is brave, my love is true
Class postponed till THURSDAY NEXT WEEK! Have a beautiful weekend
In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.
- Deepak Chopra

Have a beautiful day everyone, don't forget to smile!
Amazing class tonight under the stars! Just what I needed to kickstart the year with good intentions and spirits. Always look forward to attending ❤️️

Local, organic medicinal plant farm in naples, Florida. We are working towards re generating our soi

Operating as usual

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🔴 ⚡️ is postponed till next Friday! ⚡️🔴

But I have great news! Not only will Jose be DJ’ing after class for us to flow, Mat from will be collaborating with on the acoustics to guide us through our movement journey! I love when they jam together, it’s truly mystical! 🧙🏼‍♂️

Bring your flow toys! We’ll be spinning fire and all the fun toys! Bring some food if you want to munch out, and bring an instrument if you want to jam! 🎶

See you next week, when the weather is sun shiny 🌞


Hi everyone! I’m still not feeling 100% and I don’t think it would be wise for me to over stress my body. I will be uploading a video yoga flow so you can enjoy yoga tomorrow from your own home! Thanks for understanding and I will update you more on what’s to come! ♥️


I’m so excited for this event at Naples Beach Brewery! Music, local vendors, food, and good beer! What more could you ask for!? I will be vending jewelry! Come support :)


Beautiful community ♥️


Community Beach Yoga Sundays 9AM


Seee you Sunday for a worry-less morning 🌞


Tomorrow!! Wednesday 9.8.21


My last class until august!
Come spend come community time with us 💚


Come quiet the mind with us tonight.
We will have live music, a beautiful sound healing, community love, and so much more!


New week, new guests 💚


Hi everyone! This week's class is very special to me


Woke up to a beautiful surprise this morning 🍉


Moringa symbolizes the beginning of my permaculture / farming journey. I was introduced to this wonderful medicine by my permaculture teacher at FGCU. Immediately I felt some sort of motherly / sisterly connection to the Moringa Oleifera. Our Moringa tree on the farm is getting so big and strong. Once she seeds, I’ll have baby Moringa trees for sale! In the meantime, enjoy these Moringa benefits.

One serving of Moringa offers you calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Moringa can be used for an energy boost, immunity, stomach issues, lowering blood sugar levels, and the list goes on. A few interesting facts: the whole entire plant is edible. You can eat each and every component (leaves & seeds) of the Moringa. Moringa seeds can be used to purify water! Amazing for you and our environment.


Hello everyone. Is there a traumatic time in your life that you wish you could change or get rid of? I hope this meditation will help guide you through this experience in a healthier more progressive way. Thanks for watching!

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DM me if you have any questions! I miss teaching and connecting with students so much, if you’ve ever taken a class with me, I’d love for you to virtually be there ✨ see you tomorrow for 20 min of bliss!


Thank you for tuning in and doing this for yourself. I hope you enjoy this 5 minute flow that will offer you a fresh start at any time of the day!


A short guided meditation to redirect Prana to your heart center

I almost GAVE UP on my YOGA practice because of these five FRUSTRATIONS!! 31/03/2020

I almost GAVE UP on my YOGA practice because of these five FRUSTRATIONS!!

If you’re running into frustrations as a beginner yogi, this video may resonate with you!

When I started yoga, there were a few things that would discourage and frustrate me almost leading me off of my path.

I know it’s hard to stay focused and driven when trying something completely new and maybe out of your comfort zone, so I made this video in hopes to encourage you to continue your work.

Thanks for watching! Namaste ♥️

I almost GAVE UP on my YOGA practice because of these five FRUSTRATIONS!! When I started yoga there were a few situations that frustrated me as a beginner. Today, five years later, I realize how simply these things could be reconst...

Beginner's YOGA for tight HIPS 30/03/2020

Beginner's YOGA for tight HIPS

Beginner's YOGA for tight HIPS We store a lot of tension and stress in our hips. Take some time for yourself to release this stress and tension in your hips with this quick and simple yoga...


Full Video on my YouTube Channel. Link in bio!

Happy day cÕMmunity!
So apparently IGTV videos have to be at most 15 min and I decided to make this weeks practice a little longer so we can advance into poses each week more efficiently. It’s still a very short practice and includes sound healing bowls and beach waves at the end. This week we are “twisting into bliss.” Using simple twists to ring out any static energy or tension. Let it all melt away! Check out my YouTube channel for the full experience. Love and light. Namaste

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I’ve known ever since I was little that I would own my own business. My first grade teacher wrote in my yearbook that he knew he’d see me one day CEO of my own company. I’d imagine he was thinking suit and pencil skirt but hey I took pant suit CEO and turned it into naked CEO and here I am living life {f r e e} running my own business. No matter where I go or what I sell the connections that I make with people are what makes me whole. Every time I set up I meet at least one extraordinary human who pushes and inspires me to continue on with my journey. I am so blessed to be able to express my creativity with pride and vulnerability. I encourage you to do the same. If you have an idea and want to share it with the world, do it! Don’t let anything get in your way, you pave that road and walk on it with your head held high. You are powerful, inspiring, and creative! Exercise your mind and encourage your thoughts and creations into existence. The world needs you. 🌎 💕

Thank you for holding the space for my creations. Such a good vibe!

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“Will you fairy me?”

The fairy garden’s got a ring for every magickal finger! I’ll be at until 3pm today. Come share some vibes! @ Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery


Breath is the ultimate medicine. Breath work has been such a huge influence on my life journey.

When I was in high school I remember calling my mom one day and telling her that I thought I was “crazy.” Little did I know, I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I had no idea that what I was going through was totally normal and common amongst people my age. I tried self medicating through drugs and alcohol, constantly suppressing my emotions and hiding the fact that I was scared and sad inside. Sadly enough, I never went to a dr because I knew they’d prescribe me even more Xanax than I was already taking.

When I found yoga and breath work in 2014 it was like a godsend. The first time I consciously took a deep breath I felt my whole body ease into this feeling of “it’s gunna be ok” my body started communicating with my brain and finally it clicked. I was healing myself.

This is my favorite breathing exercise. It can seem a little complicated so here is a basic explanation.
Inhale, allow your breath to fill your stomach and rib cage, create space in your diaphragm.
Exhale fully, constrict the exhale and suck the belly button in and up. Hold for about 2-3 seconds and start over.

If this breath is too complicated, try a simple inhale expanding the chest and belly, hold the breath in for 1-2 seconds > exhale fully and slooooowly holding the breath out for 1-2 seconds sucking the belly in gently and repeat.

I hope this helps you maintain your state of peace. If you ever have any questions about breathwork, I am here for you!

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Thank you Earth for providing such a peaceful space for friends to gather, laugh, stretch, breathe, and just BE @ Lowdermilk Park


This short practice is specifically for those who are experiencing a tight neck and tight shoulders. Use this practice to help you unwind and relax.

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☼ thank you ☼

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Community Beach Yoga Sundays 9AM