Body By B fitness solutions

Body By B fitness solutions

Certified professional trainer/athlete 35 years experience in the fitness industry health club owne

Operating as usual


Yeap. Lol

Mobile uploads 20/08/2014

Greatest ifbb champ ever


Why does everyone it seems train chest on Mondays????


Ok muscle makers, did you have an awesome breakfast to start off this sunny Monday??? Wud ya eat???


Question..... When you train, do you train your trap muscles and on which day, back or shoulders???


This months specials through Europa sports products include musclemeds carnivor protein shots. 50 mg of power packed beef protein per shot with 0 fat and sugar. Bam... Lean physique here I come!!!


Body by b fitness solutions sells quality products through the nations largest sports nutrition company, Europa sports products such as bpi, Issa, musclemeds, and a catalogue full of products to get you into the best shape of your life.... No fly by night mail order products here... Only quality!!


Everywhere I look this time of year I see quick fix ads on tv and even here on FB , trying to explain how this pill or that powder will give you 6 pack abs and a shredded physique in 6 short weeks, after being a certified professional trainer / nutritionist for over 30 years now I've got a little info for ya.... They don,t work!!! Let me tell ya what will.... Determination to hit the gym, eat well, and get pleanty of rest so your body will recoup .... It's not hard... You just have to do it!!! So... Get that body moving in 2014!!!


Time for New Years resolutions... Loose weight, feel great... Check out full line of products through Europa sports products.... Below wholesale pricing


Boi sports products on sale now.... Blox , 1mr ore workout and many more available through my website


Lower back strain putting a damper on my lat growth!!!! Ugh


If you are thinking about a new hearth health vitamin to take.....try COQ-10..........2 100 mg tabs a day will help lower blood pressure and it's awesome for your heart


Got some blood flowing through these lats today.......a "wide" back is a must have in the bodybuilding with my brother from another mother at Spartanburg's hottest health club....exzel fitness!!!


another awesome workout at exzel fitness in this is good stuff!!!!!!

Timeline photos 23/04/2013

OMG.......Does "anyone" remember this person!!!!!!!


Training with big 45 lb plates attached to bars is my stress relief every day...... And I "exzel" at it at "exzel" fitness in Spartanburg .....want to join in the fun? Come on out if you think u can "hang". "Free training sessions available.... And I promise no big. 45 lb plates. :)


message me for some "free" passes to spartanburg's largest and best workout facility.........exzell fitness!!!!! just added tanning beds for that summer tan!!!!


im really gettin too old for leg day......all these 45 lb plates are killin quads should be 60 inches by now!!!! Iv'e been doing this for 35 years....geeesh!!!!! :}


Who's up for some serious training next week????? I'll be excel fitness next week offering gym tours and sign ups for some get down and funky free training sessions with a experienced pro trainer....holler at me if you think you can hang!!

03/01/2013 year. New body. Come to excel fitness in Spartanburg and lets get this show started....nows the time to get started on summers beach body. Free training session with who else... Me!!!


Merry Christmas to all my musclefreaks in the muscle know who you are!!!!!!! LOL


Ok new year resolutions fans and participants.....come by excel fitness in spartanburg in January and receive a free workout session with me.....I'm bringing my 25 plus years of experience and knowledge to my brothers or text me to set up your fitness in 2013....let's go!!!!


supplement up!!!! awesome for heart health, fights fatique, muscle aches, and helps with memory issues. this supp is the spark plug that ignites eneregy production in every one of your 50 trillion cells, powerful antioxidant, it works inside your cell membranes and crosses the blood-brain barrier. it protects your cells, proteins, and even your dna from free radical damage.......try a bottle today......available through body by b fitnees solutions


Get a head start on those new year resolutions...body by b fitness solutions offers all you. Need to jump start your fitness nutrition and training services and discounted sports supplements at below wholesale prices including a wide range of weight loss products.....body by b fitness solutions...results for every "body"

Timeline photos 18/11/2012

8 time mr Olympia lee Haney and me and the mr o trophy

Timeline photos 18/11/2012

Barry Dan and my brother from another mother

Timeline photos 18/11/2012

Me and 9 time world powerlifting champ Dan Austin

Timeline photos 18/11/2012

Me and 9time world powerlifting champ. Dan Austin

Timeline photos 18/11/2012

Me and 9time world powerlifting champ. Dan Austin

Timeline photos 18/11/2012

Me and 9time world powerlifting champ. Dan Austin

contest photo 05/11/2012

ready to do bussiness

award time 05/11/2012

more articles in the paper

won again 05/11/2012

won again


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