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Had a great workout with JT Garcia today! 🙌🏻

We offer strength training, weight loss, conditioning, kickboxing, boxing, MMA, submission grappling

Operating as usual


People be like “damn he's 50 and 0”. The Muay Thai God is 42, still fighting and has won 300-plus fights! My all time favorite Thai boxer , be sure to check him out 👊🏻


People be like “damn he's 50 and 0”. The Muay Thai God is 42, still fighting and has won 300-plus fights! My all time favorite Thai boxer , be sure to check him out 👊🏻


We train hard, so don’t forget to play hard too! Balance is the key 🔑


Anotha one, throw back to SFA when we were partnering up with aliance in Eastlake!


Oldie but goodie! Throwback to training w the crew in SD!

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Late post from this past Monday! Distance control was the focus, some talented peeps coming through! Jump in on the fun next time y’all 7:30pm!

Photos from Stealth Force Academy's post 28/04/2022

Had an absolute blast teaching Muay Thai Monday night . These guys and gals are bloody legends! Epic conditioning and even more epic training! Come join the fun Monday’s at 7:30pm!


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Thanks in advance!


What’s the secret to losing weight? Nothing!!!! Just put the work in fam! Almost 1500 calories in 1 1/2 hours! 45 mins kickboxing and 45 mins strength training…Let’s go!


Foolk you , rematch Conor vs Dustin 6. Basically fighting wolverine by that point! Credit: unknown. DM for credit if it’s yours!


Do you even train? Les go people!

Timeline photos 25/03/2021

Coach JT training a couple of his favorite students at the UFC GYM 💪🏻


The silhouette challenge with a BIG twist!

Y’all needs to add me on that TikTok :) “the last film bender”.
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Oldie but goodie 💁🏼


Stay focused fit fam 💪🏻

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Kids MMA classes! 5-8yr & 9-13yr! Learn to be a part of something great and defend yourself! Want to compete? Awesome, join our competition team! (Some experience needed). Classes start Monday-Thurs
4pm & 445pm.

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Be a bad ass and learn muaythai kickboxing! Already know it? Even better come join our team at ! Adult classes Monday-Thursday 6am and 530pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 1130am! Let’s go! DM for inquiries or to set up a class!

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Just thought this was a great pic! Had to share w my mma and martial arts fam 💪🏻. Love what you do and you won’t work a day in your life. I couldn’t agree more! If you’re not already following you need to get on it! Show support for your local fighters! Team one legacy!

Timeline photos 23/02/2018

We’ve been working hard for this fight tomorrow! Only one on one coaching, I know it will pay off tomorrow with the win! I’ll be corner and continue to coach him through the battle tomorrow! Massive talent from this guy be sure to follow him and show support to your local mixed martial art fighters! Team One Legacy 💪🏻

Timeline photos 10/01/2018

What’s your 2018 lookin like? Let’s get it peeps!


Day one for one of my new favorite students 💪🏻 speed bag is hard to learn, she’s doing great for the first time!


My new student killin the game! She’s a natural!

Timeline photos 04/10/2017

A picture I snapped at sea world the other day.


12pm let's get it!

Timeline photos 06/09/2017

Love my new kicks

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Stealth force academy is back and stronger then ever! We are a family, a gym, a place we call home away from home.. Come join us for a free session for five days and you won't regret it.. inbox SFA inquiry today..

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Learning in progress, tired of hearing all the buzz? Get in on the learning today!

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At the next event, be sure to invite your friends out and get those week passes!

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Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure, be about it, don't talk about it ! Tag a friend!

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Do you even diet coke? Tag a friend!

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TRX is always fun! Tag a friend that's about that TRX Training :)

Timeline photos 31/10/2014

Destruction, killed it the other night!

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