Consumption Coach

Consumption Coach

No Shortcuts. No Excuses. Call me at (949) 307-4575 or email at [email protected] if you are serious about achieving permanent results. You can be lean! A Lawyer?

My system is the result of years of study and personal experience. It allows any functional human being to absorb my personal approach to all things food.i.e., "consumption." What this means to you is regardless of age, fitness level, body fat level, s*x, schedule, family size, or any other excuse, you can be shredded! Are you a doctor? A single mom? A car salesman? An internet tycoon? Are you mor


I love it when people say, "I gained weight because people are always bringing crap to the office." Really dude? One thing you can absolutely control is what you stuff in your mouth. 🙄


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Timeline photos 02/12/2015

"I don't mind excess body fat....

As long as it's not on me!"

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134g of protein...

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Behold the feast: A feast fit for a king!

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Chicken breast stir fry w sunflower seeds and cashews hot as can be with a cayenne pepper Lemon water

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Wild caught marinated salmon on roasted cauliflower and carrots.. Soon to be only a memory

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Seared Ahi in wasabi sauce on a bed of baby spinach....

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Seared Ahi spinach snacklet

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What are you eating today?

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Don't fear change!

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Post run protein smoothie

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Is your 6 pack ready??

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After 8 miles.

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It's never gunna get easier than it is right now. The rules are the same for me....

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Congratulations to Robbie West! My age, my fitness level. If you do what I do, you'll get what I get.....Keep it up Robby! You are a glorious being, old friend....Shine On! Thank you for taking the time to recognize my efforts, as I recognize yours. PS: Lay off the 20-somethings. Leanness has its responsibilities; You are now an international threat! Keep it up..... :)

Ran 10.76 mi on 6/14/14 22/06/2014

Ran 10.76 mi on 6/14/14 Distance: 10.77 mi, Duration: 1:43:41, Pace: 0:09:37 min/mi, Energy Burned: 1618 kCal

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I love it when people say, "I gained weight because people are always bringing crap to the office."  Really dude?  One t...
Want to know how to win?