Coach Mick

Coach Mick

Today I will do things others won’t, so tomorrow I can do the things others can’t.

FlightScope Professional
Titleist Performance Institute Golf & Power Certified Instructor
SuperSpeed Golf Level III Certified Instructor
Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance Specialist
Anatomy Trains Biomechanics of Sport - Golf Movement
Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach
Krav Maga Worldwide Instructor
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
NSCA Certified Tactical Strength & Conditioning
TRX Certif

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Asymmetrical Training to Relieve Back Pain 24/02/2024

Asymmetrical Training to Relieve Back Pain We know there is a lot of information out there about how a strong core can both alleviate and prevent lower back pain in golfers. Yet, many golfers find it confusing where to start and what exercises to incorporate into their routines that will translate into results on and off the golf course. Her...


Blast from the past! Who can tell me which ones nickname is The legend”?”

Photos from Coach Mick's post 30/08/2023

breaking 300 today over and over and over! Come see the Pros


breaking 300 today over and over and over! Come see the Pros




Conventional straight bar max. Nice PR! Being strong makes everything easier


In between enjoying all the holiday meals and snacks remember to focus on your nutrition. This chart helps to understand our number one enemy - sugar


We coach


Being strong makes everything easier


Being strong makes everything easier



Conventional squat deathmatch! Kristina totaled 8,080 pounds over 6 drop sets/30 sec rest for a new PR! Girl Power 👊


Girl Power 👊


Where have all the MONSTERS gone?

Well, here is something not everyone knows….

When I was in my 20’s I blew a disc in my lower back. Today I don’t have an L4 or L5 due to degeneration. As a result, my left leg only fires about 40% I have been told. Meniscus surgery on both knees. I have torn my labrum in both shoulders 4x. Ruptured my right bicep tendon at the elbow. They didn’t give me any pain killers before surgery, just knocked me out. They drilled a hole in my forearm to put the tendon through and screwed it back into my forearm on the other side. I woke up violently in intense pain. Then they told me I would never compete again and to never bench or deadlift over 225. I competed anyway.


On April 2013 I signed up for the Missouri State Powerlifting Championships in Springfield MO.

1. I hadn’t been able to bench for a year and hadn’t been able to dumbbell bench for six months prior due to a bad shoulder. Two weeks before the meet I tried to bench the bar just so I knew I could stay in the meet. I could barely bench the bar. I started rolling my shoulder out about a week before the meet with some new info I had gotten from a new book. I ended up getting a legal 275 and missed 295 because my butt came up. I competed anyway.

2. I started HRT in August 2013 and lost 20 pounds between September 1 and the day of the meet October 20th. They had drawn blood the Thursday before the meet. Monday after the meet they told me that my testosterone levels were below 200 and my estrogen levels were over 300. No wonder I wanted to quit powerlifting and become an interior decorator! I wonder what I could have done with good levels?? I competed anyway.

3. The night before the meet I only had 2 hours of sleep and had a bad head cold. We left at 2:00 in the morning to drive down there. I competed anyway.

4. Kristina had to stretch me out between each lift because my back would tighten up so bad. I had Doug tighten my belt up as tight as it would go before the deadlift because I thought I would collapse if it wasn’t. I competed anyway.

5. I fell on my ass setting down the last deadlift because my balance was off so bad because of the head cold and everyone laughed at me. I competed anyway.

6. I ended up winning the meet, I placed 7th in the world in all powerlifting federations. I was glad I competed.

On June 2017 I competed in the Powerlifting in Hell meet in Russleville AK.

1. I had been on antibiotics 9 months and my cns was shot from being sick and pushing myself in training. Turns out I had a tooth that had been infected for over a year. I competed anyway.

2. I couldn’t stabilize anything over 600 on my back without shaking like crazy. I still hit a 650 in the gym like that, but it wasn’t pretty. I competed anyway.

3. No one went with Kristina and I. We competed anyway.

4. On my 3rd squat attempt the last thing in the world I wanted to do was climb back under that bar after 2 failed attempts, I literally had no energy in my body, but I gave it everything I had, psyched myself up really good, it was my best attempt, but I still bombed out on squats and couldn’t finish the meet. I learned something that will help everyone I train with and me forever…compete anyway and don’t open too high!

On October 2018, I competed in the Beards and Bows meet in Springfield MO.

1. I had prepped well for this meet. I hit 700 Squat 2x in the gym. Everything was a go. Everything was in line.

2. I had been put on a CPAP in August and the nurse handling the adjustments remotely on the CPAP told me the Monday before the meet that she was going to make a change. She decided to make a change on the Friday night before the meet without telling me. The CPAP machine said I was up 60 times an hour. I was exhausted. No sleep. MAD AS HELL!! All that work wasted because someone couldn’t do their job in a timely fashion.

3. I competed anyway. I set 4 World Records and was #2 in the world in all powerlifting federations.

On December 2018, I competed in the Ed Clark Classic to try to get back what I lost at the October meet.

1. By now it was 6 weeks after the last meet. I had hit a 515 bench in the gym. 605 deadlift multiple times and weekly squatted 650+ for 24 reps per workout. I was ready but my body was wearing down. I had to drop 10 pounds to weigh in on Friday to compete in the 220 class. It took more out of me that I had planned. I went into the meet about 80%. I competed anyway.

2. I came in #1 in the world in all powerlifting federations and set 3 more World Records.

3. Following these back-to-back meets In January 2019, I went to Blue Tail Medical because of extreme left knee pain. They had told me the year before that I had a bone spur. I could feel it grinding since before the June meet in 2017. It was a bone spur, so I didn’t think anything of it. Turns out that at 40 degrees flexion I was cartilage on cartilage and the grinding I had been feeling was me grinding away that cartilage. So, I underwent stem cell therapy. They pulled stem cells out of my pelvis and injected 16 shots into my knee. Definitely the most painful thing I have ever been through. I had competed anyway.

4. In addition, the femur in my left leg had blood pockets in it showing signs of trauma. Dr. Bayes with Blue Tail Medical recommended stem cell therapy and to stop leg work pending a full recovery. I had competed anyway.

5. In March 2019, I saw my doctor and went over blood work that had been drawn the previous week. The doctor told me that my blood showed signs of trauma that they only see in infants after going through the birth canal. I had competed anyway.

Point is that you have absolutely no excuse not to train or compete unless there is a definite possibility of you breaking or dying. None of these meets had everything perfect the day of, but I signed up and was going to do the meet come hell or high water!!! Why? Because that’s what I do, that’s who I am and that’s my mindset. I do what others won’t today so I can do what others can’t tomorrow.

Where have all the MONSTERS gone?


Where have all the MONSTERS gone?
In 2018 someone dubbed my members Mick’s Monsters. The name stuck. At that time everyone on social media was in Beast Mode. Beast Mode was something that people did. Being a MONSTER is a mentality. Then the shutdowns hit, and people changed. Complacency and apathy are the new regime. Fear has turned society into a bunch of cowards. There are no Beasts where MONSTERS roam. They crawl under a rock and hide. Louis Simmons said it like this. “You will see a wolf among sheep, but you will never see sheep among the wolves.” The gyms in St. Louis are full of people going through the motions to go absolutely nowhere. It should be a crime to just roll over and play dead with a life that holds so much promise! Where have all the MONSTERS gone?


Being strong makes everything easier Austin Wilson


Girl Power 👊


New equipment! Soon to be blue!


One on One training with Mick - Buy three get one free!


Girl Power 👊


Being strong makes everything easier Austin Wilson

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Inspire. Challenge. Achieve. That’s how we do things at Mick’s Gym, a Category One gym where monsters are made and goals are accomplished. With 45 years of experience and seven world records in powerlifting, Mick Kennedy founded his own gym in 1975 with a mission to help others reach optimal performance. He uses the world’s number one scientific strength performance sports training system to take your performance to the next level. You will never know the depths of us until you are one of us -- we do things today that others won’t so tomorrow we can accomplish things that others can’t.

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From my glory days. Kinda miss them sometimes.
Conventional straight bar max. Nice PR! Being strong makes everything easier #micksgym #micksmonsters #monstersinc #size...
We coach#stlgym #coachinggym #strengthandconditioningcoach #strengthtraining #conjugate #westsidebarbell
Being strong makes everything easier #micksgym #micksmonsters #monstersinc #sizematters #gymlife #thelife #fitlife #stlo...
Being strong makes everything easier #micksgym #micksmonsters #monstersinc #sizematters #gymlife #thelife #fitlife #stlo...
#girlswholift #strongwomen #stlgym
Conventional squat deathmatch! Kristina totaled 8,080 pounds over 6 drop sets/30 sec rest for a new PR! Girl Power 👊#gym...
Girl Power 👊#gymlife #thelife #chickswholift #girlswholift #stronggirls #fitlife #stlouis #fentonmo #stltrainer #strengt...
Girl Power 👊#gymlife #thelife #chickswholift #girlswholift #stronggirls #fitlife #stlouis #fentonmo #stltrainer #strengt...
Being strong makes everything easier #micksgym #micksmonsters #monstersinc #sizematters #gymlife #thelife #fitlife #stlo...
Girl Power 👊#gymlife #thelife #chickswholift #girlswholift #stronggirls #fitlife #stlouis #fentonmo #stltrainer #strengt...
Girl Power 👊#gymlife #thelife #chickswholift #girlswholift #stronggirls #fitlife #stlouis #fentonmo #stlcoach #stltraine...