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Thank you, Road Runner Sports corporate, for making a difficult situation tolerable. I know you are having systems issues at the Tempe, AZ location and couldn't process returns. However, they were happy to exchange for equal or greater value. They could sell me something, but not take a return? I even went back 4 days later, trying to be understanding of the situation and the systems were still down. This is inexcusable. At least corporate was responsive and helpful. Unfortunately, you have lost my business, but at least you have people at the corporate level that understands customer service.
Is there a customer service phone number that is working right now? Thanks
These guys are AWESOME! I placed my order on Friday and tracking showed I should receive order on the following Wednesday. You can imagine my surprise when my order arrived on Monday, 2 days ahead of schedule. Oh, and did I mention that there was no charge for shipping? Totally exceeded my expectations! 😍
You say 2 day shipping but I’ve yet to ever receive my shoes in that timeframe. I’d get them in the store but I waited for over 20 minutes for some to help me then they never came back so I left. It’s been a frustrating shopping experience for a long time customer might be time to cut the ties.
Went to your Elkridge Maryland store yesterday. I needed new shoes, mine were just too tight. I had an amazing customer service experience with Jerome and was shocked he had only been with RRS for 5 weeks. He put me through the perfect fit system, went over the results with me and hooked me up with a pair of custom insoles. He brought out shoe after shoe for me to try until I found the perfect shoe. I had the greatest conversation with him. We talked football, injures, my youngest breaking his arm with no tears. He had me laughing and before I knew it, I had spent an hour in the store. When Jerome was hired, you hired the best!
I ordered my beloved Hoka shoes awhile back but they didn't show up. I messaged them on Facebook not long ago and they were on top of their game, kept me up to date and were a delight to deal with. They certainly know how to treat a social media customer. Shout out to Adam for getting my shoes to me today! I'm excited to keep training for the half marathon now! Thank you! 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Will run to this site again to shop!
I’m so thrilled I was able to find Brooks Levitate 2 for women on your site!! They’re hard to find right now. All the fun colors and great prices!! Thank you for your timely shipment too!!
After 2 fantastic experiences at the Road Runner in Naperville, I will never go anywhere else for my shoe needs. I've been completely ignored multiple times at other sports stores, but every time I've come into your store, I have been greeted and helped right away. So thank you for excellent customer service!
If you missed early packet pickup today, head over Sunday 11-4 to Road Runner Sports in Laguna Hills. Enter the raffle for a free pair of shoes and enjoy some nice discounts on all your running needs: Shoes, belts, socks, gels, clothing and more!!! Road Runner Sports

Thank you to everyone who came today and brought food donations for South County Outreach. We will have collection bins tomorrow at packet pickup and Monday at the start and the finish lines. Please help fill them with food and school supplies!!!

South County Outreach Road Runner Sports
Had my morning coffee outside today 😁 I love my Road Runner mug! 😍
Thanks to Ray at Road Runner Sports in East Cobb, Georgia for the great experience and the new trainers! They were terrific in burst training today!!!
I just wanted to say that you have a fantastic customer service department! I spoke with 2 representatives this morning and they were very helpful and pleasant. I was talking with Nicole and my cell call dropped, I called back and the second rep was just as helpful and nice (I’m sorry, I’m still on 1st coffee and forget her name). You have earned a customer for life!

The World's Largest Running & Walking Store! Founded by Michael Gotfredson in 1983. Fondly referred to as Mike G. Discover the Rewards of Running.

or Chief Runner, he sold his first pair of shoes out of his garage! Road Runner Sports offers the world’s largest selection of running and walking gear, the most caring Fit Experts, and prices everyone loves. With nearly 50 stores nationwide and a website with fast, free shipping, the shoes and gear you need are always close by. Your best run or walk starts with Perfect Fit Zone. Our revolutionary

Operating as usual

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Since its debut in 1999, the GEL-Nimbus has withstood the test of time and is currently on version 25 of the brand’s flagship cushion shoe. It's only fitting that the GEL-Nimbus is one of the many classics that made 40 years of running what it is today for us!

We're stoked to introduce two new colorways online now!

Timeline photos 22/03/2023


Cruise control comes standard. Meet the Guide 16 –your daily training partner. We're not sure whether we love the stability that this shoe offers, or if it's the pillow soft cushion. Either way, We love it.

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🏆 First of all congrats!
Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd, or 15th Marathon, you did it!
Take a moment to soak it in- regardless of your time, you’re one of the 1% of the ENTIRE population that made it happen!

But the question is often, now what?!

🤯 Guess what- you don’t have to do anything!!!

It’s okay to take a day or even a few weeks off from running.

Even if you have another race coming up, these tips can still apply to you!

⭐️ Here are a few of simple tips to carry you through to your next training cycle:

1. REST! - take that literally! Turn off the 4 am alarm to get that morning mileage in. Sleep, kick your feet up, and relax. Your body heals when you are sleeping!

2. RECOVER! - Eat like you ran 26.2 miles. Proper nutrition and hydration is just as important in your body’s recovery as anything else!

3. STRENGTH TRAIN! - Take time to step back from running to focus on strength gains! The time you spent with runs- replace some with focused strength training. We promise you won’t forget how to run.

4. REHAB INJURIES! - Remember those nagging pains you pushed through for the final half of marathon training? Rest might make them feel better, but rehabbing will help to fix the source! Do it NOW before the next training cycle. Your body will thank you!

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⏰ It's time! ⏰

New week, New Matchups! 16 entered and only 8 prevailed! We're not sure whether we're more excited for the Mizuno Wave Rider matchup or the Battle of the Brooks!

Next up is the Gait 8

See the bracket below or scroll to see the matchups and click the link to cast your vote!

*Voting ends March 23rd at 10:00am PST


🎉Round 2🎉

It wouldn’t be Arch Madness without a couple upsets, blowouts and Cinderella stories.

We saw some matchups end in a fashion we didn’t think was possible. and his guest Bixby Knolls take a dive into some of this weeks matchups 🫣

As always, bracket and matchups will be posted at 3:00pm PST with instructions on how to vote!

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Big shoutout and Happy 🏅to our friends and community who participated in the !

Join us in celebrating everyone who took part in yesterday’s race, alongside these amazing people!

Photos from Road Runner Sports's post 18/03/2023

Before they take on the LA marathon tomorrow, we wanted to wish these two SUPERSTARS the best of luck!

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Arriving soon ...

Timeline photos 15/03/2023


Since we've kicked off Arch Madness this week, we figured why not honor the updated shoe that took it all last year!

🎉The Brooks Glycerin. 🎉

With the updated DNA Loft v3 ,we're wondering if the Brooks Glycerin 20 is going to be crowned this year? Thoughts?

Here's how you can enter this giveaway!

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3️⃣Tell us your favorite running song currently!

Giveaway ends 3/17 at 09:00am PST. The winner will be contacted directly!

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✨ Super Star Alert ✨

Though she won’t see this for a couple more hours, we wanted to wish good luck today taking on the Barkley Marathons 🎉

For those who are unfamiliar, the Barkley Marathons is an ultramarathon held each year in Frozen Head State Park, but the course varies year to year 😮‍💨 Did we mention this stretches across 100 miles!?

An amazing runner taking on an amazing race, let’s all send some good energy to help her push through this 🏃‍♀️💨


Crank Knees x Jayna

🤓 Tired of those Cranky Knees?! TRY THESE! 🤓

- If you’re dealing with knee pain related diagnoses such as patellar tendinopathy or “runner’s knee” then exercises like squats or lunges might be irritating.

- However it’s important to build tissue tolerance while also building strength.

- These are some great options that not only minimize the amount of stress on the knee but still allow for building at the quad muscle.

- Again, start within a pain free range of motion and slowly progress to full range, then follow with increased resistance!

- Try these 3!

1. Wall Squats
2. Spanish Squats
3. Heel Elevated Squats

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Alrighty Y'all!

Here's the breakdown.

For the next four weeks, you'll have the opportunity to watch your favorite shoes face-off in head-to-head battles, upsets and victories.

Sixteen shoes enter; one emerges triumphant! It's a battle of the soles.

First comes the Feet 16.

See the bracket above or scroll to see the matchups. We know everyone has their favorite shoes, but don't underestimate the under dogs.

Click the link to cast your vote!
Voting ends March 16th at 10:00am PST


🎉 Are you ready for MADNESS?!?! 🎉

We're stoked to announce our Second Annual Arch Madness has arrived and we have to say......It's looking FIERCE.

We took your feedback and picked 16 of the hottest shoes, but we can only crown one! Is the fan favorite HOKA Clifton going to take the title, or is the Brooks Glycerin looking at doing the impossible in a back-to-back championship run? Who knows there might be a Cinderella story ready to be told for a new under dog!

The choice is yours!

Bracket, match-ups and voting instructions will be posted at 2:00pm PST, So lace up your shoes, zip up your Korsa and get ready!

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Function meets performance in the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13.


💫 a plush and supportive Fresh Foam X midsole


💫 NDurance rubber outsole

This shoe delivers enhanced performance and comfort with each step. Complete with clean lines and simple style, this running shoe has a modern look that’s perfect for everyday use.


Brooks Bras x Elizabeth Clor

An all-star for adjustability, the Dare Scoopback 2.0 features Brooks improved high-impact design, with a customizable fit so straps and bottom band feel just right paired with Run-ready molded support.

Check it out in action thanks to our running buddy Elizabeth!


Hoka Clifton 9 x Ryan's Run Test Review

Like walking on air, with just a little more bounce and foot space, the HOKA Clifton 9 has yet to disappoint.

Dive into Ryan's comparison between the Clifton 8 and Clifton 9 to see what's changed this year.

Head over to our YouTube for his full breakdown!

Photos from Road Runner Sports's post 08/03/2023

The Glycerin 20 is for runners who want that supremely soft cushioning that lets them free their minds and get lost in the run.

So what's new this year?

✨An updated midsole that features nitrogen infused DNA LOFT v3, Brooks softest cushioning yet.

✨ New cushioning and redesigned outsole deliver smoother and more stable transitions.

✨ All-new engineered mesh upper is lightweight and breathable.

Did Brooks just make one of their staples that much better?


Quads x Jayna

🔥Today It’s All About Strengthening Your Quads! 🔥

💪 There are a number of reasons to build quad strength:
- Knee Pain (Runner’s Knee, Patellar Tendinopathy, for example)
- Post Knee Surgery (ACL, Meniscus, etc)
- General Injury Prevention
- Sports Performance
- Improving Physique

🧐 Depending on factors such as strength, access to equipment, injury, or current pain levels, these exercises and their difficulty will vary.

🏋️‍♀️ Here are a few great options that isolate the quads in a single leg position. They can be modified or progressed based on your needs.


Jayna X Brooks Glycerin 20

Our Tip Guru Dr. Williams got a feel for the Brooks Glycerin 20 and was in love with the first wear!

What she loved:

💜 The lightweight design yet sturdy feel to the shoe

💜 The consistency- whenever a shoe is on the 20th version, you know it’s always a good choice

💜 A classic neutral shoe- I can definitely get in some serious mileage in these!

🧡 Remember, it's not just your body you have to take care of but your feet as well! 🧡


Need a Boost?

One more post to BOOST the hype behind the Adidas Ultra Boost Light.

These running shoes are the perfect addition to your training regime no matter the distance. Sustainably made while ultra-functional and with 30% lighter BOOST material.

We'll leave the rest to you. Grab yours now to experience the WOW.


Boost Boost Boost

We always thought the song went "Boost Boost Boost"

With a shoe coming in at 10 ounces paired with Adidas's Light BOOST technology, it's no wonder your feet are in paradise.

☁️ Grab your Ultra Boost Light now. ☁️

Timeline photos 03/03/2023

It's our first launch of the month!

Adidas is first up on our list, bringing back the Ultraboost now lighter than ever.

🧡 We'll be diving into the details this weekend 🧡


Reebok Nano X3 - Run Test Review

Here's your review of the shoe that is made to push you and itself to the limits.

Have you gotten the Reebok Nano x3 in your hands yet?

Head over to our YouTube to catch the full review!

Photos from Road Runner Sports's post 01/03/2023


It's the first of the month, and we're starting it off 🔥HOT🔥 with two giveaways in one!

We couldn't pick our favorite style coming from the Asics Trabuco line, so we thought "WHY NOT BOTH?!"

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Tip Tuesday


- Runners need to be strong enough to run. It is important to be strong in a variety of planes and move well throughout various ranges of motion.

- These drills are a great way to not only focus on single leg strength, but in a more dynamic fashion.

- Focus on form, your ability to land soft, and push off through the foot.

⭐️ Try These! ⭐️

1. Single Leg Hip Flexion With Arm Swing
2. Single Leg Hinge to Knee Drive
3. Single Leg Hinge to Knee Drive With Hop



Nike Invincible Run Flyknit 3

Earlier our fashionista running buddy Diana took to the track in this year's Nike Invincible Run FlyKnit 3.


Ultraboost Light.

Are you ready for the lightest Ultraboost yet?


Nano X3 Unboxing x RunmomRundad

Our favorite running parents are here to unbox their own pairs of the Reebok Nano X3.

With a heel design that just gets sleeker with every model, The Nano X3 is a top-of-the-line option for the gym.

What PR's are you hitting this season?

Timeline photos 22/02/2023


You could say that these Asics GEL-Nimbus have us on cloud pun intended.

But hey! Why hear it from us when now is your chance to win a pair of your own!

As always!

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Please only respond to giveaway winner announcements from us: and know we would never request any payment or personal information other than your name and shipping address


Jayna Tip Tuesday Motivation

As we near the end of the second month and we continue to help give you the tools and tips you need to be the best runner you can, our tip guru Jayna has this say:

"Just get there and just show up to do the work. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Not every day will be perfect. Workouts. Runs. That dream job. Life period. Whatever you’re working towards. It won’t always be a PR kind of a day. But if you show up, you’re already doing the hardest part."

What other tools do you need to help you feel 100%?


Saucony Endorphin Elite

It's here! The ENDORPHIN ELITE has arrived.

Saucony has pushed the limits with the simple premise – built to breakthrough. They've changed the game before, and they’re not afraid to do it again.

Meet Endorphin Elite - engineered for peak race day performance.

Timeline photos 20/02/2023

Your neutral, maximum cushioned Asics GEL-Nimbus 25 comes packed with an updated PureGEL technology to bring a softer touch to your run.

Think that's it? You'll also enjoy the breathable knit upper in the GEL-Nimbus 25 that hugs your foot for a customized running experience.

Experience it now and grab yourself a pair!


Altra Via Olympus x Pace Pusher

With a zero-drop and rocker shape, we're shocked you haven't unboxed your own pair of Altra Via Olympus yet!

Grab yours now so you can enjoy that traditional stride that you love during your next run🧡

Photos from Road Runner Sports's post 18/02/2023

Built for Race Day.

Enjoy every stride in the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3.


Hoka Clifton 9 x RTR

You've seen the hype this past week on the HOKA Clifton 9.

Here's Ryan's comparison vs last years model in today's Run Test Review!


New Balance FC SC v3 x RTR

Push yourself to go the distance.
We're ready to dive into the New Balance Fuelcell SuperComp v3 and here's Ryan to kick it off 🧡

Photos from Road Runner Sports's post 15/02/2023

✨ Three Hot Releases the same day?! ✨

If you want to do it all, you’ll need the shoes to match.

Meet the Saucony Guide 16.


Clifton 9

🧡 The Hoka Clifton 9 🧡

The perfect balance of soft and light, for the ultimate smooth ride.

Keep your eyes peeled! Available soon...

Timeline photos 15/02/2023

Parade your St. Patrick’s Day pride in the Run Lucky Collection. Featuring the smooth Ghost 15 with soft DNA LOFT v2 cushioning.

Now all you need is a green beer —or two

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