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IN TRAINING FOR LIFE Gaims Fitness Company provides unparalleled service and knowledge in personal training and group exercise in a small, intimate facility in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

Operating as usual

Hello Gaims Fitness Training Community,
Our facility's new blue, red, and yellow paint scheme (very au courant!) was inspired by a painting that now hangs in our entrance. Here is Nora, the artist, standing beside that very painting. Nora loves to paint and has an art studio on the West Side. She and her husband, Andy, are dedicated facility members who are renewing their strength and fitness mojo after the Covid layoff.

Hello Gaims Fitness Community,
This is the reward for a yoga session completed in good faith. Marilyn is glad to be back in her private yoga sessions with Guy and is staying supple and strong at 84 years of age. Our new yoga room has been getting positive reviews. The beautiful mural doesn't hurt...

Hello Members,
We are officially open. Of course, the first person through the doors at 6:30am this morning was Bern. She's a rarin' to go for her routine of exercise, yoga, and massage at 93 years young. It feels good to have our community pulse going again. Stay safe, healthy, and fit!

Hello Members,
January has nearly raced away. This Saturday you can open February by enhancing your fitness prospects in "Stretch 'n Flex". Bruce will be the instructor. All levels are welcome. Bring a friend or two.

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,
Despite his usual busy schedule, Mark is ready to defend his title at the California State Championships this coming weekend. His passion and dedication are contagious. We can all do more than we think if we just show up and keep learning and believing.

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,
Yoga is on hiatus this Saturday, and we will have a great Stretch 'n Flex class instead. Take care of your mind-body continuum before getting into your holiday shopping and partying mode. See you there!

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,
Guy is out the next two Saturdays for family events. No worries, Bruce will be teaching Stretch 'n Flex, which includes elements of yoga, calisthenics, strength, and coordination. All levels welcome. Come and enjoy.

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,
Guy is gone this Saturday to a Yoga conference/event. No worries, you can still get your weekend fix of strength and zen. Bruce will teaching Stretch 'n Flex. This class will include elements of yoga, calisthenics, strength work, and relaxation. Open to all levels. See you there!

A Nice Primer on Neck Stretches

Hello Gaims Fitness Community,

Taking the time to stretch our neck and shoulders relieves discomfort, allows for a fuller range of movements, assists with balance, and keeps the eyes and ears working better. No one wants stooped shoulders, abused cervical vertebrae, and complaining muscles.

This series of yoga stretches presented by yogi Sarah Stevenson (copy and paste the link below) is accessible to almost everyone. It's a great start to better alignment and a happier neck.

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,

Guy is out of town this weekend. In place of Saturday morning yoga, we will be having Stretch 'n Flex with Bruce. It's a mix of balance, movement, core, and deep stretch. Challenging, but fun and satisfying. See you there!

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,

Our training community is open to all. June M. will often bring one of her talented granddaughters to exercise with her. Here is Katie, who is a dancer, throwing a handstand on a recent Saturday.

Hello Gaims Fitness Training Community,
If you have not heard already, our yoga instructor is out for the weekend, and Bruce is teaching a "Stretch 'n Flex" class this coming Saturday, June 15th at 10:30AM. Don't be shy, come on by.

Hello Gaims Fitness Training Community,
We have members who enhance their workout mojo with everything from fancy socks to webbed shoes. Do not, however, try to "out-bad" Mariana's water bottle. This is how you hydrate, people! Guess how many ounces of H2O this bottle holds...

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,
Massage therapy is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your mind and body. Members and their family and friends can now book appointments at Gaims Fitness with Christina West, our resident massage therapist. She's a gifted professional who will have a truly positive impact on people and lives in our training community.

Hello Gaims Fitness Training Community,
We have some pre-owned exercise equipment that may be an affordable plus as a home exercise option for you or one of your friends. We price these items to sell, and they are in good to very good condition. Contact info is on the flyer.

Hello Gaims Fitness Training Community,
Our facility prides itself on the functional, yet very stylish shoes worn by our members. Of course, it is the feet inside the shoes that really matter...If you have some pairs of shoes that you no longer wear, please bring them to the fitness center on your next visit. They will be donated to the shoe drive at Van Nuys High School for students and their families who cannot afford foot wear. Thank you!!

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,
A famous yogi once said that, "A happy spine is a life divine.". Actually, we just made that up. But it's true. It is hard to enjoy oneself if the spine is not cooperating. To that end, try our wonderful Saturday yoga class at 10:30AM or include some private yoga sessions in your workout routine. Sandra and Nora, each shown here in a supported twist for the lower back, will vouch for the results. Namaste.

Hello Gaims Fitness Training Community,
There is a fine line sometimes between exercise and showing off. Nora's inverted shoulder stand is impressive, but should she be talking about how easy it is during the performance of the move? Your call....

Hello Gaims Fitness Members,
We hate to keep bragging about our Office Manager, but.... Marilyn is a loyal Yoga practitioner and in her ninth decade of living she is keeping it loose. Guy is her private yoga trainer, and Marilyn and our other members are fortunate to have him as a resourceful, compassionate advocate for their fitness and well-being.

Bruce's Six Minute Mile Goal

Hello Members,
I decided to put a little pressure on myself and go "public" with my 6 Minute Mile goal. Last year was a very healthy one for me, but not a strong training year (no complaints, other parts of life were on the burner). At present, I am getting my legs, lungs, and overall strength in order to build a decent stride into my constitution. It's been fun so far. One primary adjustment has been my diet: no processed foods, smaller portion sizes, minimal late night eating and snacking, more clean protein and less unnecessary carbohydrate. Sound familiar? When the diet kicks in, it is so much easier to motivate and to perform. You are welcome to join me and set a goal of your own. Gaims Fitness and I are always in your corner. Let us know if you need a hand in making a plan. I will keep you posted on my progress and ups and downs. Sincerely, Bruce

Hello Gaims Fitness Training Community,
Hope you liked January, because it's almost gone! We thought you'd enjoy this brief member profile on Jerry B. He's a strong man, but does not let that get in the way of what's good for him. He's a yogi now!

Simply Quinoa

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Hello Gaims Fitness Members,

Enjoy the holiday!

Hello Members,
In tuning up for the coming World Championships, Mark had a very interesting set of matches with Jim Coyle (an Oklahoman and practitioner of the "Kings Move"). They wrestled at the Anaheim Fit Expo this past weekend. Jim has beaten many of the sport's elite with his unusual style, but Mark found a way to win and take gold.

Hello Gaims Fitness Community,
Bern just started taking private sessions with Guy Gabriel, our wonderful yoga teacher. She'll be 92 years old in a few weeks, but you'd never know from watching her exercise, including this pose of Half Moon /Ardha Chandrasana at the Wall.

Hello Members and Friends,

If you have not signed up for the Veggie Challenge starting July 16th, do it now.

Courtesy of our nutrition partner, Eat Train Excel, for fourteen consecutive days you will receive by e-mail a delicious veggie recipe, each one highlighting a different vegetable. We want you to try these recipes and expand your culinary horizons. And as you probably know, vegetables are good for you.

Fun Fact: If you did not think there were fourteen different vegetables in the world, the Challenge will be particularly healthful for you.

Non-members in the Gaims Fitness community may sign up by sending us an e-mail with your name and e-mail to [email protected].

Gaims Fitness members who are ready to improve their eating habits for health, weight loss, and sport will certainly do well working with Andy Leskin and the Eat Train Excel program.

Join the complimentary Veggie Challenge that starts July 16th! Info at the facility front desk.


These are the long-term benefits of regular exercise for your brain.

Watch the full TED Talk here:

Cobra Rhodes vs Mark Gaims in USA National Championship 2018

Hello Members,
Here is the link to Mark's wrestles against Cobra Rhodes. Mark has improved his inside game, and Rhodes could not get him off the center line. In most cases, Mark is going to beat you hand to hand if you wrestle him there.

Cobra Rhodes vs Mark Gaims in USAF National Championship 2018 , South Bend , Indiana. Men GM 75 kg Right arm. Prelims and finals.

Hello Members,
Mark has once again defended his USA National Title. He won gold both left and right handed in South Bend, Indiana this past weekend. We hope to have video for you soon, including his victories over the Cobra, a legend in the sport of arm wrestling. Here he is with other proud winners, including his coach, Vazgen Soghoyan (eagle in hand).

Hello Members,
This was the recent spread to celebrate Bruce's birthday. Thanks to Marilyn and our Pilates instructor, Theresa, for the deliciousness. Gaims Fitness Case Study: Given the array of food, what went first, the organic fruit and nuts or the sweet cakes?

Howdy Members,
As you know, Gaims Fitness is a very trendy establishment. Can you say "salmon"? That's the in-color this season. Recently on Saturday, Marilyn and Jonathan were cranking out cardio and sporting that popular fishy hue. Even the facility lights were salmon colored. Nah,that's just photo shop, but it could happen.

Hello Members,
Having one good long cardio bout in your week is a good idea. It burns up calories, keeps up the endurance conditioning, and as the Cardio Party name suggests, you get to let loose.

Hello Members,
Yoga practice is so beneficial for the spine and overall health. As part of her exercise routine, Marilyn has been consistent for years in her weekly private session with Guy. Under his tutelage, she has learned to stretch, gotten rid of low back and neck issues, and enjoys the beautiful spine you see in the photo here.

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