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Fishermen's Spot


California Trout is proud to bring back the 2021 International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4), comprising of short and feature-length films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe, for a special 7-day virtual screening.

Join us for our live kick-off screening on Wednesday April 21 at 7pm.

Purchase tickets here ➡️ ⬅️

All proceeds from the event benefit CalTrout and its work to ensure resilient populations of wild fish living in healthy waters for a better California.

Thank you to our partners: Lost Coast Outfitters Fly Fishing Specialties The Venturing Angler Forever Our Rivers Foundation UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences Fishermen's Spot International Fly Fishing Film Festival
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All of us here at “The Spot” were truly saddened today with the news of the passing of Stan Beringhele. An amazing fly tier but beyond that a terrific person. He will be missed.
Is the 201 class on the Owens happening this weekend?
For those of you wondering about where the California DFW Inland Trout Angling Regulation Simplification proposals are heading, I have an update as of the beginning of June. On the morning of June 6, I received a text message from Mammoth fly fishing guide Harry Blackburn informing me that he had a chat with CDFW Environmental Program Manager Roger Bloom. Harry informed me that DFW is listening to the numerous voices of concern that they received regarding the proposal changes. They received over 5,000 solicited comments during the open period of online submission. Roger also received a lot of phone calls during March and April from concerned sportsmen and sportswomen. Harry informed me that Roger believes change – whatever form that may be, unbeknownst to anyone yet – would happen at 2021 at the earliest. I called Roger Bloom myself to clarify. I had a lengthy, good conversation with him. He told me that they are compartmentalizing the various 5,000 submitted comments into identifiable groups of representation. They sorted through the data, and identified sources of comments, then grouped those sources together. It was obvious to DFW which comments came from outfitters, guides, spin anglers, fly anglers, etc. “We had a special folder for inflammatory remarks,” Roger jokingly told me. No doubt DFW stuck their neck out when they rolled out the possibility of revolutionary changes to trout fisheries across the State of California. I joked with Roger that it was like he put on a deer costume, and ran around the woods during deer season opener. He replied that the vast majority of submitted concerns were rationale and on target. Roger informed me that DFW is analyzing the grouped data to find consistency across all groups. That will likely drive any change to inland trout fisheries that occurs. They will not collect any fish census data until they have an idea of what changes may take place. He told me, “There is no purpose in spending the resources taking a fish count of Hot Creek, for example, if we keep Hot Creek fly only.” Valid point. As a guide myself, I asked what becomes of the data collected from guides on the Guide License Daily Trip Logs. He would like to see those logs become computer driven so they can at least look at that data across the state - but this is beyond his decision making. It comes more from enforcement. As they sift through all the data, Roger believes change won’t come down the pipeline until March 2021. What I gathered from conversation with Roger is that DFW is listening to the thousands of concerns, and has decided to take a breather before continuing further. I’d expect some change. No one knows what that will look like yet though. At the time of my conversation with Roger, he informed me that Mono County District Supervisor John Peters is hosting a Town Hall Meeting at the Bridgeport Memorial Hall in Bridgeport on Wednesday, June 19, at 6PM. Roger will be there with DFW staff to field questions per the direction reg changes are going. DFW is sending a new fisheries biologist to the Eastern Sierra - Russell Black. Mr. Black will work with current DFW Field Biologist Jim Erdman. DFW feels that they need a bigger presence of representation in the Eastern Sierra. I agree. Former City of Bishop Councilmember and current Chairperson of the Inyo County Fish and Wildlife Commission Joe Pecsi informed me that three California State Assembly members sent a letter to DFW expressing strong opposition to the proposed changes. The City of Bishop and Inyo County Board of Supervisors also expressed opposition. Groups from outside the Eastern Sierra region, such as the Pasadena Casting Club, also took an official stance against the proposed changes. DFW is all ears open. This is great news. I will keep you abreast of new information when I learn of it. No decisions have been made yet. Keep voicing your concerns if you have them.

Chris Leonard
Mammoth Lakes, California
A series: Plankton is a small creature in the microscope, and these small creatures are the
food source of fish. The A series is developed from the perspective of bionics. It has 3D
invisibility and camouflages itself in nature. This line greatly reduces the fish's It is
also alert and has the characteristics of resistance to seawater corrosion.
🎥 We are excited for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival coming to Pasadena tomorrow and Ventura on Thursday.

🎟 Get your tickets at if you haven't already.

The IF4 consists of films produced by professional filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly-fishing. CalTrout will also show some of our own films about our local conservation projects and raffle off fun prizes from our amazing sponsors: Patagonia, Fishermen's Spot, and The Venturing Angler.

See you at the theater!
Our Southern California International Fly Fishing Film Festival launches next week! 🎣

🔜 We've got a show in Pasadena on Wed Apr 24th and coming to Ventura on Thur April 25th.

🎥 Get your tickets today at!

Thank you to our sponsors Fishermen's Spot, Patagonia, and The Venturing Angler.
Nice chatting with you today David! Talk to you soon amigo!
Hasta pronto!
Excellent customer service & very
knowledgeable. Outfitted us to go
on fly fishing trip & we were extremely
pleased. Family trip to Eastern Sierra at
spot at 9000 feet. Help from Fishermen's Spot
made our trip a success. BTW this was in celebration
of 80th birthday. Never too old to fish! Yeah for
Fishermen's Spot & TU!
Ok so I have tried fishing the LA river several times and the only carp I caught were two on the first day a couple years ago. I am tired of standing in the river like an as***le getting skunked. Who has some tips or is planning on going there in the near future.
New Zealand has the biggest trout on the planet, some over 40 lbs, all wild rainbows, browns and King salmon, all centered around the small town of Twizel, south island!
Open year round, 24 hours, use fly, spin or even bait! See monsters like this jumping out right in front of you!
Miles of canals, lakes and streams in this area loaded with fish of dreams! No guide needed, no expensive lodges, just fly to Christchurch, grab a cheap rental and drive 3 hours to Twizel, get a license and a map at a fly shop and go fishin!
Louie the Fish! — with Pat Noone.

Fly Fishing in Los Angeles? Yes there really is fly fishing near tinsel town. One hour from our shop you can fish for wild rainbow trout, record size largemouth bass, striped bass, carp and lots of saltwater species to stretch your string.

Full service fly shop.

Operating as usual


Let’s welcome @andy_onthefly to The Family! That is Both the Families of Fly Fishing Fiberglass and to The @redtruckflyfishing Family. Thanks Andy for keeping Glass Alive!
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Come see what Pyramid Lake Nevada is all about. It’s not just Fly Fishing for the Largest Cutthroat in the World, it’s about having fun with @pyramidflyco and @franks_fly_shack while you’re out there.
If you’re into catching a Trout of a Lifetime come Along with Fishermen’s Spot and PFC for a trip you won’t forget.
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Lady approving @franks_fly_shack fish after cheering him on!!! Yeah Lady fishes everywhere too. If you’re interested in where Lady goes on our shop trips and her regular fishing life hit us up. This is what she does!
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Gordan and @trevor_czechs365 from @pyramidflyco with the scoop and the laughs. How much fun do you have when you fish? Hit us up if you want to come along on any of our trips.
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That feeling of a Biggin’ in your hands! Thanks for getting us bent @pyramidflyco
These are some of the best memories and Personal Best Trout being caught out here. You guys Rock!
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Here’s why you Fish with Fishermen’s Spot and @pyramidflyco From numbers to poundage, meals and good dudes it’s a blast with these guys. You coming on out next trip? Call the shop for details and other trips this season 818.785.7306
We fish Everywhere!!!
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Breakfast of champs! Made on the spot by @trevor_czechs365 and @momothemeatman from @pyramidflyco If you want top notch fly fishing service with some good ol’ warm meals, you know to roll with Fishermen’s Spot on our trips! We Fish Everywhere… Thanks Guys!!!
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Hey @momothemeatman @trevor_czechs365 @[email protected]_hildahl @pyramidflyco and @captainrobhagerty_pfc we’ll see you you in sooooon! Another Fishermen’s Spot heading to Pyramid lake Nevada for some Trophy Trout Hunting for The Famous Lahanton Cutthroat Trout.
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The count down is happening!!!
T minus 4 days. Fishermen’s Spot will be fishing and hanging out with @pyramidflyco @trevor_czechs365 @momothemeatman @wildriverguidesllc and @cole_hildahl Yeah that’s Trevor showing what’s been cruising in the last few days! Stay tuned for updates.
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Out here on the Ladders with @pyramidflyco on the Famous Salty Pond. Putting in time is key at this lake. If you would like to find out more information about our up coming trips to Pyramid Lake Nevada DM us or call the shop 818.785.7306
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Thanks for letting us be part of your Pursuit of a Fish of a lifetime. Remember if we’re not in the shop, more than likely we are on the water! Have a Happy New Year and Thanks for all your support! Stay tuned for more information about our next trips to Magdalena Bay with @saltjunkiesinc
Check the website for other trips to Pyramid Lake Nevada, West Yellowstone Montana, British Columbia and Patagonia.
Fishermen’s Spot on Facebook
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Let’s get Fishy!
When everything lines up…
From weather to tide, current, having the right pattern, the right cast and the technique. BOOM this happens. Golden Trevally on the Fly. Such a blast. Are you going on out next trip with @saltjunkiesinc
Contact the shop for more information. 818.785.7306
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Variety, @saltjunkiesinc putting Russell and us on a array of fish. We where busy with bent rods and screaming reels! Thanks again Joesph and the Salt Junkies Inc. Family for the hook up. Stay tuned for our next up trip to Magdalena Bay. Let’s get fishy!
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Were here for you!!! From advice or being part of you catching a fish of a lifetime. Our experience and what we like to do, shows on the water and in the shop. Let’s get Fishy! Come by the shop to see how we can dial you in for your next fly fishing adventure.
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Teamwork!!! Working together to Koo and George worked together to make this epic battle come to a Victory. If you want to go on out next Magdalena Bay trip with @saltjunkiesinc stay tuned or contact the shop for details. Thanks Joesph from Salt Junkies Inc. for a rad time!
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Teamwork at its finest! Koo and George with a awesome shot of the Striped Marlin Koo landed that Day! Plenty of shots and takers around. Are you interested in our next trip to Magdalena Bay with @saltjunkiesinc ? You can always call or come by the shop.
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What a show!!! These Striped Marlin are very acrobatic once they know they are hooked. This is just a still shot of what’s in store for you when you hook’em. You want to get bent on some serious fish hit us up for our next trip to Magdalena Bay with @saltjunkiesinc You like to hunt fish down? You like sight casting at BIG fish? Imagine sight casting to some heavy hitting Striped Marlin? We fish Everywhere! This is what we do!!!
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Jordan was our spotted bay bass locator. He had the right pattern, tippet and strip. These guys kept Jordan Cavanaugh busy for part of the. We all found a variety of fish down in Magdalena Bay with @saltjunkiesinc If you’re looking for some quality fish to get your rod bent on, look no further. Stay tuned for future trips with Fishermen’s Spot. We fish Everywhere!!! Want to come?
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Nice Grouper there Peter! These guys found a variety of fish plus some bucket list fish too. Come on in or give us a call to find out more about our trip to Magdalena Bay with @saltjunkiesinc
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Heading out on a to the find the Battle Grounds. Dave and Koo Got a fishy Panga Captain George that @saltjunkiesinc arranged for us. Let’s see what they find. Enjoy the ride fellas!!!
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Teamwork makes the Dream work!!!Captain Donald and Michaiel grinding away something there...Stay tuned to see what was p...
Attention to detail...Grasp deer hair up flush to the hide.Precision positioning.#thisisthespot #flytying #swisscdc #mul...
Want to learn how to fly fish for carp on the LA River? Give us a call for upcoming carp fishing classes. 818-785-7306#f...
Yeah we couldn’t wait...Here you go The G4 Colection from Simms.#thisisthespot #flyfishing #flyfishinggear #fishingguide...
For those on the move, looking to lighten your feet, lighten your load while traveling or looking for that hiking/wading...
If your looking for a quick peaceful local trout get away, hit us up for more info.#thisisthespot #womenwhoflyfish #flyf...
Huge thank you Johnny @herecomesjohnnyy for trusting in us for your fly fishing needs.#flyfishing #thetugisthedrug #this...
Another cool Space X Rocket launch. #spacex #spacexlaunch
Ray Bianco @ray.bianco demonstrating a proper cast. If you want to learn single hand or two handed casting from one of t...
A Lot Going On at the Spot This Weekend!
Jun 5, 2013 9:15pm




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