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10x Physiotherapy


Me: “Hey man, let’s go back through the alley so we can get a shot by the dumpster!”

Enjoyed catching up and nerding out today with Kristen Zeanah of 10x Physiotherapy for a bit.

Need a physical therapist who comes to your home and office? Or understands the needs of athletes? Or maybe you need to rehab a knee replacement but don’t want to go to a full clinic?

He’s your guy! Keep a watch on his social media content for the latest on PT, dry needling, BFR, and coconut soup ✅

Did a new activity today.

Me: Let’s get ready to March.
94 y.o. Client: Raise your hands and bark???
Me: Exactly!!

So, my client, her caregiver, and I raised our hands and barked! We barked a lot and laughed more! Having fun is one of the best to get moving again after an illness has had you down.

Get moving. Get laughing. Get enjoying. Get healthy. Get safe. Get up. And get living!!
Do you experience neck and/or back pain? Join 10x Physiotherapy for Bulletproof Your Spine and say goodbye to neck and back pain.

Regiser here:https://operations.daxko.com/programs/redirector.aspx?cid=2044&pid=128525&sid=2756308

Do you experience back pain?

Let our partners at 10x Physiotherapy help you! Sign up to Bulletproof Your Spine and you'll learn the top causes for back and neck pain, and effective techniques to relieve that pain.

This is a group workshop with a real physical therapist helping to guide you and solve your pain problems.

Saturday, Jan 30: 10AM - 12PM

The group size is very limited so sign up now!

Register here: https://operations.daxko.com/programs/redirector.aspx?cid=2044&pid=128525&sid=2756308
Saturday, our partners at 10x Physiotherapy will be holding a FREE Movement Screening for LJCC members.

This completely FREE screening will help you to identify areas that could be holding you back in your performance and possibly lead to injury. Screenings are quick and take place at the LJCC>

Reserve your 10 min time slot now! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0949aea82ca7f49-10xphysiotherapy
Did you miss our last movement assessment? No Problem!

Our Partners at 10x Physiotherapy will once again be performing FREE Movement Assessments for LJCC members. Screenings are appropriate for all ages and will assess key movement patterns which can help identify any areas that may be holding back your performance.

Screenings will be available Saturday, September 26 from 9AM - 12PM. Appointments are highly recommended.

Set your appointment now: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0949aea82ca7f49-10xphysiotherapy
Today's is praising the wonderful 10x Physiotherapy! We are honored to have them as a member of the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce!

Looking for ways to relieve neck and shoulder pain? What about knee pain? Our partners at 10x Physiotherapy have created resources for our members to help relieve pain while at home.

Great work 10x Physiotherapy!!
Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce member 10x Physiotherapy spends time each and every week at Brother Bryan Mission helping those in recovery with physical therapy they would not have access otherwise.

We are honored to have 10x Physiotherapy as a member of the VH Chamber!

10x Physiotherapy has expanded their pool of Physical Therapists and used our Conference room for their first ever orientation! We can't wait to see what the future holds for this AMAZING company!
Clinical Perspective - From Homeless To Hope

Kristen Zeanah PT, DPT and owner of 10x Physiotherapy 🧔🏻gives us a snapshot on how he uses for with patients at Brother Brian mission in Birmingham, AL


Concierge physical therapy delivered to your home or office. Birmingham, Homewood, Vestavia Hills,

Operating as usual


Happy Wellness Wednesday from Brother Bryan Mission and thanks to Pure Fitness for the donation of exercise balls to our new fitness room. We used them today for some post-dry needling exercise. Grateful!


Meet Beth Lynch, PT, our newest physio! Beth joins our team of mobile physical therapists, bringing 16 years of experience. Beth specializes in helping patients through total joint rehabilitation, sports medicine/orthopedic rehab and focusing on injury prevention through analysis of mechanics. As with all our PTs, Beth comes to you for one-on-one, focused 60-minute PT sessions. You can read more about Beth on our website www.10xphysio.com/about

Beth Balusik Lynch

Photos from 10x Physiotherapy's post 02/24/2023

Took our oldest to Engineering Day at Auburn...my old stomping grounds. I got a degree in mechanical engineering and worked as an engineer before He re-directed me to physical therapy. "The human mind plans the way, but the LORD directs the steps." Prov 16:9. (Oh...and War Eagle!)


Running the Mercedes Marathon (Half? Full?) Sunday? Give a shout-out when you pass me. 😁 On Monday, if any of you runners need some recovery, give us a call. I know I'll need some calf work like this. Dry Needling is a very effective recovery treatment after an endurance race.

Photos from 10x Physiotherapy's post 01/25/2023

Wellness Wednesday brings you PT at live from the new fitness room! It's hard to believe we used to squeeze in between clothes racks. We are so grateful for His provision and yours. FULL REVEAL COMING SOON!


This post-stroke patient's balance issues included not being able to hold a tandem stance. This setup helped him progress and made the task objectively harder. No fancy equipment needed. Have someone in your life who needs to improve balance? We can help and we come to you.


Sneak Peak Brother Bryan Fitness Room

Progress!! Here's the floor YOU provided for the fitness room at Brother Bryan mission and some of the equipment. Just one wall of the original clothes closet remains to be moved and painted, and some tweaks here and there. Can't wait to show you the final reveal!


Your health and wellness goals. ✔️
Your place. ✔️
True one on one physical therapy care. ✔️
It's how we started, and we believe in the quality, value, and efficiency of mobile physical therapy care even more in 2023.

In addition to our general physical therapy and wellness/fitness services, we now offer pelvic health physical therapy with Cinda Kult, PT, MSPT, CMTPT while Karen Eargle, PT, DPT, M.Ed, continues her focus working with seniors helping them stay safe, active and independent.

Ready to serve you. Ready to give back.
Welcome 2023!


Wishing His peace and joy to you.


How would you like to be part of our Brother Bryan Mission fitness room redo? We need to lay a floor SOON (before the end of the year) and this has all happened so quickly we are still getting things together. If you're moved to join us we need 40 4x6 mats to cover the room. So....you can "adopt-a-mat" for $60 (or contribute any amount). Here's how:
1. If you prefer to write a check for the tax benefit, make it to Brother Bryan Mission (memo Fitness Room Reno) and it needs to be given or mailed to Kristen. DM for address.
2. Venmo Kristen at -Zeanah

We are grateful for your enthusiasm over this project and for joining us in the journey!


Caught the 10X Physio DPT/Owner slumped on camera at the Vulcan Triathletes training session nonetheless. Got to do better KZ.

Photos from 10x Physiotherapy's post 12/07/2022

We can't wait to share how He has brought together people, a vision, resources and opportunities to together at just the right time to make "clothes closet PT" a thing of the past at Brother Bryan Mission. It's halfway there. Keep a watch out...it's cool stuff.

Photos from 10x Physiotherapy's post 12/02/2022

The 10X family shared table fellowship last night to celebrate His work through our hands and stories of how He crossed our paths to come together. We are thankful for how our paths have crossed with YOU too.
(PS...Kristen can sous vide and grill a mean steak and we didn’t even know he could pronounce sous vide.
😃) Eileen Zeanah Kristen Zeanah Karen Eargle Cinda Kult Avivi Osborne Behel


Come on out and join us!!!

Five more days until the Bluff Park 8K takes off again. Now is the time to secure your spot!


Today and everyday.


Walter experienced a traumatic brain injury 30 years ago. This isometric benchpress will help him increase his pushing strength to improve transfers to and from his wheelchair...and help him maintain his independence.


Blood Flow Restriction Training

THAT'S SWEAT...NOT SNOT. It's off season for regular rides (runs, etc) outside. Time to crank up using Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs. Regular BFR use will give you an intense workout repsonse in 1/2 the time or less. It can also help increase your VO2 Max by up to 15%.
Curious about BFR? Check our website. 10xphysio.com/bfr. We have cuffs and how to ebooks in our online shop.


Clamshells ✔️ Wasting patient time doing them in the clinic 👎 Mobile PT...scaring away 😱 inefficient PT practices one at a time 👹👺👽🤡💀


Our friends at iDryNeedle are highlighting the Vastus Lateralis this week. Love it when their posts an our practice come together. This patient was having some lateral patellar dysfunction as they explained, but during knee flexion, so we tried to address things from this position WHILE adding a slight manual stretch.

Photos from 10x Physiotherapy's post 10/26/2022

So I did the thing yesterday… I joined the masses of people who have had a sleep study and told they have obstructive sleep apnea…. Just curious, do you know anyone who has had a sleep study, and was NOT told they have OSA? 😴 🛌 I enjoyed it so much I feel like I left a piece of me behind:-).


W***y Wonka or Davy Crockett for Halloween this year? The Brother Bryan clothes closet never fails to amaze.


Glad to sponsor Bluff Park 8k again this year which is supporting our friends at Grace's Kitchen who feed our friends at Brother Bryan Mission and many others in Birmingham. Sign up and join us. Win-win.

Our sponsors are so great they even support each other. At last years's Bluff Park 8K we found providing some much needed recovery to Daysol Coffee Lab. Come support the Bluff Park 8K by being an awesome sponsor like these two or running and enjoying their after party support.


Our 90+ year old fashion-conscious patient insisted her shoes be the same color as her outfit. Everyday. She was also frequently turning her ankle and having falls.

A visit to her closet (mobile PTs can do that 🙂) and we removed the shoes that could affect her balance. Just because a shoe is a "flat" doesn't mean it's stable for people with balance issues.


Doesn't everyone have resistance bands around their antique piano?


What Manual Therapy Can Look Like

This is what manual therapy can look like as part of a PT session. Both of these patients had neck tightness and back pain. Different patients..different approaches...60 minutes...one-on-one care.


Dry Needling for Foot Pain

Dry needling can be a very effective therapy for foot pain. (And not all foot pain is plantar fasciitis.) This patient described "severe pain in her left arch area" - which had limited any weight-bearing exercise.

After one dry needling treatment, adherance to prescribed exercise and a recommendation to get fitted for new athletic shoes, she has remained pain-free for 18 months. Foot pain? We cn help.


Want to age well? Improve your strength. This patient is 86 and planking LIKE A BOSS. Having a fitness program overseen by a physical therapist can help you get stronger faster, and guard from injury. We have a program that focuses on senior fitness...and we come to you. No more excuses.


Post-Ride Exercises to Prevent Neck Pain

Long rides can mean painful necks. Here are 3 post-ride exercises that will help you recover from holding position for hours on the bike and help prevent neck pain and stiffness after.

Do these on a firm surface. 10-15x each.

A few minutes doing these at the end of a ride can make a huge difference!

1️⃣ Chin tuck.

2️⃣ Chin tuck with arm press into floor

3️⃣ Chin tuck with arm movement overhead

Photos from 10x Physiotherapy's post 09/20/2022

Glad to support the Bluff Park 8k ...who is supporting Grace's Kitchen...who feeds our friends at Brother Bryan Mission , among others in Birmingham. Full circle win. You run, people eat.


Copenhagen Plank

The Copenhagen plank is a fantastic (and underutilized) exercise to build hip adduction strength. It can help prevent sidelining and career-ending injuries. And as with this patient, it's also one that can be done even if non-weightbearing. Any athlete who runs, kicks and pivots and where hip and groin injuries are prevalent needs to add this and it's variations to their routine.


A Truckload of Love

We asked. The men of F3 Birmingham (Liberty Park group) heard and poured out in generosity to the men of Brother Bryan Mission along with several others of you. We give Him the praise. If you have a group who'd like to join together to meet the needs at Brother Bryan...reach out. Every man who enters Brother Bryan goes through a health and wellness program that we facilitate and good condition athletic shoes are always needed.


When PTs Ski

Getting in a great full body workout today...the PT way.


Our newest PT, Cinda Kult PT, MSPT, CMTPT presented a seminar today on the importance of the diaphragm and pelvic floor connection and the impact on bladder control. No amount of leaking is normal and there are many things that pelvic health PT offers to help improve incontinence issues. You can learn more about the in-home female pelvic health services Cinda provides at www.10physio.com/pelvicpt or contact us if you have a group who would like to have her share!


Tired of endless hip flexor releases? Try strengthening them from a lengthened position.


"Men come to Brother Bryan Mission at the lowest point in their lives. They need help meeting their most basic needs." You can join in the mission in 2 very easy ways! 1. There is a shortage of men's S/M sized clothing 👕 👖 👟
2. Buy one of our outstanding hats. $20. 🧢 $10 from each will support our wellness, health and PT initiative with the men at BBM.👊


In Home Fall Prevent and Balance Training

Falls can be catastrophic. The best place to assess balance and fall risk is in your own home. We not only do a comprehensive assessment on you, but also where you live, the layout, things that need to be moved and improved. And then we help you (or a loved one) minimize fall risk with in home balance training. Prevention wins. Karen Eargle


Endurance friends and others with access to men's clothes in SMALLER SIZES...Brother Bryan Mission shelves are empty...Drop stuff by BBM or reach out to us (and don't forget..if you have good condition,good tread men's athletic shoes those are always needed)


Fitness at every age and in most circumstances..it's what we are passionate about. EVERYONE capable needs to be deadlifting (safely) for strength, stability and more. You do this movement in life every day. If you want to keep doing it, deadlift (safely). We can show you how.😀💪


Everyone is doing it…. Help support Brother Bryan Mission fitness and get your 10x cap!! technical trucker…. DM us to get yours. Cost is $20, $10 of which goes to BBM fitness.


Please help us support and get your 10x technical trucker before they all fly away!! Cost is $20, and $10 goes to BBM wellness program.

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Fitness at every age and in most circumstances..it's what we are passionate about. EVERYONE capable needs to be deadlift...
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