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[01/18/14]   Video Store is now Closed for business. GYM is still open. Come sign up!

[05/08/13]   Who's gunna be pushin' it at the gym today?

Who feels the same?

[03/29/13]   Want to look good in that swimsuit this summer? Come and get started! Just 30 minutes a day is enough to see a difference.

[01/06/13]   Hey everyone! I know the page has been dead for awhile, but we're coming back. Things have just been so hectic with the new owners getting used to everything. ;D

Alice isn't in the Christmas Spirit, what about you?

Alice... not yet in the holiday spirit...

[11/30/12]   Today Men In Black 3 is available!!!

[11/17/12]   I know you've all been waiting for The Expendables 2! It comes out This coming Tuesday the 20th! So make sure you come by and get your copy before they're all gone. :D

[11/10/12]   Savages comes out next week!!
This movie is smokin hot!

[11/09/12]   Brave, The Watch, and Savages come out next Tuesday the 13th so be ready to come and rent them before they're all gone! :]

[11/08/12]   Amazing Spider-Man will be on shelf Friday 9th! Come rent it!!

[11/01/12]   Hope everyone had a good Halloween! Eat all the candy!! lol

[10/06/12]   Magic Mike out on video October 23rd!!

[10/06/12]   Just remember you may not be there yet, but you're closer than you were yesterday.

[10/04/12]   Have you ever puked after/during an intense workout?
Yeah, I hear that's just laziness leaving the body. ;P

[09/22/12]   3 Days until the Avengers comes out! Who is known as the strongest Avenger? Right answer gets a .25 cent credit to their movie rental account! :D

[09/21/12]   I don't FIND the time to workout. I MAKE the time to workout.
You gotta commit and get with it. Get motivated and go get ripped!

5 Days until the Avengers hits shelves everywhere~! So tell me guys, If you could have one super power what would it be?
I think I need power over time. That would be so cool.

Only 6 days until The Avengers Movie hits shelves! What was your favorite 'pre-avenger' movie? I can't choose. They were all so awesome!

Alright everyone, now is time to begin the countdown to The Avengers Movie! Woot~ Yeah~! Awesome! So today's question of the day is, "Who's your favorite villain?" Red Skull (Captain America), Stane (Iron Man), Vanko (Iron Man 2)? Well mine is definitely Loki (Thor/Avengers).

[09/18/12]   Parents! Do your children love 'Thomas the Train'? Well there's a new movie that came out today! Hide and Peep Mystery~
The first two customers will receive a free Thomas and Friends book! :D


The Cabin in the Woods - Official Trailer HD (2012)

The Cabin in the Woods has hit the shelves. Come get your copy before they're all gone.
This isn't your typical 'Horror' movie.

youtube.com https://www.facebook.com/megatrailer https://www.plus.google.com/u/0/101484054066590475577 https://www.twitter.com/Megatrailer1 Release Date: April 13, 2012 ...

[09/15/12]   The Cabin in the Woods comes out Tuesday August 18th. It's a really awesome horror flick so check it!
Also~ We know you're all itching for The Avengers Movie. It comes out the 25th. So start the countdown! ;]

[09/09/12]   What to Expect When Your Expecting and Snow White and the Huntsmen coming out next week. Come rent them!

The Five Year Engagement was just released today~! Come get your copy. Starring Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, and Chris Pratt and from the producers that brought you Bridesmaids. This comedy will have you rolling. ;P

So my birthday is in 4 days~ Turnin 20! And this is so what I want on my cake! :P

[06/15/12]   Thursday weight loss update! Check it! So boss lady is busy today, but I just went to weigh in and found out I lost 3 lbs! I reached my 10% which means all together I've lost 26.7lbs. You may applaud~.

[05/31/12]   Thursday has come yet again~! Weight loss update! Boss lady lost .2 lbs this week which puts her at a total loss of about 40 lbs. >.< WOW! I on the other hand lost 5lbs this week! WOOT! Which mean since I've started I've lost a total of 24.6 lbs! :D If you'd like to share a weight loss experience. Go ahead. We'd all love to hear it. It'll give us motivation.

[05/25/12]   Wooh! Time for today's weight loss update. I lost .8lbs this week. :D That gives me a total of 19.8 lbs lost since I started. Boss Lady lost 2.8lbs this week for a total of 40.4! :O WOW! Keep it up~ Keep it up~!

[05/10/12]   Hey! Today was weigh in day and so that means it's time for our weight loss update! Boss lady lost a total of 37 lbs from when she started.
This week I lost 1.6lbs for my total weight loss of 15.4lbs! :D Yeah! Keep it up!
I'd just like to point out to people that losing weight can happen. It may not happen over night or in a month, but if you lose little by little eventually you'll reach your ultimate goal. Keep trying. Plus it's healthier to lose 1-2lbs a week anyway. If you need help please remember to consult your doctor or personal trainer.

[05/03/12]   Hey everyone! Time for weight loss update from yours truly and boss lady! Boss lady lost 3 pounds this week which makes for her total of 36.8!
I lost 2.4 this week for my total of 13.8 pounds lost. Which means I've reached my 5%! Woot! Now let's go for 10%. ;D

[04/06/12]   I was watching a VHS movie that I've had since I was little. Apparently we bought it from the video store that used to be here. It had the name and address. How crazy is that?

[04/05/12]   Boss Lady lost weight again this week! Guess how much... 7lbs! Wow! She's lost a total of 32lbs. Woot! She's reached her 10% :D Bravo~

[04/03/12]   Hey~! Some great new movies came out today. We Bought a Zoo and War Horse Movie. Come check 'em out. They're both amazing movies.

[03/30/12]   HEY! We Buff N Staff also want to lose weight and be fit. So with eating right and working out here we've lost weight. We're here to brag!
Terri(AKA Turtle) has lost a total of 7.8 pounds. Yeah~ You're so jealous.
Get this though...
Jozetta(AKA Boss Lady~) has lost a total of 25pounds. WOW! :O I'm jealous.

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