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Raise them and teach them about healthy living, mental wellness, spiritual foundation and financial literacy.🔁
The actions we take now as parents could have a tremendous effect on their future. In the area of finances instead of children playing catch-up to pay down debt they'll have a chance to save for a house or their future retirement.🎉


🎄Try 4 gift rule: some to read, something to wear, some they need and something they want
🎄Buy second hand items or look for sale throughout the year
🎄Save up for Christmas at the beginning of new year
🎄Draw names for gifts instead of having to buy for everyone
🎄 Volunteer with kids. It will help send the true message of the holiday
🎄Reuse decorations
🎄Give the gift of an experience


Happiness is leftovers! Leftover food and money 😂



1. Indicate and mark where you are now in your journey. Are you close to your next milestone? Then get the discipline and motivation to make it to the next pit spot.

2. Don’t give up all together on your goal. Take time off to reflect and refresh your energies and thinking. During this time craft a new season in your journey. Crafting a season with a theme can help you see the next leg of your journey in a new light. Put plans in place to strengthen the areas you require support for the new season to overcome hurdles you saw in season 1.

3. Celebrate and reward yourself appropriately for how far you’ve gotten in your journey. Also set a reward triggered and tied to milestones for season 2.

4. Reset and begin your new journey.

~Robert A Belle


🪄🪄 ✨


As you heal and make changes not to please, it might feel and be perceived as lack of love. Be patient with relearning how to truly show love.

Ask yourself, " Is my motivation to do this truly to show love, or am I fed by my need to please with a motivation to be more loved."


Wealth is the opposite of poverty or privation. It does not have a figure attached, so keep these behavior going wherever you are in your journey.


The challenge to be more diligent when income is the same but expenses are increasing!
- Find ways to cut expenses
- Find ways to increase income or add a second stream of income.

You’ve probably had to start budgeting more for groceries. (We all have.) Curious what foods are raising your bill & impacting YOU the most right now?


A little reminder this Friday!
Stay focus on the goal and what's important.


Finances in your 20s be like..

This guy is funny!


He Shows How To Save Money When Buying Coffee (Satire)
Remember, these marketing geniuses study people's behavior before they launch or relaunch something 💰


I love this so much! Awareness is progress! The oh so clear discovery of those patterns propels you into deeper transformation because you're committed to doing the work.


Happy Friday!
Keep being discipline, keep learning and growing! Your small efforts will add up


Motivational Monday!
Taking your foot off the gas is to do something with less effort and determination.
This usually happens when we think we're comfortably ahead.
It can happen with projects at work,school assignments, fitness journey, spiritual growth and our finances!


In your financial journey you may experience regret with your financial decisions in the past. Don't let those regrets bring shame . To live without regret is to believe we have nothing to learn, no amends to make, and no opportunity to be braver with our lives.


Happy Friday!
When something is paid is full, there's a joy and celebration of that weight and obligation being gone. A demand of payment cannot be requested, and you cannot be threaten to have something taken away from you if you don't make that payment.

Joy, peace, freedom & confidence!


This reminds me of something my grandmother would say! Contentment can be taught, learnt or be the outcome of a challenge!


Somethings are just priceless!


This is one of my favorite things to use with my youngest daughter when teaching self control. There's power in slowing down and focusing, before making a decision. This lessens impulsive, unwise decisions.


What do you think?
I'm careless with cash ( lose it) 🤪🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️, so the more section to keep things separate helps.


The feeling of trying to save more by lessening the expenditures can be hard, but this is a good reminder of the result of it!


Another FPU graduation last night. I'm so inspired to see people live out changes learned and executed in 9 short weeks.

It's never too late to implement change!


Financial Literacy causes a ripple effect!!!!
Love, kindness, grace, generosity and sharing your story causes a ripple effect, some unknown, some unseen, but it doesn't change the power and belief of when you decided to just cast that one " stone" across that big, empty pond.



A proverb is a simple and insightful, traditional saying that expresses a perceived TRUTH based on COMMON SENSE or EXPERIENCE.

We learn from our experiences on this journey to financial freedom.


I know there's alot of funny memes and videos on gas prices, but it might be something that's seriously affecting your budget.
What can you do to save just in this category? What are some other creative ways to manage the rise in price for gas?


Happy Friday!
The answer can be anything, anyone or situation.


There's power in making progress! Your private victories changes your perception of failure .


The journey to Financial Peace can surface some deep emotions within you or from others. Don't forget to talk or reflect on these, they can be budget busters.


Day 28 of 28 Share your story!
I've shared more about my personal journey in the last 5 years. I took alot to step out of my comfort zone but I'm so inspired by the conversations and relationship formed because of it.

💪🏽The word consistency was my one word for 2018. In February of that year my husband connected me with Radiant Wellness Lindsay Maloney. She created a space for me to achieve that goal beyond what I thought I could on my own. After a broken ankle and 2020 I still have that space with her today. Thank you Lindsay

💲In 2014 my church offered Financial Peace University and it gave me the hope I needed to know that financial peace can be achieved no matter how much debt or how much income I have. After 7 years of ups and down, that hope is more alive today. I cried yesterday watching lesson 4 of FPU preparing for my class. When the motive for the journey is deeper that a number, figure or percentage, it brings joy to the process.


Day 26 of 28 Solutions
💥Asking yourself the right questions can lead to the solution
💥Allowing time for silence and pondering can lead to the solution
💥Sitting with a trusted and safe person to help decipher can lead to the solution
💥Having the courage to be honest can lead to the solution
‼️When it comes to your financial and wellness goals, you'll encounter problems, but stay committed to finding the answer, don't quit‼️‼️


Happy Friday y'all 😍
Don't fall for the YOLO plan!

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Day 28 of 28 Share your story! I've shared more about my personal journey in the last 5 years. I took alot to step out o...
Day 26 of 28 Solutions💥Asking yourself the right questions can lead to the solution💥Allowing time for silence and ponder...
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