Backyard Sportsplex - Brian Verhaagen

Backyard Sportsplex - Brian Verhaagen

wear tennis shoes - NO cleats - We do a lot of balance drills! Just need your helmet and bat.

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Driveline Baseball

You got a scuffed baseball. GREAT! Do you know how to make it move? No? That's okay, just check out this video


Driveline Baseball

When looking at conditioning for pitchers, we can’t run poles (or any form of aerobic training for that matter) just because generations past ran poles, nor can we avoid poles like the plague just because a couple of people said they will make you “less explosive.”


Coach Lisle

The next time you feel like complaining about not having the best facilities, gear or most expensive bat...


Coach Lisle

Baseball. At its best. 😃⚾️



This is absolutely insane 😳


Youth sports faces shortage of refs who ‘don’t want to stand there and take the abuse' Parents' and coaches' abuse of referees and umpires has led in part to a shortage of officials in youth and high school leagues across the country that spans all sports and competition levels.


Baseball Youth

Too funny!!! 😂

(via TabbyRodriguez/Twitter)



Ted Williams sharing his secrets to hitting. This is so legendary ⚾️❤️



When everyone gets a trophy, who cares about winning?

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Take just a few minutes this Independence Day weekend to learn about what makes America so unique. And why not use baseball as that learning vehicle?


Driveline Baseball

Two alternatives to running poles:

One method is to use the Tempo Run.
- Establish a set distance in which to run. Normally, I use around 40-60 yards

- Take off from the starting point, gradually increasing speed until reaching approximately 70-80% of max speed

- This speed should be fast enough to create long strides, unlike that of a jog (i.e. short strides), but slow enough so it is not exhausting

- Once the distance is achieved, walk back to the starting position
Continue for allotted time, usually 15-30 minutes

Another method is the Recovery Circuit is composed of a handful of exercises that utilize movement to facilitate recovery.


90 MPH Club

Does travel ball = child labor?

Watch the rest of the topic here:


Pete Rose

Why did ALWAYS run hard to first?


Psych Bytes

Whether you're shooting a free-throw 🏀, pitching a fastball ⚾, or setting up for a free kick ⚽, most athletes use a pre-performance routine (PPR) before executing a task. What's yours?


Tournament Guy


➖ COACH: 👇🏽


Psych Bytes

Set and achieve meaningful goals using the WOOP Method!



This is a curveball.


Microframe Corporation

Large indoor/outdoor baseball pitch counter displays.


Lori Cook Baird Pitching

The MENTAL GAME of being a softball pitcher.


Bleacher Report

That moment when you think your dad forgot your birthday present, then get the ultimate surprise (via Bra Fowler/Facebook)


V-Flex Inc.


Halo Neuroscience

Top U.S. Athletes use new brain stimulation technology to gain a competitive advantage never available before.

Watch this to see how T. J. Carrie, cornerback for the The Oakland Raiders, uses Neuropriming to perform at his highest ability.

To learn more about Neuropriming click here -->


Hines Ward

Facts only!


Why is a game 9 innings? These are the backstories behind baseball's iconic rules The Official Site of Major League Baseball


The Courage to Win

Click here to discover the 3 deadly mistakes athletes make that cripple their performance and how to avoid them.


Coach Baseball Right

Every adult needs to hear this!


Coach Lisle

I've never gotten so many emails/texts over someone elses Facebook video before.

Here are my thoughts.

The people who don't like the "Hop" have generally said things like "keep it simple" "unnecessary", etc. The issue I have with that is that this game isn't simple and everything doesn't have to be simple and easy. It's a complex game and time has to be spent on complex things.

Having said that, all around the country today there are probably travel ball coaches and even college coaches that are trying to implement this "Hop" based on this video. That is OK, as long as you spend the time to work on it & teach it correctly and most won't. Most will try to implement it and then get frustrated when they struggle with the timing of it.

Do I think it can help infielders? Yes. Do I think the "Hop" has to be so high/large? No. But if they've worked on it enough and have the body control, I'm not against it. Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox does it.

The same goes with leg lifts in hitting. Because of Josh Donaldson and some others, kids all around the world have implemented leg kicks. Do I think its a good body movement? Yes. Do you need to have body control, maintain good posture and understand how to do it right and practice it? Yes!

If you are considering adding the "Hop" to your infielders repertoire just make sure that you spend the time learning how to teach it and practicing it to the point of excellence not just throw it out there and hope it works.


Coach Lisle

Interesting article.


- Completely agree with him regarding ground balls. Ground balls are bad at every level except maybe 10 & Under and gets exponentially bad the higher the level.

- Not sure I agree on the contact with 2 Strikes theory. I would like to see more analysis. In the article it says "Ground balls usually mean weak contact and no damage done. Iapoce will stress to hitters to focus early in the count on a specific pitch that can be lifted. Chasing something else usually means a grounder and a wasted at-bat." but then a few sentences later says "Iapoce will push for more of a make-contact swing with two strikes". To me, the definition of a "make-contact swing" is what he says not to do in the sentence before.

- I will say that I believe that the above points are different for different hitters. For example, if I have a hitter who doesn't hit for any power, I would say that his 2 Strike Approach can work because the % of hard contact isn't dropping that much. But for someone like Mike Trout? Harper? Goldschmidt? These guys have OPS over 1.000. Does changing them to a "contact swing" with 2 strikes hurt the team in the long run? I say YES.


How To Destroy Your Child's Athletic Future In 3 Easy Steps I have unfortunately witnessed more parents, sometime unwittingly and always with the best intentions, sabotage their child's athletic future. If they had just headed a few simple rules, or examined a few motives, not only would their child been a better athlete, they would have been a better compet…


Alabama-based surgeon to the stars pleads with parents to give young athletes a break -... My summers growing up were consumed by “travel ball.” I feel like I saw most of the southeastern United States before I was 12 because every summer weekend meant another[...]


The Secret To Japan's Little League Success: 10-Hour Practices A Japanese team has again reached the final four of the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. Their training involves strict discipline, relentless drilling and group responsibility.


The Truth about Select/Travel Ball Travel ball/select ball is indeed a double edge sword. They are a blessing and a curse. They represent a higher standard of competition and dedication. They represent more commitment in terms of time and money. They elicit higher levels of envy and jealousy.Gone is the feel of neighborhood baseball…


Coach Lisle

Dug up this old video I have of Bryce Harper swinging a 36oz bat as a 18 year old. His backside drive was/is incredible.


Little Creek American Baseball

Bronco 2014 Battle at the Beach


Little Creek American Baseball

Congratulations to the LCA Bronco All-Star team as they are the 2014 District out Sectionals, here we come!

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