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Hello welcome to the Absolute Body Armor fitness. My name is Ronnie J Holley Sr I am the CEO, and He

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Dear pops.. it’s been a now year from today since you departed from this earth.. it’s crazy dad because you always used to tell me “son your not going to understand until I am not here anymore” and I always struggled to understand what you meant.

Ever since you left I have been soul searching and asking myself why you told me that last week that we spoke you also said “A man’s true form does not show until he’s been stricken from deep within his soul”… you also told me “Sometimes when the storm comes the rain pours so hard that you’ll almost feel like you can’t see nothing in sight, but son if you wait out the storm and the rain, the light will eventually shin through and the water will evaporate and the ground will dry up and something else will take its place”.. man it’s crazy because when I lost you the storm, the rain, and the clouds closed in on me I almost wanted to quit.. I was so upset at God and angry, thinking why were you taken from me..

Until you came to me in my dreams and told me to keep going and that you are about to bless with me something that will turn me into the man I was to become and that something was your wisdom.. that night I prayed to God and ever since then I haven’t stopped.

I truly understand what you meant pops and I hope you are looking down proud of me because I know if you were here still you would be and we would be celebrating together.

Pops thank you truly for all the lessons and for blessing me with your love and wisdom, and God thank you for allowing me to see this and acquire this gift because I almost gave up on belief, but you are the almighty King and the most power, and through this you made me elevate and become stronger..

Rest in paradise pops I love you to the moon and back, and like you always used to tell me “keep it pushin son we straight I’ll catch you on the flips” I’ll say it right back to you. I’m straight pops I’ll most definitely keep it pushin💯👊🏿 I’m building a legacy that our name is going to run deep and I will keep watering roots that you left behind for me and I will pass it on down to our next Gen👊🏿 love you old man stay fly up there in heaven and hold my spot.


When your back is against the wall. The worst thing you can do is give into the pressure. Keep fighting. Keep pushing, and do not refuse yourself the opportunity to grow👊🏿


Listen to this message I shared with my young athletes today about the word Passion. A lot of you need to remember this “when something that you truly love, and You’re truly passionate about. Nothing will get in the way to stop it” ~Coach Holley


As a father these are the prices moments with myself and my son. We have so much fun doing the simplest things together. I love my little mini me. Check this out his journey is going to be something special 💯❤️👊🏿


Encouragement & empowerment is key to my training and mentorship programs. Watch how I capture this young man’s attention and be sure to stay tuned for more 👊🏿 be sure to follow my brotha .media 🤝

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💎If your not having fun doing what you love, move on and stop wasting your time. There is no such thing as luck. Just like at the work place you get out of the job what you put in. It’s the same way in life, sports, and fitness your effort is what will separate you from others around you. It took me a long time to get here, but the grind never stops, so We gotta Keep pushin 💯🤝 ~Coach Holley


3-step break🔥


Hidden gem 💎 listen up


Hidden Gem💎


“Son my love for you is endless I am your biggest fan, and your hardest critic,but trust me I’m paying attention son to just keep watching..I love you son” ~Coach Holley 🏈


“Your bounce back will always be your GREATEST come back, so bounce back.. and Stay the course”. 🤝~Coach Holley


Let’s work 💯💪🏿

🚨 young ballers if you are looking to get some work in tomorrow show up at the mill creek park tomorrow at 9am the event will run until 11am. You guys! This not time to sit on the couch and chill I know it’s A Sunday BUT it’s time to get up an put in some work! PARENTS YOUR KIDS NEED THIS ESPECIALLY (if your not training or teaching them) it’s more to being an athlete than just knowing X’s and O’s

👇🏿Here’s the details:👇🏿

💥 footwork drills
💥 position specific drills
💥 1 on 1s and more 💯🤝

It’s a two hour event and it’s only 15 bucks isn’t not about the money it’s about the work put in that’s going to get you to the next level

👇🏿🏈Positions needed👇🏿

💥Wide Receivers

Be there! No one is to good to show up there ALWAYS! Room for improvement!💯🤝



Surround yourself with great people.. change your mindset.. work hard and the sky is the limit..

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I was told I would never make it this far, this is more than just a job it’s passion💯 “it’s not what you do or how you get there.. it’s what you DO WHEN YOU GET THERE..”


Well it looks like coach Holley just got another opportunity to play ball this will be fun. I will be playing the upcoming season with it’s a new Arena Football Team and League that just opened up, this will be good for my athletes and clients that train with me! and fans that have been with me since the beginning🔥💪🏿 I can’t wait to get out there an put on a show for you guys the games will all be streamed as well so if you can’t physically come see coach Holley play you’ll be able to watch it all live💪🏿🏈💯


Hello ladies and also gentlemen! If you are looking to get your body into tip top shape with the come train with Coach Holley at Absolute Body Armor Fitness🔥💪🏿 class will begin August 2nd, 2021 at 316 N Willis St. the class will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm (THIS CLASS IS FOR ADULTS)



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559 area what’s up we’re back in action with another elite skills camp for you guys all ages are welcome I will be partnering up with for the camp! if you are any were near a Visalia California area be ready to work! No excuses, good vibes let’s get better! Mill creek park 4pm to 6pm 20 dollar entry fee spread the word share to all the ballers near the area💯💪🏿


If you are interested in boxing reach out to us today. Let’s get fit!


Hello everyone! Going to the store or let alone any place of business can be hard right now especially with the current situation the world is in, so what we know is that getting out to the gym sometimes can be a challenge, but no need to worry if your someone who's been looking to workout, or get back into shape but can't find time to get around to a physically gym location with set times! we've created our very own personalized online fitness business that is tailored to helping people to get out, get active and get their health back on track. If you interested just click on the shop button or just DM us! thanks


If your a youth or high school player in the area reach out and lets get to work!!

Attention: Calling all offensive and defensive skill position players! If you're looking to hone your athletic ability to become a better football player look no further! We will be holding a 12 week long camp specializing in footwork, speed and conditioning, acceleration, deceleration, 1on1, 2on2, 7on7 and more!

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Hidden gem 💎 listen up #fyp #footballknowledge #widereceiver #coachholley
Hidden Gem💎 #football #advice #coachholley
WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION? 💪🏿🦍 🔥🔥#football #coachholley #TikTok #viral
If you are interested in boxing reach out to us today. Let’s get fit! #selfdefense #boxing #absolutebodyarmorfitness




316 North Willis Street
Visalia, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 4:30pm
Tuesday 5am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 5am - 4:30pm
Thursday 6am - 4:30am
Friday 5am - 4:30pm
Saturday 6am - 11am

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