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Deborah Linley, owner and trainer at Off The Wall, LLC is an NSCA-CPT®, NSCA-CSPS® and NASM-CES® and an all-around badass trainer since 2008.

Well-equipped boutique studio in Warren offering customized Personal Training, Small Group Training (including kettlebell training, HIIT, bootcamp, circuit training, cardio-strength training, Pilates and yoga) and nutrition counseling.

Temporarily closed

Today’s lunch, turkey pot pie, courtesy of @chefmaxhardy at the @thehoratiowilliamsfoundation ready to be delivered to @nsodetroit. Way to go, Chef! Feeding the homeless in uncertain times. #homelessness #homeless #detroit #charity

The studio has been closed since March 15th, which has been difficult, to say the least. I don’t like the idea that people have been stalled on their health and fitness journey, and I don’t like to not be working, interacting with people, staying active.

So during this trying time, I decided to spend my time preparing meals and picking up and delivering meals to those experiencing homelessness.

Some awesome Detroit chefs have been spending their days making hot meals, some regular people have been collecting and donating much needed supplies, and some awesome clients have donated money to pay for meals and snacks for the Neighborhood Service Organization - NSO.

I’m so grateful to be able to help out in any way I can. Enjoy the photos and if you’d like to read the stories behind the photos, hop over to my personal FB page to read the posts.

And if you’d like to help, PM me and I’ll let you know what you can do.

Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe!

This is John. John is a culinary school student who has been volunteering to make hot meals for those experiencing homelessness in #detroit for the past two weeks. He loaded them into my car so I could deliver to the @nsodetroit. Be like John! #homeless #charity #giving #foodinsecurity

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is offering their service free for 60 days! Sign up so you can get your workout on while the studio is closed! I know I said I’d livestream videos, but I’m delivering food to the homeless instead. 🤷‍♀️

Get in shape with the help of certified trainers without leaving your home. 🏡🤸‍♂️

During quarantine, Chippendales Las Vegas dancers offer at-home workouts

I was going to livestream some workouts but I think we can all agree this is much better....You’re welcome! "…We are not only entertaining fans, but helping them stay fit and active during the quarantine, which is very important for our mental and physical health," the Chippendales 2020 Calendar cover boy added. "The fans are loving it and want more, so we're working on an entire series t...

Tomorrow’s lunches for the @nsodetroit. I’m getting creative with boxes! Also running out of supplies. If you’d like to help, please message me. We are at about 800 lunches but there’s still a need! Thank you so much! #homeless #homelessness #detroit #charity #warrenmi #helpingothers

On my way to delivering meals to the homeless today, I passed by this man, sleeping on the street. I gave him a lunch bag and checked that he was alive. Message me if you’d like to donate. We are delivering 100 lunches a day. #homelessness #homeless #detroit #charity

Day 6, feeding the homeless. I’ve delivered 500 lunch bags and hot meals for another 100. I’m picking up more hot meals tomorrow, already have another 100 lunch bags to deliver Wednesday. I’ll be doing this for as long as I can. #charity #homeless #homelessness #covid19 #coronavirus #helpingothers

I’m out of boxes and I’m out of napkins. Hopefully I can find more tomorrow. Who’s gonna clean up my dining room? 😕 Lunches for the homeless. Join me! #homelessness #detroit #warrenmi #charity

Day 2 of my new job. I delivered a hundred lunch bags today to the @nsodetroit and I’m on track for another hundred tomorrow. And thanks to the generosity of others, I’ll be shopping for another 100 tomorrow. That will be 300 - THREE HUNDRED - people fed for a day. Each lunch bag contains 1,020 calories, as healthy as I could find in non-perishables. Also making sure whoever gets apple sauce in their fruit doesn’t get an apple-flavored granola bar. The struggle is real!

To those who have donated, you don’t know how much I appreciate you!!!

If you’d still like to donate, please IM me for details on how. #charity #homelessness #detroit #warrenmi #giving #helpingothers

Packing lunches for the homeless at @nsodetroit in these trying times. Now I’ve got to clean this mess up. Message me if you’d like to donate! #detroit #homeless #warrenmi #coronavirus #helpingothers

[03/18/20]   Friends, friends of friends and people I don’t know! The Neighborhood Service Organization - NSO needs bagged lunch supplies. The people who usually provide this service are not able to do so and they need help. They have 100 people a day to serve. If you can help, please message me. Thank you!!!

Watch the New World Record for the Longest Plank Hold

The new World Record for a plank by a woman is a mere 4 hours and 19 minutes. I say that’s beatable. Who’s with me? #2020Goals Dana Glowacka set a new world record in the female category by lasting an agonizing 4 hours 19 minutes 55 seconds


Check In For Charity at the studio! Throughout 2020, every time you check in on Facebook when you're at the studio, I'll donate $1 to a local Detroit area charity.

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, so I've selected Camp Casey - an organization that provides horseback riding programs to children with cancer and blood disorders.

So come to the studio, check in on Facebook and help support this great organization. And it costs you nothing!

Roni on the ropes. I think he’s trying to set a world record...who’s up for the challenge?

Marathon Running May Be Good for Your Knees

Is running a marathon one of your 2020 goals? Check out this pretty surprising information about running and its effect on your knees...maybe I'll try it out! Distance running rebuilds the health of certain essential components of middle-aged knees.

Factory Farm Detox

This is a great idea! It’s only 7 days - sign up today and you start Monday. They provide great resources to help you succeed. You’ll be healthier, you’ll be making a difference and the animals will thank you! Feeling hopeless about the animal cruelty, pollution and injustices occurring on factory farms? Here’s a way to make a real difference: the ASPCA’s Factory Farm Detox, a one-week commitment to eliminate factory-farmed foods from your diet.

It’s here...the Wheel of Fortune!!! For the record, I did NOT choose the exercises! 😈

Make 2020 the Year of Less Sugar

Sugar intake is one of the most important things to consider when you're trying to lose weight, get healthy and stay that way.

This is a great article that breaks down the strategy for success! One of the best things you can do for your health is to cut back on foods with added sugar. Our 7-Day Sugar Challenge will show you how.

Tomorrow is the first Monday in January and there is one thing you can be sure of:

The gym will be busy!

If the gym is new to you, don't be afraid to ask for help - the staff is there to help you!

If you're returning after a break, don't beat yourself up for taking a break - pat yourself on the back for making it back!

And if you're a gym rat and all the new people just annoy you, remember that, at one point in time, your first trip to the gym was your first trip to the gym! Don't be a jerk, don't act like they don't belong there and don't scoff at their new-found efforts to improve their lives.

So everyone, be patient, be respectful and be compassionate. Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has to start sometime. It just might be tomorrow!

How to start the Mediterranean diet (and stay on it)

Rated the top nutrition plan for the third year in a row, here are some tips on how to stick to the Mediterranean Diet. I’ve mostly followed this plan for the last 8 years or so and I love it!

Concerned about diabetes? The healthy DASH Diet came in second.

Coming in at #34 out of 35 was Keto. No surprise there.

Good luck with whatever your #2020Goals are! A how-to guide on how to start (and stay on) the Mediterranean diet, considered one of the healthiest diets in the world.

THAW: The Heat and Warmth Fund

Announcing the return of Check In For Charity at the studio! Throughout 2020, every time you check in on Facebook when you're at the studio, I'll donate $1 to a local Detroit area charity.

January is Poverty In America Awareness Month - and it's COLD! So for January, I've selected THAW - The Heat and Warmth Fund - an organization that provides assistance to Detroit-area residents who are struggling to pay for utilities.

So come to the studio, check in on Facebook and help those less fortunate stay warm this winter. And it costs you nothing! THAW is a leading provider of utility assistance for Michigan residents in need. We collaborate with our partners to deliver services that support long term energy solutions.

10 reasons you should wake-up at 5 AM for 30 days straight

This is my Number ONE Healthy Body, Healthy Mind goal for 2020!

Read this great article to learn the 10 reasons you should wake up at 5:00am every day for the next 30 days, and then go and set your alarm for 5:00am - starting tomorrow - no snooze button!!!

Comment below if you're going to give this a try, and feel free to comment throughout the month with your progress, and whether or not you're seeing a difference in your daily life.

Happy 2020! Eventually, you’ll stop having to deal with much urgent stuff at all. Your whole life will be purposeful. You’ll be in less of a hurry.

Happy New Year!

It's time to get started on those New Year health and fitness goals! Start out the right way with Group Training at the studio today, 10am!

Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful, safe remainder of your New Year's celebration, however and with whomever you choose to spend it!

I’m pretty damn proud of all my friends, clients, friends and family of clients! 2019 has been a great year at the studio. For our latest fundraiser, we collected FIVE full kitchens, FIVE complete bedrooms and bathrooms for the Neighborhood Service Organization - NSO. Earlier this year, we collected jam-packed backpacks with everything needed to go back to school for 2 each of grades 1-12 for kids who are helped by this great organization. AND we raised $650 for Forgotten Harvest to help feed the hungry. I get a little teary-eyed when I think of all the lives we have helped make a little better. I’m not tagging anyone for fear of not tagging EVERYONE who got involved. But THANK YOU so much for all you do!!!

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and I’ll see you all in 2020!

Happy National Still Need To Do Day!

Do you still need to set some health and fitness goals for 2020? According to some studies, as many as 92% of people who set New Year's Resolutions fail. Here are some tips to follow to make sure you'll be part of the 8%:

First, pick your top 5 health and fitness goals (be specific and realistic and consider your lifestyle and other commitments)...

Then, write down how success of each goal will affect your life, and how failing to reach those goals will affect your life. Think about how the idea of succeeding makes you feel. We make qualitative decisions in our lives based on feeling and emotion, not based on reason. The more emotionally tied to your goals you are, the greater your chances of success.

Next, rate the importance of each goal and the importance of the success of each goal on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being most important. Think about each goal's importance to you, not to anyone else. You have to be invested in your goals and the more your motivation comes from within, the higher the chance you'll succeed.

Now, discard the bottom two goals...three is enough to get you started. Once you start to see progress towards those goals, you can consider adding another back in.

Success with any lifestyle change, whether it's nutrition, physical activity or any other positive change in your health and wellness journey, depends on your belief that you can be successful. When you start out small and see small successes, not only are you improving your health, but you're increasing your confidence that you can be successful, and you can be part of the 8% - so get goal-setting and good luck!

The new schedule is set for 2020 - Tuesdays are back, Saturdays are back, to help you get back on track!

Also, be sure to join us on January 1st for the "Happy New Rear" workout!

Happy Kwanzaa!!! Enjoy your holiday and stay safe and warm!

Merry Christmas to the Neighborhood Service Organization - NSO! I found a great deal on Beds In Bags, so I ordered 5 sets for the formerly homeless. If anyone would still like to help, I could really use 5 pairs of pillows and 5 mattress covers to help them sleep soundly. I'm collecting all the way through December 30, so you still have time!

Bring them in to the studio, order online and ship them here, or PayPal me the money and I'll do the shopping for you! So many ways to be awesome!

Merry Christmas, and THANK YOU!!!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Stay warm, safe and healthy and enjoy the day however, and with whomever, you choose to spend it!

Merry Christmas to the Neighborhood Service Organization - NSO! Complete kitchen #3, courtesy of the very awesome human beings, Amy Lewis and Brandon Malik. Thank you so much for your support and generosity! Someone who was formerly homeless will now get to start the new year with a bright, shiny new kitchen!

If anyone would still like to help, I'm collecting all the way until December 30th (when my last order will arrive 🤷‍♀️) and there are a few stocking stuffers we still need:

1 toaster
2 can openers
1 set of flatware for 4 people
3 sets of glasses for 4 people
1 bath towel set
1 shower curtain/liner/rings
1 bath mat set

Have a wonderful, safe and warm Christmas Eve, and THANK YOU!!!!

Merry Christmas to the Neighborhood Service Organization - NSO! Complete kitchen #2, courtesy of the very generous Carole Chmura! Thank you so much, you’ll make the day for someone who formerly experienced homelessness!

10 Tips to Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season | Garden of Life

Some great tips on how to avoid overeating during the holidays - everyone wants to indulge a's how to make sure a few small indulgences don't turn into a few more pounds. It sure is hard to keep off those extra pounds during holiday season. Here are a few tips to help you keep them at bay.

Happy Hannukah! Enjoy your holiday, stay safe, warm and healthy!

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