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Welcome! I am Coach Stacy, aka The Money Coach. I am a certified life coach & business strategist. I

Operating as usual


Love spending time with cuzzo!


Smile through it all. Only way to live life!


Hey y’all hey. Message of the day…Keep smiling. Keep shinning. Be encouraged. Be infectious! Be YOU!


Y’all need to hear this.

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Listen, You’ve worked way too hard and sacrificed too much to start your business to now turn around and lose it. Let me help you stay in business. DM me “Level Up” to start the discussion on how to stay in business.


Is your business growing? Are you gaining more customers and generating more revenue? Or are you stuck not sure how to gain traction?

I have a few slots left for a free 1 on 1 consultation with me on how to position your business to increase revenue. DM me for details and grab hours.


Don’t get caught up on being perfect in your business. You may not know it all or be exactly where you want to be, but don’t let that stop you from taking action. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t hit the GO button.

And remember the more you fail or don’t achieve the expected result, the more you will learn from that experience and grow which ultimately leads to your success.


CONFIRMED! Congratulations to Ketanji Brown Jackson for being the first black woman confirmed to the Supreme Court. This is such a historic and proud day especially for women of color, who understand the tiring struggle of seeking the confirmation and validation on the equality of your worth, your intelligence and your power in this world. Yes today, HERstory was made for us all!


Happy Saturday people! Whether this is Day 1 of your journey in a life change or Day 365, remember to always be thankful for each failure and success story knowing it’s helping you grow and ultimately reach your goals!


Free your mind, find your purpose, live with intention and eliminate everything pulling you down and elevate your life.

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Choose confidence, choose happiness, choose just to be you and freedom will come.


❤️y’all 😘

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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes today! I’m thankful for another year of life and growth, self awareness, understanding, peace and love. I’m truly thankful for all the blessings and lessons learned as I travel in my life path. This is 46 revolutions around the ☀️🙏🏽🙌🏽 #12/13


So it’s taken me some time to share this post because I just wasn’t ready to talk about it, but my baby Foxy passed away on July 22nd. You all know how much I love my dogs and how much joy they bring to my life. Although my heart is broken I know my baby lived an extremely good life and she knew she was loved. She changed my life for the best and her presence will never be forgotten. Now me and her little sister Zoë are living our new normal without Foxy but we are doing ok. Thanks to everyone who did hear the news and reached out to give their condolences. 🐾❤️🤗


It’s the sunlight for me. ☀️


Sometimes you have to lean in a little closer to make sure you see it all.

Some business owners are blinded by the big cash coming into their business. But if they would only lean in a little closer they may see that those big sales aren’t landing in the bottom line profit.

My upcoming budget masterclass will teach you how to “lean into” your business spending so you are budgeting for necessary expenses and not overspending. It’s all about profit margin and retaining the money you make!

Stay tuned on how to join the upcoming budget masterclass waitlist or message me now to get your name on the list.


Before the “master plan” will work, you have to be the master of the plan! Yes you can’t expect your big dreams and goals to manifest unless you really work your plan! You have to take control and lead your vision.

As a business owner you are in the driver’s seat of your vehicle to success. You gotta work the heck out of your master plan and level up so you can become a more savvy and skilled business owner.

As a business coach, I teach business owners how to grow and expand their businesses so they can level up!

Make sure to follow me at and turn on post notifications to get the latest updates on my upcoming business masterclass!


The choice is always yours to make!


You gotta tell them sis. 😉


It’s about to go down! You still have time to join! Class starts at 4pm! Click the link in my bio to enroll and get the conference link.

For my enrollees make sure you checked your email for the conference link.


As business owner looking to make a profit, I would rather know where I spend my dollars beforehand versus wondering how my bank account got so low.

✅If you are a small business owner and are tired of not knowing where your money is being spent in your business, then my budget masterclass is for you.

✅If you don’t understand how to budget or what to include, then my budget masterclass is for you.

✅If you don’t know how much revenue to generate to make a profit, then my budget masterclass is for you.

✅If you have a budget but not sure how to adjust it for fluctuations in your business, then my budget masterclass is for you.

✅Click the link in my bio to enroll for “How To Budget Like A B.O.S.S” masterclass and start taking charge of your business revenue and expenses.


Discover that thing that you not only enjoy doing, but that you are also good at and can share with others who also need it. The first requirement for achieving greatness is that you must obsessively believe in yourself and your talents.


Amazon knows how to do it!


Mindset and Money go hand in hand! You have to have the right mindset and the right skills when you are a business owner and expect to have a profitable business.


Hey y’all.

That stimulus check you received is so that you will go out and spend money so that other businesses will generate revenue and profits which will then stimulate the economy. 🤔

Instead of following the Government’s master plan, learn how to manage your own business finances so that you stimulate the financial growth of your own business. 💥

✅Click the link in my bio to enroll into the free masterclass “How To Budget Like A B.O.S.S” happening March 28th at 4pm EST.

Let me help you stimulate YOUR business by showing you how to budget for a profit.


You have to be passionate about it! Make your passion your paycheck.


How To Budget Like A Boss Masterclass is on March 28th! Click the link in my profile to sign up!


When you go from being an employee to an employer, that mindset shift is super important. 💡

Let me help you not only get the skills you need to run a profitable business, but also help you develop the right mindset to keep it.

✅Click the link above in my bio to sign up for the first series of my business mastery strategy sessions. “How to Budget Like A B.O.S.S” and get started on the skills and mindset you need to run a successful business.


When your lack of budgeting skills won’t let you be great. 😫

If this scene looks all too familiar, help is on the way!

👆🏼Click the link in my bio now to join the waitlist for my “How To Budget Like A B.O.S.S.” masterclass coming up later this month.

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The choice is always yours to make!
You gotta tell them sis. 😉#iamcoachstacy #businesswoman #businessstrategist#budgetqueen#moneycoach#financecoach#business...
Amazon knows how to do it!
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When you go from being an employee to an employer, that mindset shift is super important. 💡Let me help you not only get ...
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