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We are ENROLLING Boys & Girls ages 4-14 at our NEW LOCATIONS at THOUSAND OAKS, LA BREA and SANTA CLARITA..!! Dial 818.626.8241 or 703.801.7346 Now..!!

Master Sharron's EB Bollywood Dance School
Woodland Hills, Simi Valley, Chatsworth, Thousand Oaks, La Brea, Lancaster, Topanga, Hollywood and Los Angeles
- Fusion of Hip Hop, Bollywood, Zumba and Bhangra styles
- Now Enrolling BOYS and GIRLS ages 4 & up, and TEENS and ADULTS
- Best Individual Training by popular choreographer Master Sharron
- FREE Stage Performances and Best opportunties!!
- No.

Operating as usual

[01/24/21]   🎥
EB Bollywood online-students performing their online-class routine in a recent short-movie! 🤩🎉WhatsApp [email protected] 703.801.7346 or
Type in "Disco Dancer 3.0" in YouTube, to WATCH the short film 🎥(English subtitled).
EB Bollywood school channel:

On YouTube now @ Dance with Master Sharron James 👌

"Burj khalifa" Dance video for online students!
Happy Practicing!!😍🤩🥰👍🏻


Release Scheduled for Tomorrow, on occasion of Birthday of the main character Chackochi (Gabriel Sharon)!😍🥳 Tomorrow, Friday 18 Dec 8 pm PST (Sat 9:30 am Indian) With English Subtitles! Don't miss!!🥰🙏
On this channel:

[12/07/20]   🤩 Excitedly RELEASING the TRAILER of my humble new short film!! Complete version will be released this week in our below YouTube channel!👇Please SUBSCRIBE to watch & enjoy!🥰
ട്രെയ്‌ലർ വിനയപൂർവ്വം റിലീസ് ചെയ്യുന്നു! ഈ യൂട്യൂബിൽ ചാനലിൽ☝️ ഈ ആഴ്ച റിലീസ് ആവും പൂർണ്ണചിത്രം! റിലീസ് ആവുമ്പോൾ തന്നെ കാണാൻ...ലിങ്ക് ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്ത്, Subscribe ചെയ്യണേ! ക്യാമറയ്ക്ക് മുന്നിലും പിന്നിലും മക്കളേയും ഭാര്യയേയും കൂട്ടി ചെയ്ത ഒരു എളിയ "കുട്ടിക്കഥ"യാണ്! അഭിപ്രായങ്ങൾ അറിയിക്കണം! നന്ദി!!🙏

[11/06/20]   Happy Reviewing & Practicing for ONLINE Dance students!

😊 Shine being the 🌟 Star of the Crowd!

Music Disclaimer: We don't own the music copyright and music is just used for entertainment/leisure purpose and not the primary focus of this video.
Courtesy & Ownership: Sia (the artist) & Greg Curstin (producer) 08/15/2020

Video Tribute for Indian Independence | Los Angeles Indians | Master Sharron | EBB | Shah Rukh Khan

DID YOU WATCH the Video Tribute from Indians of Los Angeles for Mother nation's Independence Day?

Thanks for the support & sharing to all friends!
COMPLETE video below!😍👇 Jai Hind!🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 INDIAWAALE dance album | Happy New Year | Shah Rukh Khan Bollywood movie Conceived & Directed by: Sharon Thodupuzha (Master Sharron) Cinematography: Lojo K L...


Bollywood Dance School for Kids/Adults's cover photo


Bollywood Dance School for Kids/Adults's cover photo


#Yes! BACK in action! :D
Dancing feet & Growing minds can't sit idle for long! NOW #Enrolling new students (all ages) for #ONLINE Bollywood/Hip hop dance lessons (discounted monthly plans). #WhatsApp 703.801.7346 for joining your boys/girls! Instructor: Master Sharron


Miss Those Fun Days of togetherness!

Now, our weekly classes meet ONLINE!!
Anyone interested can WhatsApp 703.801.7346 asap to join!

Soon, we'll gather back with added energy, fun and passion!!

#danceclass #bollywooddanceclass #teach #bollywoodkids #Bollywood2Hollywood #mastersharron #ebbollywood


COVID-19: TEN Precautions | Corona Virus | Master Sharron & kids from Los Angeles, USA

Besides #SocialDistancing, TEN Precautions you must know at this time!
Sayanora Sharon, Gabriel Sharon, Los Angeles, USA
Compiled, Directed & Edited by: Sharon James

Kinldy #SHARE these helpful prevention tips to ALL, whom you care!
(Disclaimer: This info is compiled from research over several sites, media articles, talks of experts, clinicians, doctors etc. Visit WHO & CDC sites for official & complete Instructions)
#COVID #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #CoronaVirusPandemic #WashYourHands #HighRiskCovid19 #Covid2020


😀Best opportunities come in short-notice!!
EB Bollywood is currently assisting casting INDIAN talents( Multiple Roles) to do voice over for an animated series for Nickelodeon International. This show “Time Twisters” consists of an entirely Indian and Indian-American family. (If ineterested, you may pass me your email address, to receive audition material & record your voice TODAY itself & submit latest by Feb 27)

PROJECT: Time Twisters
PRODUCER: Nickelodeon International
PROJECT TYPE: Animated Series - 40x11 minute episodes
RATE: $650 + 10% per episode

If interested, Send me your email address in FB or WhatsApp ASAP TODAY for audition material which will be emailed to you.
Please feel free to share this info with whomever you think might be interested. If they are interested, they have to submit the audition recording no later than 7pm PST on Thursday Feb 27, 2020.
Thank you!

Actors are free to audition for more than one role. Just keep roles on separate mp3’s.
I am open to either LA or NYC based actors.
Please send only mp3’s.

There are both youth and adult roles, I have put them all on this same email since the actual age of the Samar and Raj is not important as long as they sound young. The Indian ethnicity of the family is central to the story, so our actors must match the characters.

Here is all the information you need:

PRODUCER: Viacom 18 and Nickelodeon International
LOCATION: LA or NYC based actors
LA STUDIO: Voice Trax West in Studio City
NY STUDIO: Big Yellow Duck in Mid-Town
DATES: Ongoing - beginning as soon as March 8 through June of 2021
ALL ACTORS MUST LEGALLY BE ALLOWED TO WORK IN THE US - Citizen or Immigrant with the proper paperwork.

MP3 AUDITIONS DUE: 7:00PM PST - Feb 27, 2020

DESCRIPTION: When two middle school students (Sammy and Raj) accidentally download a mysterious app on to their phone, their ordinary lives are flipped upside down as they discover the app has given them the ability to control reality. With powers like pausing, rewinding or jumping forward through time, these cousin-brothers will go on hilariously extraordinary adventures in an attempt to fix every pre-pubescent problem that comes their way… all while trying to keep it a secret from their meddling little sister and multi-generational Indian-American family. Our lead boys and their family are all Indian or Indian-American, so we would like to cast accordingly.

SAMAR GUPTA – MALE – 11-18 to play 12/13 – The voice could be pre or post voice-change, as long as he sounds young. – Indian American with American Accent - Samar (or Sammy) is a bright boy who loves preforming well in school, kicking butt at the local esports tournament or having fun with the neighborhood kids. While Sammy enjoys adventure, he is cautious and calculated. He is a total brain in the classroom, which leads to him being very witty. While some may see him as a “geek:” he does not come off as a know-it-all. Will be in 40 of 40 episodes.
RAJ GUPTA – MALE – 11-18 to play 12/13 – The voice could be pre or post voice-change, as long as he sounds young. – Indian-American with American Accent – Raj is Sammy’s slightly younger best friend and cousin and yin to Sammy’s yang. Raj is the coolest guy Sammy knows. Raj is self-assured, laid back and unflappable which sometimes leads to impulsiveness. Raj is street smart, but lacks book smarts, sometimes asking “what is a museum”. But he knows how to handle himself on the playground. Raj can be a slacker and look for ways to get out of work. But despite the Odd Couple Raj and Sammy are the best of friends. Will be in 40 of 40 episodes.

TARA GUPTA – FEMALE – 6-10 to play 8 – Indian American with American Accent – Tara is wise beyond her years. She is always one step ahead of the boys successfully scheming her way into their lives. Tara’s penchant for insults, pranks, monster truck rallies and medieval torture devices make this seemingly sweet kid a force to be reckoned with. She is extremely inquisitive and observant. Will be in approximately 30 of 40 episodes.

DR. KUNAL GUPTA – MALE – 30’s / 40’s – Indian Born but American raised with a slight or no Indian accent. – Dr. Gupta is Sammy’s American born Dad and Raj’s uncle – He is a highly HIGHLY successful doctor, so successful, he takes every opportunity to remind whomever is around. He is a hard worker and takes his profession seriously, but he also loves his kids and takes his responsibility as a father very seriously. He wants the best for his kids and that causes him to place undo pressure on them. He can come off a bit rigid and over protective, but it is only because he wants the best for his family. Will be in approximately 20 of 40 episodes.

UMA GUPTA – FEMALE – 30’s / 40’s – Indian-American with an American accent – Uma is Sammy and Tara’s mom and Raj’s Aunty. She is successful architect who can do it all, she is equally as successful as her husband but doesn’t feel the need to flaunt it. She is compassionate and motivating as a mother and a real cheerleader to her kids. She believes you can solve an problem with a little ingenuity and a positive attitude. Will be in approximately 20 of 40 episodes.
GRANDPA AMAN – MALE – 60 + - Indian Born with an Indian accent – Grandpa Aman is Kunal’s father and Sammy and Raj’s grandfather. He thinks he is the big man on campus in the Gupta house, but that is really his wife, Dadi Disha. He is cool and fun-loving. This former accountant can be a little rigid with his children, but his grandkids are the light of his life. He is young at heart and loves nothing more than reading to and playing with his grandkids. Will be in approximately 20 of 40 episodes.
GRANDMA DISHA – FEMALE – 60+ - Indian Born with an Indian accent – Grandma Disha is the unseen force behind the Gupta family house-hold, and the most loving grandmother to Sammy and Raj. She is the boss, but only every wields her power with her grown kids, with her grandkids she is super fun and goofy.. She is an amazing cook who shows her love to her family through food. She is sweet and wise and always willing to share with the kids. Will be in approximately 20 of 40 episodes.

Thanks - Master Sharron, Artistic Director
EB Bollywood Performing Arts Academy


:D Ready, Torrance friends?!!
#Starting #Tommorrow at your favourite location:
Crescendo Studio, Salvation Army Church Campus
4223 #Emerald Street, Torrance, CA -90503 (Torrance Blvd/Hawthorne Blvd)
EBB #Kiddos (boys/girls ages 5-8): Tuesdays 6:40-7:40 pm
EBB #Juniors (boys/girls ages 8-12): Tuesdays 7:45-8:45 pm
Thanks for your love & support inviting me & filling 2 batches even before start! (Any little dancers, who couldn't get in? 2-3 more spots remaining! Hurry, Whatsapp 703.801.7346!)


Torrance!! :D Here we come!
Requesting your blessings & support as always! :)
If you or friends live in/around Torrance, kindly share & spread the word to local Indian/non-Indian friends who may love fun, entertaining, high-energy #Bollywood dancing for their little champs at home!
Enrolling Now.. Boys & Girls ages 5 & up from #Torrance, #Hawthorne, #Carson, #Inglewood, #El #Segundo, #Redondo etc.

What's special with EB Bollywood kids?

STARTING THIS WEEK at a professional studio (Torrance Blvd/Hawthorne Blvd). Hurry, Whatsapp 703.801.7346 to reserve a spot for the perfect start for your child!


😃 "CASTING CALL for families" who are knowledgeable in Disney, for participating in Disney channel's upcoming Trivia game TV show! (Sharing to all EBB friends as per request from Disney casting team. You may share to your friends as well)
🙂Questions? Contact directly Disney email in flyer. (NOT to EBB.✌🏻😎)
🙂Interested? Mention as "Referred by Master Sharron from EB Bollywood" for a special consideration, as I hear from them.
👍🏻 Good luck submitting your team! - Master Sharron,


2020 Enrollment Fest Promotions Extended till Feb 3! Whatsapp Now!

WANT TO SEE your girl/boy turning as a cheerful, energetic, confident STAR in a short period? Don't Wait! Bring them in NOW! :D
Enjoy the video till end for details & to find our upcoming dance numbers from #Bollywood, #Tollywood #Kollywood, #Mollywood, #Sandalwood, #Hollywood and MORE!!
:D HUGE promotions & EBB Enrollment Festival EXTENDED for 3 more days! Very Few discounted spots remaining.(Merit/BigKids/Family/Package Discounts)
Whatsapp/Call 703.801.7346 Today & use this special promotions using codes attached in flyer (comments section)
:D Proven success with several thousands of students from last 15 years! An activity with visible results, and life-term benefits for any youngster, if started in their golden years (ages 5-10)!


:D Now is the Turn for Your Child!
BEST comes Cheapest, Now! READ #FLYER to find Tons of #DISCOUNTS in 2020!! :D
"15th Anniversary" at LA's favorite EB Bollywood/Hip Hop performing Arts Academy!
Perfect Time for you, your boy/girl to JOIN the Professional, Experienced, Dedicated Dance/Entertainment platform!

*Popular from 2005 as the BEST Kids' Activity for Physical, Social & Intellectual Growth!
*Visible growth in Dance/Learning/Social skills *Optional stage/video opportunities *TV/film opportunities!
*Quick, Easy Online Registration *No contracts or commitments *Instant communication & service 24/7
*Constant Feedback & practice videos for best progress of your child

- LIMITED SPOTS remaining, in your town! All promotions expire Jan 31 midnight!
- HURRY! WhatsApp 703.801.7346 with applicable Promo Code, Student Names/Ages, Parent Full Name, City of residence
- You'll receive ALL needed details & Heavily Discounted Monthly pricing link, till Jan 31!
- Bollywood/Hip hop Lessons for Girls, Boys, Teens & Adults! -


:D Soo Previleged to be surrounded by so many lovely, beautiful #angels everyday!!

:) As proven from ages...Team DANCING is the BEST creative work out for mind & body! Especially for them to grow positive & confident!!
:) New Toddlers(ages 4-6) & Kids(7-12) batches almost getting full, in the New Year enrollment festival (with promotions)!
Still waiting? WhatsApp student info ASAP on 703.801.7346


My dance angels after class!🧒👩
🥰🥰 01/03/2020

Sharron James - IMDb

Thanks 2020 for fulfilling a BIG dream of mine!
An #IMDB page of my #own:

Excitedly waiting for that big project of Philippe Vonlanthen which made this happen! So thankful to Philippe for getting me on IMDB! :D
#IMDb #Dream #Hollywood #Bollywood #Mollywood #TillDeathDoUsPart #FingersCrossed Sharron James, Actor: Till Death Do Us Part. Sharron James is known for his work on Till Death Do Us Part (2020), Swapnam Kondu Thulabharam (2003) and Vajram (2004).


WHEN Creativity meets Style!🤩😎

🥳🥳😍Launching the brand NEW stunning, unique, stylish class uniforms for EB Bollywood students!
Don't Miss out!! NOW #Enrolling NEW boys & Girls for various cities around Los Angeles & Valley!!
#Whatsapp TODAY 703.801.7346 or Contact us at


Proud Winning Moments of EB Bollywood stars - 2019

The BIG moments of Joy!! CONGRATS EB Bollywood/Hiphop girls & boys!!

This is the #PERFECT time to bring in your kids to join this line-up for an amazing journey of intellectual, physical, social & creative development through team-work using medium of dancing, acting & music. For details, call/Whatsapp 703.801.7346 or enroll directly at


Don't miss TODAY!! :D Opportunity for your child to try out with LA's favorite super-kids dance crew at EB BollyHop classes!
#Last #Day of FREE Trial week of 2019: Aug 31 Today 10:30 & 11:30 at 10824 Topanga Cyn Blvd, Chatsworth, CA.

Invite/Car pool ANY of your friends or kid's friends (Indian/Non-Indian) for a Free class TODAY!! 💐😍🥳 Or join anytime the amazing kids'crew at
Just Call/Whatsapp 703.801.7346 NOW to #schedule a trial class!

[06/26/19]   All dance-loving friends!! :D
Now, You and your kids can LEARN at HOME our Super-fun, Easy, High-energy KalaChashma choreography!! Detailed INSTRUCTIONAL video from Master Sharron!! Watch in your TV and learn this dance easy!!
Instructional: 😎
Dance video:
Now Enrolling for Fun, Latest BollyHop routines at


My youngest dance-stars decided to be Strong🏋🏻‍♀, Brave💪🏻 & Flexible🤸🏻‍♂!
Benefits of Yoga & Gymnastics with weekly Bollywood, Hip Hop & Salsa lessons!
Enrolling at


Why "Energetic Happy Dancing" is wide-accepted as the BEST Physical & Intellectual Extra-curricular activity for Youngsters?!!
In children, it guarantees rapid development of confidence, focus, responsibility & friendly team-attitude! Studies have proven that training in Positive physical postures, Happy expressions, Creative team-work along with Upbeat happy music...WILL turn anyone into a happy, positive, creative person! Now is the time! With special Summer-Promotions!!
:) Your child NOT showing interest to join? Don't Worry!! If you could manage to bring them in for a few sessions to our Bolly-Hop training, you WILL see the magic of experience & we'll get them Enjoy & Love it! (It's common that most children are initially reluctant to join serious activities which demands high level of attention, intensive learning & social mingling! If they could choose, they'll pick only easy/fun game activities! :)

Videos (show all)

COVID-19: TEN Precautions | Corona Virus | Master Sharron & kids from Los Angeles, USA
2020 Enrollment Fest Promotions Extended till Feb 3! Whatsapp Now!
Proud Winning Moments of EB Bollywood stars - 2019
EB Bollywood Dance School - where the Energy & Beauty meets!
EBB boys & girls stunned thousands of hearts at Holi 2019!
Creative team-work at EBB, shapes up Happy, Confident, Friendly young individuals! Rated BEST Physical/Intellectual/Perf...
Want to check-out our Dance Costume collections, to rent for your upcoming performance?!! :)Here You Go!!!http://www.dan...
GREAT NEWS Santa Clarita!! :)NEW Adult/Teen Batch also at SCV, from TODAY, Friday Mar 2nd!Promotional OFFERS when you st...
Master Sharron's little sparkling stars on Indian Independence day event on Aug 20, 2016!Visit to...



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