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Just Right Body LLC

Arp Wave Neuro Therapist, California Certified Massage Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistant, Pilate Reformer Pilates Trainer and TRX Trainer

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Bad Back? No problem.. Bad Neck? No problem.. Bad Knees? No problem..
If you work the origin of all pain you get healed
www.arpwavehealing.com for more information
SCHEDULE AN ASSESMENT/DEMO https://justrightbody.as.me/


Reversal of Kyphosis and Degenerative Neck with my Neurological, Physiological and Cellular Repair treatment. Only 10 sessions into the program and the alignment is already noticeably reversing. 2 hour sessions per week 10 weeks. Yelp Justrightbody IG @justrightbody and book your first initial Assessment/Demo session


Happy New Years to everyone. Just want to say thank you to everyone I've helped in 2021 for trusting in me and my process to take care of your precious body's. I had a great year filled with many fun moments socially and professionally. Zero Sad days and Zero Covid. I know most cant say this and for this I wish you the best healing energy that I can verbally extend your way.
Very proud to say none of my clients who worked with me extensively also were coveted from contracting Covid or any other disease or ailment. I thank God daily for giving me the knowledge, wisdom, strength, perseverance, patience and intelligence to give everyone I encounter professionally or personally a jewel of increased knowledge after speaking with me. I'm out in the world daily encountering new people daily. Some would say you crazy J.R. for taking what's going on so lightly and not moving more carefully. My reply, Though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death I shall fear not for the Lord is with me.


Who's AMERICAS TEAM NOW? Most viewed Monday night game since 2013

All eyes were glued to the Las Vegas Raiders-Baltimore Ravens MNF OT epic. 📺👀



Just Win Baby


Watch: Maxx Crosby Victory Tuesday

Haters is Church Mouse today😂


This Smile says it all for my Birthday. Thank you everyone who participated in the fun. I danced like Nobody was watching, I sang like nobody was listening, I ate like a King, I drank like a King that won a battle, I laughed like I had zero cares in the World. Until next year ...Love.. Gratitude..Blessings


Saving a client from pain is my passion. Saving a client from losing their career due to injury is EPIC. I'm humbled

CDC Investigates Death of 13-Year-Old After Second Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine 07/11/2021

CDC Investigates Death of 13-Year-Old After Second Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency treatments have truly protected me and my clients during this whole Pandemic. Nor I or my clients have been affected as we protect our cells with coiling. Get your coiling session today with 1 hour per week that could literally last you a lifetime.

CDC Investigates Death of 13-Year-Old After Second Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine The CDC is investigating the death of a Michigan boy after his second dose. To this point there have been no deaths linked to the Pfizer vaccine.


All M.D.s who want to improve patient outcomes and add more billable hours increasing bottom line substantially please DM me. If you don't have a Neurotherapy Network in your practice then let me bring you to the Future of accelerated healing.


Odell Beckham Jr is on that Arpwave Neurotherapy Neuro Training. If he stays on this program watch what he does next year. He will have a breakout comeback Year.


ATTENTION ALL Medical Doctors!!! Help your patients heal faster from injury Pre surgery, Post Surgery or avoid Surgery by adding our Neuro Network to your Facility. We send device to your patients, we Zoom therapy, You submit billing for each session, we share billing, your patient is pain free in less than 20 days Guaranteed. CONTACT me for more Info.


This Device has healed me from Severe Allergies all my life, sneeze attacks every other day and now cant remember my last sneeze attacks. Took away Pain in my Sit Bone that I could barely sit in my car from the pain and I was scheduled to see a Orthopedic Surgeon then I invested in this Device. I now help many clients achieve their optimal health when M.D.'s just want to put them on Meds. If you're looking for Holistic way to protect from Covid or deal with your current health issues safely and with No side effects then Become an Avid Coiler with the Tesla Coil technology.
D.M. me to schedule a Zoom meeting and I'll give you a tour of the device and its capabilities. I can also do a Voice Analysis over the phone and the device will read your voice print to tell you what Nutrition your lacking, Organs that are off, and which pathogens are in your body throwing off your system. Crazy technology that will be in every home in the future let me introduce you tobthe Future of health and wellness.


2020 TLC Transformation. Cant wait to show this years improvement. More toned and more ripped by summer. JOIN ME and make money while doing it. ASK ME HOW


God is the Observer Not the creator of mans chosen life. He is there to assist your life not rule your life. The ability to Create he has gifted in man. So Stop hoping God creates for you. Manifest your wants and needs only giving thanks to God for assisting you on your own created path. Prayers to God should only be about Gratitude. He is not a Genie in the Bottle serving you. You are serving his will.


Thank You for Superior Actor Lance Reddick for coming into Just Right Body for your Assesment. Look forward to bringing you total Body Restoration soon.


THROWBACK.. 2012.. I Enjoyed training Kirstie Alley on Kirstie Alleys Big Life t.v. show. 6 episodes with CHOCOLATE Thunder😅 I'll always be a trainer at heart Motivating others to improve their quality of life. TOP Trainer of the Year Award 2006


Chocolate Santa Clause is Back.. Gave 20 Pairs of shoes and clothes to the needy. May it be on your heart that its better to Give than receive this year. The Lord has blessed my abundantly and I let that Cup over flow to all.


You dont need to spend $1M a year for your body to be restored to its prime year Glory. Thank you Brandon Marshall for speaking on the Arpwave therapy that you used to help keep you healthy. I offer these treatments in Weho or travel to your Home. www.arpwavehealing.com


Pic on left is when I lost my first 30lbs in 90 days and pic taken in August 2020. The right is the next Pic taken yesterday Nov. 2020 Another 3 months after. No exercise but consistency and dedication to using my TLC Products. Ive had customers who didnt see much result but didnt commit to the 90 day plan and all only did 30 days or less. Those that did 90 days I have 100% success rate. I have posted their before and after pics periodically on social media.
Success is never instantaneous for 99% of people. There is a process your body will go through for transformation. Getting rid of the old and in with the new is a restoration process. You have to dedicate atleast 90 days to allow cellular regeneration and new signals from a cellular level.
If you would like to embark on your 90 day intial journey and a 180 Transformation. Imagine if you dedicated 1 Year? Now imagine it becomes a lifestyle.
Great Energy All day Long, The best Sleep, feeling Less or No more pain in the body, great blood pressure and weight loss.
DM for more info.


All Glory and Honor to God!! 🙏
all that grinding working and playing for 45years finally caught up with me physically. ONLY my 2nd Surgery in life, an Umbilical Hernia repair. On this 1 year journey I went to emergency room in Nov 2019 with pain and trouble breathing the night before Thansgiving.
3 months to see the G.I. doctor, gained 30lbs, Got Sick in Feb 2020 with high Fever, trouble breathing and couging uncontrollably and had a great No Fever Streak of 16 years with last Fever was in 2004. Sick on a Thursday and back to work on Monday, rose up like Jesus😅
Lost the 37lbs in 3 months and my G.I. doctor said I was his best success patient ever. Even though he didnt assist me in anyway but going over Test results 😅 i said Thanks Doc, he asked about how I achieved this weightloss. I explained my online Health Kits and commitment to the plan and became a product of the product. He asked for my info and said he would refer patients. Finally got my surgery and I only did the surgery because I wanted my intestinal track to not have any compromised position and low key just Got tired of looking at this Big Milk Dud sticking out my stomach😅
Today I woke up out my sedation to a startled Nurse, they immediately said Wow thats the fastest Ive seen a patient wake up. I tell her, Sleep is the cousin of Death and I aint ready to be introduced😅 Still having my sense of humor😅. She asked if I had any pain? No pain mam I'm Good. They told me 2 weeks recovery before heavy lifting... My God told me.. I'm good by Monday..
I tell my story Not to impress You but to press upon you that no matter your health issues don't wait for a doctor but be the decision maker of your path. 1st put your Trust in God and in his WILL whole heartedly without a doubt or Fear. Let your concerns be your conviction to make a change in your life. You may not have my knowledge of health and wellness to achieve what I achieved through 45 years. But a True wise Person surrounds themselves with other successful people to be their strength during their struggle. We all know there will be struggle in our life or somone we know guaranteed. Im here for anyone who seeks to ma

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