Welcome to the official MeshYoga® page Michelle Lou Lan is the Founder and President of MeshYoga, a celebrated yoga practice and clothing line.

She is an instructor, an innovator, an entrepreneur, and a passionate yogi. Michelle is also recognized as a social media influencer, with a strong presence and devoted following on Instagram @MichelleLouLan. With over twelve years of experience, Michelle is highly regarded as a trailblazer in the practice of yoga. She has taught all over the world and studied with many of the great masters. Her clients have included renowned celebrities and decorated Olympians. She currently operates MeshYoga out of New York, Los Angeles, and Maui. With her background as a professional dancer, Michelle believes in a practice focused on alignment and expressive body movement, breaking down each yoga pose to the basics and merging different styles and techniques. With each class, she blends alternative body expressions into her routines, incorporating elements of pilates, cycling, boxing, strength training, and more. She is always reinventing, and always with a focus on inclusivity for all. Michelle thinks differently and encourages her students to do the same. As someone who splits her time between nature in the jungle and the creative hustle-and- bustle of the city, she brings her spirit of fun and adventure to each class. With Michelle Lou Lan and MeshYoga, you can always expect something “a bit different.”

Question: What's the story behind your newest product, “DaBo”?

"DaBo" is actually named after Michelle's 8-year-old chocolate Lab, BoBo. Have you ever seen those pet videos of dogs hanging around their owners while they practice yoga? Well, back when Michelle was still living in New York City, she was practicing yoga at home one night when she fell while working on her handstand. But BoBo didn't let her smack ungracefully on the floor. Even though he was sleeping, BoBo sensed when Michelle was struggling and got up to catch her with his broad back.

Ever since that time, BoBo has known to come over and lay down near Michelle whenever she rolls out her mat, just in case she needs his support to stay safe. This gentle giant is truly Michelle's best friend. They've traveled the world and gone through so much in life together, and she wanted to honor his love somehow.

That's how the idea behind "DaBo" was born. Michelle's love for BoBo is the core behind MeshYoga, and we hope it can inspire our Meshes in their own practices as well.

“DaBo” is boxy but unique, and simple yet ingenious. It has many carefully designed slots, and once you get to know them, these slots will start challenging you – after all, you won’t be able to reach them if your alignment is incorrect. :-) “DaBo” is comfortable to relax on, but it will remind you to devote time to your practice every day. “DaBo” is solid and dependable; it will become your best friend, standing loyally by your side throughout your yoga journey.

To learn more:

Hello Meshes! We’re so excited to officially announce the launch of our new website and the long-awaited “DaBo.” Head over to to take a look. We know you’ll love “DaBo” once you meet him, so stay tuned for more details about upcoming workshops and preordering. This moment wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our Meshes, and we are so grateful.

MeshYoga's cover photo

“Sunday Mesh” class is finally back! Are you ready to MEET and PRACTICE, FIRST HAND on the new yoga based, fitness product I invented, “DaBo” x MeshYoga!?

This Sunday at 4 p.m., I'm inviting 10 MeshHeads based in the L.A. area to join me for the most special workshop at Aura Yoga in West Hollywood. After so many years of teaching techniques from others, I'm finally able to create a unique practice that is completely different and my very own. I am so looking forward to seeing all of the familiar faces I’ve missed so much, as well as meeting all of the fresh, new ones as we experience “DaBo” x MeshYoga together!

Please, please make sure to reserve your spot on ASAP, because spots are not only limited to 10 people, but you also need to reserve your DaBo by sizes which depends on availability.

For my Meshes who live outside of L.A., don't worry – our MeshYoga team is working very hard to create instructional videos so you can practice with me no matter where you live in the world. We're also almost ready to release the new MeshYoga App for students to book future classes easier, follow along with DaBo's journey, and more. I will make another announcement once the App and VOD are complete so I can Mesh with you guys in a more convenient way!

There will be more exciting news and events coming soon, so stay tuned and KeepMeshing!

Hello, Meshes!

As promised, it’s announcement time. I couldn’t be more excited – and, of course, a little nervous! :-)

I've always been amazed by people who are so clever that they're able to dive into a profound thought and break it down piece by piece, step by step, showing a true understanding of the idea on a deeper level. I am proud to say that MeshYoga – and my new product – embodies that approach... but at its core is the natural form that lives within each of us. :-) MeshYoga has always been centered around alignment. We use a step-by-step approach, separating every component of the body to achieve a deeper, safer practice. This product was created in line with MeshYoga's philosophy and will help all yoga practitioners – beginner or advanced – experience and understand alignment on a whole new level.

So now, let’s meet DaBo by MeshYoga. Why "DaBo?" Keep following along, and in the very near future, you'll learn the story and inspiration behind the name. But first, let’s get to know the product itself. ;-)

DaBo is boxy but unique. The height of DaBo is based on the length of your shin, simply because alignment is precise. DaBo is heavy but solid; it will be your best friend, standing loyally by your side throughout your yoga journey. DaBo is comfortable to sit on, but it will remind you to devote time to your practice every day. DaBo is simple yet ingenious. It has many slots, and once you get to meet them, these slots will start challenging you – if your alignment is incorrect, you won’t be able to touch them. ;-)

Whenever you practice with DaBo, it will make sure you're in correct alignment – even when you're resting in a pose. When you take DaBo by MeshYoga classes, you'll learn how to flow from one pose to another and regularly achieve safe alignment through muscle memory.

Beyond group classes, you can also display this beautiful product in your sweet home, keeping your practice private and getting to know DaBo in the comfort of a safe space. In my personal life, I spend a lot of precious alone time at home using DaBo. I practice yoga on it, I meditate on it, I do work on it, I work out on it, I dance on it... and guess what? I also customized DaBo in my favorite nude pink color to match my romantic spirit. Of course, you'll also have the option to customize your DaBo to match your aesthetic... but just keep in mind that patience is a virtue. ;-)

So, next week, I'll be excited to finally share the amazing story behind DaBo by MeshYoga. I'll also go more in depth on exactly how DaBo works, and introduce our upcoming events for 10 crazy MeshHeads based in the Los Angeles area.

Our journey with DaBo is only beginning. Keep Meshing!

With Love,

Michelle Lou Lan

MeshHeads who have been following our founder Michelle Lou Lan for a while will know that she went through two hip surgeries last November. "These past several months have witnessed so many fears manifesting inside of me," Michelle said. "Imagine my situation: I was physically incapable of returning to my daily practice of over 15 years, and I had a voice inside of my head wondering, will my body ever be the same again? There was a time when I couldn’t even cross my legs, let alone practice yoga. But now that I'm on the (bright and beautiful) other side, I see that patience is truly a virtue. I kept telling myself, 'Just breathe. As long as you don’t hold your breath, you will keep moving forward.'" Luckily for our Meshes, Michelle didn't come back with empty hands – her time off went to very good use.

MeshYoga has something amazing that we're so excited to reveal to all of you – it's a product that Michelle has been developing for over five years, and we're finally ready to share it with you this summer. In one week, Michelle will introduce this new product that she has created. She'll also discuss where her inspiration came from, as well as how and why her invention works.

This product is something that Michelle invented for yogis of all levels to achieve a safer, healthier, and deeper practice. She has used these past several months of her recovery to test it on her own body and restructured hip. This product has been Michelle's closest friend during her rehabilitation process – and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

So, on next Friday, keep an eye out for the juicy details behind the future of MeshYoga!

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“Looking forward to seeing you BACK!”

We are fresh, open and we can’t wait to have our another @MeshYoga session with Michelle Lou Lan this Sunday at 4pm!

We would like to welcome all the newcomers who is ready to become part of our LA MeshYoga family. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced yogi, this class will be completely different than anything else you’ve experienced. Our only requirement is for you to arrive with an open heart!

Michele is very strict with arrival times. Please come 10 minutes early to prepare yourself so you don’t disturb the other students by being late.

Our new website will be up and running within two weeks and you will soon be able to book classes directly through it. In the meantime, here is the link to book your class:

We are super excited to see you all there!

MeshYoga with Michelle Lou Lan

We’re excited to announce that Michelle Lou Lan will be leading her MeshYoga Class in Los Angeles. The class will be held at the AuraYoga Studio Saturday on the 17th. If you’re not familiar with her unique style and teaching philosophy, you’ll be in for a treat. MeshYoga emphasizes alignment and fluid motion, maximizing muscle endurance and flexibility, while reducing the risk of injury. Michelle will seamlessly teach as she practices alongside you, and she will never pause the class to give instruction. Yoga mat is included, but we encourage you to bring your own yoga mat and water.

If you have any qustions or the class is completely booked, you can join the waitlist by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to meeting all of you and spreading MeshYoga throughout LA!

MeshYoga With Michelle Lou Lan

We’re excited to announce that Michelle Lou Lan will be leading her MeshYoga Class in Los Angeles. The class will be held at the Aura Yoga Studio every Sunday, starting on the 21st. If you’re not familiar with her unique style and teaching philosophy, you’ll be in for a treat. MeshYoga emphasizes alignment and fluid motion, maximizing muscle endurance and flexibility, while reducing the risk of injury. Michelle will seamlessly teach as she practices alongside you, and she will never pause the class to give instruction. Yoga mat is included, but we encourage you to bring your own yoga mat and water.

If you have any questions or the class is completely booked, you can join the waitlist by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to meeting all of you and spreading MeshYoga throughout LA! We’re excited to announce that Michelle Lou Lan will be leading her MeshYoga Class in LosAngeles. The class will be held at the Aura Yoga Studio every Sunday, starting on the 21st. If you’re notfamiliar with her unique style and teaching philosophy, you’ll be in for a treat. MeshYoga emphasize...

Here’s to all the companies I never led,
Here’s to all the man I never wed.
Here’s to all the kids I didn’t raise,
Here’s to all the coaches I didn’t hire.

Here’s to all the books I didn’t write,
Here’s to all the battles I didn’t fight.
Here’s to all the degrees I never got,
Here’s to all the awards I never sought.

Here’s to all the jobs I didn’t try,
Here’s to all the houses I didn’t buy.
Here’s to all the plans I didn’t conceive,
Here’s to all the religions I didn’t believe.

Here’s to all the people I never met,
Here’s to all the appointments I never set.
Here’s to all the games I never played,
Here’s to all the promises I never made.

Here’s to all the letters I didn’t read,
Here’s to all the smiles I didn’t fake.
Here’s to all the approval I never sought,
Here’s to all the bullsh*t I never bought.

Here’s to all the actions I never started,
Here’s to all the relationships that I departed.
Here’s to all the money I didn’t save,
Here’s to all the f**ks I never gave.

Here’s to the courage it takes to stay true,
To the things that you want, that are only for you.
For there’s nothing more painful, or hard to let go,
Than the times you said yes, when you really meant — no.

Pretend for a moment that I invented a time machine, and we are able to go into the future, all the way to the end of your life.

You close your eyes, the machine makes some funny noises and then bam, you wake up in the body of yourself as an old man or woman. You are laying on your bed, reflecting on your years on earth.

You think back to those times when life was wonderful, and when it was challenging. You recall the decisions you judged as bad, the ones you judged as good, and you see it all from a larger perspective.

From your deathbed, can you imagine holding the perspective that everything in your life was a gift?
Even the terrible things that happened, the things you never thought you’d recover from, can you see that those actually had a greater purpose?

Everyone understands this at the end of their life, but wisdom doesn’t have to come with grey hair. When something undesirable happens in our life, how long does it take for us to see it as a gift?

What I’ve found is the people who lead the happiest lives are the ones who can constantly keep their life in perspective, not through numbing and avoiding their feelings, but through welcoming them, and seeing the gift in everything.

For example, let’s say you lose your eye sight in a tragic accident. Naturally you might spend the first couple days, maybe weeks, maybe even months in denial, anger, bargaining to fix the past or depressed. These are normal stages of grief.

How soon can you accept that you are blind for the rest of your life?

After accepting that fact, how soon can you start to see that being blind may be the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

If you look up the stages of grief, you will see the last stage is acceptance, but I think that’s incomplete. I believe the last stage is joy. Our work isn’t complete until we see the gift that tragedy brings us, and can feel grateful for it.

What we see when we zoom out far enough is everything in our life has a purpose, and that it’s all perfect. This isn’t to say that there is or isn’t a larger universal force guiding our life, I’m not interested in whether that’s true. I’m not even interested in debating whether someone’s life is perfect or not, I’m simply suggesting that we all have the choice to see it that way.

We have the choice to see the path our life has taken as perfect in every way.

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