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Don't wait until you wish you had protection. Be prepared for anything and have peace of mind
"Self Defense is not just a set of techniques; its a state of mind and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending."
Sporting a little swag
As soon as this crap is over, i can NOT wait to get into a class!! We need protection and all the teaching possible now more than ever!!
Thanks for accepting...
I took a class with Christy and it was awesome. She is so knowledgeable and really focused on legal which I loved. I will be referring my family. Thank you so much!
This is my second time training with Christie. Ladies if ya want the best training ya have to see Christie!! I can't wait for next Tuesday ladies night. And it;s half off for us. See ya soon Christie
First time shooting, my amazing instructor rocked!!! She was so helpful and educated and kept me comfortable as well as my girl Julia! Thank you ladies, what an incredible experience tonight

Southeast Michigan based firearms instructor and inalienable rights supporter dedicated to keeping people safe physically, morally, financially and legally.

Operating as usual

Here it is! A TRUE ladies only class.
Female Instructor and women only.
We've had so many requests for this and decided to give it a shot.
Don't wait. Get in on it now. Share it with your friends.
Discount when you register as a group.
No future date on the schedule.

Swiped from Mr Prez over at MOC.

Global Shift 2020

It's time to put yourself first.
#RaiseTheBar #micpl #gunclass

This Sunday.
Come set the world aside for a day and focus on YOU!

Rise Up Stronger Than Ever

As the country holds its breath, remember;

Time is like water in a river.
Always moving and always changing.
The only constant is that NOTHING is constant.

Be kind and helpful

Love yourself and others.

Keep sight of today and all it has.

Keep fighting for what you believe in.

Don't waste your precious energy on hate and anger.

Don't lose sight of WHO you are and WHAT you are made of.

Prepare yourself to conquer this change and the next.

Teach the ones who will bring the next change.

It's the only thing guaranteed to come.

~The Phoenix

Don't let stress and worry get to you today.
Unplug and get some training in.
Repetitions. Flawlessly executed.
It's a guaranteed win.

[11/02/20]   We often hear people talk about keeping our "head on a swivel".
But do you know exactly what you're looking for?

We're considering doing a free webinar and discussing pre-incident indicators.

Let us know if your life is worth tuning in to that.

If there's enough interest, we'll run it. ☑

Is your life valueble?

Drop your thoughts👇👇👇

When it comes to training, what do you feel is MOST important?
Increasing speed while remaining on target? Or increasing distance while remaining on target?
Looking forward to the responses!
~Christie Bass
Chief Instructor

Happy Halloween and stay safe!

Chicken Sh*t Bullsh*t

Brace yourselves.
I'm about to ruffle a sh*t-ton of feathers.
#RaiseTheBar I'm gonna say it. And I'm gonna use some grown-up-only words.

🗣️Shout out!!!

We shifted gears today for CPL Class.

Typically we order pizza.
It just so happened that one of our past student's, Hannah, has a small catering business.
Today, we supported a small business that supported OUR small business.
Instead of the usual pizza, HGR Catering hand-delivered some seriously amazing lasagna!
We can definitely see this becoming "a thing".
Great job! And thanks for helping us #RaiseTheBar even further!

Hope on over to their page and give them a 👍. Then, go order some bagels or sweet treats!

The staff at Phoenix Rising wholeheartedly agree with this statement.


Hi everyone!
We had a group of 3 reschedule, so there are three spaces open in our Concealed Carry CPL/CCW class this Friday, October 16th!
Yes! The range has ammo!
Have a group that wants to register together? Call us for special pricing!
Have a fabulous day!
Stay Alert, Stay Safe!
~Christie Take the one-day class required to obtain your Michigan CPL CCW. New to guns? No problem. This class is for you.

Three year old accidentally shot in California Township

Make sure your Firearms are inaccessible to people that should not have them. This includes children!💔 CALIFORNIA TOWNSHIP, MI (WTVB) - The Michigan State Police say a three year old was the victim of an accidenta...

Psst... We know the safe word. 😏
Come join us for a class and find out what it is...

Do you know someone that could use a perfect balance of confidence and knowledge?

Are they tired of feeling powerless in 2020, and it shows?

We'd love to show them how to take massive action and dominate the skills needed to stay physically safe through 2020 and beyond.

Is this the sign they need?
Is it the sign you need?
Is it time to spend a day with the right instructor?

Take control of your personal protection.
Protect your boundaries with situational awareness.
Learn to do it within the laws.

Register NOW and take back your power!

Become A USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor.

Looking to become a firearms instructor?
Do you have a drive to help people become safer physically, legally, financially, and morally?
Do you often find yourself teaching others?
Is it your goal or dream to be a part of the solution?
Are you ready to help students become concealed pistol license holders with a great safety and fundamental education?
Let us help you fan that fire inside.
As your Training Counselor, Phoenix Rising is dedicated to remaining by your side as you grow as an instructor.
Don't regret tomorrow, what you could've done today.
Take action now and sign up for our instructor development course.

Phoenix Rising Firearm Academy LLC

Free Online Bleeding Control Training and Intro Trauma Kit Training

It's the apocalypse, right?
You went out and bought a firearm.
Y'all bought up all the ammo you could. You're STILL buying it up at insane prices.
But stop for a minute. Did you think about an individual first aid kit, commonly referred to as IFAK?
Did you know that these kits are to save YOUR life in the event of a traumatic injury?
You bought the firearm to protect your life and the lives of those you love.
You bought the ammo to protect your life and the lives of those you love.
Did you buy the IFAK to protect your life and the lives of those you love?
This is not a band-aid kit.
Don't know what an IFAK is?
This is the kit that stops massive blood loss when SECONDS matter.
Dont know how to use the contents?
Hop on over to this page and our friend Kerry Davis at Dark Angel Medical, LLC will give you a crash course.
Please, my friends. I talk all the time about how valuable each of our lives are. How valuable YOUR life is. Even as parents, we have to protect OUR lives so we can protect our kids.
Make yourself a priority.
Get. The. Kit.
If you're a past student of mine, you have a discount code for one of these. Please use it. ❤️🔥🖤🔥❤️
~Christie Our free online bleeding control training serves as an intro to first aid and trauma training so that more people can learn and understand how to apply a tourniquet, hemostatic agents, and to stop the bleeding under times of stress such as active shooter situations. Completely free.

Good morning everyone. A reminder to get your daily dry fire in. 😊


Due to the insanely high number of registrations over the last 12 hours, we have added another CPL Class. Friday is what was available. This class will only seat 9, so don't wait! Beginners are welcome!
I could use your help getting this out, as Facebook DEFINITELY has this page throttled back as far as reach goes.
Thanks y'all! ❤️
~Christie Take the one-day class required to obtain your Michigan CPL CCW. New to guns? No problem. This class is for you.

Those that know... Well, they know 😂

Yo! Look at what Uncoiled is up to 😳

Barrett 82A1 50BMG with a Vortex Viper PST 5-25x50 and 8 free boxes of M-33 ammo. (600.00 value)
30305 Schoolcraft Rd Livonia, MI 48150
#barrett #50bmg #Uncoiledfirearms #shewenttobarrett #reachoutandtouchsomeone #longrange #sniper #targetshooting #longrangeshooting #itsaninvestment

Silencer Shop

Totally spot on 😂

Yep, I've been there...

📷: Bravo Concealment Holsters

#2a #gunmeme #gunmemes #raisingarizona #ammo #driving #thepewpewlife #guns #gun #firearms #shooting #rangetime #tactical #operator #3gun #ipsc #uspsa


Are you thinking about becoming a firearms instructor? Do you want to help with the CPL student surge? Are you safe and proficient with a firearm? Click the link and check it out!
Nov 14th & 15th in Romulus. Only 4 seats left.
Can you meet the challenge? Join the USCCA Instructor family! Become a certified firearms instructor and teach the USCCA Concealed Carry And Home Defense Fundamentals course. This course is approved by the state of Michigan for completing CPL CCW requirements

"It'll never happen to me."
"I'll think my way through it and be fine."
"I live in a good neighborhood"
"I'll call 911 and catch it on video."

We hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!

What's your "wife doesn't know about this one" firearm?

"Good Enough" I've taken a CPL Class, so that's good enough. Right? ... Wrong!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Westland?

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Global Shift 2020
Rise Up Stronger Than Ever
Become A USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor.
United States Concealed Carry Association Membership
CPL CCW Classes
Summer's End
The sound of happiness...
Major announcement from the Phoenix Rising team
Phoenix Rising CPL Classes with Firearm Rights attorney Dean Greenblatt
Thank you for your patience
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We have two 25yd pistol ranges AND a 50yd rifle range. You can take one of our many firearm classes to further your knowledge. We offer law enforcement sales for first responders and we have the largest selection of handguns in area with the best prices!

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Welcome to our page! Detroit Gun Range is a local Business in the Metro Detroit Area. We are a Full Service Gun Range. Please ask us about our CPL/CCW Courses!

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