Unicyclists for Ocosta (UFO), Westport, WA Video July 16, 2015, 4:38am

Videos by Unicyclists for Ocosta (UFO) in Westport. Participants from ages six to middle-age get together to ride weekly, making sure all are safe physically and emotionally, and sharing the 5 P's: Positive, Patient, Practice, Persevere, and Pass it on.

Another first ... a partner ramp ride (they're working on another partner ramp ride that will REALLY impress you).

Other Unicyclists for Ocosta (UFO) videos

Her first successful ride across the gym was a partner ride. One of the things we teach is "pass it on." It's pretty neat to hear the "coaching" being done on this ride. Two thumbs up!! Gotta love it.

Their first successful "quad twirl" (with a partner ramp ride included to spice it up), :-)

Another first ... a partner ramp ride (they're working on another partner ramp ride that will REALLY impress you).

The creative juices were flowing today - here's their first attempt at a "train."

His first successful 180 degree hop - the person taking the video was probably more excited/shocked by the successful jump than the rider! :-)

The first successful ride of the Lunicycle while holding on to the bike handlebars. She's starting to make riding this so effortless.

This was the first member of our group to successfully go over the ramp on a 12" unicycle. "Yeh! I did it!" Just like his little brother an hour before. Gotta love it! :-) (along with his own soundtrack, too!)

The first time the "partner twirl" on 12" unicycles was successfully captured on video.

Her first ride to midcourt. Within 10 minutes she rode across the gym - and soon after was riding around the gym! :-)

"Oh. I did it! I did it!" It took him a moment to realize that he had successfully made his first ride over the ramp! SO COOL!!!!!

Her first "big" ride on the Lunicycle. By the end of the day she was riding around the gym!

The first successful ride over the ramp on the Lunicycle.

Dance Festival 2015
Video of 2015 Dance Festival ride.

Trinity learned how to ride the Lunicycle today in about 5 minutes. There are three that can now ride it - and more have started to ask to ride.

Cheyenne and Jasmin have been working on this tandem ride.

A typical morning ride - lots of activity, many adults there to help, many smiles, and a lot of fun. Another Melinda White video.

Rip sticks have been a hit lately; here the twins find a unique way of riding together (video by Melinda White).

A recent morning ride from a couple weeks ago; video by Melinda White.

Colby's first solo attempt (the video was cut off, but you still get evidence of his success).

Summer school lesson - complete with tables!
A less crowded summer school lesson ... still, plenty of activity.

A less crowded summer school lesson ... still, plenty of activity.

Jose's brother, Juan, has just learned, too!

New rider video
Jose and Kendall have just learned how to ride!

Jose has just learned how to ride!

2011 Dance Festival/summer parade practice
Thirty-seven kids have signed up to ride in our annual Dance Festival. Here is a portion of them practicing; song = "Show Stopper" by TobyMac.

More trashcan abuse.
Not to be left out, Cole gets into the spirit of things too.

Trashcan bowling - unicycle style
Hunter in action - unicycle/trashcan "bowling" is his game.

Tuesday morning ride
A view from the saddle on a Tuesday morning, sharing the gym with 42 other riders.

There's a little hop in his roll.
Nathan (3rd grade) is excited about riding, hopping, and continuing to ride. Way to go, bud!

Side mount
Brent shows us his new mount - he mastered it in a day.

Precious video of a young bird's first flight
One determined first-grader, Michael, has been working and working and working at learning to ride the unicycle. The fruits of his labor are about to be harvested! Michael is pretty small - the 12" unicycle seems perfect for him.

New mount (great in slow motion)
I taught Cosmo a new trick. He mastered it on his third try. Sick! :-)

Riding down the steps
A new use of aerobic steps was found during this morning's unicycle ride.

There probably should be some editing at the end of the video.
This 2nd grader to be first sat on a unicycle two weeks ago. Today she asked how to free mount. What do you think of the results?

Ride by - wait, where are you going?
The young lady who exits the gym has been riding for about two weeks.

After riding for only a month, check out this young man's tight figure eight.

Cosmo, where's the jump rope?

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