Evergreen Community Aquatics Center

EAC is an indoor swimming pool that is open all year long! We offer swimming lessons, water exercise classes, public & lap swims. Scholarships available.

The Evergreen Community Pool is a beautiful facility located next to the Evergreen High School campus and Athletic Fields, at the south end of White Center. The pool has nine 25 yard lanes allowing for simultaneous lessons, lap swims and swim team activities. There is a large patio perfect for entertaining large groups and for special events. King County operated this Forward Thrust pool until it

Operating as usual

[08/21/21]   Hello everyone!

Unfortunately we are having issues with our phone lines so calls are not coming through. For help please message us on here or email the pool at [email protected].

Sorry for the inconvenience

[08/18/21]   Hello Everyone,

Just letting you all know we are currently experiencing a power outage. Pool will be closed till the power is restored.


Power has been restored.


Know someone who wants to...

- Feel more confident in their swimming ability?
- Continue their summer swimming experience?
- Have fun and learn new skills?
- Learn what it’s like to be on a swim team?

Come meet SMAC staff/swimmers and try out a free clinic! #SwimSMAC #GetWetClinic


SMAC Team Tryouts 🔥🔥🔥

Interested in year-round swimming? 🏊‍♀️ 🏊‍♂️ Come check out what SMAC is about!

• Beginner to National level.
• Join any time of year.
• Financial aid available

[07/02/21]   We will be closed July 3-July 5 for the holiday. We will reopen July 6 on regular hours. Have a great weekend and stay safe!

[06/29/21]   We ask that everyone is patient with us. We do not have air conditioning. Our building is 96 degrees inside, staff cannot guard the pool at such a high temperature. We are canceling evening lap swim. We will update later on if we can open in the morning.

Photos from Eight's post 05/28/2021

Photos from Eight's post


We are surrounded by some of the most scenic and accessible rivers, lakes and waterways in our country. As the weather warms up; mountain snow begins to melt and fill our lakes and rivers. Unfortunately, a great day on the river can turn tragic in an instant! Make sure your friends and family are protected by planning and discussing the safety aspects of your outing.

There have been too many tragic drowning incidents related to recreation on the water. High water flows and structures present hazards that can contain forces beyond appearances.

While playing on or near the water, be smart and use these strategies to avoid danger:

Know your limits- 50 degree F water can can cause total loss of breathing control. May cause uncontrolled gasping and hyperventilation.

Wear personal flotation devices (PFD or life vest) when boating, skiing, or tubing.
Consider wearing a PFD if you are not a strong swimmer and don’t swim alone.
Take a boating course to learn the safe way to operate your boat.
High water levels conceal dangers such as trees, snags, and structures – exercise caution in unfamiliar waters.
Teach your children how to swim and always keep an eye on them while in or near the water.
Do not dive into water until you know its deep enough and there aren't any subsurface obstructions.
Don’t let drugs or alcohol ruin your outing.
Leave the water when bad weather approaches.
Be knowledgeable of the water and environment you are in and its potential hazards. Be aware of deep and shallow areas, currents, changes in depth, and obstructions. Know where the entry and exit points are.

Family petitioning for Zack's law in Washington 05/17/2021

Family petitioning for Zack's law in Washington

Family petitioning for Zack's law in Washington

Photos from White Center Community Development Association's post 03/02/2021

Photos from White Center Community Development Association's post

[02/17/21]   Hello Everyone,

You all should have received an email from us about the recent change in our booking platform. We are working out all the kinks and we will be responding to everyone when we have the answers. Please bear with us as we thought the change was going to happen at the beginning of March.

[02/15/21]   Due to our parking lot being completely iced over, we are canceling all morning programming. We are working hard to remove the ice and make it safe for patrons.

[02/13/21]   Due to the snow all programming is cancelled for Saturday February 13, 2021. We will reopen on Monday February 15, 2021.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

[02/11/21]   Due to the snow, we have some lanes available during our public swim at 7:00pm tonight!

Regularly, we only offer public swim on Friday and Thursday evenings. If you're looking for a swim, tonight would be a great option! Check our website or the Mindbody app for availability :)

[01/13/21]   Hello everyone, we have lost power. We are going to have to cancel this mornings 5:30-6:30 session. Hopefully power is back on by 6:45. I will keep everyone updated.


Power is back on at the pool! Evening programming/ lap swim will continue as planned.

[12/22/20]   Just wanted to quickly thank everyone who took the time out of their day to get gifts for our staff.
We appreciate each and every one of you!!

We all went through a lot this year, but our gratitude to you all has never changed. We want the best for our community and with finding the best comes trial and error. We have heard many questions, comments and concerns, so in the near future we hope to have a system that works for everyone!

Thanks to everyone that has donated, participated in events, and stuck with us through these wild times. We do it for you guys!!

We wish you all a safe and happy holidays. Cheers to 2021, see you next year!

-EAC Staff

[12/14/20]   *POOL TEMP UPDATE*

My amazing maintenance has been working hard all afternoon to get the pool temperature back up. I think he finally found a temporary fix till we get the system update. Pool is at 78 degrees. We are expecting the temp to go up in the morning. We will open in the morning!

[12/13/20]   Hello!

As I have previously said our JACE system at the pool is so outdated we have no control over the pool or air temperature. As of right now we are having to do an immediate closure due to the temperature of the pool.

We are currently sitting at 77.1 degrees. This is way too cold for us to run our operations. We have ordered the new parts and we are waiting on them to come in so we can complete the work. We will be closed now- January 4.

I hope you all have a great holiday break. I look forward to seeing you in 2021!

[12/11/20]   Hello Everyone,

Earlier this week I announced we would be closed for 4 weeks beginning 12/20/20. As plans are always changing, we received the last of our bids and have realized we are not financially capable of doing this work right now. We will still be closing December 20, 2020- January 4, 2021. Upon reopening we will only be doing lap swim. In February we will be resuming all programs.

Thank you for your patience, as this is a difficult time for all of us. We want to be open as much as we can for our community.

gofundme.com 12/08/2020

Update Evergreen Pools Jace System, organized by Nicole Nikula

Our JACE system was the reason our temperature took forever to get up. We don't like a cold pool anymore than you do, please donate if you can!!


gofundme.com As many of you know, our pool and many of the things in it, are pretty outdated. We h… Nicole Nikula needs your support for Update Evergreen Pools Jace System

[12/06/20]   Just wanted to let everyone know, tonight is our last teen night! It begins at 6:00pm and will go til 7:45pm. We will be watching The Polar Express and everyone between the ages of 13-18 are welcome :)

It is free admission and the whole pool will be open so lots of room to distance from one another. Hot apple cider and packaged snacks will be provided. Call to book a spot!

[12/03/20]   Hello parent/guardians,

We appreciate everyone's patience, more than you know. Lots of our systems are outdated and being that we are a nonprofit and depend greatly on grants and donations, we do not always have the funds to get new and improved systems.

With that being said, we have gotten our pool up to 78.4 degrees! It is not the 80-83 that we wanted but it is good enough to open our lap/public swim. We can comfortably say that our Beginner 2 and Intermediate lessons will be good to go, as we can keep them moving more. We are unsure about how warm it will be for our Preschool and Beginner 1 students, but we are going to leave it up for parents to make that decision.

If you decide to not show up for classes or show up and it is too cold for your student, we will put a credit in your account.

This week has been just as frustrating for us, as it has for you. Please remember we are doing our best with what we have and would never intentionally go back and forth with our programs like this.

Thank you for your patience with us,

Nicole Nikula & Serina Lopez

[12/03/20]   Hello everyone. The pool is at 77.4. We are going to open in the morning for those of you who want to brave the colder water.

[12/02/20]   Good morning! Our pool did not go up 2 degrees last night we are sitting at 76.8. We will not be opening this morning. I apologize for the last minute change.

[12/02/20]   Hello everyone, raising the pool temperature is a very slow process. We are currently at 76.8 I expect the temperature to go up 2 degrees over night. In the morning we will reopen at 5:30AM. It is up to each individual if you wish to swim. If you do not wish to swim cancel your reservation. Or you can call us and leave a message. We will keep each session (morning, afternoon, lessons, evening) posted of the current temperatures. Hang in there we are almost at normal temperature!

EDIT* If the pool is not 78 in the morning we will not be reopening. Please watch your email and check back to our Facebook/ website for any last minute changes!


"Community" is not a word we use casually. We've stood so long because of our community, and will never fail to remember that!

Please join us in helping other members in our community, as we host our 2020 winter drive. Your donation may be small or large, but it will make a difference for someone!

*Our box will be located in the front lobby, next to the vending machine.*

[12/01/20]   We are at 76 degrees! The pool is slowly coming back up.

[11/30/20]   Due to maintenance that occurred over the weekend the pool is below temperature and we have been working all weekend to get it back up. We had hopes that the pool was going to be back up to temperature by Monday (11/30/2020) morning, but this is not going to happen. Our pool is currently sitting at 74 degrees. Until the temperature is back to 80 degrees we will not be having lap swim, or public swim. We will not be having swimming lessons till our pool is at 83 degrees.

Thank you all for your patience as this was an unexpected setback. I will keep our social media, and website updated with the current temperatures and announcements.

Thank you!

Nicole Nikula


We'll be hosting our second teen movie night this Saturday evening!

As always, we require face masks to be on the whole time you are out of the water. Temperatures will be taken upon entrance and the whole pool is open during this event, which can guarantee social distancing.

Parents are welcome, but recommended to wait in their car or come back when the movie is over.

Call to register or for any questions you may have.
(206) 588-2297

[11/16/20]   Hello Everyone,

We have had many calls today regarding the current restrictions put in place by the Governor. We are not affected by these restrictions. All activities will resume as normal.

But as always if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms of COVID please do not come to the pool.


Here is our current schedule. Please note that our website has changed to evergreenpools.org. You can now access this site to make appointments!


Evergreen Community Aquatics Center

[10/26/20]   Hello All!

Things might look a little different when you are registering for appointments today. You will see that Public Swim is on our schedule! Each person who is attending public swim must have an appointment including children. Due to water exercise and public swims we will be reducing the number of lanes available for lap swim.

[10/19/20]   Hello patrons,

With the changes in orders from the Governor we are now allowed to open classes. This includes water exercise. We will be resuming Water exercise classes on Monday’s and Wednesday’s in the shallow end from 8:00AM-9:00AM as well as from 7:00PM-8:00PM.
There is a 10-person maximum for this class. Registration will open October 26, 2020 at 12:00AM.

I look forward to seeing you all in class!

Nicole Nikula-Lamsen



To our parents/guardians,

We are so happy to announce that we have finally reached the point of approval for swim lessons! Last week, Governor Inslee lifted the restrictions that were not allowing many of our programs to be held. Now that we have officially gotten the OK, we will begin modified swim lessons in November.

Lessons in November will look familiar, but not identical, to the lessons we know. Here is a list of changes that we can expect:

1. Instructors will be in the water but are now required to wear a plastic shield with a cloth attachment.
2. Only 3 students will be allowed for each class. Our Intermediate and Advanced will have 4 students. We still believe social distancing is important and want to create as much space as we can during these lessons, so 3-4 a class is now our limit.
3. Parents are strongly recommended to stay in their car during the session. If your child is too young or unable to pass through the locker rooms by themselves, parents may help get them ready and leave, or stay socially distanced on our benches/bleachers with masks on while they wait.
4. Showers can only be used to rinse off before and after swimming, no head to toe showering.
5. Masks but be worn at all times, when not in the pool.

Prior to registration, we need all families who have had their child in Beginner 2 and up, to register for a pre-test.

This pre-test is required if you plan on signing your child up for anything above our Beginner 2 class. 7 months is a long time without being in lessons, which is why we need to make sure all students are in the right class. Pre testing takes about 5 minutes to complete.

If your child ends up in a level lower than where they were prior, don’t worry! It is expected, and better that they start off with a refresher. When their technique improves, we’ll bring them up a level!
We will have 3 days for everyone to get pre-tested: October 18, 19 & 20. Down below is the link where you can choose the time and day. The link will send you to the same system that you will need when registering for November lessons.

Pre-Registration for those who signed up in March: Wednesday, October 21
Open Registration: Friday, October 23

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about the system or lessons.

Our priority is the safety of our staff and the safety of our community. If you do not feel comfortable returning to swim lessons, we more than understand.

Stay healthy!
- Nicole Nikula and Serina Lopez





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