Magic Bearings

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Magic Bearings up on the podium again! AJ and Jimmy took 2nd and 3rd at Santa Gnarbara this weekend. max capps photo.


Choo choo! Rad Train conductor Jimmy Riha snagged 4th at Angie's Curves yesterday! He's on a roll!


AJ Haiby shredding at #angiescurves2014. #angiescurves #magicbearings


@jimmyriha mobbing down #angiescurves! #magicbearings #radtrain #angiescurves2014


@rad_train @jimmyriha wins #pikespeakdownhill! Next up, Angie's Curves!


Joey Specht steezing out a crail grind on #MagicTricks


Check out Joey Specht taking Magic Tricks to a full page ad in Skate[Slate] thanks to NO FUTURE SKATEBOARDING!


Congrats Jimmy for the second fastest run and a spot in the semis at #peyragudes! Killing it over in Europe! #radtrain #jimmyriha #magicbearings #skateboardracing


@zootyray wins #carnageonthecoast! #magicwins #MagicShrooms #magicbearings #magiconly


Congrats to @jimmyriha on 2nd at #whistlerlbfest yesterday! Regram from @skatehousemedia #skateboardracing #magicbearings #shredmagic #skatemagic #magiconly


@jonathan_bobo is already out for summer and putting his #MagicTricks to good use! Check out the clip on his profile. #skateeverything #magicbearings


Magic Bearings's cover photo


AJ takes first at Catalina! Get race ready with #MagicShrooms built-in spacer bearings available this week at select shops! #cic2014 #skateboardracing #magicbearings


Tag your local shops. #itshappening


Simple Sessions - Omen Longboards

Check out Devon and Sam ripping up another edit for Omen Longboards with the homie Jay King Jay King, Sam Galus, and Devon Dotson shred the gnar, and slide through some fun corners, testing out new wheels, and colorful...


Magic 'Shrooms coming soon.
#magicbearings #magicshrooms #magiconly


Congrats to @jimmyriha on his new sponsors @sector9 and @radesigns! #magicskate #magicbearings #wemakefun


Jimmy Riha Skates Everything

If you're not a fan of Jimmy Riha you must not like skateboarding.

Get out the way groms! Check out Jimmy Riha killing Blacks on a double kick and showing us what it means to skate everything! Film & Edit by Jordan Cramer Mu...


Blood Orange: AFB Raw Run Vol. 2

Have you seen Aaron's latest Blood Orange video? Gotta love the urban playground!

Tourists in San Francisco flood Lombard Street year round. Aaron "AFB" Grulich decided to drop in on it midday, and destroy it in front of a large group of spectators.…


Bombsquad ATX

Ray, Kavon (gold helmet), and Bobo (green helmet) rip it up with some Bombsquad Longboarding longboarding friends in South Texas. 01/28/2014

Winter Good Times - Omen Longboards

Devon Dotson recently moved to Washington from the east coast. He seems to be doing alright. Devon Dotson, Steven Suhama, Blake Mclam, and Jackson Wells skate some local Seattle spots using their Omen Longboards. Omen w...


Tim brings home another Barrett Junction win for team Magic! Support outlaw racing. Max Capps photo



Putting our 2014 products to the test with Kavon and Gerrit.

A large NoCoast meetup went down at the gravely, dirty Judge. Lots of fun was had in the Ozarks.



Go fast with Brian Belcher Team rider Brian Belcher takes on a psychedelic trip down a local run with his trusty Rogue trucks and BattleRoyale rolling on Anchor wheels…


Jimmy Riha - Raw California

Jimmy shredding the local hills as usual.


Jordan Riachi | 5 Slides

Ride Magic Bearings. Do fast skateboardy things. Jordan killing it in a video spot for Blood Orange.

Please Like, Favourite and Subscribe !!! Do not own this song, all rights go to Kanye West. Song is Black Skinhead. Jo... 01/09/2014

Raw Run: Santa Baraba Tunnel Runs

Our Big Boy Justin S rippin it up in SB with the skatehouse crew! During the holiday families and friends come together seasonal rituals. For many of us that will mean good runs and skate sessions with old friends. It is these type of sessions the remind us why we skateboard. Cause it’s fun.


Check out Matt and Jordan shredding in AHR's 2013 wrap-up!


Ray Adams and Kavon getting some holiday skating in.


Brendan Davidson 2013 Skate

Tis the season for year-end videos! Bren just dropped his today.

Some clips from this year. Jimi Hendrix- Earth Blues Growlers- Someday


Killin it out here cali style, fat sesh for a Wednesday morning!


Congrats to Jimmy and Tim for taking first and second at today's dump road outlaw! #magicwins #jimmyrihawins #magicskate #magicbearings


RedDirtMedia 2013

Red Dirt Media just released their 2013 wrap-up, featuring all our Texas area riders and a few others as well, check it out!

2013 was a great year. Here are some of the highlights from this year's skating. Artist: The Expendables Song: Ganja Smuggling Thanks to my sponsors for keep...


@juicyraya riding at the lonestar speedfest. He finished third in the final heat.

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AJ Haiby shredding at #angiescurves2014. #angiescurves #magicbearings
@jimmyriha mobbing down #angiescurves! #magicbearings #radtrain #angiescurves2014
Jun 22, 2013 7:44pm




Magic Racing Bearings, Magic Bearing Spacers (precision ground), and Magic Hardware Packs


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