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Fitness as a tool, balance as the result, encompassing all areas of the fitness of life and FOR life This is another avenue to to give in a larger way.

This page has been created to educate and motivate, uplift and inspire, encourage and empower, and to share my view of what an abundant life can be with fitness as only ONE of the tools. I will share what truth is to me, ideas that might make your mind bend a little, articles to encourage a thinking outside the box-- and sometimes WAY out of the box, as I believe we are fully equipped to create an

Operating as usual


Sent from a respected nurse. The bottom line is: take care of yourself and stop watching the fear-mongering media. (💡 Tip: getting away from the media ‘is’ a big way of how you take care of yourself)

absolute-fitness-results.com 06/17/2019

Fitness goes way beyond tennis shoes — Absolute Fitness Results

New, Empowered You, Blog! http://absolute-fitness-results.com/fitness-goes-way-beyond-tennis-shoes-doesnt-it.html

absolute-fitness-results.com Let’s go back to 1972. This is the year I began to remember things clearly as a child. I remember the discipline put on us as we grew, and the time passed. I remember the anger I felt. I remember the plans I made to run away, pack jelly sandwiches and hop on a train car like a hobo. I remember som...


Power of Positivity


This is so true. What a valuable lesson!

returntonow.net 09/14/2018

We're Not Gluten Intolerant, We're Glyphosate Intolerant

Wellness through education. 💛

returntonow.net Study blames Roundup herbicide for gluten intolerance and celiac disease epidemic “Celiac disease, and, more generally, gluten intolerance, is a growing problem worldwide, but especially in North America and Europe, where an estimated 5% of the population now suffers from it,” researchers wrote ...


Hashem Al-Ghaili

Stress is not good for your immune system.


Dr. Joseph Mercola

While the conventional method of trying to stay healthy during flu season is vaccination, the success rate is low. It may be time to try healthier alternatives for fighting the flu.

news-medical.net 08/19/2018

Study suggests cancer to be a metabolic disorder rather than genetic disease

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates

news-medical.net In a study of more than 1,200 patients, published in the Friday, August 3, issue of Oncotarget, an international team of 35 co-investigators from 17 institutions spanning the U.S., Brazil and Europe reported that cancer occurs because cancer cells make and use energy differently from normal cells.


The End. ❤️


Rise above 🌟✨


Tomorrow - 5am - XCEL Fitness - Morning Crunch
Be there!


"Should," "supposed to," "have to." Words designed to lead you by your nose. Undo those words/phrases & replace every single one with "could," then make your own choices & decisions, question everything and enjoy the freedom and zero-limitation on your thinking. ✨🌟


Rise above....the rewards are endless


Wear it with 110% knowledge that this pertains to you

youtube.com 09/06/2013

Drill Sergeant

To those that know me, you know I can't stop laughing at this! Eaaaaaasy people--I'm only half that loud. ;)

youtube.com Planet Fitness ad: Drill Sergeant Planet Fitness Drill Sergeant Planet Fitness Commercial Join Online Now: www.planetfitness.com/ Planet Fitness is known for...


Cause you can...


We CHOOSE fitness. We choose to adapt and change. We rise above and we choose excellence. Yes or yes?


In fitness life to keep you going rather than incurring injury and crashing, for daily life rather than incurring injury and crashing.


This is who you really are. Believing this about your Self is proven by taking care of Y-O-U. "Selfish" about your Self IS a good thing. When we ourselves thrive, everybody thrives. It starts with you. And when you can say this out loud, mean it and not be shaken by any outside judgment or any self-imposed guilt, you've reached another level of empowerment. We are not arrogant, we are enlightened.


Or diabetes or high blood pressure or obesity or depression or a heart attack and hospital costs....and the meds to treat all of them. XO

mollygalbraith.com 07/05/2013

Is Being Really Lean Really Worth It? | Molly Galbraith

This IS a great article! Thank you Marie K. and Kelli D. Stay motivated guys and believe in the power of YOUR genetic make up!


mollygalbraith.com Say what?! Is being really lean really worth it? This probably sounds like a crazy question coming from a trainer who helps clients reach their fat loss and physique goals.


Got the Monday Blues? Don't worry our week starts tomorrow morning from 5:30 am, at UMMA. Enough with the excuses and make July your month by REACHING your GOALS. As always, we raise the bar and bring out the BEST in you!


The reason why we LOVE the teaching, training, sweating, grunting, growling, fighting and igniting is NOT because it's "hard," but because we CHOOSE to do it even though we KNOW it's going to BE hard. The strength, power, drive and dedication doesn't come from our legs or arms....it comes from our HEART. From our BELIEF in our own selves. From the EMPOWERMENT we create as we hit the last 30 seconds when we think we're gonna DIE--but we don't. We grow mentally stronger, physically stronger resulting in "nothing can stop us." I am Wonder Woman. 24 Hour Fitness La Mirada. We ride at 9.


Keeping your empowerment in tact can be as easy as not giving a $hit.


Make a decision that excites you AND scares you. You're in the right place; there are no mistakes.


Listen to that whisper in your ear. Rise above and meet the challenge it's telling you to. Yes you can.


I promise you will. ❤


5:30am Tue morning MORNING CRUNCH--CARDIO KICK!! Your "oh GAWD it's Monday I'm gonna DIE" excuse no longer exists. Come on out and create the day YOU choose. The power lies in your decision. Always.


Could not be helped. CAN'T. STOP. LAUGHING.


"I'll go to the gym if you go. Well I'll go run if you go. But if you don't go I won't go. Well call and wake me up and then I'll go. And then if you go I'll go. Yeah but I don't want to go by myself so if you go I'll go. Well I missed the 7am class, I'm not gonna go to any of the other classes this morning. I'm fat. This is bull$hit when am I ever going to lose weight. I've been struggling all month. Well maybe if you go I'll go."


Are you ready to raise the bar and bring out the BEST in YOU? Tomorrow from 7 to 8 am, at UMMA, and it's only $10!!


Only you the POWER to REACH GOALS. Tomorrow from 7 to 8 am, at UMMA, we will raise the bar and bring out the best in you! Plus, its only $10.


This is the weekly MORNING CRUNCH line up, starting the week with cardio kick! Bring your gloves and feel the power of a correctly-executed round house & upper cut. We raise the bar and bring out the BEST in you! See you at 5:30am.


Last Saturday they ran, sledge-hammered, tire dragged, jumped rope, box jumped, BIG tire flipped, wall-balled, and squat-pressed their way into ANOTHER level of fitness. Are you READY to COMMIT and observe RESULTS? If so, tomorrow morning from 7 am to 8 am, at UMMA, we WILL RAISE the bar and bring our the BEST in YOU.




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