Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking

Family Owned & Operated since 2001. Avid Wildwood enthusiast. We take pride in our bikes and rentals and are we are ready to be a part of your Wildwood Adventures!

We hope to see you here in Wildwood! Family Owned Business since 2001. Ready for your Wildwood Adventures to begin with us!

Operating as usual


I have been busily digging in the back of the shed this season. My hopes are to make enough room to add at least two more surreys to the fleet.

The task involved removing a large shelf and reducing another in size. They were used to store twenty plus years of clutter. At times, I had seen bits and pieces of an exposed sign that, as it turned out, was a double sided Pierre’s Restaurant sign.

Upon closer inspection, this full4’ x 8’ sign, had considerable wear on the exposed top side, and a near pristine well preserved underside that had remained face down for over 21 years.

I immediately contacted the Wildwood Historicsl Museum to donate this newly discovered piece of Wildwood’s boardwalk history. They agreed to accept it, and now the logistical planning to move it from the Magnolia Bike shed to the museum began. Not having a car that could transport this sign, I had to identify someone with a pickup truck to help.

Frank Clunn, from Surf Bikes volunteered to come to my aid with his box truck. After loading this gem onto the truck and closing the door, we turned to see a gentlemen drive up in his car. He excitedly asked if he actually saw a sign for the Pierre’s Restaurant? He explained that he had just left his adult children at breakfast. They had been reminiscing just an hour prior about all of their fond memories of eating at Pierre’s! What a coincidence to be riding by and seeing that sign, which moments later was loaded onto the truck! He was genuinely excited, asking to have a picture of it to share with his family.

After clicking a few shots of him, we reloading the sign and dropped it off at the museum where I can only hope, others will share their memories of a great pancake house from the now past era on the boardwalk.

Share your memories of Pierre’s here. As an additional note, I bused there as young boy in the early 1970’s for the Orr family! It was an end of the season additional job, but it was sure fun eating the sundaes!


Well, it’s been a great season, to date. Seems that all people want to do is put 2020 in their rear view mirrors.

We are seeing very robust crowds flocking to the shore each week and weekend. We have seen two very distinct groups this year. Normally, pre Covid, we would see the weekenders and the weeklies.

There is a new trend of multi day groups coming in early in the week and departing by Friday PM or Saturday AM. The traditional check in’s on Saturday and Sunday’s are no longer the norm.

We are seeing an increase in bike rentals too. Both Surreys and single beach cruisers are available for rental up until 1PM daily.

Cup & bottle cages have been added to all surrreys, and most single bikes this year, for your riding pleasure.

I am most hopeful that you can come by and ride with us on your stay in the Wildwoods.

Please continue to bring that gorgeous weather with you!


From our family at the Magnolia Parking & Bike Rental, we sending out wishes for a healthy and happy New Years to all!
We will be returning in 2021, ready to reopen in a hopefully Covid free season.
Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this past summer. We had to develop policies and practices, on an almost daily basis, but we all survived!
I look forward to seeing you again in the sunny, fresh, warm air in the Wildwoods.
Stay healthy and safe in the new year to come.

The Eyster’s


May your holiday be Merry & Bright ✨🎄


Please note that we will be closed on this Wed, June 17th and will reopen on Thurs, June 18th. 🚲 Hope to see you soon!


Hello and welcome to our 20th season!

We are planning to open our 2020 season on Saturday, May 16th. Due to the rapidly changing times, we are making every attempt to provide a safe and clean riding experience for you and your family members. We believe the global pandemic to be real, having experienced firsthand the loss of several friends to COVID-19.

We have implemented new practices and guidelines that you will encounter as you arrive to the rental location. Starting this season, while we will continue providing free parking while you are renting bikes and surreies, it will not be in the front of the building. ALL parking will be in the rear of the bright yellow building. This larger lot is accessible from either the Poplar or Magnolia Avenue driveways.

I recommend you bringing your own PPE. I will be providing Nitrile gloves for you family. I have limited sizes in medium, large and extra-large gloves. I would ask your patience in waiting in line as we sign you out and assist you with your bike/ surrey rental. Please social distance from other groups and individuals. Only one representative per group is needed to come up to the sign out desk at a time.

Please follow all instructions as given to you and we will be able to rapidly get you on your way riding.

Our return procedures have been significantly altered. You will be instructed to follow the signage, to be placed soon, indicating that returns come from the rear of the shed and dismounted in the designated area. Your held license will be returned to you after being sanitized with a hand wipe. Your rental equipment will undergo a thorough disinfecting process, and be quarantined for twenty-five minutes (given the correct weather conditions).

We have implemented these changes to protect both you and your group members, and ourselves from the spread of this horrific virus.

I look forward to seeing our returning friends again this year, and if you are new to us, I welcome the chance to meet and serve you with your rental needs.

The Eyster Family thanks you for your patronage of our small business and look forward to serving you soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. To avoid and reduce robo calls, please leave a message and I will call you right back. Thank you, Charles Eyster (609)802-7690


The 2019 season started with a bang! The weather predicted for Memorial Day Weekend was outstanding! This was the first time in almost eight years that the predictions hit a homer along with the actual weather. Could not ask for a better start!

The Wildwood’s entertained an enormous group of revelers, enjoying the beach, ocean and boardwalk. Bikers had a perfect morning to travel the length of the boards! A cool breeze kept the morning at just the right temperature.

We are opening on Friday, May 31st at 8:00 AM for yet another “10” weekend.

Scouts will be converging on the beach for the annual Spring Beach Jam! It’s amazing to see the tent city that is constructed Friday night!

We look forward to seeing you in the Wildwood’s soon! Come enjoy a gorgeous day, weekend or week with us!

Welcome to our “Island” 😍


We are just a handful of days away from the start of the 2019 season.
Our planned opening is Saturday, April 13th, weather permitting. We will open on weekends only until June 3rd.
Hours of operation are 8:00 AM til 10:00 PM.
Please feel free to contact me for any special biking needs at 1-609-802-7690 (text or call), or email at [email protected]

Here’s to a great season in 2019! I hope to see you in Wildwood for another enjoyable vacation or getaway weekend!

Best always,


Dear friends and bike riding families, we have concluded our best season on record! It certainly wasn’t helped any by the real rainy weather in the beginning, and then the false news reports for rain that came in sunny abundance later in the season!
We were able to double our surrey fleet this year and lost very few renters due to non availability. The ever popular “Chopper” or “Lowrider” bikes were risen by all. This year we saw many adult riders try them and thoroughly enjoy the ride.
We encouraged families to take pictures and post to our page. Please feel free to continue as you nice them from your phones to other storage media.
It is sad to see the season ending so quickly as the winds of fall descend upon us. This summer really started late and ended much too soon.
As always, the best weather and time to enjoy the Wildwoods is in mid week September! No crowds, traffic, and the beach and water are the absolute best that they can be after warming up all summer long.
We hope to see you return when we reopen on Easter weekend 2019. Until then, enjoy your Fall pedaling at home wherever it may be!
Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to serving your parking and rental needs in 2019.
Best always from The Eyster’s


We are open and having our best season to date. We purchased several additional surreys over the spring and now have an amazing fleet of 1, 2, and 3 bench (bus) surreys. The buses are true family surreys, accommodating 6-9 persons! You will definitely hear them coming as they clang the brass bell on board.
We continue to offer our 3G brand beach cruisers with large cushy seats (adjustable to your height); Trailmate brand Low Riders; and an assortment of child seat bikes.

We are conveniently located on the corner of Magnolia and Ocean Avenues (GPS 401 East Magnolia Avenue).

Parking is free while riding bikes! Use the front lot or the large lot behind the Yellow Bike Stand.

We look forward to serving your biking needs. We open at 8:00 everyday. Boardwalk riding is permitted up until 12:00 noon each day. We can suggest alternative riding courses using the bike paths in North Wildwood.

We look forward to seeing you for a great biking experience!

Call Charles for any questions, at 609-802-7690

Photos from Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking's post 06/09/2018

Stop by and see Tw***ie here at Magnolia Bikes and Parking! 🐕 ps: we rent doggie strollers!

Photos from Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking's post 06/07/2018

Happy start of the 2018 season!
We have been busy over the winter adding on to the bike shed and purchasing additional surreys.

We now have two new “bus” surreys, which can carry from 6-9 persons. These large three bench surreys will allow you to ride the entire family on the same bike!

We expect that they will rent frequently, so be sure to arrive early for your ride!

This season, we will continue to offer our normal hourly rental rates along with our hour and a half discounted rates! This will allow a full leisurely ride along the entire 2 mile plus famous Wildwood boardwalk.

There is a nice bike path to the north of the boardwalk, which ends at the ramp on 16th Street. This path winds its way up to the Hereford Inlet with its beautiful vistas. If you would like to take in our historical Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, you need only travel back to Central Avenue to find it. Stop and enjoy the free well maintained gardens around the lighthouse grounds before riding back the two miles along Central Avenue to 26th Street. This Avenue was once a dirt 2 mike speedway in the early 1900’s. Seating stands once lined the course and were generally loaded with onlookers as the cars raced to the finish line 🏁on 25th Street.

Completing your journey, you are a few short blocks from the bright “cheerful yellow” Magnolia Bike Stand.

We continue to provide FREE parking while you are renting you bike or surrey. There is ample parking on the lot to the rear of the stand.

We offer an assortment of well maintained surreys, 3G beach coasters, low-riders (3 wheeled bikes) and an assortment of child seat bikes for all ages.

We look forward to serving your biking needs this vacation. Our capable staff await your arrival.

We open daily at 8:00 (if you would like to ride earlier, please call to coordinate with me). We are easily located by GPS to 401 East Magnolia Avenue (at the corner of Magnolia and Ocean Avenues.

Have an enjoyable summer and we hope to see you for a good healthy morning bike ride.

We are a Family / Veteran owned and operated businesss since 2001.

Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking 12/23/2017

Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking

Happy Holidays from the folks at Magnolia Bike and Surrey Rentals! We look forward to sharing some great news coming along for the New Year! Looking forward to a lot of changes in 2018. See you in April!

Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking Family Owned & Operated since 2001. Avid Wildwood enthusiast. We take pride in our bikes and rentals and are we are ready to be a part of your Wildwood Adventures! We hope to see you here in Wildwood!


The 2017 season is now behind us, with our sights on the upcoming 2018 one. Thanks go out to all the great visitors that rented or parked with us for a great season. Even the post-season was chocked full of terrific weather. Have a wonderful winter, and before you know it, we will be opening up again at Easter time 2018! Stay healthy and warm over the winter months! Thanks again for a great season!


Labor Day came and went, and now, very sadly, we bid the post season farewell. Just around the corner is the 2018 season! It has been a great 2017 summer and we will hopefully see a repeat of the fabulous weather (despite the frequently incorrect forecasts). Stay well over the winter months and I look forward to seeing you when we open up Palm Sunday, 2018.


Here it is! Another Labor Day weekend and likely some rain. Otherwise, the cool September mornings are ideal for a bike ride on the famous Wildwood Boardwalk. Peak times are from 9:00-10:30, so plan your ride accordingly. Good biking to all!
There is ample Free Parking while you are riding. Use the large lot behind the bright yellow stand ! Enjoy the last holiday of the summer with us! See you soon!

Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking updated their info in the about section. 07/16/2017

Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking updated their info in the about section.

Magnolia Bike Rental & Parking updated their info in the about section.

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401 East Magnolia Avenue
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Hours of operation: Parking: Open at 8am daily. Easter Weekend till Columbus Day Weekend. Bike Rentals- 8am-noon daily (boardwalk riding hours) Additional Rentals- surreys, strollers, wheelchairs, dog strollers.

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 10pm
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