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OK now that I got that event issue off my mind, Let's focus on YOUR 2021.

I just received this message from Tony Robbins, "The people who become successful in 2021 will not be lucky – they will be prepared.
Winners anticipate. Losers react."

What will you decide to do NOW, this month, this week, that will help you anticipate what will enable you to persevere, grow and receive abundance?

Here's a hint, it will take action on your part - no blame - no excuses, rather thoughtful planning and action. WE have 25 days left this month to get it going. Don't wait to "see what is going to happen next in Washington." Ask yourself, what you learned from 2020 and what you want to achieve in 2021. Then write it down and start to put your plan into action.

Remember, "If you are not doing what you love and loving what you are doing, you are NOT being INTENTIONAL." Wayne Dyer.

Celebrate your success and be INTENTIONAL in your actions.


Today marked another monumental event in our nation's history. The unprecedented crowd of peaceful protesters in the capitol who are concerned about election integrity, and the saddening event of breaching the capitol building by radical activists.

This year has been tragic for the number of protests throughout the year that turned to riots, burning and destroying public property. Today's event was no less tragic.

It is a shame that there appears to be present in EVERY protest we witnessed this year, a group that appears and takes the legitimacy of the protest and compromises it with violence and rioting.

It should be our duty as a nation, to call every "rioter" out and have them punished to the extent of the law - regardless of s*x, ethnicity, or event in which they participated. A PROTEST is a gesture in objection to something. It is designed to make public a concern and a position that the members feel is not understood. A RIOT is a violent public disorder. It is designed to bully, harm, create fear and destruction of intent as well a mockery. We just cannot allow Protests to evolve to Rioting any longer - not in this country.

Let us all pray for and actively support the unity of this nation we love.


Starting fresh in 2021, I am focusing on INTENTIONS. By that I mean, what are you intending to do with your life, your business, your health, etc. this year? You have the ability to bring into consciousness and reality what you consciously INTEND.

The issue is, without openly INTENDING to do something, you think you do nothing. However, what happens is you arbitrarily do something, which is ask for a replay of what has happened in the past. The "programs" playing in the background of your mind are therefore giving instructions to your day and minute and hour.

If what you have experienced was less than what you wanted, it is your job to decide on a different present. What is it you want? Here the book is wide open, no boundaries. The only limit is that which you are able to or allow yourself to imagine. The thing I find quite often is, I hear others say, "I can't ask for that. . . or that is not possible . . . or my (insert name or thing) would not let me do that . . . or I wish I could but I must do this instead.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and relax. Now let's "pretend" there are no limits. Take another deep breath and relax even more - no distractions. Then ask: "What do I want?" Make it big, audacious, fun. . .something that would get you up in the morning IF you felt you could achieve it. Now ask: "If I could get that, how would that feel?"

In JANUARY, I will be talking more about this idea of INTENTION and how you can allow yourself permission to dream for what you want AND actually achieve it. - Until next time. . .Coach Deborah.


Today is the "official" start for the holiday season. Yet, I feel many of us have already begun embracing our traditions as a climax to the end of 2020.

A tumultuous year in many respects, and yet, from some it has been reflective and a growth time. It is said, this year was going to have a lot of charged "energy" not unlike the years 532 or 629 or 1834 or 1866 or even 2001. This is a year that will be memorable in history, hopefully on more positive levels than negative. Time will tell.

The question is what will you bring forward to 2021 that will help you to grow and thrive, that will embrace others and lift them up? Set the stage for your own rebirth, as we all get on January 1. Celebrate with family and friends in a way that is comfortable to all of you.

Redefine yourself, understand there are things out of our control - will we fight them or leverage them by becoming more flexible, more curious, more ingenious? The world is looking at you to be the leader in your own world, to be a light, a beacon for growth. The past is behind us, the future is ever before us. Embrace the now, today.


I launched this page to initiate my coaching practice and to explore the amazing world of the Quantum. However, as I searched for the right content that expressed my view of the world (as we all should know, there are no two identical world views) I decided to pause and contemplate what it was I wished to share. Rather than fill pages with "generic stuff" I elected to be quiet and listen.

I began receiving clear messages to begin again, wile reading the book Quantum Revelation, by Paul Levy and then a quote from my weekly Bible study. Together this was a catalyst for my beginning to post to this page.

From Mark 4:39 ". . . Peace, be still." Taken out of context, it could be a gentle suggestion, an expression of conviction, or a stern rebuke. In this case, it was the stern rebuke as Jesus was commanding the wind and sea to STOP.

In deeper study (going to the Greek for more clarity), wind (enemos) and sea (thealassa) are male and female nouns, which to me seems like he was addressing and inclusive of all tempestuous and rough thoughts, regardless of source.

This was indeed a command to STOP. To hush, silence, to be speechless and mute. Is not our collective consciousness screaming at us to jump into a fray, to get involved in emotional issues, look out for the inevitable bad stuff that is about to happen? Get angry. Chose a side (indicating that everything is "black and white" or Democratic and Republican -- the list of so-called opposites goes on and on). Yet that concept of fixed "realty" or "two sides to every story" is no where near what I believe is Truth. We have a galaxy of thoughts and ideas. Some of which we can say, "that's right" or "absolutely NO" or something in-between.

It is important for us all to sort out what is our own highest sense of Truth and joy and love.

So I say, "Siopao, phimoo!!!" Peace, be still! Let us listen.

Blessings to all Happy Thanksgiving.


Memories bring back memories bring back you. ♥️♥️♥️

Take a moment and enjoy this amazing choir. Hold on to what is good.


I have been absent for a while, contemplating how to best serve you with ideas and better coaching. Today relaunches my site. Thank you for your patience.

Abundant Life Mastermind - Networking Today Intl. 06/22/2020

Abundant Life Mastermind - Networking Today Intl.

I have been running a mastermind discussion group on Mondays from 11:30 - 12:30 Central time. If you want to learn more about Quantum thinking, be sure to join us.

Abundant Life Mastermind - Networking Today Intl. This is a Quantum Mastermind group combining experience, faith, and science to explore OUR POTENTIAL to become aware of infinite ABUNDANT POSSIBILITIES for your life, your health, and your business.


I have just started up a new NTi group (Networking Today International) for the purpose of having thoughtful discussions on how you can have Abundant Life via spiritual growth. The meetings are ZOOM meetings on Mondays from 11:30 - 12:30 CDT. Anyone is welcome to join as a guest. I will post the link to the meeting on Sunday evening.

I am in awe of the healing that the earth is experiencing during our time of isolation. I would love to explore how this time has been a blessing to you or if you have been challenged by it, how the group might help to lift your thoughts. See you there.


Keep your THOUGHTS positive,
because they become your WORDS.
Keep your WORDS positive,
because words become your BEHAVIOR.
Keep your BEHAVIOR positive,
because your behavior becomes your HABITS.
keep your HABITS positive,
because your habits become your VALUES.
Keep your VALUES positive,
because your values become YOUR DESTINY.
- Mahatma Gandi


I have been doing a lot on over-the-phone discussions as well as Zoom virtual meetings. The thing that stands out most for me today, it to keep thought in a forward motion.

Fear and worry are the biggest contributors to anxiety and reduced immunity to whatever is prevailing.

It is important to social distance in two ways: 1)physically and 2) emotionally/mentally from those that spread more fear and anxiety - unless your purpose is in lifting them up.

Better use of your time is in some activities you can do at home: - do a thorough spring cleaning of your house. - find a group of friends and play online games.

My daughter-in-law gets together with a group of friends to play HouseParty. Do you know of a good way to socialize online?



First and foremost, coaching is about listening and helping others to feel heard, understood, and help them to move in a positive direction. Now more than ever, it is critical to keep a positive outlook.

and the things you look at change - Wayne Dwyer. It may be challenging, yet, you have this. You can take the info presented, remove the scary, and figure out your best next steps. For most of us, stay at home, reconnect with your family, and socialize online. Focus on the good - if you look, you can always find something to appreciate.

Right now it is OK to stick with the successful known methods, your personal "Comfort Zone". Breath, relax, set yourself, before you listen to or watch any of the news broadcasts, or go to the grocery store. Calm mindset allows for quick and thoughtful action when needed.

Become conscious of situations, learn from them, and grow with them. In so doing, you are strengthened and prepared for the next one and are able to help others.

Focus on fear, you become fear and stress, which incapacitates you. Focus on action and love, and you become part of the solution. Stay present in thought and stop those creeping, negative thoughts. Acknowledge the situation and stay in control of your thoughts to keep you and your loved ones moving forward.

Is more than keeping 6 feet from the next person. It is keeping higher thoughts than those who are complaining about what is NOT being done by our officials. Remember, this is all new for everyone. If there were a known easy answer, it would have been presented already. Your best defense is your ability to imagine the end of this catastrophe and the dawning of a new day. Take some time to imagine how good that will feel.

Forgive your fears, your outbreaks, shortness to others. Take a breath and allow your child-like self to return, knowing a solution will be found. Then forgive others as well.

Today, as I drove down highway 44 after having gone to the grocery store, I acknowledged each and every driver on the road, and reached out to then in thought with loving and comforting mind-messages. By the time I got home, I felt refreshed and grateful that there was milk on the shelf, and bananas, and bread, and applauded the people restocking the stores and all they who are working tirelessly to minimize further spread of the virus. Blessings to you.


I trust as many of you as could, attended a church, synagogue, temple or other service this week, online. Thanks to the many institutions that worked to assure you have a spiritual support.. Peace and faith is gained by knowing, when you are unable to manage a crisis, there is an overarching Power that is still present, guarding and guiding our path.

Many times we fail to see that Presence, as we are so entrenched in our own fears and activities to combat what is greater than our comprehension. Your prayers, meditations and practices are combating a greater spread and helping to control what is going on.

Never loose faith. The "horses and chariots of fire" are still available to us (2 Kings 6:8-18). The power of The Divine is present for us to see, witness and protect.

Our minds are amazing devises to both bless and burden our lives. We have a choice, minute by minute to decide what will govern our day. The "still small voice" (1 Kings 19:12 ) will provide answers to meet our needs. We simply need to "be still and know" (Psalm 46:10).

The snow coming down today is a cleansing snow, helping us to put into perspective all the good we have. Grocery stores are filled with food, our government is providing protection and extending financial deadlines, people and companies that are able are contributing in untold ways. Individually, we all need to have faith that we will emerge from this with a new view on life.

Blessings to all.

Doing Your Part in the Cure of Coronavirus 03/16/2020

Doing Your Part in the Cure of Coronavirus

My thoughts for the past couple of days are focused on the cure rather than the spread of the virus. The photo (on the left) is a picture of a water crystal from the Fujiwara Dam before a blessing was given to it, and the one on the right, the same water after the blessing. See the video link to learn more.

Doing Your Part in the Cure of Coronavirus There practically is not a moment when pandemic or Coronavirus is not mentioned today. The world is focused in fear of further contagion and spread.


Networking at The Miller Haus


We all have a desire to contribute at some level. Sometimes fear stops us from our best contributions. Take today and consider your need to grow - you will succeed or fail forward.


The two hottest topics in the news today are virus and election. I am not going to discuss the election as it is way too far out. Candidates are still dropping like flies and besides, it is too caustic to discuss.

That leaves us with the virus media blitz designed to scare everyone. I know the situation needs monitoring. But seriously, do you think we might approach this from a more level-headed perspective?

We are drawn by what we hear and say. For example, If I said,' Do not look for yellow vehicles tomorrow." You will read this tonight and think, that is absolutely absurd. I will not think or consider yellow vehicles tomorrow, or the next day or ever. Yet, If you are reading this tonight, I guarantee, you will see a yellow vehicle tomorrow, and think, hmmmm. And then you will see another and another.

It is called the law of attraction. It works with food, drugs, clothing, etc. Whey do you think advertisers repeat ads over and over again? They are marketing to their prospects. You are attracted to that for which you give mental bandwidth.

Fear, gloom and doom are hot subjects to get audience attention and the media preys on these emotions. I wonder what would happen to this problem, if more and more people would not react in fear, rather act in strength, knowing the medical world WILL FIND A CURE or IT WILL SIMPLY STOP.

Yet I can hear someone thinking, that's totally nuts. This is real. Yet, at a subatomic level, we are vibrating energy rather than solid mass. Where is this problem in the world of energy? Both fear and joyful excitement register the same in the energy field. If that is the case, can we combat this problem with a different global energy? Your thoughts.


Thinking today about the difference between MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION. Motivation is something you do. You design and fulfill. It is acting with a singleness of purpose.

INSPIRATION on the other had is the opposite, according to Dr. Wayne Dryer. Inspiration gets hold of you and takes you where you want to go.

Are you living by motivation (which is not necessarily a bad thing) or is the spirit moving in you pulling you to a new direction or location?

Sometimes we get that inspiration, yet we chose not to follow. Sometimes it is fear or denial that we have the ability and the right to have more. If you feel you are living life, yet there is an insatiable desire for more - something is gnawing inside, pushing on a new path, send me a message. I would love to offer a free 30-minute session to see if we can find that fire that is burning in you and determine if now is the time to release it.


NTi Online Spotlight Interview with Life Coach Debbie Hyde

I thank Ruben Carrillo for the opportunity to learn with him at NTi and Social Media Networking Group

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My Journey to Coaching

I watched a TED talk the other day with Lidia Yuknavitch entitled, “The Beauty of Being a Misfit.” Although, my life is not nearly as dramatic as was hers, I still find myself in a category of misfit, because of my insatiable desire to understand who I am and my purpose. So people I know seem satisfied with the what I call “life on the surface” what you see is what you get. They are busy setting goals, achieving or not, and repeating - some are doing amazingly well and some are not. I continue to ask the question, what else? I am constantly working on becoming new and exploring the “what ifs.” Change for me is not an option, it is a requirement.

Several years ago I read the book and watched the movie, “The Secret,” and got ignited by the movie, “What the Bleep Do we Know.” I have read books on quantum mechanics and physics and am working to make sense of what I understand - oh and I am a Christian and follower of Jesus - there is so much depth of possibilities in the scriptures, I am only beginning to scratch the surface. In all of this, I find possibilities and what I believe is a greater understanding of truth. There is so much more than what we see on the surface-level. What is blocking our ability to achieve?

In 2016, I was introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became increasingly aware of the energy and power that awakened in me. In 2018, I took a course in NLP, Mental Emotional Release (MER), and Hypnotherapy. I became a Master Practitioner in each of those practices - and my world changed. I realized that the previous 10 years were more or less on “auto-pilot.” I had been going through the motions of living yet, not living MY STORY; it was as if I took the Red Pill and left “The Matrix.” I feel more alive, more aware of the possibilities, career-wise, my business doubled, and spiritually, I am gaining a deeper understanding of Life.

Previously, I had been following a “pattern” of life that no longer suited or served me and found that once I emptied out the roadblocks buried inside, my world exploded with possibilities and a new journey began.






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