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The RMF Racing - Project One Lap RSTi. RMF Motorsports is a grassroots tarmac racing team. A little about the car:

The car was initially purchased in 2010 with the intent of racing in the Rally America series.

All that changed in February 2012, when a complete 2006 STi donor car was acquired. With the help of a good friend, everything from the STi was transferred to the RS shell in during an 8 day vacation from work. Since then, and with the help of many more friends, the car has been transformed into a formidable tarmac demon,with the intent of competing in Brock Yates One Lap of America, and hillclimb events.


Here's some great photos and a fantastic article about Gridlife by Tara at Hagerty Classic Cars! There's some very good shots of the RSTi in there, pre-windowed motor.

Great #GRIDLIFE article from Hagerty Classic Cars The first paragraph gives us the feels. Thanks for the coverage. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2016/06/15/gridlife


Gridlife Time Attack - RMF Racing RSTi

Here's some on board footage from Gridlife Time Attack Practice/Qualifying on Friday! The video starts right at the end of the warm-up lap, when the S2000 spins off on turn 1. Enjoy!

Thompson Racing Fabrication, Understeer R&D, LoveFab, Girodisc


6/10/2016 Practice/Qualifying The clip starts when coming off of the warm up lap and starting the first timed laps.


Photo Credit: TurboTara's Automotive Photos


Gridlife Time Attack Recap:

Day one: We melted a power steering line just enough to cause fluid to drip onto the uppipe after a hard corner. Aside from that, the car was running really rich and ABS was not working. The PS leak got progressively worse and eventually blew back onto the flywheel and caused the clutch to slip in 3rd-6th gear under any load. The best lap time I could manage was a 1:45

Day two: We bypassed the PS pump to eliminate system pressure and help hopefully remedy the clutch slipping as well. The car was still running rich, but we were able to put down a few laps without the clutch slipping which was an improvement. Turned a 1:44 lap.

Day three: Clutch slipping a bit again, but overall the car was handling good, and the ambient temp was about 15 degrees lower than previous days, so I pushed it a bit. After about 3 full laps, rod #2 decided that this is America, and it wanted to be free too, exiting the block in spectacular smokey fashion.

Despite everything, I'd call the weekend a success. I turned out a 1:42 to set a PR at the track, and I got to spend the weekend with lots of old and new friends, and even my Canadian Subaru twin Brandon Cawker.

I want to thank my sponsors and everyone for the great support throughout the event, especially the entire Understeer R&D crew for helping get the car as squared away as possible and Todd Tortorelli for hauling my broken racecar home. Tara Turbo-Hurlin for the awesome on track pictures, and to everyone who stopped by to just say hi and check out the car, I hope you all enjoyed the fireballs! We will be back again, with more power and less F's to give!

LoveFab, Thompson Racing Fabrication, Girodisc.


Turns out you cant put the smoke back in the bottle. Regardless, we had a good time at Gridlife and will be back with a new setup next year!


Up at 3am, but we made it to Gridlife! Understeer R&D is doing an excellent job taking care of some vehicle setup. Attacking the time soon!

Thompson Racing Fabrication, LoveFab, Girodisc.


Out to Pauls Auto and RV for a last minute alignment. One step closer to the grid!

Understeer R&D, Thompson Racing Fabrication, LoveFab, Girodisc.


It's not everyday you get the chance to stitch and hack up a genuine Prodrive piece! The interior is now secured and ready to go as well. Just two more late nights before Gridlife!

Thompson Racing Fabrication, Understeer R&D, LoveFab, Girodisc.


Went for a drive to see our buddies at LoveFab for some IC pipe modification. Longest trip so far, no major issues!

Thompson Racing Fabrication, Understeer R&D, Girodisc.


Getting a few test miles in and sorting out all the little bits. I forgot how loud this car is.

Thompson Racing Fabrication, Understeer R&D, LoveFab, Girodisc.


It's a good feeling when the biggest thing left on the list is to trim a front fender. Thanks to Bryton Basch for coming out and lending a hand!

Thompson Racing Fabrication, Understeer R&D, LoveFab, Girodisc.


Windshield is in, LoveFab carbon rear window deletes secured, and rear lexan is ready for install. Engine bay is all buttoned up and ready to go. I'm going to run out of things to do before Gridlife!

Understeer R&D, Thompson Racing Fabrication, Girodisc, Azzurri Rally Sport.


Hovercar mode engaged! Whittling away at the to-do list, and hacking away at front the fenders. Windshield goes in tomorrow and she will be road worthy!

Thompson Racing Fabrication, LoveFab, Understeer R&D, Girodisc


Good news, she can still launch impressive fireballs. Also, now that the brake lines are plumbed again, I wont need to use the handbrake to slow down!

Be sure to stop by the Understeer R&D booth at Gridlife and check out the car while it cools off from some Time Attack fun!

Thompson Racing Fabrication, LoveFab, Girodisc, Azzurri Rally Sport.


A big thanks to Thompson Racing Fabrication for coming out on Memorial day to finish up the last bit of welding needed! Thats a few more things off the list for Gridlife prep!


The reverse hoodscoop may have worked a little bit, but it was overdue for improvement. FDF - Fallaise Design and Fabrication was happy to step up and design this glorious custom piece for the beast. That should extract all the heat nicely!


Ahhhh, so that's what goes in the engine bay!


Plumbing day in the RMF garage! Ran some braided lines to the steering rack so I can ditch the OEM lines that caused some interference issues. Fuel lines were also run to the engine bay. Took a break from that to bolt up the new steering wheel and quick release. Its been a productive day!


Our buddies over at LoveFab, Inc. just did some beautiful work on our fuel pump hanger! This should hold us over until we can jump to a dedicated fuel cell, and make for easy expansion of the fuel system. AN fittings on all the things!


Everything is coming together nicely and we should be firing her up next week! That gives us just shy of 100 days prep/testing before we shred some tires at Gingerman Raceway in the Gridlife Time Attack - Unlimited class! Hope to see you there!


I'm very excited to announce that I'll be jumping into the silly seat with Azzurri Rally Sport for the 2016 season! Glad to be a part of their team and share in the shenanigans at some amazing events!

***Azzurri Rally Sport News***

Drew Rosek will be co-driving for the 2016 Season.

We will open in S.C. at Sandblast Rally. Back onto the Tarmac in April for the Empire State Performance Rally. And to the U.P. of Michigan and the Magnum Opus Pro Rally in June.

The rest of the season will be TBD after that. But have some things planned.

Welcome Drew. Looking forward to the new year.

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The rear diffuser prototype is coming along well! After I bolt the side pieces on, I get to remove the exhaust and start cutting the car to make it all fit. Also, test fitting my carbon rear window deletes from LoveFab, Inc. this evening!


Since I'm waiting for some AN fittings to arrive, I decided to take some time to relax, clean up, and add some light to the Dungeon. All ready for tomorrow's project...


RSTi Engine Assembly

The heart of the beast is assembled and almost ready to spit some fireballs again! Enjoy this time lapse video of the process.


A beautiful shot from Mid Ohio Sportscar Course by Highland Design Studio.


RMF Racing


Favorite mod? "L" Roof. Sorry guys, not lexan ;)


A sneak peek of the RMF v1 rear diffuser design that I finished up last night. Time to get some plywood and mock up a prototype!


Some 2" nylon spacers is all it took to vent the front fenders. Some minor fender tweaking to do, but its already pretty close to how I want it.


The rest of the body parts found their way back onto the chassis tonight. I'd almost forgot what it looked like with doors, fenders, and headlights! Just tweaking some things so I can redo the front airdam, as last years design had problems with 120+mph wind.


Here's some pictures from the 76" Kognition Racing wing install for everyone to enjoy! I'll probably be sitting here in the garage for another hour or so, just staring at it.


Here's a peek at this weekends project. A big thanks to Kognition Racing for making this happen!


Another piece of the puzzle finds its home in the RSTi thanks to Thompson Racing Fabrication! Empire Hill Climb Revival is getting close, sign up to race now if you haven't already!


Timeserts in the block and fresh heads from Mr. Hoxie. I may have to put on some goggles and take her for a spin next weekend.


Mmm, carbon fiber from Affinity Aero. I can't wait to put these on!

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RSTi Engine Assembly




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