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re•lent•less: adj. 1. Unyielding in severity or strictness 2.Steady and persistent 3.never-ceasing Relentless Rally Team is a very grassroots based, out of our garage rally team that is a childhood dream come true for a northern Michigan college student.

I have been a autosports enthusiast as a child and was drawn to rally after I drove my first Subaru. After spectating national and regional Rally America events for years I was given the chance to participate deeper in the sport while helping with Matthew Markers's Open Class WRX build and crewing for the 2011 national season. I learned a lot from these experiences and it made me realize how achievable these childhood dreams really could be. After Matt's tragic passing during the 2011 Olympus Rally in Washington I continued to crew and help build a car for a fellow crew member of Matt's, Sam Ka**ak. Crewing for Rally Team Ka**ak with the inspiration from Matt still in the back of my mind I decided there was no better time to make it happen then now. A lot of things fell into place and with the help of close crew and friends we built a open light Subaru Impreza to be a regional competitor in the Rally America series. A lot of time and work was put into this dream and I couldn't be more excited about what we have accomplished. Couldn't have done it without the help and support of many friends and family. Thanks to Sam and Rachelle Ka**ak, Grant Hoxie, Cody Loveland, The Marker Family, and my parents Mike and Jennifer Helferich. Car: 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
Fabshop (Cage) : Loveland Fabrications, Traverse City MI

Sponsors: Bay Bread Company, Traverse City MI
Brian's Garage , Rapid City MI

Interested in helping? Or have questions about rally?Want to get involved? Contact me personally! One of our goals is to get people interested in Rally to experience it!


Been a while since an update,so here it is! Covid canceled every event we had planned for 2020. We sold the Subaru Open Light car recently and will be focusing on getting the BMW ready for stage rally as well as some more pavement events and shenanigans. Also picked up a nice enclosed trailer for racing duties! See you all in 2021 with more v8 noises! Merry Christmas from Relentless Rally Team!!


Great clip from Jeff Robenolt of us hammering through the rough at Arvon spectator point.


Home from a great weekend at Lake Superior Performance rally 2019! The crew, car, and co-driver performed flawlessly. Took some stage time to shake the cobwebs off after not being on stage in a while but once we got in the groove we were able to end up 6th overall regionally and just shy of podium in 4th place in class. Such a great event with awesome stages!


About to start day 2. Some rain and jumps in the forecast!


Day 1 LSPR 2019 finished. Kept it on the road and clean all night. Car is doing well and the roads were great. Lots of cars off or broken. Late night! Let's see if we can do the same tomorrow!


Car passed tech inspection and recce is completed. Going to be a great event as always, weather and roads are looking great!


We are ready for those beautiful U.P. rally stages in just over a week! LSPR time!


Passed tech last night and almost ready to line up at the hill today! Gonna be a good day!


All that work coming together!


Been slacking on keeping the page updated but we have been hard at work getting the LS powered BMW running for Empire Hill Climb on September 14th. Getting close! Then we will be preparing for Lake Superior Performance Rally in October with the Impreza! Stay tuned for the shenanigans!


Come see us at Mud Sweat & Beers 2019 tomorrow where we will be hanging out with our sponsors Dave's Garage handing out some swag and enjoying the beer!


Great Big Story

I get asked all the time, why do you have someone in the car with you? What are you guys talking about? Here you go, this is what Drake Dunigan is doing in there. I have the fun part, he gets to make sure we stay on the road.

Rally car racing has its own language. No, we don't mean slang terms or professional jargon -- there's an actual shorthand language spoken between the driver and co-driver to communicate the hairpin twists and turns of the unpaved track. While it might sound like gibberish, the calls are what keep the team confident and safely on course.


BMW wasn't quite ready for Empire Hill Climb this year so we broke out the ol gravel machine gun to have some fun today! Come out and enjoy a great event! 08/17/2018

Summer Sno*Drift Rally: No Recce, No Notes, No Problem [Gallery]

Great coverage of Summer SnoDrift in Driving Line by Tara Turbo-Hurlin! Thanks for the great photos! Even though the snow is gone, the racing is as frenetic as ever.


Dylan Helferich & Drake Dunigan #267 @ Summer Sno Drift Rally Race

Some great footage!

Dylan Helferich & Drake Dunigan tearing it up at the Summer Sno Drift rally race event held in Michigan, more from the event soon! ~ TEAM YOUTUBE: https://ww...


We were setting some good times in the afternoon until one of our coilovers decided to no longer be connected to the top hat. We pushed through and still got to the finish 5th in class and 16th overall. Had a great time and tried to still give the fans some good action!


Boomeranged a rear lateral link on the first stage. Threw the alignment way off and made the car a handful but we finished up the first set of stages. Persuaded the link back straight and will be all set for the final stages. Hammer down!!


Great day for hay boys. Summer SnoDrift 2018 here we come!


Doing some more re-prep on the Subaru after our off at Southern Ohio. Almost ready to throw some gravel again at Summer SnoDrift in a couple weeks! Just gonna Send IT!!!


Huge shout out to Thompson Racing Fabrication for the top notch work on the BMW cage. Got it back today and it's perfect. Can't wait to get working on getting this beast ready for some competition. Empire Hill Climb will be here in no time.


With a little tweaking and a few parts replaced we got the racecar back to roadworthy today. Couple months before Summer SnoDrift, we have some redemption to take there.


Day ended a little early today. Stage 20. Roads got slippy and we slid through a corner into one of these gnarly ditches which sent us airborne into some concrete. Car is repairable and we are both fine. Any day of racing is a good day! See if we can tame it next year.


First section done at day 2 of SOFR. Car is feeling good. Lots of cars off in the first couple stages. Still keeping it between the ditches. About to head out for the second section.


First 8 stages finished. Roads are smooth and fast. Kept the car mostly on the road. Still in one piece! 6 more stages to finish up the day!


Park Expose day 1. About to do some shredding!


Recce complete and Car passed tech inspection. All that's left to do is haul ass! Roads look technical and awesome. Will definitely have to keep it tidy to make it through the weekend.


It is beautiful out here. Recce in the AM. Can't wait to get on the stages!


Southern Ohio Forest Rally here we come!


Yeah buddy! Can't wait to throw some gravel!

1 MONTH!!!
Final Preparations are being made to bring you another great rally event here in Southern Ohio. The excitement is building day by day!


Been busy since last years Summer SnoDrift when we blew the engine. The Subaru has a new heart and is just about ready for our next event, Southern Ohio Forest Rally. Also, we started a new build! LS swapped BMW for some G5 shennanigans as well as some drifting and hill climbs!


Summer SnoDrift 2017 Highlights - Helferich/Dunigan

In case you didn't have time to watch through all of our in car footage from Summer SnoDrift 2017, I threw together a highlight reel. Some sketchy moments, fast sections, and technical parts of this great event. Enjoy! (Darth Vader is in the woods at the 6:59 mark)


Relentless Rally Team Summer SnoDrift 2017 SS8 Letting the Smoke Out

In car footage from the final stage of Summer SnoDrift 2017. When the engine decided it had enough.

This video documents the final stage for one of the greatest Subaru motors ever created. After 5 years of constant abuse, countless minutes/hours of rev limi...


Relentless Rally Team Summer SnoDrift 2017 SS4

Full in car footage from SS4. Guest appearance from BK989 team. Go for a ride with us!

Relentless Rally Team, Helferich/Dunigan #267, 2000 Subaru Impreza. Summer SnoDrift 2017, Rally America. Special Stage 4


Carnage!!! Performed autopsy on the engine tonight and here are the findings. In car footage will be up soon including the engines rev limiter induced viking funeral. Pour some out for the fallen 2.5, she served us well.


Relentless Rally Team's cover photo

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Summer SnoDrift 2017 Highlights - Helferich/Dunigan
Summer SnoDrift 2017 SS3
Summer SnoDrift SS2
Summer Snodrift 2017 SS8 Pre-engine detonation
Summer Snodrift 2017 SS4
Summer SnoDrift Testing




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