Health Coaching with Ray Messina

educate, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behavior choices that support optimal well-being.

Helping you create the best version of yourself.

Primal Blueprint Action Item # 5 Slow Life Down. When you take the time to pump the brakes of life and enjoy nature, you’re never sure who will stop by and say hello. I had to edit this clip down so I could post it, but this turtle swam quite the distance to check us out. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalhealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalhealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

Great day to be outside! #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalhealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

Grilled double cut pork chop with a Cajun spice rub and grilled vegetable kabob with pesto. How good is this way of life! Eat great food, exercise in a way that does not require endless hours in a gym and enjoy the best health ever!#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

The importance of strengthening your neck and a simple exercise to get you started. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

#marksdailyapple #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #raymessinahealthcoaching

Taking the backbone out of a chicken, essentially butterflying it, is a great way to prepare it for the grill. Both sides can be seasoned and the skin comes out really crispy. 30 minutes on each side over medium or indirect heat is all it takes. #primalblueprinthealthcoach #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

A nice guacamole burger over salad and homemade Thousand Island dressing to kick off summer! #raymessinahealthcoaching #marksdailyapple #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

A great day for some low and slow ribs and coleslaw #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

When it comes to your health and overall well being don’t run with the herd. If you are not getting the results you want consider an expert in the field. 20 minutes twice a week may sound crazy but in the hands of a certified professional is all you need. Eating meat, chicken with the skin on it, whole eggs, vegetables with butter and salad with dressing not too long ago were all considered bad for you. Science, medicine and results all say different. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

Unfortunately this is so very true. When I became asthmatic about 17 years ago from my diet I was fortunate to learn about the connection between food sensitivities and autoimmune disease. At my sickest I was on 6 different medications and was ill all the time. I have been asthma free for 17 years now and my health has never been better. It’s great when I see the same results in my clients. Loosing weight, building lean muscles mass and enhancing my clients overall health in an effective and time sparing manner is my primary focus. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

Pulled pork refried to make it crispy over chopped salad with thousand island dressing and topped with a sunny side egg. I highly recommend getting a pressure cooker if you don’t have one yet. The pulled pork only took 90 minutes. #raymessinahealthcoaching #marksdailyapple #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint

Fasting boosts metabolism and fights aging A new study touting the benefits of intermittent fasting. Many people that want to experience the benefits of IF (intermittent fasting), do so without the proper preparation. There are also people that engage in IF the wrong way. Working with a health coach that knows how to prepare properly and engage with expertise is crucial. A one-size-fits-all approach to IF is the wrong way of going about it. Knowing my clients and suggesting what works for them specifically is the best approach. If done properly, IF can be done effortlessly and the client can reap the many rewards.
#healthcoachingwithraymessina #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple A new study measures metabolic changes associated with fasting. The authors conclude that caloric restriction enhances metabolism and could slow aging.

The picture doesn’t do this one justice. Spicy Cream Shrimp. Season one pound of shrimp with a little cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper. When the shrimp are cooked toss with 1/4 cup of mayonnaise mixed with 1 heaping tablespoon of chili paste. If you are looking for a change of pace give this one a try. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #marksdailyapple

Salsa Chicken Bowl For The Pressure Cooker #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalmovement #primalblueprinthealthcoach #marksdailyapple

Simple but delicious. Oven roasted chicken, kielbasa, string beans and tomato salad.
#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

What keeps you motivated? What keeps you going when the challenges seem so great?
#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

If you’re in the mood for bacon, lettuce and tomato then this is the recipe for you. Quick and easy with the addition of chicken and avocado
#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalhealthcoach #marksdailyapple

Carrots with jalapeño pepper.
Not your average cooked carrots. We added a jalapeño pepper sliced, seeds and all, to approximately two pounds of cut up carrots. Two minutes in the pressure cooker with one cup of water. We drained them and then dressed the carrots with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Definitely a new twist worth trying if you like some heat!
#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

At the base of the Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid is “Move Frequently At A Slow Pace.” Housekeeping should be included in those activities. I spent 2 hours on my hands and knees doing the hardwood floors in our house and got a great full body workout in the process. No Gym Membership Required! Not to mention a genuine sense of satisfaction. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

A great 5 minute pressure cooker recipe. Shrimp, asparagus and riced cauliflower.
#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

When we roast something in the oven we try to cook more than one thing so that we have plenty of leftovers. Roast chicken, kielbasa, hot Italian sausage. Sautéed kale with onion and steamed broccoli with butter. For the veggie’s we used the pressure cooker. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprinthealthcoach #primalblueprint #marksdailyapple

Braised pot roast and veggies. 3 hours at 325 degrees F. Super tasty and tender. Perfect for this time of year. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #marksdailyapple

Primal Blueprint Action Item #5 Slow Life Down. One of my favorite activities for relaxation is the infrared sauna. Hope Floats Long Island in Williston Park is where I like to go. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend going. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #marksdailyapple

Slow roasted pork belly. Simple, easy and very tasty.
#primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #raymessinahealthcoaching

Happy and Healthy 2019! Looking forward with excitement to the New Year! Thank you for all your support!#primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #raymessinahealthcoaching

Building on last weeks burger idea; cheddar bacon burger with fried onions, guacamole and a fried egg over chopped salad and homemade thousand island dressing #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #raymessinahealthcoaching A great way to end the year! Happy And Healthy 2019!

Braised short ribs with oven roasted veggies #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #raymessinahealthcoaching

Burger over chopped salad with blue cheese dressing and guacamole. Quick and easy to make and so delicious. What a great way to live and eat! #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #raymessinahealthcoaching

#raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

Roast Chicken, Hot and Sweet Italian Sausages, Slow Cooker Mixed Vegetables and Low Carb Shortbread Cookies. Making a large amount of mixed vegetables can sometimes be a hassle but utilizing the slow cooker function on my pressure cooker made it a breeze. I usually don’t bother with desert but it’s the holiday season and these were very good. #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #marksdailyapple

In “Body By Science” by Doug McGuff and John Little Health is defined “A physiological state in which there is an absence of disease or pathology and that maintains the necessary biologic balance between the catabolic and anabolic states. “Fitness: The bodily state of being physiologically capable of handling challenges that exist above a resting threshold of activity.”
“Exercise: A specific activity that stimulates a positive physiological adaptation that serves to enhance fitness and health and does not undermine the latter in the process of enhancing the former.”

As a Certified Primal Health Coach my concern for my clients is to facilitate positive changes in health and well being thus increasing overall fitness. Fitness comes as a by product of proper exercise and nutrition and not the other way around. Exercise is to be treated like medicine to be given in specific and correct doses with science, logic and reason. Nutrition therefore is that gateway between breaking down (catabolic) and building up (anabolic). Without proper nutrition even the best exercise methodology will be for nought!

Seeking out the services of a certified health coach is an investment that pays measurable and immeasurable dividends, well worth the investment.
#healthcoachingwithraymessina #raymessinahealth #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

Sausage, Cauliflower and Baby Kale Made In Pressure Cooker #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

It’s cold here in New York. Perfect for a bowl of soup that’s spicy, warm and filling #raymessinahealth #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach #marksdailyapple

Roasted chicken, hot and sweet sausage, “burnt” broccoli and onions. All cooked in the oven to save time and an easy clean up #healthcoachingwithraymessina #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

Liz making light work of the dips #healthcoachingwithraymessina #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

Our dog insists on getting up early with me and literally sitting on my lap not letting me read anything until she gets the attention she is demanding. I guess that’s why sh*tzu’s are called lap dogs. Tomorrow marks 14 years since she became part of our family. I’m not practicing a rear naked choke but just giving her, her morning hug. Owning a dog has many health benefits and if you can I highly recommend taking in a dog or cat or any pet that will become a loved family member. #healthcoachingwithraymessina #primalblueprint

Health Coaching with Ray Messina

working hard! #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

working the deep squat #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

Working the chin up #raymessinahealthcoaching #primalblueprint #primalblueprinthealthcoach

What better gift than the gift of health. If you have someone in your life that needs the extra push to get them started then a gift certificate is just the way to go. Perfect for the holiday season.

Developing a systematic progressive resistance program depends upon the expertise of the health coach. Exercise training is an adaptive process. The body will adapt to the stress of exercise with increased fitness if the stress is above minimum threshold intensity, which will achieve maximum effectiveness, in the adaptation of muscle to stress and conditioning. Overall a health coach can help any willing individual reduce weight and fat while increasing lean muscle mass. Most importantly, it can fight against disease. It is a training program like no other. #raymessinahealth #primalblueprint #primalhealthcoach

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