Elkwood Campground

Elkwood Campground


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Another great year at Elkwood. Thanks for all you do Kelly and Tony
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Elkwood Campground... We hope to return this summer! Will you be open?
Do you know when you will be open?
Thank you so much to anyone who has donated or shared what we are doing for Elkwood Campground! If you don't know what I'm talking about, catch up with a few words from my brother written earlier in the week:
(NOTE: We will be taking donations until May 22nd, but will continue having the Elkwood Store up as a way to support after that date!)

I know not everyone is in a position to help small businesses right now or, if you are, you may have your own or those close to you that you are helping support. With that being said, I appreciate you taking the time to read:

Over the last few years my dad and stepmom have been dedicating their lives to renovating Elkwood Campground in northern Michigan. During this time, they have created a space where an amazing community of seasonal campers, families, friends, and groups from all over come to relax, adventure, and simply enjoy time with those they love. Impacts of COVID have been harsh on these seasonal businesses, especially ones in the north that have a limited window during which to make the $$ needed to last them all year. Couple the seasonal aspect with being located in one of the hardest hit states in the country and, as with many, the future is all but certain.

With that being said, please consider helping if you can...be it by sharing the message or passing along the cost of one of the many 🍻 with friends we’ve missed this spring.
I still give you the best recommendations hope we make it back again this year . It was so good seeing you both a couple months ago.
Just booked our trip , I’m excited to come back we used to come there every year but haven’t come in a few years , looking forward to coming up 😁
Hello, are you going to be open May 4-6 , 2019?
Just wanted to thank Tony and Kelly for the great hospitality and one of the best ever campgrounds we have stayed at !!!! It was great seeing both of you and we are looking forward to seeing you again next season ! Best of luck on your new projects !! Larry & Robin.
This was our first time ever at this camp ground and... we loved it!!! We will be back again for sure. It was defiantly worth the 3 hour trip here. Thanks Kelly and Tony for the hospitality!

Elkwood Campground provides a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing you closer to nature than any other campground the area. A true nature lover's campground

Welcome to Elkwood Campground! Here at Elkwood, we provide a truly a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing you closer to nature than any other campground in the area—a true nature lover’s campground! Come explore our gorgeous hiking trails and catch a glimpse of elk, deer, and wild turkey as they wander through the campground. Birdwatchers, we have you covered as well: Elkwood is home to Sandhill Cra

Operating as usual


Hi all, Nicole here again! Just an update on the fundraiser:

Due to restrictions slowly starting to ease, we are only taking donations until this Friday, the 22nd, rather than through June. There is less of a need to continue raising funds when we are able to get back to a (new) normal for the remainder of the season. The already donated funds and what we are able to pull in this week (we're halfway to our goal!) will help a great deal in allowing Tony & Kelley to recoup lost revenue from April and May due to closures.

After that, we will keep the Elkwood Store up (more Elkwood items, along with metal and wood home goods from a local artisan have been added) as another way to support where we can offer something in return.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has donated or purchased something. It means the world. Though we weren't able to welcome you in early spring, this has helped put us in a good position to welcome you whenever you want to join us again. ♡


elkwoodcampground.com 02/27/2019

Welcome to Elkwood Campground, a nature lover's retreat! - Elkwood Campground in Northern Michigan

Hey Winter, you can go away anytime soon:) We are so looking forward to Spring!

Hello to all of our Family, Friends and Fellow Campers!

We have some great news, Tony has a new kidney and is recovering very well:) Thanks to his brother Tom, who is also doing very well:) We would like to take this time to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Tom, Debbie and their family for all the love and support through the whole thing. We love you guys and owe you the world! Thanks to all of our family and friends for the love and support also. It is so nice having you all in our lives and we love you.

Next, our daughter Nicole has created a new website for Elkwood Campground and it is awesome! We are now at www.elkwoodcampground.com. Please make sure to check out all of our new rates and information as some of it has changed or increased a small amount for the upcoming season. We also have a new email address, so please update your contact information for us to [email protected].

Thanks for camping with us. We love you all and can't wait for our 6th season to start!

Kelley and Tony

elkwoodcampground.com We offer a quiet and simple place to stay for campers who want something a little off the beaten path. We are minutes away from the Sturgeon River, Pigeon River Country, and elk viewing areas.


Well Tony’s surgery was canceled due to the generator being down😩. It has been rescheduled for next Thursday so we are being discharged.....


Merry Christmas everybody! May your Christmas be as blessed as ours


Happy Holidays to all our friends and family!

We can't wait for Spring!




Only $19.99 for White Feather Hosta (3-Pk.)!


Hello to all our friends and family (campers:))

It has been along time since I have posted anything and I am so sorry;( We hope all is well with everyone and you are all enjoying this winter!!

It has been a very different winter for Tony and I. Driving school bus has kept us busy most of the winter. We lost Tony's dad and that was very sad.

But for the most we are making a few changes to the campground. We have added a few sites, changed a few sites, giving the office a new redo inside!!! The outside will get done this spring-summer. We are planning on adding one of the large bathrooms to the women's side of the bathhouse this spring, also.

We are looking forward to Spring and seeing everyone again for our 4th season here at Elkwood Campground!! We are still loving every minute of running the campground and look forward to many more.......

We are already booking up for the 2017 season and hoping that is as great as 2016 was;)

Thank you all so much for camping with us and telling all your friends and families.

P.S. We love seeing everyone and meeting new campers!!!

See you all soon,
Tony and Kelley


A word from Tony and Myself................

Thanks to each and everyone of you that has camped with us! This year has been a great year for us, the campground was full for about 1/2 of this season and it is a wonderful feeling:) It is so great to see all the campers when we come over the hill!!!

Thank You to all of the family reunions we have had and that continue to come back every year. It is nice getting to know you and your kids, and their kids and hopefully their kids;)

To all of our regular campers, we love it every time you come back and that you are bringing other campers with you... just saying!

To our Seasonal's....... We are up to 23, two more coming in this fall and we have a waiting list. We appreciate all of you more than you know and all the things that you do for us!! You all feel like one big family and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We love you guys;) (we love all our campers)!

We have been very busy this year so we apologize if we have not had the time that we normally do to visit. We could not have brought Elkwood Campground back to be the campground the way it is now without all of you! I know I am babbling on, but we sincerely do appreciate all of you.

Don't forget the Elk will be bugling mid to end of September and the color up here is so beautiful during color change. Reserve your spots now, they are going fast!!

Smiles and Hugs...
Tony and Kelley


Wow, it is the middle of July already!

4th of July weekend was our best weekend ever since we have owned Elkwood Campground! We didn't have a site left:) Thanks to all of you who camped with us and made this a very special week/weekend!! We cannot Thank you all enough for coming back and making Elkwood Campground a success:) Tony and I are so grateful for all of you!

Our weeks are filling up fast all the way through August. Don't forget September is the month to listen to the Elk bugle and maybe even see one, two or more right in the campground!

Happy Camping!

Thanks again:) Tony and Kelley


Tony and I would like to say "Thank You!" to everyone for coming and celebrating Memorial Day with us! We were full for the first time and we have you all to Thank for it:) All of our campers are like family to us and we enjoy each and everyone of you so much!

We are filling us fast for 4th of July, we have 6 water and electric sites left and 2 full hookup sites. Reserve now, the sites are going fast!

Thanks for camping with us!

Kelley and Tony


The water is on! Camping season has begun and we can't wait to see everyone!! We would like to send a big Thank You out to Jeff and Mary Miller. They came for 4 days and helped us clean up from winter and it was awesome!! Thanks again Jeff and Mary!!


Elkwood Campground's cover photo


Camping season is just around the corner, YEA!! Tony and myself cannot wait to see everyone again!!

We are going into our 3rd season and would like to thank everyone for camping with us. Those of you who said you would never come back and did, that is the best compliment you could give us!

We started our 1st year with 2 seasonal and this year we are going into our 3rd camping season with 15+:) We have several reservations for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor day already. We have campers booking for weeks at a time and are looking forward to meeting all of you!

We cannot Thank Each and Everyone of you enough for camping with us and making Elkwood Campground a peaceful and enjoyable camping experience for Family and Friends!!

Well, as I said, Camping Season is just around the corner. Tony and I have lots to do to get the campground ready for this season.

Cheers to Happy Camping! See you all soon:)
Kelley and Tony


Thanks everyone for the wonderful Labor Day Week/Weekend!! We had a great group of campers and would like to thank you all for coming and camping with us for the last big hoorah of the season. We hope all the kids enjoy their first day back to school and to those who had to go back last week, we hope you all had a great week!

ELK SEASON....... We took a golf cart ride on the nature trail today and seen soooo many Elk tracks. Bigggg ones, medium and small!! They are starting to travel and have been bugling, also:)

COLOR CHANGE....... The trees are starting to turn color a little bit and some are starting to lose their leaves already.

GOOD NEWS....... We are going to try staying open this year for hunters and snowmobiling . The water will have to be turned off but the electricity will be on and we are putting are heads together, we think we have come up with a way so we can have 2 bathrooms open with showers:) We will be keep the campground plowed out.

Thanks again to all of our campers, family and friends for camping with us this season. Our second one and we have loved every minute of it!

Tony and Kelley


Tony and I would like to shout out "THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR CAMPING WITH US" This season has given us the incentive to do 110% better next season;)

We actually have only 2 sites left for Labor Day! This means a lot to us and we can't thank all of you for camping with us enough!! I know we still have 2 1/2 or more months of camping time left and I personally can't wait to hear the Elk Bugle and see the color change. We love it here and Thank you all again and again for making this happen for us!!

Thanks for camping with us!
Tony and Kelley


Hi Family and Friends! I know I haven't posted anything on face book for a while now. Tony and I have been very busy this spring. We added a cabin, almost have the bath house painted. The women's bath room has been updated, men's will be done this fall. The weather prolonged the opening of the pool, but Tony has worked hard to get it up and running and it looks Amazing! Swimming is a go! Lots more updates to come.

On the other hand, We had a great May thanks to our Mushroomers and Memorial Day campers:) 4th of July is looking great, we have a few more sites available if anyone is thinking of last minute camping! We have met many new campers this year and hope to meet many more..... We have 7 seasonal campers this year and hopefully 2 or 3 more coming in this season!!

We would like to Thank all of our family and friends (campers) who have helped spread the word that we are here!!!

We always enjoy seeing you all pull in and visiting with you:)

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!
Kelley and Tony


Hi Everyone!

Tony and I are working hard to get the campground ready for our 2nd season! We are excited to see all of our family and friends from last year and welcome all of you new campers this year. We have a few new addition to the campground. We now have 2 campers for rent and a new cabin. We have made a few improvements to the campground this spring and plan to make more as we go through this season.

We are getting lots of bookings already for this season, don't wait to make your reservations for your favorite site/s before they are taken:) We are so excited for this season to start. Looking forward to seeing all!

Check out our new web site at elkwoodcamp.com

See you soon,
Kelley and Tony


Happy New Year Everyone! Only 4 more months till camping season, Yea!!! :) See you all then soon!


Tony and I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is pretty lonely here at the Campground without all of you campers!! We are anxiously waiting for Spring. Have a wonderful winter, stay warm and see you all next year!! Thanks to all of you, we had a great 2014 hopefully an even better 2015:)


Just an update.... I had to go to Gaylord today and let me tell you, the view was so awesome that I wanted to pull over to the side of the road and just stare at the colors!! It is not quite in it's peak, but it is darn close. The view is breath taking!!! Many hills and valley's just filled with reds, oranges, yellows, purples and many different kinds of pine trees mixed in with all the colors, just spectacular!! Camper or non-camper, you will love the view:) The campground is also at its best viewing with the color. Also, there is a deer with triplets visiting us and two others!


It is a beautiful week/weekend at Elkwood Campground. The colors in the campground are beautiful and the Elk are bugling at night and in the mornings! Last night Tony and I heard at least 5 bulls bugling at one another and they were so close it sounded like they were right in the campground. The deer are gracefully eating all the acorns in the campground and the Jaks (young male turkeys) are walking around like they own it:) What a beautiful time of year to sit around a campfire and enjoy all of the nature the campground has to offer! Tony and I believe that next weekend the trees will be in peak color. So breathtaking!!! Come and see for yourself;)


The Elk are Bugling like crazy!!


We were sitting around a campfire last night enjoying a few of our campers last night with us and we heard the first Elk bugle!! It was really neat. I have never heard this before and it was cool:) I can't wait to hear it when they all start to bugle!


We would like to say Thank You to all of our campers this weekend!! The weekend started off kinda bad, but we actually have a great turn out so far. We just golf carted through the camp ground and it was perfect! The smell of camp fires, all the kids were having a great time with their flashlights and it looked like everyone was having a relaxing time sitting around their camp fires :) Such a wonderful feeling!!! Happy Labor Day Weekend:)


We are having a wonderful 1st year. We have met so many fantastic people and thank each and everyone of you for making our 1st season a great one, so far. We are booking up fast for Labor Day for all you last minute campers:) We have a few sites left, give us a call!!


Campground pictures taken on Fathers Day


This week we have Tony's brother, Tom and his family camping with us! We have blueberries growing in our nature trails and Brayden, Allison and Colin went to pick some for their pancakes the next morning for breakfast. Well........... the blueberries must have been pretty good because when they returned most of the blueberries were gone. They went to visit St. Ignace the next day and when they returned there was a note from "The Blueberry Fairy" and a load of blueberries so they could have their blueberry pancakes! Their faces were priceless!! So Allison drew a picture of The Blueberry Fairy and they all said Thank you! These are the precious moments we get to share at Elkwood Campground:)


Here are some pic's from our May campers. May is for mushrooming!


We had a great 4th of July weekend! Great people, good fire works and lots of fun!! Many of our campers enjoyed the pool, sitting by the fire, riding the trials in the campground and the ones just down the road, the rec room and many other activities. Ice cream was a big hit this weekend:) Many thanks to everyone who came to camp with us!! Hope to see you all again, soon...........


Getting ready for 4th of July weekend! Lots of improvements and lots more to come. Booking up fast. Don't wait to come and camp with us at Elkwood Campground! Pool is open!!


Well we had a great holiday weekend with many wonderful campers. Some of them repeat campers and some of them new! Everyone seemed to have a great time and all of them said they would be back!! That is the best compliment ever:) Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you all again.


The weather is finally starting to be nice. Office is painted, picnic tables are being repaired and painted, fire pits getting cleaned out, got 8 loads of stone for the sites and driveway, 2 loads of boulders, ice is in the ice box ready for campers. Bring on Memorial weekend. We are ready!! Come and camp with us. We like happy campers!!


We were sorry to see you go, Brian!! Hope all goes well with your travels and job:) You will be missed.

For those of you who are reading this, Brian pulled out of the camp ground yesterday morning and he will be missed. He is a great guy and one we are glad we had the opportunity to meet. We have many other campers that are die hard mush roomer's:) There is a group here now that have had good success on their hunts. They have invited us to join them for wild rice and mushroom soup tomorrow night, Yummmmmmmm. Can't wait. I think I will take them all some frosted brownies for dessert!


Thanks to everyone who liked Elkwood Campground's page on Facebook. We just bought the campground in November and we had a real hard winter, that being the reason we have no pictures. But, they will be coming soon. We would like to post before and after pictures. Lots of work to do to get it up and running for all of the camper's coming in May!!! I promise, pictures will be coming:) Come and camp with us at Elkwood Campground where camping is done right!




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