Zanesville Lion's Club

Zanesville Lion's Club


The Zanesville Lions club tries to keep up a nice park and ball diamond and fitness center..... It has come to our attention that today there were two girls riding horses and they rode the horses into the pavilion and they let them go to the bathroom.... That wouldn't have been such an issue but they left the mess inside the pavilion.... They need to clean it up..... We have a person who saw them can identify them they were on to chestnut colored horses. The police have been notified.... So if they would like to private message me to go up and clean it up that would be nice..... The park is for the public but this is totally unacceptable. If anyone knows who they are please let us know . They do ride around town often
The Zanesville Lions club Park is for the community we try to keep it clean....and kept up for all the community to enjoy a lot of people volunteer their time to help to do this but today there were two girls who were riding horses at the park . they took their horses up into the pavilion and proceeded to let the horses go to the bathroom on the concrete in the pavilion.. so now there are about four piles in the pavilion.. would have been very nice if they would have cleaned up after themselves so now... we have an eye witness that saw these girls they were riding to chestnut color horses and the police will be contacted so if you would like to admit who you are and go clean it up that would be wonderful.... if anybody happens to know who these girls are you can private message me or any Lions club member so we can get in contact with them. sometimes there are people who spoil the good things for everybody else... We would appreciate any information and these girls do ride around town pretty often this makes no sense that they would let their horses do that without cleaning it up
Thank you Zanesville for inviting Miss Wells County Sarah Jones to serve as your Grand Marshall. Nice way to spend a beautiful morning.
Kat will be representing Justjewelry + JJ Boutique at Zanesville United Methodist Church along with the Lions Club Car Show. Kat will be doing a fundraiser to help raise monies for the Lions Club Comm. Park. This is a christian company based out of Ohio. The company is very giving and gives back to numerous non profit organizations. The latest and continued fight against is "HUMAN TRAFFICKING". Kat will have a cash and carry table of jewelry and some boutique items. And Kat also accepts checks. Kat's theme is "CHRISTMAS IN JULY". Five months away. See you all here.
Is there a Zanesville community board or Facebook where I could post asking for services in this area . For a house and dog sitter for a couple of days while I am
Out of town.
Is there a local Facebook or information board for Zanesville I can post on looking for a house and dog sitter for a couple of days for a fu weak. I am new here.
Kat will be at the Lion's Club Car Show at Zanesville United Methodist Church on Sat. representing Justjewelry + JJ Boutique. It is a christian company based out of Ohio. The company is very giving & gives back to numerous non profit organizations. The latest one & continued fight against is for: "HUMAN TRAFFICKING". This will be a fundraiser for the Lion's Club! All month my theme has been: "CHRISTMAS IN JULY"! See you all here!
What hours does the Craft Show run?

Zanesville Lions Club - Dues: $60 or $90 for a couple. Paid Semi-Annually or Quarterly Location: Zanesville, IN is located on Indianapolis/Marzane Road 3 miles south of I-469 Exit 2...7 Miles north of Markle

Operating as usual


Car Show Weekend Saturday, July 30th Entry Form!


Time for the Annual 5K & Fun Run!! Saturday, May 28th! 🏃‍♂️🏃🏼🏃‍♀️👟



We need to clear up lies that are being passed around about the Zanesville Lion's Club COMMUNITY Park at 3088 W Van Horn St.

- NO ONE is turned away from the park unless they are found ABUSING THE PROPERTY!!

- The property is owned and operated by the Zanesville Indiana Lions Club, which includes the Ball Diamond and all areas of recreation.



we have been having a couple problems at the Lions club someone has decided to break into our building they tore the sinks apart in the bathrooms they went to the bathroom in the bathroom they painted the walls they ripped a bunch of other stuff out of the rooms if anybody has any information on someone that has been doing this we would sure like to know..... it is going to be turned into the police and if the police find people charges will be brought also we have a dumpster at the Lions club and it belongs to the Lions club it seems like everybody thinks that they can put their trash in it it also is illegal to put trash in a private dumpster....


Zanesville Lion’s Club
2022 - Upcoming Events

April 16th - Saturday 1:00-3:00pm
Easter Egg Hunt & Games

May 28th - Saturday 8:00am
5K Race
@Tower Life Center

June - Ballgames/Concession Begins

July 30th - Saturday 8:00-4:00pm
Lion’s Club Summer Festival
- Car Show @TLC
- Games @ Ballpark all day
- Dan’s Fish Fry 11:00-4:00pm
- Community Garage Sales
If you’re interested in helping with the Festival in any capacity please call 260-638-4327

October 24th or 29th Date TBD
- Community Halloween Party w/Costume Judging

December 19th - Monday
- Community Christmas Party 6:00-8:00pm
- Light Contest Judging 8:00-10:00pm @Clubhouse

Photos from Zanesville Lion's Club's post 02/12/2022

Fundraiser——-Support for the Lions Club and ballpark



Dues: $60 a year individually or $90 for a couple. Dues can be paid Semi-Annually or Quarterly!

With your membership you get free use of the clubhouse and pavilion!


The Lions Club is also selling a Pizza Hut Punch Card $10, thru 2022! Proceeds go to the Zanesville Lion's Club

Also selling a McDonalds Coupon Book $5, a value of $60 thru 2022.
Proceeds: $.50 to the Ronald McDonald House and $4.50 to the Zanesville Lion’s Club

Proceeds for the Zanesville Lion’s Club for property upkeep.

Great for birthday gifts, graduation and a thinking of you!

Both are honored at most Ft Wayne Locations and surrounding areas.

They can be purchased by contacting Melba at 260.638.4327 or any other Lion’s Club Member!

Photos from Zanesville Lion's Club's post 01/28/2022

The Lions Club are selling Apple Dumplings all this year 2022. To make arrangements for pick up by calling Melba at 260.638.4327 and leave a message!


Monday, December 13
Zanesville Lion's Club
6:00pm - 8:00 pm

All ages are welcome!

Serving Hot Dogs, chips and cheese, Chili, Cookies and cold drinks while guests play bingo for prizes!

Also get your picture taken with Santa and get a treat!

Apple Dumplings will be available for sale as well to fund the lighting contest!


Zanesville Lions Club Lighting Contest


The Zanesville Lions club now has apple dumplings for sale $2 a piece. You can call 260-638-4327 or as soon as the county line Pizza opens up this weekend hopefully you can probably pick them up there


Zanesville Indiana

Trick or treat.

Halloween hours: 31 Oct 2021

5:30 PM. To 7:30 PM

Be safe!


Monday- Friday 7:30am-10:00 stop by Zanesville Community Church for Coffee and fellowship! Anyone and Everyone welcome!


A big thanks for all that participated Saturday July 31st in the Zanesville Lions Club Summer Festival! Thanks to those who came out for the Town-Wide Sales, Parade, Town Activities and All the Food Vendors! You all made it a wonderful day for our community! Thank you!❤️. We will see you next year!


Interested in being a part of the Parade?
9:30am Staging Area at Stoneybrook.
Send a dm!


Zanesville Lion's Club
Homespun Day - Car Show
Saturday, July 31
Zanesville, Indiana

*Car Show @TLC - Registration form in the Events - or contact Melba Edwards at 260.638.4327
*Parade 10am....Line Up at Stoney Brook Addition
*Horse & Wagon Rides @TLC
*Holley Kiddie Train Rides
*Dan’s Fish Fry @ TLC 11am-4pm
*Softball Tourney @Lion’s Club
*Lions Club Ball Park Diamond -Concessions Stand will be open!
*Apple Dumplings @Lion’s Club ClubHouse
*Zanesville Community Garage Sales 8am-6pm
*COG Pancakes & Sausages- 8am /Brats/Onion Rings 10am at the Ball Park on Van Horn St
*COG Rummage Sale @Community Church of God - Friday & Saturday 8am-4pm
*TLC - ZUM Stiks @TLC 11am-4pm
*TLC Rummage Sale @TLC Gym Fri:8a-6p & Sat:8a-4p
Lots of fun stuff going on—-More activities to come

See Form below for entry


Zanesville Lion's Club
Homespun Day - Car Show
Saturday, July 31
Zanesville, Indiana

*Car Show @TLC - Registration form in the Events - or contact Melba Edwards at 260.638.4327

*Wagon Hay Rides @TLC
*Holley Kiddie Train Rides
*Dan’s Fish Fry @ TLC
*Softball Tourney @Lion’s Club
*Apple Dumplings @Lion’s Club ClubHouse
*Zanesville Community Garage Sales
*COG Pancakes & Sausages /Brats/Onion Rings on Van Horn St
*COG Rummage Sale @Community Church of God - Friday & Saturday
*TLC - ZUM Stiks @TLC
*TLC Rummage Sale @TLC Gym
Lots of fun stuff going on—-More activities to come!


Updated Registration Form for the 5K


All Ages Welcome! We will see you there!


The celebration of life for lion Kenny Edwards will be held this Sunday May the 9th at the Lions club Park the services at 2:00 and there will be eating afterwards..... Anyone is welcome to come to celebrate his life


Celebration of Life Service for
Kenny Edwards

Date: Sunday, May 9 - @2:00pm
Where: Zanesville Lion’s Club

You are invited to come celebrate his life with the family.


Come to the Lions club for a fun night of Euchre and Checkers! March 8, 6:00pm!! Needing a head count, so RSVP as soon as possible. 260.638.4327

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their business hours. 01/20/2021

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their business hours.

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their business hours.


Lions club community Christmas party December 14th 6:00 free food bingo and Santa will be there for the children.... At the Zanesville ball diamond


We had a good turnout we serve 325 people through Dan's fish fry Saturday night and we ran out of dumplings....... We have some more dumplings they can be available I'm hoping Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday evening at the pizza place in Zanesville.... Thank you all for contributing to the fundraiser... The money that we made will go to help maintain the ball diamond


Dan's fish fry will be at Zanesville Lions club next Saturday November 14th 4:00 to 7:00...... Meals are $10.... Lions club will also be selling apple dumplings for $2 a piece if anyone is interested


Halloween Party - All ages welcomed!


Zanesville county line Pizza is now open dine in or carry out Wednesday 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. Friday 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. Saturday 11:00 to 1:00 and 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 to 1:00 and 4:00 to 7:30 pm phone number.. is 260-638-4147.....they're back open for business and ready to make your pizzas for you please patronize them. ... They run specials when they're open so you can call in and ask what their specials are they don't have their menu up yet on the internet but they're always available to ask answer your questions and they have special certain nights money off and some nights money off on their drinks where's your where's your menu


Zanesville Halloween hours
trick or treat
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

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