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The Zanesville Lions club tries to keep up a nice park and ball diamond and fitness center..... It has come to our attention that today there were two girls riding horses and they rode the horses into the pavilion and they let them go to the bathroom.... That wouldn't have been such an issue but they left the mess inside the pavilion.... They need to clean it up..... We have a person who saw them can identify them they were on to chestnut colored horses. The police have been notified.... So if they would like to private message me to go up and clean it up that would be nice..... The park is for the public but this is totally unacceptable. If anyone knows who they are please let us know . They do ride around town often
The Zanesville Lions club Park is for the community we try to keep it clean....and kept up for all the community to enjoy a lot of people volunteer their time to help to do this but today there were two girls who were riding horses at the park . they took their horses up into the pavilion and proceeded to let the horses go to the bathroom on the concrete in the pavilion.. so now there are about four piles in the pavilion.. would have been very nice if they would have cleaned up after themselves so now... we have an eye witness that saw these girls they were riding to chestnut color horses and the police will be contacted so if you would like to admit who you are and go clean it up that would be wonderful.... if anybody happens to know who these girls are you can private message me or any Lions club member so we can get in contact with them. sometimes there are people who spoil the good things for everybody else... We would appreciate any information and these girls do ride around town pretty often this makes no sense that they would let their horses do that without cleaning it up
Thank you Zanesville for inviting Miss Wells County Sarah Jones to serve as your Grand Marshall. Nice way to spend a beautiful morning.
Kat will be representing Justjewelry + JJ Boutique at Zanesville United Methodist Church along with the Lions Club Car Show. Kat will be doing a fundraiser to help raise monies for the Lions Club Comm. Park. This is a christian company based out of Ohio. The company is very giving and gives back to numerous non profit organizations. The latest and continued fight against is "HUMAN TRAFFICKING". Kat will have a cash and carry table of jewelry and some boutique items. And Kat also accepts checks. Kat's theme is "CHRISTMAS IN JULY". Five months away. See you all here.
Is there a Zanesville community board or Facebook where I could post asking for services in this area . For a house and dog sitter for a couple of days while I am
Out of town.
Is there a local Facebook or information board for Zanesville I can post on looking for a house and dog sitter for a couple of days for a fu weak. I am new here.
Kat will be at the Lion's Club Car Show at Zanesville United Methodist Church on Sat. representing Justjewelry + JJ Boutique. It is a christian company based out of Ohio. The company is very giving & gives back to numerous non profit organizations. The latest one & continued fight against is for: "HUMAN TRAFFICKING". This will be a fundraiser for the Lion's Club! All month my theme has been: "CHRISTMAS IN JULY"! See you all here!
What hours does the Craft Show run?

Zanesville Lions Club Location: Zanesville, IN is located on Indianapolis/Marzane Road 3 miles south of I-469 Exit 2...7 Miles north of Markle

Operating as usual

[05/05/21]   The celebration of life for lion Kenny Edwards will be held this Sunday May the 9th at the Lions club Park the services at 2:00 and there will be eating afterwards..... Anyone is welcome to come to celebrate his life


Celebration of Life Service for
Kenny Edwards

Date: Sunday, May 9 - @2:00pm
Where: Zanesville Lion’s Club

You are invited to come celebrate his life with the family.

Celebration of Life Service for
Kenny Edwards

Date: Sunday, May 9 - @2:00pm
Where: Zanesville Lion’s Club

You are invited to come celebrate his life with the family.


Come to the Lions club for a fun night of Euchre and Checkers! March 8, 6:00pm!! Needing a head count, so RSVP as soon as possible. 260.638.4327

Come to the Lions club for a fun night of Euchre and Checkers! March 8, 6:00pm!! Needing a head count, so RSVP as soon as possible. 260.638.4327

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their phone number. 01/20/2021

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their phone number.

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their phone number.

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their business hours. 01/20/2021

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their business hours.

Zanesville Lion's Club updated their business hours.

[12/08/20]   Lions club community Christmas party December 14th 6:00 free food bingo and Santa will be there for the children.... At the Zanesville ball diamond

[11/17/20]   We had a good turnout we serve 325 people through Dan's fish fry Saturday night and we ran out of dumplings....... We have some more dumplings they can be available I'm hoping Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday evening at the pizza place in Zanesville.... Thank you all for contributing to the fundraiser... The money that we made will go to help maintain the ball diamond

[11/09/20]   Dan's fish fry will be at Zanesville Lions club next Saturday November 14th 4:00 to 7:00...... Meals are $10.... Lions club will also be selling apple dumplings for $2 a piece if anyone is interested


Halloween Party - All ages welcomed!


Zanesville county line Pizza is now open dine in or carry out Wednesday 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. Friday 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. Saturday 11:00 to 1:00 and 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 to 1:00 and 4:00 to 7:30 pm phone number.. is 260-638-4147.....they're back open for business and ready to make your pizzas for you please patronize them. ... They run specials when they're open so you can call in and ask what their specials are they don't have their menu up yet on the internet but they're always available to ask answer your questions and they have special certain nights money off and some nights money off on their drinks where's your where's your menu

[09/28/20]   Zanesville Halloween hours
trick or treat
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM


Kenneth W. Edwards, 83 of Zanesville his wife, Melba is sad to say that Sunday, August 30, 2020 her husband passed away with congestive heart failure at Parkview Huntington Hospital. He was not at the hospital for very long and passed peacefully in his sleep. God gave us all what we call a miracle as on Thursday, he rallied and opened his eyes to talk a little to all of his kids and grandkids at his bedside and by Zoom. During this sharing time, little Hopi, soon to be two years old on Grandpa’s birthday, leaned down to kiss him and she told him “Grandpa, I love you to the moon and back.” Later at the funeral home they offered to send some of Grandpa’s ashes to the moon, needless to say we declined the offer.

They all told him they loved him and what a good father, grandfather and great grandfather he was. No one could ask for a better husband, father or friend. He had been Melba's best friend for 66 years and she will greatly miss him.

When he was three years old his parents moved to the Crow School, one half mile north of Zanesville. Melba was born on the McBride farm, one half mile south of Zanesville. Both were born in 1936. Kenny spent all his school time at Lafayette Central, graduating in 1955. Melba spent her school years at East Union Center, graduating in 1954. It was at Lafayette’s graduation in 1954 that Kenny noticed Melba and later arranged through a mutual friend, Lynn Smuts, to meet her and ask her for a date. The date turned into a proposal of marriage a year later and a wedding that fall. The wedding was a small one with only a Labor Day weekend for a honeymoon, because Kenny had been accepted into the General Electric Apprentice School and was to start classes on Tuesday. Melba was employed in the offices at S.S. Kresge at Baer Field.

Their first home was a nineteen foot trailer with no bathroom and no running water. It was parked at Melba’s folks’ on the farm, and they paid five dollars a month utilities. In the spring of 1956, their first son, Douglas was born. In 1957 the Edwards purchased their first home and moved on #224 in Markle. They paid $2,500.00 for the house and the payment was $25.00 a month. The heat bill ran about $90.00 a year. It was while they lived there that a second child, Robin, was born in 1958. Soon after, Kenny graduated from apprentice school as a fill fledged tool and die maker.

On graduation, along with their diplomas, they received $100.00 and their lay-off slips. He never returned to GE when they called him. He immediately was hired by Franklin Electric in Bluffton and a few months later took a better job at Model Engineering in Huntington. After a year there, he was laid off and was told he would be called back soon.

In the meantime he had met Jerry Yeoman while working there and he knew that he had just recently opened a new shop on Etna Avenue. He went out to talk to Jerry who said he had six weeks work for him. After the six weeks were up Jerry hired him permanently, and for many years after, Jerry would come around on his anniversary and tell Kenny that he had six weeks more work for him. Kenny spent 28 happy and productive years working for Jerry and his son, Ed. The last four years of being employed there, he was shop manager. Ed had taken over for his father when Jerry passed away, and then Ed was taken by a heart attack at the age of 36. Kenny left Yeoman’s to take a new job at J.B. Tool in Fort Wayne where he worked until retiring in 2008 after over 20 years. There he was the only moldmaker. He enjoyed working with the younger guys and teaching them his “old ways”.

In 1959 they bought a new home in Skyline addition in Markle. They enjoyed many years there and added three more to the family. Pollyanna was born in 1962, Jennifer in 1965, and James “Jim” in 1970. In 1973, the Edwards family moved back to their hometown of Zanesville. Since June 1973 they lived in Melba’s great grandfather’, Michael’s home which was purchased by him in 1857 when it was the Zanesville House Hotel. It has never been out of the family since.

In Zanesville the family has enjoyed being involved in church work, Lions Club, many, many charity events, and writing the Zanesville History Book and heading up the Centennial Celebration in 1976. After moving back to the big house, they added two more to the family making a total of seven lovely children. The last two came at once in the form of twin boys, Jonathan Michael and Jeremiah Martin. They were an unexpected joy to all when they were born one week late on April 18, 1977.

The Edwards family has been through many happy and many trying times. The most trying times were the loss of our oldest son, Doug, at the age of 40 from cancer. He passed after a two year fight on September 19, 1996. The other time was when our granddaughter, Anna Miller passed away at the age of 18 after being diagnosed with cancer in October 1994. She was not expected to live through the night but through the grace of God she almost made it to her 18th birthday.

Happy memories with family and friends help us to this day to get over these losses as we love to talk about the great times. When we were married in 1955 we planned on having six children. God had a different plan when he sent us twin boys making the number, 3 girls and 4 boys. The boys won out.

Kenny was born on November 17, 1936 in Fort Wayne, the son of the late D. Wayne and Mildred (Garrison) Edwards.

Kenneth and Melba McBride were married at the Zanesville Church of God on September 2, 1955. Melba is the daughter of Donald and Mary Martin (Botts) McBride.

Kenny is survived by his wife Melba, daughter-in-law: Tammy Berning, son-in-law: Leon Berning; children: Robin Edwards Phillips; Pollyanna (Fred) Wymer; Jenny (Rick) Nes; James "Jim" (Jenny) Edwards; Jonathan (Sarah) Edwards; Jeremiah (Brandy) Edwards; 28 grandchildren: Doug’s – Shane, Skip; Pollyanna’s – Brock, Brice and Baili; Jenny’s – Andrew; Abigail’s - Amy, Anna, Arrika, Avery, Amber, Ashley and Addy; Jim’s – Cole, Kade and Quin; Jonathan’s – Maxon, Arlo, Amelia and Ansel; Jeremiah’s – Elijah, Emma, Noah, Bella, Llyla, Zeke, Shepherd and Hopi; 15 great grandchildren: Shane’s – Mia and Lily; Skip’s – Titus, Crete, Nico and Phoenix; Brock’s – Logan, Parker and Gabriel; Brice’s – Maci, Gage, Chip and Orion; Amy’s – Wes; Abigail’s – Lexin. The boys still outnumber the girls 28 to 16. Other survivors are sister-in-law: Mary Lou Burkhart; brother-in-law: Dave (Karen) McBride and a sister: Theresa Herring.

A celebration of life with family and friends and Memorial Service will take place at a later date at Zanesville Lions Community Park, 3308 W. Van Horn Street in Zanesville, Indiana.

In lieu of flowers memorial donations can be made out to Zanesville Lions Club in care of Myers Funeral Home, P.O. Box 403, Markle, IN 46770.


Important information and the car show form to print!


Latest Information - Tower Life Center will NOT be open.

[06/01/20]   The Lion Club Festival will be Saturday, July 25. Softball games at the Lions Club and the Club House will be open. The Car show in the upper level parking lot at ZUM. Everything will follow the Covid-19 guidelines.

[05/27/20]   Town Council has met and they are all in agreement that we shouldn't have a town festival this year as well as NO parade. Also they will not cover the insurance for the festival this year. They feel it is in the best interest of the town people as well as guests. Not knowing who will show up and we don't want 602 people infected with Covid-19. If it hasn't gone out to the churches, they are letting them know as well. As things start opening, it's going to spike in cases, we as a town do not want to help that spike.


Tower Life Center - TLC

We are sad to announce that due to COVID-19 we are not able to have ZYP this summer. We will really miss the kids, junior leaders and staff very much, but we want to keep everyone safe. Please take care of yourselves! We can't wait to see you next year!




This is still going on....

NEW DATES AND TIMES For the Free Sack Lunch
Effective May 11, 2020


NEW DATES AND TIMES For the Free Sack Lunch
Effective May 11, 2020


Breakdown of the meal -
Fish Only - 6 pieces
Tenderloin Only - 3 pieces
Combo - 5 Fish/1 Tenderloin
2 Sides - Cole Slaw & Chips
And a cookie!

If you want to purchase more protein you have to get another meal.

You don't have to get out of your vehicle.


This will begin on Sunday, March 29th.

[03/26/20]   Just a reminder that Monday/Wednesday/Friday between 11:30 and 12:30 school kids and their families will be able to pick up a free sack lunch at the Zanesville United Methodist Church at door No 1, it will be delivered to your vehicle.

You will receive 2 lunches on Mon & Wed and 3 lunches on Fri. (Per child). So you will have a lunch for everyday of the week.

Call if you have any questions 260.638-4108 between 9-2 Mon-Thur.

Sponsored by the area Churches, Zanesville Community Church, Zanesville United Brethren Church, Zanesville United Methodist Church & Zanesville Town Council. Serving our community.

[10/30/19]   Zanesville trick or treat hours
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Ossian – 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Saturday, October 26 3-7pm - Come and bring your whole family..For some wholesome fun and lots of treats!!

[08/06/19]   The Shriners Charity Antique Tractor Drive will be coming thru Zanesville and stopping at the Zanesville United Methodist Church in the parking lot. You can come check them out while they take stop for a rest
before their next destination.

Saturday, August 10th
They should be arrive about 10:30am


Photos from Zanesville Lion's Club Summer Festival's post


Parade line up at Stoneybrook at 9:30.

Parade route will go down County Line left turn into Wayne then right down Broadway, left on Marzane to Van Horn and end near the Lion’s Club.


Are you entered into the Lions Club car show?? We have these awesome trophies for the winners!!!
Zanesville Homespun Day/Lions Club Car Show Saturday July 27th!!!


Homespun Day Theme is “Travel the World”! If you want to be in the parade, make a float with the theme! Prize for the best float!


July 27, 2019

[05/22/19]   Homespun Day is coming....July 27th...





3088 Van Horn Street
Zanesville, IN