Team Four Continents

Team Four Continents

Patagonian Expedition Race 2013,12: S Salwei, Tom Grundy, Raquel Hernández-Cruz, Nadia Yoshiko Sunad

4 person adventure racing team in mountain biking ,trekking, kayaking ,climbing and navigation map reading.

Road to Wanderlust • Full Film • The End of the Road Trip of YogaSlackers PeaceLoveCar 04/05/2021

Well we finished a shorter than planned version hopefully you all enjoy it. Celebrating 12 years living in the Classic PLC (Peace Love Car). The PLC was bought for $400 after society and the insurance companies deemed it worthless. The PLC started its life with me with less than 100k on the clock, it’s currently sitting at my moms house with over 550,000 miles.
We would not have been able to keep the PLC on the road without the www.FordFestiva.Com community.

I’m still very good friends with the person who sold me my first engine. I showed up at noon and 24 hours later I was driving off with a not only a new engine but a mostly rebuilt car all for $300 too.

We will continue to add stories and pictures here

After 6 years living micro Raquel Hernández-Cruz and I are now living tiny in the, if you want to keep up with our current adventures we tag lots of them with
I will leave you with the biggest lesson the Festiva known as the PLC taught me “cost and value have little to do with dollars and cents, think about trading your time for friendships over zeros when you have a choice”

Road to Wanderlust • Full Film • The End of the Road Trip of YogaSlackers PeaceLoveCar “A junkyard car gives two free spirits a love story and adventure of a lifetime.”No one ever thought I would amount to much and the reality is that my life d...


For Nadia we ride across the swiss mountains next week for 10 days and always thinking of you nadia from Tasha & tas


Congrats to Bulgaria Russia Italy for fine performance

Bulgarian senior group supporting during their exercise!🇧🇬🇪🇸

Photos from Team Four Continents's post 02/03/2016

The 2016 Patagonian expedition race starring team East wind,God zone and Merel,Mind over body( Canada) congrats to you all

Photos from Team Four Continents's post 13/11/2015

We have presentation on Mon 16th nov at 1900 univeristy AlamaU next to mega centre, be there for the best race on this planet


What did you learn today? Seriously what? Share your lessons and experience to help show us that anything is possible!



The 11th edition of the race brought together an amazing group of competitors and tested the limits of each team and each individual in a way that only the “Last Wild Race” can. On February 12th, 2013 at midnight, eleven determined teams from around the world set out on a race through the most untouched and untamed depths of Chilean Patagonia. Throughout their adventure, each team experienced relentless winds, rain, fatigue, and the most spectacular views and landscapes imaginable.

Starting just outside of Torres del Paine in the Plaza de Armas of Puerto Natales, the first section of the course led the teams through an overnight bike to Torres del Paine and onto the glittering yet ominous Glacier Tyndall. Crossing Glacier Tyndall, a section of Campo de Hielo Sur, the third largest ice in the world, proved to be a very defining feature of this race. Not only was it a major challenge for the competitors, but also a first for the race, which had never attempted a glacier crossing until this year. Despite the new challenges, Adidas TERREX Prunesco, East Wind, and Gearjunkie Yogaslackers took promising leads from the first hours of the race. Newcomers from team Berghaus also held their own across the ice field and advanced through the checkpoints tailing closely behind in 4th place, creating competition amongst the top returning teams. Against time and tough competition, however, the first 24 hours of the race saw four teams retire from the competition after failing to meet the pre-determined time limits. The Glacier Tyndall eliminated much of the competition from the field with a 25km trek across an extensive maze of crevasses and rivers.

After Tyndall, the teams began a southern loop down the Peninsula Antonio Varas, a quintessential section of Torres del Paine. For the majority of the teams, trekking through Peninsula Antonio Varas proved to be a slow-moving and difficult task, yielding thickly forested lands and swollen rivers due to recent and heavy rains. Starting from Check Point 4, only seven teams remained in the competition: RedFox, NORCAL, Berghaus, GearJunkie Yogaslackers, East Wind, and Adidas TERREX Prunesco. As the weather continued to worsen and fatigue set in, teams RedFox, NORCAL, and eventually at checkpoint 7 team Berghaus dropped from the competition. By day six, only three teams were left to fight for the finish line.

Luckily, the clouds parted and the weather cleared in time for the kayak section past Puerto Natales (Checkpoint 9) and the teams continued their adventure by kayaking, biking, and trekking into regions like Fiordo Última Esperanza, the Seno Skyring and Seno Ottway, past Isla Riesco, through the Península de Brunswick, and over Monte Tarn, before finishing in the capital of the region, Punta Arenas.

Covering a total of 701km, 17 different checkpoints, and 10 discipline changes, this year’s course proved difficult not only for newcomers but also for well-seasoned veterans like team Adidas TERREX Prunesco and East Wind. Despite an unexpected snowstorm at checkpoint 15, the second to last trekking checkpoint, the finalists in the event reached the finish line. Team Adidas TERREX Prunesco arrived in first place with an unofficial race time of 9 days, 12 hours, and 55 minutes. In second place and one day later, Team Eastwind from Japan completed the race in 10 days, 20 hours, and 50 minutes and team GearJunkie Yogaslackers from the United States of America, gave every last effort to reach the finish line in 10 days, 21 hours, and 5 minutes on a modified course.

Despite the low percentage of finishers this year, each team admits that every hour of the journey, good or bad, made it worth braving the cold and windy nights, the seemingly endless treks across mountains and bogs, and even the misfortune of not completing the course, which was the case for the majority of the teams this year. While there were only three teams to cross the finish line, in the end, there are no real winners or losers in the Patagonian Expedition Race®. Each team arrives with its goals and expectations. Each team leaves transformed by the experience of racing in the Patagonian wilderness. Some will be back to test themselves in 2014, when the race returns with a course that will take them into new and unexplored corners of this adventurer’s paradise. Through it all, NIGSA congratulates each and every one of the teams that competed in the Patagonian Expedition Race® 2013. The event would not have been the same without them. The courage, competitive nature, outstanding personalities, and relentless determination that each competitor brings here to Patagonia and to the competition are what keep this race alive!

The Ultimate Core Prep for Slackline Yoga - Yoga Journal 19/09/2015

Ground Training... This is one of the easiest ways to expose your body to type of control that will make your slackline practice more powerful.

The Ultimate Core Prep for Slackline Yoga - Yoga Journal The Ultimate Core Prep for Slackline Yoga Yoga Journal Yoga Poses Types of Poses Core Yoga By Meagan McCrary | Sep 16, 2015 share onFacebook get...


What if home were 28 square feet inside a 1988 Ford Festiva, and your days were filled with adventure? Meet YogaSlackers co-founder Sam, YS Teacher Raquel, and - the one and only - Peace Love Car – two charming wanderers and their trusty (if quirky) steed. Follow their adventures through the Road To Wanderlust, one episode at a time.

Stay tuned for more episodes at!

Photos from Team Four Continents's post 09/02/2015

We're training in Scotland for better strength and finshing chance of Patagonia Expedition race, are you coming?

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As the capt of team 4 continents i wish to announce i regret the news that Andre Vogel one of our best team members was killed on nov 28th in car accident in New zealnd, he leaves a beautiful wife ,LIV his daughters Shanti ,Maya and a new little one coming in May.from all the teams of Patagonia Patagonian Expedition Race we share the heart break and we will follow your tracks ,paddle with u , climb all the peaks for the next 5 million km ,andre u are never forgotten

Timeline photos 16/10/2014

we start training for 2016 patagonia expedition race, who will be the lucky ones who will finsh this course???

Barefoot Truths - via Acro and Slack - "What good are washing machines doing?!?" 27/05/2014

We ask you - and ourselves to make the commitment to connect to something greater. Inspired by some amazing people in our lives over the last decade! Please, share, and then take a break from looking at your screen and go sit under a tree or swim in the ocean!

Barefoot Truths - via Acro and Slack - "What good are washing machines doing?!?" A celebration of acro, slack, and mindfulness. Produced from the inside by some of the neo circus cultures most active participants - this video uses our art...

Mobile uploads 24/05/2014

YogaSlackers and AcroYoga present:
The 1st Wanderlust Instagram Adventure Race!!!

May 31st: you will have 24hrs to finish 24 challenges. The winner gets TWO free tickets to Wanderlust Aspen, CO (July 3-6) and an opportunity to race at the new YogaSlackers Adventure Race in Wanderlust.

To participate:
1) Share this picture and Tag your friends. You will need them to finish the race!

2) Follow and tag your hosts: , ,

3) Use the hashtag:

4) Get ready: Race Starts at 9:00 AM (EST) May 31st

Are you up to the challenge?


team 4 continents are announcing some major shake up in team members and new race schedule for 2014 ,15 watch this space for some big news....... from team capt

Patagonia race trailer 2012 24/02/2014
In Memory of Nadia Yoshiko Sunada,we will always remember you Nadi every day ......

Patagonia race trailer 2012 "team four continents" ,tas ,nadia, sam and ian , racing against 19 teams .also showing "pata gonna get ya" ,jimmy nails ,dave ,joana and chris from UK and NZ.…

Patagonia Expedition race 2013 part 1 12/02/2014

Team Four Continents shared a link.
January 26

Patagonia expd race 2013 part 1
700 km of treking ,kayaking and mtn biking on the toughest course on the planet patagoni a mtns,...
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Patagonia Expedition race 2013 part 1 702 km of treking ,kayaking and mtn biking on the toughest course on the planet. Patagonia mtns, forests and glaciers , winds of 100 to 140 km per hr ,snow, ...

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