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Knackers Racing

We are A Team: Andy Atkinson & Jodie Grubb and B Team: Kenny Russell & Rhiannon Russell

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 11/02/2024

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Far out it was HOT at the track last night! Another great round of racing and a pretty good sized crowd, despite the heat. High 5s to everyone that braved the weather. You know it’s warm when you put ice cubes down the back of your own shirt!

A Team’s Andy and Holly struggled with a few wrong ways but once corrected they managed some impressive times for their night. The team were doing a great run in the all in finals when they had a mishap and decided to park the boat up on the bank. Such a shame, the run was looking great until then. Other than that, a great night for them both.

B Team’s Kenny had fill in navigator, Peter Bickley take the hot seat last night for this round. Turns out Peter can also hold his breath for an entire lap! One wrong way and a DNF lap but they walked away with 3rd place for the evening, well done boys! Top effort!

We had 2 ROYLs this round with Dane and Tenille jumping in. Dane had done a few laps previously but still enjoyed himself. Tenille’s first time in the boat and she loved it too, judging by the grin on her face. “Crazy fast” apparently!

Tech bits:
A Team: 75.88, WW, WW, WW, 67.57, 65.894, DNF
B Team: WW, DNF, 95.73, 69.10, 66.818, 67.399, 72.793, 69.853

It was also mentioned at the presentations last night that due to some sort of hiccup, Knackers B finished 3rd in the LS class in Round 1 (not 4th) so that was a welcome bonus.

Thanks again to Yup Tony Bissett for being Head Honcho in the pits, you’re a superstar.
Jodie, you did amazing last night too, giving them guns a real good workout. Good onya!
Hopefully I’ll be back in the seat next round because pit crew is bloody tough work.

Well done Jayden and the Fired Up team on 1st place LS, Cheryl and the Natwell team 1st place Unlimited and Isaac and the Indulgence team 1st place in the 400s.

See you all for Round 3, 24th of Feb. Thanks Phil Elliott for the pics 📸 as always

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 28/01/2024

Well that’s Round 1 of the season ticked off the list!
It felt great to be back on the track!! Aussie All Stars was a neat little track with some awesome twists and turns. And what a massive crowd! I don’t think we’ve seen that many before!!

The boat ran like a dream all night and the new steering cables seemed to work a treat.

The A Team welcomed Holly Camplin to the navi seat for the night and Jodie had her work cut out for her in the pits strapping us all in and keeping things running smooth. Andy had a couple of hiccups with some wrong ways but managed to get it right after a couple of laps and was setting some fantastic times. Unlucky for him in the all in finals when he ended parked up on his favourite bank with a DNF, but it gave the muddies something to do for the night.

The B Team also had some great runs for the night. We felt really comfortable with the boat and our times weren’t too shabby. Overall we were very happy with our night of racing and we are looking forward to the next race meet.

Andy took out a ROYL during tea break, we had Lochie Hill jump in the hot seat to do his lap, part of his 18th birthday present. It’s a shame we didn’t film his reaction when the engine started up, but safe to say he bloody loved it! Thanks Lochie!

It was great to see a couple of new boats in the pits! A big welcome to Chaos, Deadpool and All Torque Racing, some good competition right there!!

Technical stats for the night:
A Team: WW, 70.660, 58.199, 57.686, all in DNF
B Team: 59.370/61.050, 59.370, 59.624, 60.023, all in 61.163

Big shoutouts to Callum Argiropoulos, David and Tony Bissett for being our pit crew for the evening! We really appreciate you giving up a Saturday night to hang out with us and keep us on the track.

That’s all for today folks! See you back at the track on Saturday 10th of February, should be a cracker of a night 🤘

Thanks for the pics 📸 Phil Elliott and Laughing Bulldog Images more to follow!


It’s official! Knackers Racing will be on the pond tomorrow! It came down to the wire, quite literally but the little red rocket is ready to rumble. We hope to see you there!

The Cauldron, St Albans Road Baldivis.
Racing starts at 3pm.

About - Sponsors | West Coast Jetsprint 22/01/2024

With a bit of a (big) delay, we’re almost there for Round 1!
We hope you can make it down to The Cauldron for racing at 3pm

About - Sponsors | West Coast Jetsprint Round 1 Saturday 13/01/24Round 2 FRIDAY 26/01/24Round 3 Saturday 10/02/24Round 4 Saturday 24/02/24Round 5  Saturday 09/03/24


Round 1 postponed until 27 January

Photos from The West Coast Jet Sprint Club's post 04/01/2024

Updated date Round 4


Hey fans! It's finally here, the race calendar for the 2024 season! Starting a bit later than usual and only 6 rounds this time. We hope to see you trackside soon!

Round 1 13/01/24
Round 2 26/01/24
Round 3 10/02/24
Round 4 24/02/24
Round 5 09/03/24
Round 6 20/04/24

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 21/05/2023

🏆 Your 3rd place champions in the LS Class WA Superboat Championship - Knackers B Team - Kenny and Rhiannon 🏆

Thank you to the The West Coast Jet Sprint Club for a great evening and well done to everyone for another fantastic season.

We are looking forward to getting back in the boat later this year to do it all again.

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 16/04/2023

Round 10 - Endgame!

Endgame it was! The last night of the season, done and dusted. What a night of racing.

The weather behaved for most of the night while we hit the water to do our qualifying laps. We threw some of our crew into the hot seat and gave them a bit of a thrill, Mary is now looking to buy a boat and Yup reckons it’s the best fun you can have with your clothes on!

Mandy and Paul were our Ride of Your Lives tonight. This was Mandy’s 5th time doing a hot lap and she had an absolute blast. Paul’s lap was a birthday present to himself and he loved every minute of it too. Awesome moustache by the way! Now back into qualifying after dinner break.

We also had Spartan join us from the Australian Championship. They pulled some amazing laps and a couple of wrong ways but that’s all part of racing. It would be great to see you back next season for some LS competition.

Q5 for B team started out as a BLOODY FAST LAP, the boat was on point and Kenny was driving like KFC was about to close when we clipped the tyres on the inside of turn 5 into 1. Thankfully he was quick thinking and held it straight and we did a bit of nose up parking up the bank. Not sure that’s where we meant to land but it was better than the alternative! All I know is it that it was a long way down, so up and over the bonnet was the better exit choice! Thank you muddies for your quick response and helping hands.

With the limited number of boats in our class we were down to top 3 after all in eliminations, both Knackers A and B and Skidoo. Unlucky for Jason and Mel who ended up on the bank which was the end of their night.

A and B teams battled it out with one more lap to determine our places. Nail biting, suspense, rain, you name it, the pressure was ON!
Andy set the pace with a 67.51 then Kenny hit the track at the same time as the skies opened up so visibility wasn’t one of the five senses. We finished our night with a 76.05.

The technical bits:
A Team: WW, 69.63, 69.53, ROYL 69.34, 67.66, 68.29 finishing with 67.51
B Team: 73.20, 69.36, 68.39, ROYL 68.8, CRASH, 69.34 finishing with 76.05

Your 1st place winners of the night - 🏆 GO A TEAM 🏆 What an incredible night of racing for you! It was brilliant to see you do your victory lap with the checked flag and then drown yourselves after donuts in the spin out pool! Well done Andy, Jodie and Kathleen, a very awesome end to the season.

2nd place winners B Team! Not quite quick enough tonight but nonetheless, very proud and happy with our overall results for the season. We’ve enjoyed every lap of every round and that’s what it’s all about.

Wrapping up the night and the end of the season, a MASSIVE thank you list:

The Muddies - we can’t race without you! Thank you for devoting your Saturdays to jump in the water and rescue the boats. You all do incredible!
The committee - for all of the behind the scenes work that you do in your own time, absolutely appreciated and valued. Like the muddies, we can’t do boats without you.
The club - for sharing your knowledge, lending of parts, lending a hand, you’re a bloody good bunch!
The crowd/the supporters/the kids who wave at the fence/the vendors - thank you for showing up! Thank you for cheering us on, thank you for the donuts, all round thank yous to all of you.
The fans in the Knackers red shirts - for your continuous support and half time hugs, delivering us food (and microwaves!), devoting your Saturday afternoons to drive an eternity to be there for us. We love you for it!
The pit crew - hands down we have the best crew in the pits! Thank you for getting in the water, pushing the boat, reversing us in and out, changing nozzles, fueling the boat, pack up and pack down. You are the best! Thank you for supporting us. We can’t do it without you and there is never enough thank yous in a night. Enjoy your 6 months off as you’ve all been signed up to return next season.

To Knackers A Team (from Knackers B Team), thank you for sharing the little red rocket with us and everything else that goes with racing two teams in one boat; the time, the money, the late nights, all for the love of the sport. A huge round of applause for your season finale. Your positions are well and truly deserved. Mini beers all round 🍻

One last shout out to Helen Rowbottom for the amazing photo you took of Knackers B Team in the boat. It’s a sensational shot and we really appreciate your gift. Thank you!

Now it’s time to put the pen to rest til next time. I’m sad to see an end to the season but thank you for all following along. We can’t wait to be back next season with a few mods and an engine upgrade (and hopefully new seats).

Over and out,
Rhiannon, B Team Navi 🫲🏽🤚🫱🏽


Round 10 this Saturday! We hope to see you there for the last race of the 22/23 season 🤟

We hope everyone had a safe Easter weekend. Are you ready for the final round of the 2022/2023 WA Superboat Championship?
Join us Saturday 15th April for the final showdown!

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 26/03/2023

Round 9 / Keith Diesel & Dirt Derby

The Knackers team decided to drop Round 9 and head to South Aus for the Keith Diesel & Dirty Derby. After a cancelled flight we finally made it over on Thursday, picked up our motor home and drove from Adelaide to Keith.

We did a walk through the pits on Friday night and met plenty of teams and talked boats. We even met the guys that we bought our boat from, previously named Red Rum.

Saturday started early with practice laps commencing at 8am. We were there to see Yoda’s first couple of laps which was awesome. What a neat looking track, hopefully we will get the Knackers boat over next season and give it a crack.

There was plenty to see with tractor pulls, demolition derby, header racing, helicopter rides, car and bike displays and it is alleged there may have been some dodgem car action much later in the evening.

All in all, an absolutely fantastic day but such a shame that it’s the last one being held there.

Now we’re back in the motor home to play tourists until we fly home on Monday. Looking forward to Round 10, the last one for the season.

We hope to see you there 🤘


The knackers team have made a trek to South Australia to the Keith Diesel & Dirt Derby to support the yoda team.
Pretty impressive practice lap for the team.

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 27/02/2023

Round 7 - Lucky 7 🍀

Lucky for some and not so lucky for others!

Another night with a smaller number of boats in the pits but we still managed to get a decent crowd. This was a fast little track with a few sharp corners and a bit of choppy water in some of the turns.

A Team was consistent in their times for the night with 61s then Q3 ended with a bit more reverse parking, due to the wrong jet set up. Unlucky! They managed to get their groove back and finished the night well.
Times: 61.70, 61.01, DNF, 61.16 elim 59.96

B Team hit the pond with a 63 in Q1 then managed to maintain flat 60s for the rest of qualifying. Very happy with our laps, the set up of the boat feels comfortable for us.
Times: 63.62, 60.37, 60.62, 60.81 elim 59.10

We had Kristie and Steven in the boat for ROYLs this round. Steven’s ride was a surprise gift from his son and he had no idea he was even taking part until he was told to suit up. How cool! Kristie loved her lap and was keen to go again. Cheers guys, glad you had a great ride🤘There’s nothing better than seeing the grins from ear to ear when you return to the pits.

Both teams managed to crack into the 50s for the all in eliminations with fantastic clean laps but weren’t lucking enough to get into the finals this round. Overall, a successful night of racing with B Team placing 4th and A Team placing 5th.

Hustler, Kraken and Fired Up made it to top 3 in LS class but it didn’t end so well. Jayden and Dylan clipped the tyres at turn 8 and had a horrible flip out of the water, landing on their roof. A lot of damage done to the boat and a ride in the ambulance for the Navi which resulted in the end of racing for the evening. Best wishes to you both for a speedy recovery.

Thanks again to Kathleen and Yup for your amazing efforts in the pit! Superstars - the pair of ya! You are worth your weight in gold.

A big Cheers to RT Diesel Services and KCR Mobile Welding & Fabrication for the ongoing sponsorship. Don’t forget we have a big clean red bonnet that would look GREAT with your company logo splashed across it! Send us a message if you wish to discuss sponsorship!

As always, photo creds to Pixell Photography for the great shots!

See you all for Round 8 on March 11 down at the Cauldron, Baldivis 🤘


One of A-Teams twilight laps from Round 7 🤘


From all of us at Knackers Racing, we wish you a speedy recovery after last nights spill.
Look after yourselves and we hope to see you back soon.
Firedup Jet Sprint Team


Racing this Saturday, 25 February!
Get your backside trackside 🤘

Track name for this Saturday has been released.
"Lucky 7"
Proudly bought to you by Firesafe Group.

See you there.
Gates open 1:30 pm
Racing commences 3:00 pm


Round 6 - LS class 3rd place winners at the podium!
Go A Team 🤘

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 12/02/2023

Round 6 - Double Take!

The day for the Knackers team started off GREAT! We made it on the cover of the magazine, both teams! Wooh! Straight to the pool room!

Double Take was a pretty cool little track; very easy to learn and navigate and Andy & Kenny were able to drive it really well.

Plenty of boats missing from the pits so we only had 6 boats for the night. One in unlimited, one in the 400s and 5 teams in the LS class which makes a fairly fast paced night of interchanging for our two teams.

Knackers A was first on the pond and Andy pulled a 65.43 in Q1 then consistently shaving time each lap thereafter.
A Team 65.43, 62.24, 62,51 and finishing qualifying with a DNF after a bit too much speed and choppy water coming from turn 10 into 11, doing a bit of a spin and reverse parking onto the bank. We haven’t seen that before!

Knackers B had a consistent night of racing and also shaved a second off each lap in qualifying. We only touched the tyres once!
B Team 67.47, 66.01, 65.66, 65.24, elim 65.78

Dinner break was called once the sun hit the nasty spots and the pits were absolutely overflowing! It’s really cool to see the kids sitting in the boat and signing posters for them.

B Team and Indulgence were next up to complete Q4, then Yoda hit the water hard and fast and had an absolutely horrifying crash after clipping the tyres at turn 7, sending them flying across the island and landing upside down at the finish line. Nasty stuff! Thankfully both walked away. Hoping they can give the boat (and themselves) some TLC and make it to Keith, SA in a few weeks time to compete in the Australian Superboat Championship. Good luck to you Darren & Shane.

Next in line was the Ride of Your Lives and after seeing Yoda’s crash you can only imagine how their nerves were handling the anticipation! Andy & Kenny gave them a nice fast lap and they both absolutely loved it! Thanks Shane and Stephen! Pop into the pits and say hello next time you come down.

We were fast running out of time so after ROYLs we went straight into all in eliminations with great times by all teams. A Team had their time to shine making it into the top 3 with 63.95 and finished the night with a 67.28.

An enormous CONGRATULATIONS to A Team - Andy and Jodie for taking out 3rd place! You both had an amazing night and we are all stoked for you. Another medal for the mantle piece! Well done on getting the Knackers name to the podium once again.

Another enormous congratulations to Jayden Myers on taking out 1st place in the LS class. You are an amazing driver to watch and at only 16 years of age, have a massive future in front of you. Well done to you and Serrah.

To wrap up the round up - a massive thank you once again to Kathleen and Yup! You are both seamless in your roles as pit crew. Fast and efficient and we absolutely can’t say thank you enough times in one night to warrant our appreciation for you. Thank you (again)!

Check out the photo of A Teams 6 day old Granddaughter in the boat 💜

As always, photo creds to Pixell Photography for the great shots!

See you all for Round 7 on Feb 25, down at the Cauldron, Baldivis 🤘

Photos from The West Coast Jet Sprint Club's post 10/02/2023

Do you know anyone who would be keen to come and be part of the safety crew tomorrow?
We can't race without them - please help if you can!


Racing this Saturday!


A Team’s rollover on Q6 🫣

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 29/01/2023

🇨🇰 Aussie Aussie Aussie 🇨🇰
That’s Round 5 done and dusted!

What a huge crowd, it was so good to see all the Aussie flags and smiling faces!

A Team started the night on point, with some super fast and clean laps. Every lap they managed to drop the time by 2-3 seconds, a fantastic effort by you both!
Times: 71.21, 68.23, 66.23, 64.83, 64.01, DNF, elim. 68.05

B Team was a little slower to start tonight but a change of nozzles was the right decision which saw some better times for us. We tickled the tyres a couple of times, but all in all, not a bad night.
Times: WW, 68.79, 67.89, 68.79, 67.61, 68.34, elim. 69.09

Q6 went a little haywire for A Team! They were almost finished and coming into turn 4 from 9; went a little too wide and clipped the tyres which sent them into a pirouette on the nose, thankfully landing the right way up. Welcome to the rollover club guys!

This round we had brothers Gavin and Ryan in the hot seat for their Ride of Your Life! Confident to say they loved it and you just never know; they might be new members to the WCJSC in the near future.

After dinner break was the all in eliminations and unfortunately this round we weren’t quick enough to go to top 3, but there’s always next time! The little red rocket has a couple of new bumps to the hull but it won’t be enough to hold us back from Round 6.

A massive Congratulations to Kraken’s Brian and Casper after your comeback! Only 3 weeks ago they had a nasty flip and sustained some pretty serious injuries. You are a great team to watch and well done on placing second in the LS class.

Shoutout to Dan and his boys from The Hustler for your knowledge, parts and assistance throughout the night. It’s true sportsmanship to stop what you’re doing with your own boat to come and help us out. We truly appreciate you and the team.

A big thank you to Clint, Craig and Yup in the pits tonight. You’re doing a fantastic job and we appreciate your knowledge and assistance. We literally cannot do it without you and appreciate you devoting your Saturdays to come and lend a hand.

Thanks again to our Knackers fan club! It’s always great to see the red shirts making their way through the crowd and showing your support.

Well done to Natwel Racing and The Hustler for taking out first place in your class.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for pics and vids.
See you all for Round 6 on Feb 11 down at The Cauldron, Baldivis 🤘


Round 5 this Saturday!


Keep your head COOL and your beer COOLER!
Knackers merch for sale:
Caps (one size) $30
❌ Bucket hats ❌(CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!)
Stubby holder (multi fit) $10
Come see us in the pits on 28th January and get your hands on the gear 🤘

Photos from Knackers Racing's post 08/01/2023

Round 4! Where do we start!?

What a crazy night for everyone! This round saw a fair few boats missing from the pits due to other commitments so the interchange between A and B team was extra quick and smooth.

Both teams pulled some cracker first laps and got some good times on the board; 68s and 70s. A quick change of nozzles saw A Team practice bit of parking but nothing too serious.

Moving in to Q4 for B Team we lifted the foot a bit too much coming it to turn 1, and OOPSY! we rolled the boat! That was a bit of excitement to say the least! Certainly gets your heart pumping and makes you appreciate the people that strapped you in less than 2 minutes ago! Thank you Andy and Jodie for making sure the straps were tight.

After a doozy by Kraken we had a long tea break and did some work to the boat. Round 4 also was our first time taking out 2 x Ride of your Lives! Jack and Zoe we are stoked that you enjoyed your lap! I reckon Zoe will still be buzzing now, and looking to buy a boat with her partner who rode with Yoda.

Next was all in finals and both teams making it to the elimination round. We finished the night off with A Team taking out 3rd place and B Team grabbing 2nd place! It was a very special moment for us all to share the podium!

The little red rocket is a bit worse for wear today but nothing a hammer won’t fix.

Sending positive healing vibes to Brian and Casper from The Kraken team. We hope you both pull up ok and the boat can polish out.

As always a massive thank you to our pit crew. Kathleen you are a super star and we appreciate YOU, your support and for the dimmies!

Another thanks to Yup and Clint for getting wet, filling the boat, keeping us going and being there to support us!

Thanks goes out to our Knackers Fan Club! We love your support and cheering us on! The hugs at half time were also welcomed!

And if you didn’t hear: Congratulations to Andy and Jodie on your engagement!!

Oh and check out the finish for A Team at the finish line! Shiiiiiiiit!

Here’s to Round 5, bring it on 🤘


Nice finish A Team!


The rollover!

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The knackers team have made a trek to South Australia to the Keith Diesel & Dirt Derby to support the yoda team.Pretty i...
One of A-Teams twilight laps from Round 7 🤘
Round 6 - LS class 3rd place winners at the podium!Go A Team 🤘
A Team’s rollover on Q6 🫣
Nice finish A Team!
The rollover!
Some top picks from last night!
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A-Team’s last lap of the night! Nice work guys!! The boat looked and sounded mint tonight
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