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Remember there will be no youth strength and conditioning classes on Tuesday July 4th.
All we ask is that they come back on Thursday with most of their fingers 🧨


So excited for how much progress these athletes have made these first few weeks in our summer Strength & Conditioning program!

5 weeks to go!!!

We will have a few spots opening up in July if you want to get your athletes in before fall sports are in full swing.


Now taking reservations for our summer youth program.
Class times:
2nd-3rd grade athletes 9:45am
4th-6th grade athletes 10:45am
1 hour classes
Classes are limited to 15 athletes
Cost: $100 per month

Youth strength and conditioning is geared toward younger athletes who participate in extracurricular sports teams. This is a performance based class designed to enhance each child's strength and endurance to reach their potential on the field, court, and stadium.


When 105lbs is getting used for technique work 😎
High School Volleyball and Basketball athlete just getting ready to own the paint this season!


Some of our proudest moments are when parents tell us that the other teams are requesting to see our athletes birth certificates 😎

So naturally we want to show that off with a T-Shirt 🤣


Refining and retuning ✅
One of our high school volleyball/Basketball athletes ._.cato working on her explosiveness tonight.
This is the day before a game so we’re keeping it light but when we let this girl move weight it’s starting to get pretty out of hand… but in a good way 😎
Well not for the girls that will but matched up against her this basketball season 💁‍♂️


The effectiveness of heavy Carries for youth athletes is huge.
➡️Simple to learn and perform
➡️Builds full body strength
➡️Easy to get excited about
➡️Builds resistance in imperfect positions
➡️Gets athletes excited. When you have a group of 15 athletes eager to perform anything you have to use it.

Photos from DubFord Athletics's post 04/02/2022

Egg rolls 🤤
Your “diet” doesn’t have to suck. When we work with our goal is to find a strategy that works and foods that you enjoy.
The “right diet” is the one that works. The one that works has to be the one you enjoy otherwise it will be very short lived.

Photos from DubFord Athletics's post 16/01/2022

Venison steak, fresh veggies and Taters!

What’s your Saturday night dinner normally look like?

If you have a bit more time on weekends this is a good time to slow down and cook the foods you love to eat.


Changed my habits. Changed my life.
It wasn’t over night. I didn’t change everything all at once. I gave myself grace and trusted the process. I never gave up. Little by little I tore down the foundation of an unhealthy life and rebuilt it. If you’re tired of running in circles, trying and failing at the same diet trends, reach out. I will show you a sustainable way to lose weight forever. Most people start their weight loss journey because they don’t like what they see in the mirror. Initially, it was the same for me. Now I do it for the benefits of heart health, brain health, gut health, better moods, and increased energy. Everyone of those positively effects my job, my relationships with my family and friends, my marriage, and my relationship with myself. Stop waiting and start doing. Your future self will thank you.

P. S. I now have spots available 😊


I’m all in for the “Taters” nutrition plan.


Day after competition:

•Hydrate. This should sound redundant at this point but we can often think so much about the food and supplements that we forget about the main ingredient.

•Avoid binge eating. Chances are you were more strict with your nutrition leading up to your competition so now you’ve “let your guard down” and your craving all those foods you fought off the last few weeks. It’s a trap!! I’m not saying you need to stick to the Chicken and broccoli protocol. Perhaps you do deserve a bit of a treat but let’s make sure it stays at that. Have a bowl of ice cream, a few slices of pizza or whatever that thing is for you but leave it at that. This doesn’t need to turn into a complete 180• of all your hard work.

•Get your protein up. On game day your carbs were/should’ve been high and protein low. Today is the day to recover and that means good healthy protein.

•Find balance Get back to your normal routine diet.

•As always eat with purpose.


Day after competition:
•Hydrate! Make sure you’re hydrating before and after each event. Water of course is always needed but you will also need to replace electrolytes. Sport drinks such as Gatorade or body armor can be very beneficial and drinking BCAAs after each event can help you recover for round 2

•Depending on what time your competition is you will want to plan meals accordingly. You will want to try to get your full balanced meals in no later than 2 hours before your fist event. If you’re shoving food In your mouth 20 minutes prior to your event you may end up feeling sluggish and end up leaving it all on the floor, literally 🤮

•Fast absorbing carbohydrates are your best friend on competition day. High protein and fat will take more time/energy to digest and we want your glycogen (let’s say energy) in your muscles to be as full as possible. Protein bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sour patch kids etc…. Can be great and delicious sources of fast energy. Especially if you have game day jitters you’re probably not going to be very hungry so more palatable foods will help.


Day before competition:

•Eat regular diet. Don’t add in foods that your body isn’t accustomed to. If you never eat pasta don’t pull a Micheal Scott and eat pounds of Fettuccine Alfredo that ends up trashing your digestion.

•Slightly increase amount of regular carbohydrates. If you normally eat 3 cups of rice per day you can benefit from adding in one more. Don’t use this as an excuse to eat anything and everything.

•Hit your regular protein targets. With the increase in carbohydrates you may feel fuller than normal but it’s important that your body is primed and recovered for competition day.

•You can go slightly above your normal calorie intake. You’re getting ready to exert yourself more than normal so you will need the fuel to do so. However if you decide this is the time to become a professional eating competitor this can leave you bloated, sluggish and running to the bathroom every 15 minute on competition day. Stay within reason and eat with purpose.

•Hydrate! With all the worry about the competing and what food to eat don’t forget to get your water in. If you go in to the competition dehydrated none of the above will matter much.


A big shout out and congrats to our clients and .runs.a50k for finishing their 50k (30.06 miles) trail run over the weekend. Between their training in the gym and diligence with nutrition over the last 6 months they were extremely prepared and ready to take on the task! We are so proud of both you.


Congrats to our client Jenn on her first place finish on Saturday in the
She has been working her ass off in the gym and the kitchen on her journey to her first RX level CrossFit competition. This was a huge step in the right direction!!

Photos from DubFord Athletics's post 24/10/2021

Congrats to our client on all of her success over the last few weeks of competition. She recently placed 3rd In her competition and just a few weeks prior competed in the Samson hybrid competition. We have been working with her for 7 months and in that time she has lost over 20lbs, gained strength and more importantly has grown as person. We’re so happy to know and get to work with you.


Fast food thrives off of being seemingly cheap and convenient (it’s actually pretty pricey once added up).

In general our society is always on the go, late every where and unprepared. This means nothing but dollar signs for the fast food industry. They thrive off of lack of preparedness, I assure you it’s not off quality.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to get caught up in it.

I know, I know it takes some work on our part and that can seemingly be daunting. However we’ve found that with a little bit of direction and fair amount of effort the most clueless kitchen goer can plan meals for one person or large family.

We’re here for it. If you need a little bit of help and guidance that’s what we do.


Food prep day 🥳


One reason why people throw in the towel so quickly, is because they set unrealistic expectations for themselves.

- "I want to lose 20 lbs this month."
- "I'm going to work out 5 days a week."
- "I am going to meal prep chicken and veggies for all of my meals."
- "I am going to quit drinking sodas."
- "I am going to give up fast food."

When we set all of these goals for ourselves, it becomes overwhelming. When we don't reach one of those goals, we end up quitting on all of those goals. Find one thing that feels the most important or most attainable to you and focus on that for a while. Then move onto the next thing. Over a period of time you will have succeeded at all of these, and they will contribute to the progress that you want to see. Small changes, over time, will add up to big results! Don't give up because you had a slip or a bad day. Reset and move on from it. Don't expect perfection from yourself. Just stay consistent.


Anyone else food prep today???

Basically I want to be really smart and good at lots of things in and out of the gym… oh also be as healthy as I can….. I guess that matters 🤷‍♂️

Anyways our performance and general well being has so much to do with what we choose to eat and how much effort we put into it. The score on the white board and how we look with our shirt off is just 1% of what food choices will do for us.

Think about how much better your relationship would be if you decreased the amount of stupid “Hangry” arguments you got into? Productivity levels at work, energy to play with and be present with your kids, s*x life (oh it definitely plays a role), your financial situation and so on…

Making your food a priority is kind of a big deal.


Weekend prep is 🔑

Going off the rails is one of the biggest issues we see with our clients and ourselves. We tend to make better choices and stick to a game plan throughout the week but once Friday and Saturday roll around it’s quite the opposite.

I get it. I’m a father of three and weekend schedules WILL (not can) get hectic. Knowing this will happen if I don’t take accountability to prepare my lack of success towards my set out goal is 100% my fault.

This doesn’t mean don’t enjoy the hot dog at the ball game or slice of cake at the birthday party, I know I will. However if I can make sure to hit all my other nutritional checkpoints the chances of a successful weekend are much higher.

You don’t have to start every week saying “This week will be different”

Photos from DubFord Athletics's post 31/07/2021

Egg casserole for the win!
Food prep comes in many different forms and it doesn’t have to be terribly difficult or time consuming. Start to finish including prep/cook time this took about an hour. This will be good for about 6 servings.


Before you try doing exactly what someone else is doing, consider these things; genetics, activity level at home, work, or the gym, height, weight, age, s*x, medical conditions, muscle mass, etc. Everyone is different. Everyone’s body responds differently. There isn’t a one plan fits all approach. That’s why we log the data, look at the patterns and trends, and adjust from there.


All though this might seem insignificant, for many people this is huge. The constant worry of being vulnerable and having your insecurities be caught in a picture can be crippling.

It’s not uncommon for people to avoid social interactions because they know cameras will be out.

So yeah, this matters.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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When 105lbs is getting used for technique work 😎High School Volleyball and Basketball athlete just getting ready to own ...
Refining and retuning ✅One of our high school volleyball/Basketball athletes @brittany._.cato working on her explosivene...