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Want to learn self discipline or need extra motivation to reach your physical goals? I'm here to give you that push.

Training in the gym, developing self defence skills or learning a martial art; I can help you reach your potential and take initiative.

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Dear future Bad Ass

I hope you are well. I understand your looking to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. I written some tips and tricks to lose weight.

To lead a healthy life its got to start from the inside out. When starting a diet it's 80 % your food and 20 % your excerise. What does that mean. It means that if you exercise all the time but you eat bad food. All your excerise is for nothing because your diet or food choice your eating more calories then your burning 🔥 in your workout. How to fix this problem. Start making small changes in your diet by eating more vegetables and less carb or proceed sugar. Don't starve yourself. The body need food in order to function. Food is fuel for the body. No fuel the body will not work. Drink more water and stay away from sugary drinks like soda and red bull. Don't make big changes in your diet all qt once. You will burn out of your diet and cause your energy level to go down and your mood will be angry because your body is craving bad food . Small changes at a slow rate allows the body to adjust to the changes you make in your diet. Making your body crave good food and your mood to be happier .

That does not mean just eat good food with no excerise. You need the body to move in order to lose weight.

A combination of cardio and weight training can make good healthy changes in the body. Setting a routine to excerise 3-4 times a week for 1 hour is a reasonable amount of time workout for beginners. Over excerise can lead to soreness and injuries. I would recommend working out 2 days rest 1. This way you pace yourself .

Make sure measure your body and take pictures every week to see your progress. Also have a workout journal before and after you workout to help motive you on days you don't feel like training. Watch so YouTube video to motivate you to workout. Set goal and gifts for yourself when you accomplish them. Never give up there days when you mess a day or working out or clean earing was not available. Do not I repeat Do not punish yourself. Everyday we work on making ourselves better. You can try again tomorrow. Never give up.

Now you have some tools to start your new healthy lifestyle. Nothing is stopping you but you. Say goodbye to your old life. Say hello to your new improved mind body and spirit.

Let the world see your a Bad Ass.

If you need some help or more encouragement or in need a kick in the ass to remind you who you are.

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Have fun

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