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I’ve been raving on about this for long enough now.

And I want to get this properly closed off before Christmas.

I can't wait to just chill out!

I expect yours are calling you too!

I had this deal recently where if you signed up for January, I’d give you December for free.

You might have seen it on my stories…

But if you still haven’t made your mind up…

And you have questions about it…

I’m not gonna annoy you any more now haha

If you want to ask anything - my DMs are open.

I’d encourage every single person to ask whatever you need to ask for this to be a clear yes

- or a clear no for you.

You won’t hurt my feelings by asking tough questions lol.

And if you’d be better off waiting, I swear I won’t take a penny off you.

Keep your cash and put it behind the bar for the Christmas party…

How does that sound to you?


Most of the people I help make getting results far too complicated than it needs to be.

Always looking for that perfect diet…

The right training plan.

The best routine.

Ice baths, saunas, supplements…

You’re looking in the wrong places.

These are not the stuff that really moves the needle.

If you want results like getting diced down or adding strength and lean muscle, you need one thing:


Get clear about what you want.

Get clear about what needs to happen to get it.

Get clear on the person that you want to be.

And commit.

Be consistent, THEN test how well it works.

Most people are their own worst enemy when it comes to getting results.

Just keep it simple.

Then just work hard at it.

Trust me, its a lot easier than you first think.


So many clients come to us who've tried a tonne of solutions before.

✅ Face to Face sessions or classes

✅ Gym memberships with all the classes included

✅ Meal prep companies

…No one could say they’re not actively looking for a solution.

But each time it doesn’t work…

They get more and more pi**ed off.

The one thing that pi**es us off at Elevate Everyday Athlete.

Is when you’ve had an experience where your particular circumstances get ignored.

People who have barely an hour to themselves each day getting given mega long workouts.

People who hate running getting it handed out 3 times a week.

It’s madness.

We make sure we understand everything you say and build a plan that works for YOU…

A plan that gets you results and doesn't flip your life upside down.

You need something tailored towards YOU that we can help track, assess and make sure everything is going on the right track.

We understand in your own life, you might not always feel like a priority.

But for us, you'll ALWAYS be the number one priority.



To me, being fit and healthy isn't a vanity thing.

It's about having self-respect.

And it's a responsibility you should have.

Most people won't look at it this way, but it's true.

By looking after your health and fitness, you're respecting your body.

And being in shape is a responsibility to help and impact the people around you and the people that are important to you.

You might have a responsibility to show up and perform well for your family...

Your job...

The people that look up to you...

And if you're not prioritising your health, how do you expect to show up at your best for everyone and everything else?

You've always got to make sure your own health is priority number one.

Otherwise, everything else falls apart.


"Never get too high on the highs, and never get too low on the lows"

I was told this last week.

And to be honest, it really resonated with me.

Sometimes when we achieve things or don't achieve things, we get hyper emotional.

This can come down to the likes of achieve a big performance goal...

A job you wanted...

The body you've desired for a long time...

Whether we achieve or don't achieve these things that we want...

It is really important that we stay focused and level headed.

With everything that we do, there will always be ups and downs.

It's never going to be clearly one sided.

And you have to take this approach when it comes to performing at your best 🏆

Being realistic and level headed is where you need your mindset to be.

Not going over the top and setting unrealistic expectations when you win big.

Understanding that if you go through a rough patch, you've just got to sit down and find out where you're going wrong and work on it.

Nothing comes without challenge, but you need to stay focused.

Stay disciplined and you'll grow at a higher rate.


Coming into the final hurdle for the 12 Week Transformation Challenge with my Team!

These guys have been doing INSANE!

Shredding off the pounds 🔪

Adding Strength and Muscle 💪

Performing at their peak ⚔️

Why don't you finish off 2023 at your best 🏆?


Your Health and Fitness will always be RENTED.


A lot of people think that when they do a 6 or 12 week shred and get a big transformation that it solves there problems.

There's a lot more that goes into it.

All you've learned from those programs is that you can stick to a diet for a couple of weeks.

But, what are you going to do to maintain it?

Most people struggle to keep it off after they've got the weight down.

It's a whole different ball game.

This is why I am a big believer of making sure my team at Elevate Everyday Athlete keep the fat off.

So that they build in systems and habits for life.

The cut down is only the tip of the iceberg on your journey.

P.S. The Koppaberg isn't mine, only fond of the Guinness 😂


"I just don't have the time to get in shape"

I actually enjoy it when I hear this.

It is just a general excuse people will tell themselves to hide away from the real reason why they don't want to do it, or prioritise it.

And a lot of it comes down to the belief in yourself that you can do it, as cliché as that sounds its true.

99% of you lads can all get in really good shape when you have a good structure and routine in place.

I did my photoshoot prep last year with 8 weeks of it having...

No cheat meals...

No alcohol...

Working on the gym floor...

Coaching clients...

Working as a bartender...

No days off...

Up to 1hr cardio everyday...

And still got in the shape of my life.

You guys don't even need to be half as disciplined as that to get in incredible shape.

I was just willing to give it my all.

Not to mention, we have guys on our team at Elevate Everyday Athlete leading by example,

With some as very busy parents and travelling regularly for work, living out of hotel rooms!

Insane, right?

So, are you going to make more excuses?

Or are you going to go after what you know you can achieve?


If I wanted to completely f**k up my performance goals, here's what I'd do...

I would make no time in my calendar to prioritise my goals.

I would have no clear idea of the direction I was going in - or how to measure success...

I would waste my money on things that actually took me further away from my goals...

And then I'd blame everyone else for me feeling like a bucket of crabs.

Reading that...

Doesn't it seem ridiculous that so many people use the same excuses to justify staying stuck?

And yet...

I hear them all every day.

If you're happy to take a big game...

If you're happy to let your goals stay as dreams...

And you are happy to coast along, underperforming and never achieving your potential...?

We're not a good match.


See ya later.

No hard feelings.

But, I'd you're reading this thinking,

"I want to do more, I want to be more, I want to achieve more..."

We should talk. Today.


You can go to as many classes or group sessions as you want, but...

If you're looking to get clear cut results to get in shape, you will NEED to have these in place ⬇️⬇️⬇️

✅️ Clear and Individualized Plan

✅️ Accountability

✅️ Tracking and Assessing

✅️ Support

Now, don't get me wrong...

Classes and group pt are great if youre looking to start exercising and get a good quick burner...

But they're more like a stepping stone to achieving that BIG result everyone wants.

If you don't have a clear plan along with accountability, tracking and support to make sure its working for you, you're going to struggle.

And what will end up happening is that you could waste more time and money overtime on classes etc. still struggling to get the results that you want.

I have seen this happen so many times in my day and it leaves people so frustrated!

If you feel like this is something you're missing....

We should talk, today.


3 BIG REASONS why you may not be seeing progress with your Training:

1. You're sessions aren't intense enough.

If you find your sessions aren't that hard and you're not progressing with your lifts or your cardio, you need to make things harder for yourself.

Whether it's shortening rest times, pushing harder through sets, or adding intensity techniques like drop sets, these can really add intensity to your sessions.

2. Your technique isn't right.

Poor technique leads to the risk of injury and not targeting the areas you want to work on as efficiently.

Lowering the weight and adding in the likes of slow tempo sets and paused reps will help you dial this down to a tee.

3. You're training frequency isn't right.

You could be under training which isn't giving the body what it needs to progress.


You could be over training which leads to you not recovering as well and risks injury.

I've found 3-4 days works well here for majority of people but it will vary depending on where you are at with your training experience.

If you need help getting in shape, drop me a DM today.

Photos from Maurice Downey's post 24/11/2023

You know what stops most lads from getting in shape?

Limiting their own beliefs.

Constantly telling themselves that there is no way that they can get in shape...

Without giving up the pints the odd weekend...

Without giving up the odd meal off at the weekend...

You've probably thought this before.

I hear it from speaking to people all the time.

But, take Michael for example.

Michael dropped 10kgs here in 10 weeks.

A kg a week.

He didn't give up his pints.

He didn't give up the foods he liked.

Smashing result in less than his 90 day commitment 🚀

What we gave him was simple...

A Peak Performance Blueprint...

Giving him clarity and optics...

To show him exactly what he needed to progress 📈

Quality Results from Michael, showing what you can achieve when you are determined to achieve big 💪


Yesterday I made an offer on my story to help you with achieving your fat loss goals in a more maintainable and achievable way using our Elevated Assessment.

And because we’re currently running an offer to celebrate our first live event…

We’re filling up seriously quickly.

I wanted to make 5 spaces available.

And we’ve only got 2 left.

If you want one of those spaces…?

You’ve got 24 hours.

Check stories for info on how to apply.


By now, you know about our Black Friday offer.

We’re offering £1000 off 1 years coaching.

Because we wanted to do something AWESOME to celebrate our first team live event!

But you might NOT know how we got our start…

See, most coaches solve fat loss issues by shredding down weight too quickly.

We don’t.

Because after bringing tonnes of successful transformations, we’ve found the most important thing to drop body fat easier is actually to track and assess your progress regularly through our Elevated Assessment.

Because fat loss should be done right and take enough time that you can adjust to it properly.

In fact, when you rush your fat loss too quickly, you’re actually making the problem WORSE.

Wanna know more?

Good. I want to tell you all about it.

You can drop me a DM direct…

Or you can watch my story a bit later today and I’ll let you know your next steps.

Photos from Maurice Downey's post 17/11/2023

Over the last 2 and a half years, one of the biggest problems Elevate Everyday Athlete has solved has been shredding down bodyfat 🔪

It’s actually become a bit of a superpower for me.

I’d actually go so far as to say I solve this problem more effectively than anyone I know.

And the weird thing is…

All the stuff Aodhan was doing, like not knowing how to manage his food and alcohol intake was actually COMPOUNDING the problem.

Making it harder and harder to unravel.

Lucky we’ve got so good at fixing it.

Aodhan achieved a loss of 16lbs in his first 45 days without giving up his nights out or his odd take away at the weekend.

Or David who lost 29lbs of body fat in just 90 days even struggling for years to get the weight down.

And Manus - who had an absolutely insane work ethic - who has smashed his recent 5 and 10k runs in a record times…

…Just sheer work and determination.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll get the same results if you sign up for our birthday offer.

Because I can’t guarantee your effort, after all.

But I am sure that when we’ve had a chat about what you wanna achieve…

How hard you’re willing to work…

And where you’re starting from…

You’ll be crystal clear on a very realistic, incredible result FOR YOU.

You won’t know til you find out for sure.


I didn't learn this about losing weight until I went through my last cut for my photoshoot prep....

If you want to make shredding down and maintaining it as easy as possible....

Take your time with it.


It really makes things a lot easier.

I speak to so many people who just want big results now....

And dig themselves too deep into a diet or a training regime that just TOO HARD and UNSUSTAINABLE!

And to be honest, most of you guys do not need to get as conditioned as this to be healthy and perform well.

A lot of stuff you see when it comes to seeing people get shredded for photoshoots or for going on a bodybuilding stage is NOT sustainable LONG-TERM and can he HARSH on the body.

Yes, I do talk about putting the work in which is very important,

But not at the expense of you starving yourself to death and going out of control on an all out buffet at Pizza Hut 😂

From my experiences, when I took things slowly and dropped food slightly when I needed to,

My performance and results actually improved a lot better.

And I wasn't dying everyday when I was working lol.

On a bonus note,

The post diet rebound was much easier to handle...

(note - this stage is much harder that dropping weight itself, so if you think you can celebrate for losing weight, you've not finished the job of learning how to keep it maintained)

Want the best results long-term?

Take your time and do it right.

DM me "MAINTAIN" if you need help with this.


Saying no might not be part of your daily vocab…


But if you want to change something in your life, you’ve got to change the things you do every day.

Whether that’s losing weight, like Mark.

Hitting a performance goal, like Michael.

Or even just feeling the best you have in years, like Dave.

Getting a result that you’ve never had before will mean you have to do things you’ve never done before.

For a while, that might look and feel like a sacrifice…

Until you realise the takeaway you sacrificed was giving you heartburn anyway.

Or that night out with your mates was giving you the fear all weekend.

The sacrifices suddenly seem worth it…

When you’re energised, happier, and a better version of yourself.


The 12 Week Transformation Challenge is really taking it's stride 🚀

Seriously though, this is what I am seeing from my guys at Elevate Everyday Athlete ⬇️⬇️⬇️

✅️ Pounds of Body Fat Falling Off

✅️ Strength and Muscle Being Added

✅️ Performance and Fitness Levels Through the Roof

Really taking shape here...

I've a team full of champs put it that way 🏆

What's stopping you from starting now?


Christmas is approaching guys.

A lot of events, food and alcohol going to be involved.

I know a lot of you guys may be worried about staying on track when there are going to be so many distractions coming up for the rest of the year.

I'm not going to leave you on the fence.

So, here's four tips you can use with your training and nutrition to help you stay winning if you're planning on having 🏆.

1️⃣ Drop 100-200 calories per day (preferably carbs) for a week to allow for extra calories at the weekend.

2️⃣ Drop 2 meals through the day (preferably carb meals) and have a meal or drink of choice within reason, doesn't need to be a big blow out takeaway for example to be enjoyable.

3️⃣ Add some cardio or exercise in when you know you're going off plan, anyway to get some cals down!

Add these in and they will work a charm.

Drop me a DM if you need any help with this.


What an incredible few days.

We’re full, and applications are now closed for the foreseeable.

If you expressed and interest, and missed out this time…?

I’m sorry. It’s hard to turn people away.

But I do it to preserve super high standards.

And if I didn’t have a cut off for applications, I’d be constantly distracted.

Always worrying about getting leads into the business…

When I should be concentrating on providing exceptional service to my clients.

I said spaces were limited - I meant it.

Now it’s time for us to get to work.

There will be a chance for you guys that missed out next time.

Not 100% sure when that will be yet because it’s gonna depend on when current clients graduate out of the programme.

I’m sure if you’re ready to make it happen though…

I’ll be ready to push you to achieve 100% of your potential.

That’s a promise.

Thank you all for being here during this “open door” period.

Your attention means the world.

Thank you for reading, listening, and all your DM's!


The one thing holds most people back from achieving their goals.

Not knowing what they’re working towards.

I don’t mean you don’t know what the goal is…

But rather what it will feel like when you’ve got it…

And who you need to become to be able KEEP the results you’ve worked so hard for.

Since you probably are operating on unknown territory…

This may feel a little strange to you.

So one of the most effective things you can do is to work out - in as much vivid detail as you can…

How you know you’ve been successful?

And what the kind of person you WANT to become would do each day to keep feeling that way.

Once you know that…

You stand a MUCH better chance of getting (and keeping) your results.



That's a wrap guys.

You all really are determined and want to take action.

Epic to see!

Just 45 days of intense work…

To get results like these ⬆️

But listen, I get that you might have missed out on this one...

So, listen...

I’ll take your details now so you’ll be top of the list when I do this again…

Guaranteed a spot…

So if you want your chance to get on board next time I run this kind of offer…

Raise your hand or like this post.

And when the time comes, I’ll hook you up…


First Month ✔️ for Online Client Ryan at Elevate Everyday Athlete!

Results starting to really shape up here!

From not being able to see the progress and results he wanted...


⬇️ 4kgs of Body Fat Down

💪 Added Strength and Lean Muscle

📈 Fitness and Energy Levels on the Rise

Working with Ryan for a month now, and you can tell he's really determined to WIN! 🏆

Always showing up to everything and asking questions when needed.

That's what it takes.

Only the beginning!

Really making the most out of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge.

Now is the perfect time to start!



You guys really want to get after it haha!

Slots going out FAST!

3 Spaces left!

Who doesn't want results in 6 weeks with half the price, right?

No brainer.

If you're wondering if you want to commit...

Or still not sure whether to put yourself out there again...

Worried about investing maybe?

Now is your time to get after it!

Slide into my DMs, let's get after it!

I've the results you want, you just need to take that step forward don't you?


That was MAD.

So a few days ago, I made an invitation to a few folk who might want to attend the private mastermind on Gym Training.

I knew loads of people were struggling with it…

But I didn’t realise there was SO MANY of you carrying this burden alone.

If you want to grab a spot, I’ve got a few spaces left!

Thursday Night


It’s on Zoom, so if you want the link, just raise your hand and it’s yours.

Photos from Maurice Downey's post 16/10/2023


7 New Spaces Available for the 6 Week Program at Elevate Everyday Athlete!

This is still in beta.

But I've tested it out.

And since the results recently have been just insane from my team recently!

I thought I'd open a couple more slots.

Half the time.

Half the price.

So, if you would like to drop:

✅️ Dropping 10-12lbs or Body Fat

✅️ Adding Some Strength and Lean Muscle

✅️ Increasing Fitness and Energy Levels

❌ Training 90+ minute sessions almost everyday!

DM me "IM IN" and we can get stuck in!


Want to see what you can really achieve in the next 12 Weeks?

Ciaran's results always show you what you can achieve with:

Hard Work


A Commitment to Succeed

That's what he wanted.

He tried previously to get there had left them feeling like this was out of sight.

He tried it on his own, but didn't have the right knowledge or vision to go further.

Most people would give up here.

Play it safe.

But not Ciaran.

He wanted the best.

When I told them about our accountability through our Elevated Assessment each week - which worked a charm.

The next 90 days were planned out.

They could see exactly what lay ahead…

And succeeded.

43lbs down in 12 Weeks is just exceeding expectations.

What's stopping you from performing at your best?


People don’t set small goals because they’re afraid to fail.

People play it small because they’ve got no idea or vision for how BIG they could be performing.

But when you set small goals…

You also make small steps to small progress.

In short: most of you will get bored or simply fed up before you fail.

You’ll fail just to give yourself a more interesting problem to solve lol.

But when you have the RIGHT goal…

Set in the RIGHT timeframe…

And the RIGHT plan to get you there…

Not only do you smash it…

You really love doing it, too.


Probably the most valuable part of working with me…

The BIG before and after transformation?

No. You will get it included, though.

It isn’t really the mates you’ll make from our community either.

Although they ARE while bit of craic.

In my opinion, the best part of working with us at Elevate Everyday Athlete is that you’ll start to develop trust with yourself.

There’s a special sort of resilience that comes when you do what you said you would.

You followed through.

Did something great.

The kind of “couldn't be arsed with” that money can’t buy.

It’s also the kind of thing that’s hard to show you in a “before and after”.

So I guess we’ll just have to show you the physical, and the community results instead.

But if you look really closely…

You can see it in their eyes.


🚨Huge Opportunity 🚨

We have a live masterclass inside Elevate Everyday Athlete!

You will discover:

✅ How to program your sessions

✅ How to progress with them

✅ What will suit you the best

If you’re reading this and you’d like to join us…

You can come along live on zoom at 7.30pm Thursday the 19th of October!

It’s going to be exceptional for people who struggle with knowing where they are going wrong in the gym!

If you want me to send you the link, double tap this post.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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