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Hopefully Santa got our letter asking for razors this year 🤞

Merry Christmas from the Kotkas crew!🎄🎅

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What people think running a fitness business is like VS. What is it actually.

This is also the reason why I think most people should NOT start their own companies.

How many small business owners and entrepreneurs do you know that started a business simply because they LOVE what they do.

We see and hear about this all the time....

The personal trainer that wants to start their own gym.

The baker who wants to open up their own bakery.

The plumber who wants to launch a large scale plumbing enterprise.

Usually only to hear that they hate their new jobs.


Because the skill that you loved is not the same as running a business.

Those are completely different skills and passions.

It's like telling a hairdresser to go to IT work.

The truth is, running a business is often much different then you think.

No longer are you just a trainer, plumber, hairdresser, or baker.

Now you are a marketer, sales person, financial analysts, manager, HR professional and so much more.

I am not saying don't do it. But make sure you are doing it because BUSINESS excites you, not the thing the business is made to produce or deliver.

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Day 2 of our annual meeting with the OPS leadership team is done and in the books.

We even even pulled of jazz hands photo just for

Your team is your company and I couldn't ask for a better group of leaders to be on this mission with!!

I know this team is going to do big things in the years to come.

I couldn't be more grateful for each of them.

Now time to execute.



Most people use December as an excuse to coast into the New Year, where then, they try to utilize new years resolutions to motivate them into action.

If you want to be successful, there are no times of "coasting".

There is only go and go harder.

And for me, when the majority of other people slow down, that is when I try to speed up.

As Ed Mylett says, it's separation season.

Let's go!!



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Ava Willow Kotkas

This little girl already has my heart!

I am going to do everything in my power to give this girl the world and be the best father I can be.


The most recent easing of restrictions was a small win for our industry.

It shows us that the government is starting to hear the people's plea that fitness is a major factor in improving and maintaining good mental and physical health

Unfortunately, the new regulations do not help the majority of Albertans or fitness studios.

We can help people and stop the spread of Covid.

It does not need to be an either or discussion.

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Cindy is such an incredible client.

She and her husband have been with us for years now and they always bring a smile to my face...especially when I get to read their hilarious check-in posts!

I hope that one day I can be talking about YOU!

And there is no reason you cannot do it.

The journey is NEVER EASY!
But, you can do it.

All you have to do is take the first step. Believe in yourself and sign up!

What do you have to lose?

Send me a DM if you want to know about our coaching options.

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If you feel like you are hanging on by a thread, I feel you!

But I am here to tell you that you can do it.
You can get through it.
We can get through it!

There will be days where you feel like the thread turns into heavy chains that are dragging you down into the deep black abyss.

Sink your feet in.
Grab those chains.
And battle back.

The battle won't be easy.
But it will be worth it.

You have a lot to fight for.

📸: detoured___

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You don't have control over every aspect of your life, but you do have control over who you surround yourself with!

In fact, one of the biggest predictors of your life is the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Think about it even in your own life....

I know for me, when I used to hang around people who partied more, drank more, at more crap....I did more of those things too.

If the people that you surround yourself with are not lifting you up, encouraging you, believing in you, and helping you, why are you spending time with them?

Hell, this may even be family members!!

So, you have 2 options:

1. Eliminate them from your life

This does not mean you need to go send them a text and say, "I am sorry but you are no good for me. You do nothing but bring me down so I am going to have to eliminate you from my social sphere. This will be the end, goodbye"

No, just stopping texting them.
When they reach out to you and say, let's go for a drink, respond with "sorry I can't tonight"

After doing that a few times, you will be amazed at how quickly they stopping texting you. (probably another good indicator they are not in the relationship for you).

2. Modify the relationship

We don't necessarily want to just cut everyone from our lives...especially if the people bringing us down is our own family.

But that also doesn't mean that we have to accept defeat and tolerate them tearing us apart.

Instead, control the situation more.

If you have a friend that always wants you to go out drinking. Instead, invite them to go for coffee.

If you have a father that always belittles you when it is just the 2 of you, then only get together at big family functions or go for dinner at a public restaurant.




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It is human nature to identify our problems!

In fact, in my opinion, we are TOO good at it.

But, if you want to see success, you need to become good at identifying solutions.

You need to get "I CANT" out of your vocabulary.

Replace it with "How can I?"

I am not naive enough to believe that "anything is possible". You cannot magically grow a foot, lose 100lbs in a month, or build a trillion-dollar business in a year without any work.

But, if you start to ask the right questions, you can start to come up with an action plan.

Rather than saying, "I can't work out because my gym is closed", ask yourself how can I?

Rather than saying "I cannot eat that many calories in a day", ask yourself how can I?

Rather than saying "I don't have time to workout", ask yourself how can I?

Rather than saying "I can't afford that", ask yourself how can I?

Rather than saying.....FILL IN THE BLANK....ask yourself HOW CAN I!


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2020 was a BITCH!

While we all wish and hope that 2021 is going to be different - a year where we can regain some normalcy and go back to our old way of living, we don't really know what is going to happen.

Hell, in all honesty, 2021 might be worse.

But, how long are you going to sit around and wait for things to "go back to normal"?

I am done waiting.

This year is my year.

I am going to make it happen regardless of what COVID, the government, or other people throw at me.

I want you to do the same.

Stop waiting.
Get up, and let's go get it!

"No one is going to come knocking at your door and make your dreams come true"

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A dream without a plan is nothing but a dream.

A plan, without action, is nothing but a plan.

If you want to predict where you will be 6 months from now, look at what you are actually doing.

Are your actions in line with the outcomes you want?

If not, it is time to make a change.

As Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

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The fitness industry is a dichotomy where most professionals tend to live in the extremems.

Some people put all the weight on pictures like this saying...

"This could be you, buy our program"

Then on the flip side, others say....

"Transformation photos are stupid. It is the reason that we have body shaming, put so much weight on the scale. Peoples transformations are far more than a picture"

And here is what I have to say....

Both have merit and have good points.


It shows hours in the gym and time spent planning food.

There was time spent breaking down belief systems and working on mindset.

The person on the right, from a PHYSICAL perspective, is more healthy than the person on the left.

Are they HEALTHIER?? As a whole, a picture cannot really depict that. Mental health is a whole other topic that is addressed in other posts and can not be depicted in pictures (another issue with social media itself).

So yes, there are other parts of transformation that cannot be depicted in a photo.

But if you are looking at these photos motivates you to make some positive changes in your life.

Or it has you saying, "if she can do it I can do it"

If it motives you to go buy a gym membership, sign up for a program, or hire a coach.

Then I am all for them.

With that being said, signing up for something is not going to magically give you the outcomes you want.

And know that health goes far beyond that of just an after photo.

It is going to be hard. The journey will have lots of ups and downs. It is going to take hours of hard work in the gym, on changing your mindset, and in the kitchen.


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This one goes out to all you PARENTS out there!!

Most parents would SACRIFICE THEIR LIFE for their children.

But the real question is...

Will you sacrifice what you need to be healthy for them?

Parents give up everything for their kids.

They sacrifice every waking hour of the day to get them to school, pick them up from school, run errands for them, take them to practice, be at their sporting event, dance recital, or band concert.

They give all of their additional finances to them in the form of camps, activities, fundraisers, and presents.

And as a child, you appreciate all of these things.

But as you get older, and reflect on your life. You realize there is really only ONE thing that matters.

The quality time you have left on this earth with your parents.

And the best predictor of that is your health.

So, parents, I urge you to think about your own life.

If you could go back and tell your parents what you would appreciate more.

Would you tell them that you wanted all those presents, hours and investments?

Or would you tell them to take a little bit of it back so that they could invest it into their own health and happiness?

If it is the latter, and you are a parent now, make sure your actions reflect that!

Make sure you sacrifice what you need so that you can BE HEALTHY and be there with your kids for as long as you can.

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We LOVE to overcomplicate things.

In my experience, people usually do this for one of 3 reasons:

1. They tried to keep it simple before but they either did not do it correctly or consistently enough to get results so they think it does not work.

2. We try to overcomplicate it as a way to have an excuse to not start "I have not learned everything I need yet", etc.

3. As a scapegoat - by overcomplicating it, when we fail at that (which usually happens because the overcomplicated ways are extremely difficult to be consistent with for long periods of time) then we have an alibi...it was not sustainable, it was too hard to follow, etc.


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WHY do you train?

Most peoples goal is to "lose weight"

As such, most people train just to burn calories.

We glorify programs and exercises that make us leave dripping in sweat and skyrocket the numbers on our Fit Bit.

So we hop on the stair climber for 30 minutes a day 7 days a week. And better yet, we do it in a fasted state while rubbing some sort of gel on our belly that claims it "shreds belly fat".

Or we crush ourselves in the gym doing burpee after burpee followed by complex lifts that you should probably not be doing.

And if this is you right now, it is NO FAULT of your own. The companies and programs that advertise these things typically have millions in backing and are very good at convincing people that these are a must to lose fat.

But, in doing so, you are likely going to get injured, lose muscle mass, and leave yourself feeling burnt out and defeated.

The gym should be the place we train to move better, feel better, have fewer injuries, and get stronger!

If that becomes your focus...

- You will have to exercise less
- You will be injured less
- You will maintain or build your muscle mass
- You will see progress in other areas that will give you the momentum to keep going

Then, your nutrition, sleep, and stress management becomes how you control your calorie balance.

Now you can lose fat, build muscle, feel great and you do not have to run on a treadmill or kill yourself 7 days a week covered in a goo that you only hope comes from where they really say it does....

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We ALL have things built into our belief systems that are holding us back.

And until you take the time to uncover it, dig up its routes, look it straight in the face, and do the necessary things to overcome it, you will NEVER be able to reach your potential.

It is not easy to identify our faults...To look in the mirror and see all the blemishes for what they are.

But if you continue to layer on the foundation and cover them up, you will never break free of the glass ceiling that is holding you back.

The good news is that we ALL have them. It is OKAY to have faults. It is OKAY to have beliefs that are detrimental to you.

What is not okay, is to keep allowing them to hold you down.

Do some self-reflection
Go see a therapist
Talk to a friend about them

I promise you that you will thank me for it!

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The more you focus on "quick fixes" the more quickly your results are going to fade away!

The key to seeing long-lasting results is to focus on changes that will be long lasting.


Keto helped you lose 20 lbs.

Can you eat that way for the rest of your life? If not, what will happen when you go back to your old way of eating?

That rapid 400 calorie fat loss 30-day fix program had you lose 30 lbs in 30 days.

But what is going to happen when you go back up to eating the number of calories you were before?

Don't even get me started on body wraps!

Start by committing to things that you know you can do for the rest of your life. Will taking this approach mean that you aren't going to get results as quickly? MOST LIKELY!

But, your goal should not be to lose 30lbs and then put all that weight back on.

Your goal should be to become a HEALTHY, FIT, HAPPY version of yourself FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!

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What are you waiting for? ⁠

The life of your dreams is waiting around the corner! ⁠

But, no one is going to come knocking on your door to make your dreams come true. ⁠

If you are standing on the edge, waiting for motivation to paddle by and say, "3-2-1-Jump", then here it is....⁠

"JUMP" ⁠

Go do ONE thing today that you have been neglecting and wanting to do. ⁠

Sign up for the gym⁠
Book in for your workout⁠
Go register to go back to school ⁠
Call that girl you really like ⁠
Sign up for that painting class ⁠
Hire a coach ⁠

But don't wait any longer or you are going to be waiting an awfully long time! ⁠

📸: ⁠

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Most clients tend to want to focus all their attention, energy, effort, and goal directly on the scale.

But, you would be amazed at what can happen when you direct that attention elsewhere.

Set a NON-SCALE goal:

- Deadlifting a certain amount
- Running a 5K in the summer
- Completing a spartan race

If you do the things necessary to accomplish those goals, you will be amazed at how much the scale moves anyway!

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Most people are either... ⁠




The key to achieving long-term success is finding the homeostasis between the 2 of them. ⁠

If you give yourself too much grace, you will never do what needs to be done in order for you to see success. ⁠

But if you are too hard, it is only a matter of time until you burn out, "fail" and give up. ⁠

So, you have to find the balance.⁠

If you are someone that really struggles with this, then I suggest you: ⁠

1. Create non-negotiables - these are rules for yourself that are simple, easy to follow, and give you some level of flexibility while also keeping you on track. ⁠

Example: ⁠

- I will not miss 2 workouts in a row ⁠
- I will eat protein at every meal ⁠
- I will eat veggies at 2 meals a day ⁠

2. Have an accountability partner, group, or coach. ⁠

One of the hardest things to do is to hold YOURSELF accountable. Find a partner, group, or hire someone to do it! ⁠

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Jumping out of 2020 like....⁠

If you are anything like me, you probably used the environment in 2020 as an excuse. ⁠

Maybe you let your nutrition slip ⁠
Maybe you stopped working out ⁠
Maybe you started playing more video games ⁠
Maybe you drank a lot more alcohol ⁠

But, eventually, we have to accept it for what it is. ⁠

If we want to be successful and be the best version of ourselves, we cannot allow the UNCONTROLLABLE to control us anymore. ⁠

Make 2021 YOUR year. ⁠
You got this! ⁠

📸: ⁠
☝️: Go check this lady out if you are a fitness professional looking for some amazing content ⁠

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It is crazy to me how many "coaches" or "nutritionists" say the SCALE will create an unhealthy relationship with weight and that counting calories or tracking macros will create an unhealthy relationship with food.

Most of these coaches, instead, advocate that everyone should just be mindful of their eating and stay off the scale.

I am NOT saying that everyone should track their calories or that mindful eating is not beneficial for some.

But, it is not what we actually do that creates unhealthy relationships with these things. Instead, it is HOW we view those things.

It is our fundamental beliefs about them that causes problems.

If you want to change your financial situation, you usually create a budget and track your finances. People do not criticize that tactic saying it will cause problems!

For some people, the act of trying to stop eating when feeling full. Or to only eat when feeling hungry is the reason they are where they are.

So, basically, we are just saying, "Do what you are already doing just do it better."

It simply won't work for some people!

Every tactic has its place. The industry needs to stop classifying one tactic as the right one and everything else as bad.

Our job as coaches is to help our clients become happier, healthy versions of themselves and do it in a healthy, sustainable way that works for them.

Timeline photos 19/12/2020

Jenna crushed her program with us!!

Lots of times I share our transformation stories from clients that have lost 50lbs, 100lbs, or somehow drastically changed their life.

And in all honesty, I do this for a few reasons.

1. It captures your attention in hopes that you will read the post and maybe, just maybe it will captivate YOU to take action too.

2. A lot of people really struggle with their self-confidence. They don't believe that programs will work for them. They believe, that somehow they are fundamentally different from other people. In sharing those stories, I want to show you that you can do it too.

But, to me, it does not matter what your goal is.

If you want to start squatting heavier, just be a better role model for your children, get back into shape for ski season, or lost 5 lbs...I am here to help.

Shoot me a DM with what YOUR goal is and the biggest struggle you are having right now with accomplishing it and I promise I will respond and give you a helpful tip!

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When it comes to losing weight, there is ONE thing that matters...

Being in a calorie deficit.


People often mistake the 2.

There is a multitude of things that will impact the number of calories your body is burning vs. the amount you are taking in....

✅ Body Size - the larger you are, the more calories are required.

✅ Your Age - generally speaking, as you age, your metabolic rate is going to slightly decline.

✅ The amount of muscle mass you have - muscle requires calories. The more you have, the more calories you will burn on a daily basis.

✅ The amount of physical activity you do - this is not just workouts. This is the total amount of physical activity you do per day (chasing kids, doing chores, steps at work, etc.)

✅ Hormonal Factors - yes, some people deal with things like hypo or hyperthyroidism that will affect their metabolic rate.

✅ Food - your nutrition can have an effect on your body's metabolic rate.

But, after all, this is taken into consideration. ONE thing matters....CALORIE DEFICIT.

This does not mean you should go start working out more or eating less.

In fact, for some people, we need to focus on the opposite for a while before we can get into a position to have healthy fat loss.

If you want to know what you should do, shoot me a DM and I am happy to set up a free call!

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Here is what MY training schedule would look like if I could only train a certain number of times each week.

📆 2 Days / week 📆

2 Full Body Strength Sessions With some sort of HIIT/interval cardio incorporated.

📆 3 Days / week 📆

3 Full Body Strength Sessions with some sort of HIIT/interval cardio incorporated on 1-2 of the days.

📆 4 Days / week 📆

Upper / Lower splits w interval training on 1-2 of the days

📆 5 Days / week 📆

Upper / Lower splits + 1 day of cardio (for me that would be playing basketball)

📆 6 Days / Week 📆

Upper Pull, Lower, Upper Push x 2 with HIIT/interval cardio incorporated in 2 total days.

📆 7 Days/week 📆

I will never train 7 days a week

I want to know more about YOU. Post your training schedule in the comment below!

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2020 has been one hell of a ride.

And, with the new restrictions implemented recently, I know a lot of people are stressed and sad.

A holiday that we all love, cherish and look forward to, is now looking a whole lot different.

But, we are resilient.


Every breakup
Every separation
Every job lost
Every failed exam
Every injury
Every miscarriage
Every family death

Every tragedy you ever faced...

Probably felt like the worst time of your life.

But you made it through. You made it through ALL of them.

One day, this year, this pandemic, this virus, will just be another item on the list that you get to say you survived.

Keep strong. Keep positive.

And, if anyone ever just needs someone to talk to, I am ALWAYS available. Just shoot me a dm, email, or text.

Timeline photos 17/12/2020

The best time to plant a tree, what 20 years ago.

The next, best time to plant a tree is now.

I am launching a 16-week transformation program on Jan 11th.

If you want to start taking back control of your life, health, and fitness, shoot me a DM to see if the program is right for you.

Every client of mine that goes through a transformation like this, started out just like you.

Telling themselves "I will start when..."
Worried that it won't work just the last program
Skeptical if they will be able to do all the exercises
Scared of the commitment

But, when they are now standing in that after photo, do you think they are thinking about those things anymore?

Of course not!

Now, they get to stand tall, proud of what they have done. A newfound & revitalized look on their life, health, fitness, and nutrition glistens through their eyes!

There is NO reason, that cannot be you too.

But, you cannot let that fear and self-doubt hold you back.

At some point, you have to have to believe in yourself.
At some point, you have to tell yourself "I can do this"
At some point, you just have to commit.

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We all face problems.⁠

But, when we do, there are 2 types of people. ⁠

People that focus on the problem. ⁠
People that focus on the solution. ⁠

Unfortunately, most people are the first. Most people focus on the problem. ⁠

"I don't have time" ⁠
"I can't eat that much" ⁠
"I don't have space to workout" ⁠
"I don't have enough money" ⁠
"I'm not smart enough for that" ⁠
"I don't have a website yet" ⁠

The list can go on and on. ⁠

But the moment we become problem-oriented, we immediately give away the power to move in the direction we want. ⁠

Instead, we need to be solution-oriented. ⁠

We need to start asking "how can I?" ⁠

"I know I am busy, but how can I get a quick workout in?"⁠
"I get full quickly, but how can I get in a few more calories?"⁠
"How can I make some more space to workout at home?"⁠
"How can I workout without a gym membership"⁠

Will you always solve the problem? NO. ⁠

But at least you are now giving yourself a chance!⁠

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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Want to lose weight, get fit or tone up?🤔  "Well, you HAVE to cut carbs! It's the only way" Have you heard that before? ...
Want to lose weight, get fit or tone up?🤔  "Well, you HAVE to cut carbs! It's the only way" Have you heard that before? ...