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Elaine Burke

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💜Happy international women’s day 💜

Feeling very grateful to have so many wonderful
women in my life who support, guide, lift me up and inspire me 💜

Thank you 🙏


Connecting in with the beautiful Shakti (divine feminine) energy that runs through us on this day.

I am very grateful to have women in my life who support, encourage, teach, love, defend and walk beside me on this life path.

“ the energy of pure love is within you; it only needs to awaken “ Amma


A worthy intention (sankalpa) 📿

The foundation of Bhakti yoga - a yoga of prayer, ritual, chanting and devotion to others to help attain unconditional love for ourselves and for all beings 📿

The foundation of our classes this month - ways to practice love and devotion 🙏

Dm me to book in or click the link in my Bio 💚

Om shanthi 🙏


A yoga classic text with a beautiful translation. 📚

Full of philosophy, pranayama (breathing purification techniques), asana (movement) energetics and Kundalini and the rise of the Divine feminine 🌺

A relatively easy to digest read for those interesting in going deeper with their yogic knowledge and practice of union with self 🧘‍♀️🧘


✨✨ this Sunday evening - we have a real treat for you ✨✨

📿Relaxing guided meditation with mini gong bath 📿

🙏Tomorrow evening at 7:30pm, I am joined by the wonderful Ciara from .gongmeditation who will be guiding us through a gentle breath meditation with a mini gong bath 🎶


✨Ciara is a 600-hour certified Meditation & Mindfulness teacher as well as being a gong practitioner who studied gong master training with gongmasters Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre and Sheila Whittaker.

She works with high-quality Paiste gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Koshi chimes and sounds of nature to create soothing soundscapes that support listeners to find rest and repair in body and mind. ✨

 📿Ciara’s guided relaxation will allow you to melt away any tension and to let go and her instruments will take you into a sweet soundscape – total bliss!  ✨

🎧For the best experience:*Listen on over-ear wired headphones or the best quality headphones you have on WiFi, find a comfortable, quiet part of your home to lie down and unwind 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

✨Join us live here on at 7:30pm GMT / 20:30 CET this Sunday, February 28th – you won’t want to miss this✨

If it is your first gong experience – I highly recommend!!


✨✨Anxiety releasing healing Meditaton with Laoise O’Connor Energy healer ✨✨

This Sunday evening (tomorrow) at 7:30pm, join us for a chat and a beautiful visualisation meditation to release anxiety and allow you to feel good 💚

Laoise’s meditations are simply divine 🙏 so grab a quiet place tomorrow evening and give yourself some much needed TLC during these challenging times.

I’m finding this lockdown to be particularity trying so am really looking forward to this meditation. 📿

Drop me a 💚 if you will be joining us ✨



To celebrate the launch of my ‘learn to meditate’ course starting on Thursday March 11th 🎉I am giving away this beautiful prize to help create a higher vibration in your home and to set you up for your meditation practice 🙏

You can use these fabulous pieces to help create a meditation space or to simply help cleanse the energy in a room or throughout the whole house 💚

This giveaway prize comes with:

✅An eye pillow for ultimate relaxation

✅Nag champa incense and holder ✨

✅Sage and Palo Santo to clear the energy and bring a sense of grounded ness

✅Shamanic feather to help with smudging ✨

✅Sea shell as a holder for the sage and palo Santo

✅Smoky quartz Crystal to remove negative energy and clear quartz to amplify your energy ✨

✅Beeswax candle to set your intention

✅Louise Hay intention cards ✨

✅’Create the space’ spray for clearing

✅ An information card on how to use this fabulous prize

To enter :

1️⃣ Follow

2️⃣Like this post

3️⃣Tag 2 friends in the comments

4️⃣Share to your story

Competition closes Wednesday MARCH 10th at 11:59pm 😻

Best of luck 💚

Elaine x


💚Valentine’s Day Shamanic journey to the room of the heart 💚

I am so excited to be joined by Suzi from for a beautiful shamanic journey meditation to the room of the heart. ✨

Let’s go deep into the centre of your heart space to connect with the divine love within 🙏

Suzi is a shaman, a yogi, an author, designer and all round fabulous human ✨✨you will not want to miss this ✨✨

Grab a comfortable space and come join us live at 7:30 pm this Sunday for some TLC 🙏

Drop me a 💚 if you will be joining us ✨



✨Thursday yoga starting this week ✨

A flow class where we move mindfully linking our breath to each movement 🧘‍♀️🧘

The class starts off with pace where we repeat the movements to give the mind something to do so that we can prepare the body for a sense of clarity and calm 📿

Later we really slow it down and move deeper into the postures to activate the body’s relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system)💫

Great for those of us who find it hard to switch off 🙏 this style of yoga can help boost your mood, improve your physical health, give you a sense of connection and help you to be less scattered 🧘🧘‍♀️

If you love movement you will love this class 💚

I would love you to join us ✨📿

Booking link is in bio- please direct message me with any questions 📔


✨✨An eternal student of this life long university of self study ✨✨


✨ February online Gentle Yoga series ✨

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm starting next Tuesday February 2nd 🧘‍♀️🧘

A slow and gentle yoga class suitable for everyone including beginners 🧘‍♀️🧘

Come if you are emotionally, mentally and physically tired 📿

This class doesn’t require you to have much energy just a willingness to be guided through gentle movements using breathing exercises to help us achieve a state of relaxation 💚

Plenty of guidance is given along with adjustments for any injuries 😀

We practice the same series of movements every Tuesday to help achieve confidence and to work on certain poses ✨

We finish with a beautiful guided relaxation to help you get a good nights sleep 😴 🛏

Joining our Tuesday class every week for the month of February helps us motivate and be accountable to each other and to connect to other people these what can sometimes be lonely times 👏

Booking link is in my bio or direct message me with any questions ⁉️

I would love you to join me 🙏✨


👏👏Proud moment 👏👏

My first published meditation on

A beautiful 17 minute grounding meditation to connect you back into your body and help navigate through these challenging times. 📿🧘‍♀️

I am using this style of meditation in recent days to help me manage feelings of overwhelm and symptoms of anxiety 💚

If you’d like a listen, the booking link is in my bio ✨ ✨

Much love,

Elaine x


“ Yoga is a martial art you do against yourself “

Nicolas Gregoriades ( Brazilian Joy- Jitsu specialist)

Yoga (union) is the quietening of the mind, the lifting of the veil of who you are, the truth behind the lies you tell yourself about your self, the way home to presence and acceptance, the cleaning of the mind and body, the unconditional self love that is rightfully yours, the letting go that we all need.🙏📿

I practice yoga to 📿🧘‍♀️

☑️Move stress out of my body
☑️Prepare for meditation
☑️Improve my mental health
☑️Be a better partner/sister/daughter/friend/human

☑️Project less onto others
☑️Get to know who I am
☑️Slow down and tune in
☑️Balance my hormones
☑️Feel more alive

The foundations of yoga are built on the practice of abhyasa (steady effort in the direction you want to go) and Vairagya ( non attachment to the outcome). ✨

Practice leads us in the right direction while not attachment allows us not to get distracted by the pleasures and pain along the way. 💚📿

I invite you to join me this week online to explore the benefits and foundations of yoga from the comfort of your own home:

✨Tuesday 6:30pm Gentle yoga

✨Thursday 6:30pm Move and Flow yoga

💚The link to book is in my bio or dm me to book in.

Much love,

Elaine x


📕✨Book recommendation ✨📕

‘ The body keeps the score ‘ by Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk is one of my faves and my go to book for exploring how trauma imprints in the body, how devastating this can be for sufferers and how trauma therapies have evolved over the last number of years.

It combines science based on years of research and findings and looks at how alternative approaches can provide healing for mind, brain and body. 📿

There’s a whole chapter yoga as a way to inhabit your body 🧘‍♀️🧘 which the author recommends a method for treating post traumatic stress disorder 💚

A super read which I highly recommend ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

There’s a whole chapter dedicated to yoga 🤗 why not add this to your reading list !

Sharing a quote from the book by Carl Jung ‘ It is not that something different is seen, but that one sees differently. It is though the spatial act of seeing were changed by a new dimension ‘



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. May you go gently this holiday in the midst of these challenging times. I always feel emotional on Christmas Eve, looking at the lights on the tree and the candles burning softly, a symbol of comfort and hope.
Thank you for your continued support with all the ups and downs this year has brought. 2020, although mentally tough, has raised a resilience in me that I didn’t know I had.

I am thankful for this journey.


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