Kyler bowl VIP

Kyler bowl VIP

a page made for everyone who has competed in the Kyler Bowl, a way to connect with fellow players! boast, brag or just good old trash talk

Operating as usual

Photos from Sunday Night Football on NBC's post 07/10/2021


Photos from Sunday Night Football on NBC's post 19/09/2021

week 2 coming I'm hot! who's gonna move up! who's moving down?


The draft is getting closer!
here are some notable players returning to the Draft pool. Who are you hoping can stay on the board for your squad??

Patrick Mahomes Darius Leanord
Lamar Jackson Leiton Vander esh
DeAndre Hopkins Logan Ryan
Davante Adam's Danny Trevathan
Dalvin Cook Marlon Humphry
Michael Thomas Lavente David
Tyler Lockett Myles Jack
Sequan Barkley


8pm tonight we will be voting on league issues. voting will be held in our whatsapp forum. hope you can all attend, I'm excited to kick off the new season


2021 Fantasy Season is approaching!!!!!!!
Kyler bowl has been renewed ladies and gentlemen. we have a few things I would like y'all to weigh in on...

first of all there were alot of inquiries about some rules and regulations last season. I would like us to discuss those and vote on any and all issue you guys have, mainly the point system. it is a very in depth point system so texting to vote on each item will be a headache. I'm thinking in person (not sure where everyone stands covid wise) or like a conference call/face time senerio although I'm not very good with technology I'm sure the thunder ponys can help 😉

Next is Draft day I was thinking Sunday August 22 but y'all can weigh in on that, maybe a week night is better? or you have things going on try not to squeeze it in while your doing somthing else hahaha. I want everyone to be able to attend draft so there's no computer generated teams like last season, and no excuses about crumby defenses 🤭😑. I'd love to just hold the draft at my place but again not sure how peeps feel on covid and travel (for our out of towners). but it could be a good time!

I hope everyone is doing well and I'm super excited to get this season kicking off!!! bless y'all


Congratulations to Mike and his team Omega Strike! They have won the Kyler Bowl!! Unfortunately I'm doubting we will be able to have our Superbowl Windup as usual thanks to covid but I will keep everyone posted


Here's your week 8 Rankings, stay tuned for Primes Predictions. Feel free to comment, like or show some forms of life out there 😄 its fun but nice to know I'm not just doing this for my own entertainment hahaha


These 2 monsters take field together Sunday! Who gas a bigger game??


Is there a power shift for points with my boy Dak out? NO on the bye... who will stand atop the mountain after week 6?

Photos from Kyler bowl VIP's post 08/10/2020

Power rankings being released tonight!!


Who will be the first to break!!


Who should get the boot? What team should be here instead???


Week 4 and things are starting to take shape! Which team will shock the league this week? What undefeated team will fall!??


Sitting just under 70% again in week 2 gotta step up my game 😃


What you thinking??

Photos from Kyler bowl VIP's post 23/09/2020

Week 3 power rankings!!


Good week 2!! Lots of injuries but a ton of good football! stay tuned fir power rankings this week

Photos from Kyler bowl VIP's post 15/09/2020

With one week in the bag some things are starting to take shape but still way to early to make any strong statements. Great work week 1 to all the managers.


Week 1 was fun! Lots of ups and downs... power rankings will be put out shortley!

Photos from Kyler bowl VIP's post 26/08/2020

Its time for some power rankings!! Here's your Offence and Defence, full team coming later today 😃


Here's the draft grades 2020!



congrats to all the managers, the league
Power rankings will be posted next week


2020-2021 Fantasy Draft Order
Good luck to all managers

Photos from Kyler bowl VIP's post 03/02/2020

Some past winners


First wrap up was a success!

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