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Anyone who knows me knows I love a good pop-up craft fair…

Cutest pattern ever 🥰 on this neck wrap filled with flaxseed and lavender. Can be heated or cooled, case is washable and smells amazing! Love it


Swiss chard + Cabbage + Red Onion + Garlic + Soy/Maple/Lime 💚


Thai Peanut Noodle Soup…so good! Recipe cred to


Allow meditation to sometimes be, three deep breaths and a cup of tea.


Breathing in the January sunshine ☀️


Water once jumped into soon freezes over...becomes a still and sturdy surface for a time, then melts back and moves again. Same water, ever changing form. And aren’t we just the same?

Happy Winter Solstice ❄️


The Mookie...part muffin, part cookie. ❤️

1 cup almond flour + quarter cup oats + 1 smashed banana + 1 tsp vanilla + quarter cup maple syrup + 1 egg (sub with 2 tsp apple sauce for vegan) + tsp baking powder + pinch salt...sprinkle with coconut (or brown) sugar and bake at 400 until brown


The inner landscape is always waiting. Our triggers are keys to unlocking that inner space. Follow the trail inward and you will find what the trigger is attached to. Find the attachment and the alchemy of your evolution can begin.


Cold November Morning Waters. ❤️🍁




Happy Autumnal Equinox ❤️🍁

As comforting as an old school mixtape...




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I needed this gentle reminder that it’s always there, waiting patiently inside, ready to burn bright again. 🔥

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Banana Bread Cookies...are a real thing...are actually acceptable for breakfast. What is this magic?

Loved the recipe from ❤️

Photos from Carrie McMullen Yoga & Wellness's post 01/08/2020

☀️ 🌻 💖

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Leaning on other women is only possible if companionship matters more than competition, if vulnerability matters more than vanity, if the mess and mystery of the chapters matters more than the cover.

Reflecting on the gratitude I feel for the beautiful women in my life who let me be myself and show me how to shine the light so others can do the same.



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My spinach has better hair than me...

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“All good things are wild and free.” - Henry David Thoreau

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Every-veg-left-in-the-fridge...roast 🥕

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Keep calm and paddle on. ❤️


Slowing down to remember that sometimes the only main event needed is a sunset.

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.kombucha for the win. The only thing between me and my coffee addiction 😆

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Sweetest side-kick for pickup ☀️

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The farther I get into motherhood, the more I realize my place in the wider cycle. Nurture and be nurtured. Grow and learn to grow. And round and round it goes.

Happy Mother’s Day beautiful Mamas.

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Gorgeousness. I’m at the photographing my vegetables stage of . 😆My farm share had Swiss Chard this week. Lovely sauté with white wine + garlic + fresh parm + red onion.


AM practice often feels jinky for me - creaky, tight, cloudy. But sometimes the yoga - the thread that yokes all of the clunky aspects of ourselves into unity - reveals itself just in the “showing up.” And midway through, the clouds usually clear, the wrinkles smooth out, and grace finds a way to flow in and transform again.

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Rainy Saturday mushroom soup. This one from was perfect. Cremini mushrooms + Onions + Garlic + cashew cream + white wine (+ a glass on the side 😉)... so so good.

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We may be apart, but we can still yoga together. ❤️ Loved hosting a lunch hour mini class for my work team this week.

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Just breathe. ❤️

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Swiss chard + Cabbage + Red Onion + Garlic + Soy/Maple/Lime 💚
Water once jumped into soon freezes over...becomes a still and sturdy surface for a time, then melts back and moves agai...
Cold November Morning Waters. ❤️🍁.......#yoga #yogisofinstagram #yogini #yogalife #yogalifestyle #wellnessjourney #welln...