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Helping coaches turn their idea or hobby into an online course and launch it in a way that feels fully aligned and authentic.

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My secret formula to scaling your course...

Here's a little sneak peek into my step-by-step formula and system inside Scale to Freedom Academy that helps you generate consistent recurring monthly revenue:

1. Craft an irresistible program for your ideal clients. This means taking one of your (scalable) passions and putting your knowledge and expertise into a structure and format to effectively teach others and help them implement. I also teach my clients how to get paid for their course before they even launch it.

2. Map out your marketing campaign using messaging that resonates and converts. This step is so vital to selling your course, so we tackle it pretty early on and cover what types of content to include and how to use sales psychology within it.

3. Build your automated, evergreen sales machine that constantly brings in sales and adds new students in the background. Once you set this up, the heavy load of marketing and conversions is off your shoulders, and you get to watch sales come in while you’re catching up on sleep or on family vacations!

4. Generate a large amount of leads without paying for FB ads or wasting hours creating content and trying to grow your audience - eliminating the need for live launching and relying on your follower size!

Find out more information via the link in my bio, or send me a DM 📩


🤭 Unpopular opinion: Courses shouldn't teach students what to do...

.. It should teach them how to do it. 😉

Courses are about connecting people with the tools to take action, though including those is extra beneficial. It's about providing valuable, actionable advice and insight on how to go about implementing it.

People don't just buy your course to learn about theory and background information on a subject. They want to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, strategies, and action steps on the subject matter so they can turn around and start doing what they’ve learned.

📣 Give your students these things, and watch them successfully soar when they apply it. 👏🏼
👉🏼 You should also give them the opportunity to showcase their skills and get feedback within the course. Whether that's through tasks, assignments or open ended questions.

There are countless ways to offer both an informative and useful course that teaches your course members AND gives them the power of applying it effectively.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear them! 💗


So your course isn't selling... 😥

Do you feel deflated because you had an unsuccessful course launch or maybe your course sales have died down?

Let me reassure you - slow growth is ok, especially if this is your first time launching an online course without a mentor.

Some solutions to increase your sales include:
✅ Strengthening your message for better connection with ideal clients.
✅ Adjusting your content, making sure there’s good variation, balance, and sales tactics being used within.
✅ Looking at your funnel for areas of improvement, considering your data and conversion rates.
✅ Pulling more cold leads into your evergreen funnel, organically and free.

Remember that like many things in life, there is alway a learning curve to overcome and this can take longer if you’re doing it solo.

If you have the time, be patient and keep testing until you find the right solution! With every mishap there is a lesson to be learned that will get you one step closer towards your goals.

But if you’re ready to start seeing the profits from your course without the hassle, hire a mentor - you can DM me or seek out someone else - so you can have the proper guidance to get your sales on track. 💌


My top 3 tips for finding your target audience... 🤩

Narrowing down who your ideal client is is one of the MOST important details to figure out when planning your course.

Often many course creators don't know where to start with this. It can seem so overwhelming 😰

Here are three ways to narrow down your target audience:

1. Be clear on what your goals are. What problem does your course attempt to solve and does this align with your target audience's pain points?

2. Look at your social media analytics. Who follows you? What are their demographics? Keep in mind this might not always align with who your target audience is for your specific course but it's a great starting point! Analytics help you gauge who is interested in your content.

3. Research what your potential target audience are saying on social media. Where do they show up? What hashtags, people and trends are they following and does this align with the values of your business?

Do you know who your ideal client is? 💭


Happy New Year! What are you looking forward to most this year?


✨How do you start your mornings?

What you do when you wake helps set the tone of the day!

Share your routine below! 💖
(I’ll go first)

Timeline photos 07/08/2020

Taking all the negativity like... 😋🤪😁⠀

When I feel off or start seeing too much negativity in my feeds (let’s face it, it’s part of social media), I look for the positives and ways to bring more laughter and joy to my day.

One of those BIG positives is my family. Honestly, they keep me on my toes 🤣 but they bring constant smiles and laughter to our home 💖

Other things that help are:
✨Getting outside/ going for a walk
✨Learning new things
✨Talking to friends & family I haven’t seen in awhile

So when the world feels a little off, I know a little extra family time and some of these other activities will do wonders for my soul. 💖

What helps you when you’re feeling off?

Timeline photos 06/08/2020

What’s some positivity currently happening in your business? 😄


This week has been a wonderful one on my end and I’m blessed to have the wonderful and truly incredible clients I do! ❤️

So I want to hear what you’re currently working on or celebrating! 🥳👇🏼⠀


What do you have to offer? ⠀

Do you know every detail of your services/products? If so, GREAT! ⠀

However..... there’s a bigger piece to your offer. Do you know what that is?? ⠀

It’s HOW your products/services are going to help your client/customer and WHY they should go with your offer over a competitor’s. ⠀

Have you ever sat down and listed out these things? If not, you’re seriously hurting your business! ⠀

Here’s what you do, list as many ways on how your offer is going to help them. Then list why they should choose your offer and what makes your offer so special. ⠀

You can then use these for social media, on calls with potential clients, and to beef up your pages/ website/ sales funnels. 😍⠀

Let me know if you found this helpful and if you’ve done this before 💖


How much brighter and larger the world must look through our children’s eyes.... 🌎⠀

Sometimes I think that if we ALL just took a few minutes every day to see things the way children do that we would be much happier, feel so much joy and fun, and have less stress in our lives. ⠀

Somehow this sweet girl always finds the beauty in every situation. She actively looks for the beauty and treasures the world has to offer her and lives in a universe of wonder and possibilities. ✨⠀

She shows me new ways to love life that I would have never noticed or thought of. 💖⠀

So my message to you today is to take a few moments.... unplug and just image the world as a child would. Feel the wonder, love, joy, adventure, and fun. Imagine every positive possibility- no matter how far fetched it may SEEM, live in how it FEELS! 😍⠀

What does your inner child feel and dream of? Let me know below!

Side note: how cute is my oldest girl?! 🥰


Feel like no one is noticing your business?! 😬⠀

This can happen for a few different reasons!

First things first- check yourself and make sure you aren’t comparing your business to someone else’s! This is one of the biggest reasons I find clients feeling a “lack of growth” in their business.

Okay, now make sure that you are actually putting in the work! This is a big piece of the puzzle and most important when you are first starting a new page/account. You have to stay CONSISTENT!! Once you have a larger following you may not have to post as frequently, but it’s still a great way to keep growing.

If you are posting often and consistently, you need to make sure you’re engaging with your community! Give back to your followers and new accounts.

My last piece of advice for today is to have a clear voice that is always on brand. Let it shine in every post!

If you’re still feeling stuck, reach out and we will figure it out together! 💖

Have you ever felt this way in your business? If so, feel free to share your experience below ☺️⠀


How your business is like a race ✨⠀

When you’re running a race and start feeling tired, out of breath, your chest is heavy, your muscles are tightening up, and you start to doubt your ability to finish the race (forget medaling in it)..... what is it that keeps you going?! ⠀

It’s your ✨MINDSET!✨⠀

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. ⠀

It’s absolutely true! 💯 ⠀

So just like that race, when you face something in life or business that FEELS impossible, difficult, scary, or out of reach... Let those feelings go and KNOW that whatever it is isn’t scary, you CAN do it, and that it is absolutely possible!! ⠀

Whatever you tell yourself, you will believe. This is why YOUR MINDSET is your most powerful tool in life. So use it!! ⠀

What are some ways your mindset has helped you recently? 💖⠀

Timeline photos 07/07/2020

I feel like my whole life runs on love & strong coffee 😂☕️⠀

Sipping my coffee this morning got me thinking how true this is! ⠀

The strong coffee gets me going in the mornings, which is absolutely needed! 😅⠀

But having love in my life is what drives me and keeps me happy inside. Love keeps the bigger picture in mind. Loving what I do for work keeps me connected to it and wanting to get better and help more people. ⠀

What is YOUR fuel? What gets you motivated & helps connect you back to it all?? 💖⠀



🇺🇸Happy Independence Day!!🇺🇸

🇺🇸Happy Independence Day!!🇺🇸⠀

Wishing you all a safe & happy 4th of July weekend filled with lots of family & fun!! 💖⠀

What do you have planned?! Share below! 😁⠀

We are heading to the lake and plan to kayak, swim, and watch fireworks over the water! ⠀

If you need me at all, just send me a message! I will be checking in each evening and responding ❤️⠀

Timeline photos 03/07/2020

Moving forward in business can lead to a lot of strange feelings... ⠀

Uncertainty. Fear. Excitement. Anticipation. Worry. ⠀

These emotions are our body’s response to NEW. It’s a mechanism to make us think and respond to the situation. ⠀

Most people notice these emotions and decide to not move forward because of them. Sometimes the fear is just too much. ⠀

When I feel both scared and excited about something new in my business I KNOW it’s the right thing for me to do and that I must do it NOW. ⠀

Have you ever felt this way? Let me know below! ⠀
Stuck on something making you feel this way? Message me so we can work through it! 💖⠀

Timeline photos 01/07/2020

Choosing JOY in my life 💖⠀

When something scares me, makes me angry, and throws a wrench in my plans.... it can be frustrating and hard to step out of those emotions. ⠀

I don’t push them aside though. NOPE. I process them- work through them. ⠀

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in negative emotions or want to shove them aside to “deal with later” 🤦🏼‍♀️ We’re all a bit guilty of this. ⠀

But it’s a huge set back because those emotions will continue to resurface until we make the time to FEEL them, to process them, and to move through them. ⠀

Once I give my negative emotions the time needed, I then move into joy, fun, and ease. ⠀

This space is where I am my best self- mother, wife, business owner, person. ⠀

I choose to live my life in joy. What do you choose?! ⠀

Timeline photos 30/06/2020

✨Focusing on personal growth and mindset✨⠀

Over the last few months I’ve been focusing on my mindset around my business and other areas of my life. ⠀

The impact that has made is... life changing! I can’t even explain how important it has been! ⠀

And aside from my business, the changes in my life have been so rewarding!! We’ve had more family time in the last few months than in the last year probably, because we’ve set the intention to do so and have the ability to do it now. ⠀

I no longer worry or fear things, I know what is possible and live in knowing and trusting and putting in the needed work. ⠀

I’m not done! There’s still a lot more to work on. But I’m amazed every single day by the changes I’ve felt and seen in such a short time and I’m incredibly blessed to be on this amazing journey. ⠀

Share something you’re celebrating below! I’d love to give out positive vibes today! 💖⠀


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✨It’s Social Media Day!✨

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How YOU can save time in your business! 😱⠀

If you’re a business owner you know that time is essential! And you probably feel like you don’t have enough of it, especially during periods of growth. ⠀

But I know how you can create more time. ⠀


Now hear me out, I know this isn’t an easy task. (I’m guilty of not wanting to let go of tasks too!) ⠀

But once you hand over some tasks you’ll be amazed at how much time it opens up AND how much more focus you’ll have on your set tasks! ⠀

So what can you get rid of? ANYTHING! ⠀

But one thing I’d be happy to help you with and take off your never ending to-do list is social media! ⠀

I can assist with post & story templates, managing your social media (creating content, posting for you, engaging with your community, outreach to grow and connect with others), and ads management (creating captions and images, setting up audience and ads, split testing, tracking and analytics, and optimizing as needed). ⠀

Please send me a message or book a free call through the link in my bio if you’d like to discuss how I can help your business! 💖⠀


Happy Wednesday!
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Broadcasting the TRUTH on this today! 😱⠀

(Make sure you save this post for later- you’ll need it!)⠀

People think to be successful on social media they have to have 10K+ followers on IG or 500+ page likes on FB.... this is complete bullsh*t. ⠀

You truly don’t need a large following at all on any platform. Do the work and provide great content that connects with your ideal audience, and you will draw them to you and build those connections easily. ⠀

And through that work you’ll show your current audience who you are and attract them to your business further! ⠀

So here’s what you do:⠀
1. Focus on who your idea audience is & what they would want to see/hear from you. ⠀
2. Create posts with true intention and in alignment with your #1 answer. ⠀
3. Start putting your content out there! ⠀
4. Connect with those who engage with your content- they’re showing interest and may be even more interested than they let on. ⠀
5. Be GENUINE!! ⠀
6. Reach out to your ideal audience and get to know them. Ask questions. CONNECT. ⠀
7. Remember social media is here to get social with one another and is a TWO-WAY street. Engage with other people’s content as well, if it speaks to you. ⠀

That’s all! You don’t need to have a lot of followers for this to work- it will help you bring in more clients/customers AND build up your following at the same time! ⠀

Yes, it’s time consuming and that’s why people like me have jobs doing this for other businesses 💁🏼‍♀️, but it does work! ⠀

If you liked this post, please give it a 💖 and let me know your thoughts below! 💖⠀

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🇺🇸Happy Independence Day!!🇺🇸