Meenu Agrawal

Meenu Agrawal

Internationally Certified Soft Skills Trainer from ICBI, Delhi. (NABET & SQA)

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🌟 Unlock Success with the Perfect Blend of Skills and Values! 🚀 When building your dream team, remember: Skills are the foundation, but values are the compass.

🔍 Don't settle for candidates who excel in just one aspect – aim for those who align with both!

💼 Elevate your organization with individuals who not only possess the technical prowess to excel but also share your core values, fostering a culture of integrity and collaboration.

💪 Join the movement of empowering teams for unprecedented success!


Every sunrise is an opportunity to engage in a sacred ritual, where moments of silence allow us to connect with the cosmos, seeking guidance and wisdom for the day ahead. It’s a time to express gratitude for the blessings surrounding us, setting the tone for a day filled with positivity and purpose. 🌅✨


“Every day brings its own set of challenges, from navigating communication breakdowns to overcoming frustrations and shyness. Yet, amidst these barriers, we find the beauty of connection and understanding. 💬✨ ”


“Putting our heart and soul into the festival’s success, but also savoring joyous moments with our favorites. 🎉❤️


Had a thought-provoking session at ! 📚 Exploring ‘Hindus in Hindu Rashtra (BlueOne Ink)with author Dr. Anand Ranganathan in conversation with Pavan K Varma. ”


At the Delhi Literature Festival, , former CEO of , and Sonia Singh, Editorial Director and Anchor of , explore the captivating narratives of Gurcharan Das's book and delve into his life incidents.


about to start! 🎉 Pictured: Mr. R C Bhargava, Chairman of , with his wife, Milee Ashwarya, Publisher at , and Bharati Bhargava, Founder Director of . 📸


🔍Curious minds wanted! “Lost in the Love Maze” by Mukul Kumar holds secrets, passion, and twists that will leave you questioning everything. 🤯💬 Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of love? Come and witness during the discussion!🌟💑 ?

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Successful press conference done! 🎉 Delhi Literature Festival is calling – come for the books, discussions and live performances. 📚✨ let’s immerse in and create memories! 🌟


Successful press conference done! 🎉 Delhi Literature Festival is calling – come for the books, discussions and live performances. 📚✨ let’s immerse in and create memories! 🌟


Stepping into 2024 with positivity and purpose. 🚀


Unforgettable moment meeting the iconic Mummy “ Bhagwanti” from Hum Log in real life! 🌟 Grateful for the chance to connect with a living legend. ”


Immersed in the spellbinding artistry of Dr. Sonal Man Singh at the Indian International Center—a fusion of classical dance and her role as a Rajya Sabha Member. A journey into the captivating narrative of Meera Bai. 🎭✨


Hung out with friends at Dilli Haat, great fun and guess what? Devoured my fave Maharashtrian thalipeet! Tried a many different items – foodie paradise! 😋


Join us for the prestigious 6th Rabindra Nath Tagore Literary Prize at India International Center (IIC) on December 18th at 6:00 PM.

An evening of literary brilliance awaits. Your presence will make it truly special! 🙏🙏🙏

See you there!


"🧠💡 Your mind is your greatest canvas. Just like a designer creates a masterpiece, you can shape your thoughts, beliefs, and potential. Embrace the art of self-improvement and design the best version of yourself! 🎨✨ "


Goodbye Metaverse, its been a Nightmare.
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I HEREBY STATE THAT I DO NOT GIVE MY PERMISSION TO USE ANY OF MY PERSONAL DATA OR PHOTOS. If you are thinking of getting off FB because of the volume of sales ads and trash stuff. So hold your finger anywhere in this post and click ′copy’. Go to your page where it says ‘What's on your mind?’ Tap your finger anywhere in the blank field. Click paste. This upgrades the system.
Good bye annoying ads and
Hello new and old friends!


🌟 Ever noticed how time seems to stand still when you're engrossed in a deep conversation? It's as if the world fades away, and all that's left is a genuine exchange of thoughts and feelings. These talks are the gems that remind us of our shared humanity. So, let's make space for more of these moments—putting away the noise, looking into each other's eyes, and truly listening. 🗣️💕

Photos from Meenu Agrawal's post 25/05/2023

At the 11th edition of Delhi Literature Festival’s success party at the Delhi Gymkhana Club, I had the pleasure of moderating a talk with Dr. Vandana R. Singh about her book “Bhagavad Gita,” which gives tools for dealing with modern stress, pain, dilemmas, and inner struggles. From a non-ritualistic point of view, the book shows how the “Gita” can be used to teach current life skills. Excellent read!


Reflection is the key to getting things right. Every day, we need to think about our goals and ask ourselves, "How am I going to get there?" If everything seems too hard right now, take small steps, but don't give up.


Transform your world by changing your words🌺


Listening is sometimes the best we can do. We may learn more about others' ideas and experiences by actually listening to them. This improves problem-solving and relationships. I feel that saying less and listening more is a strong method to create empathy and connection in many areas of my life, even though it's hard.


A wonderful read. This book teaches how to build meaningful relationships and use them to achieve your objectives and benefit others. "Never Eat Alone" means not eating lunch alone and using that opportunity to socialize.


Can really replace humans when it comes to content creation? Find out by joining us for a panel discussion on vs Human Generated Content. It’s going to be epic!


A very interesting and interactive conversation with new recruits.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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