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five-0 motorsport is a family run dirt kart race team in adelaide ,sa.

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Well thats the end of a era for ryder finishing his titles campain and his junior career.
He was driving like a machine all weekend, until the 4th round where he got smashed around and went back four places this relegated him from 8th outright back to 15th for the main final.
He drove an awesome race and made afew positions before getting hooked up on another kart.
He managed to cross the line in 13th,not what we were aiminf for however it gave him a final result of australia #15 .
We are so proud of the way he drove in this event ,now to pickup the new rig and see how he rips against the big fish.
Now just to see where he ended up for the club championship at prezzos later this year.
Shoutouts to all the winners, tatiara dirt kart club ,our friends, family and sponsors.


Day 3 results for ryder at the nationals started off well ,he was currently sitting p8 outright .
Heat 3 had ryder of the grid in 12th and soon made his way forward to 7th ,an excellent drive and result .
Heat 4 ryders run didnt go exactly to plan starting out of p10 ,he had a good start and made up a position.
Throughout the race he just got belted from pillar to post knocking him back places finishing in p14, not ideall but still banking points .
With all his efforts he has ticked of goal 1- finish all races, goal 2- make it into the main final ( in p15) .
Now to put the lid on one more time and do his best.
Super proud of how he has driven this weekend so far against 40 of the counties fast drivers.
Thanks to all our family ,friends and sponsors.


Ryders race 2 at the nationals this weekend finished 2nd


Round 2 and day 2 ,done as dusted for us.
Ryder started on pole and was safely out of turn 1 in 2nd position behind erin from team Seven-Eight Racing after her holeshot.
Ryder was copping some real heat from position 3 both swapping spots ,ryder stayed level headed ,set up the pass and took back second were he then played to his strength of defending like a boss and laying down fast consistent laps closing the gap down to erin to cross the line in 2nd .
Couldnt be prouder of the way hes driving and hopefully we can continue to bank points tommorrow.
Congratulations to erin on her heat win.
Huge thanks to all our supporters .


World class products #1
Five-0 Motorsport thankyou for supporting our team.

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 26/10/2023

Day 2 of the australian titles sees the first day of competition.
Ryder and his kart showed good pace yesterday in practice so hopefully the luck is with him today and can gather some good points. Race 1 starting out of dead last in his group (2×20 drivers)20th position theres no pressure and arguably no better spot to start this event.
Race 2 later today will have him in the hot seat off of the number 1 spot , pole position .
Huge thankyou to the wife for organising us , our friends and family and to the special companies that support our team.


Video of ryder heat 1 win .
Thankyou for the video Seven-Eight Racing

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 22/10/2023

Saturday gone we headed to the Adelaide Dirt Kart Club for our club points day .
Ryder started race 1 off 2nd and made a fast pass to run away for the the win.
Round 2 through 4 were a real battle with some fast kids however he drove smooth and defended smart to achieve what he was there for and that was to gather points towards the overall championship for 2023. Results at club prezzo later in the year ,hopefully we did enough this year to be in the top 5.
Final results were 2nd-1st , 7th-6th, 3rd-2nd, 6th-6th ,final 4th- 2nd(podium)
A huge shoutout goes to the adelaide dirt kart club and all that helped run these shows, to leo and oldman vickers ( sorry i dont know your name) for the awesome track.
To the wife for putting up with us and to all our awesome sponsors and supporters.

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 10/10/2023

a few photos from the 2023 adelaide classic meeting


So after a few weeks off to start preparing for aussie titles,
today we headed to the Adelaide Dirt Kart Club for their " adelaide classic" event.
With 200+ noms for a sunday its clear to see the club is doing it right and with the weather gods finally shining we were in for some great racing.
We started qually alittle off the pace both driver and kart but still managed 5th , the next heat didnt get much better still struggling to find the right combo.
We completely changed our setup and instantly showed great pace going 10th- 2nd.
This put ryder out of 4th in the final were he had a solid run to get up to 3rd and on the podium.
Big shout out to all those that give up their time to make the event happen.
To all our sponsors that support us throughout the 23 season you guys rock.
Spark Plugs Australia

Photos to follow shortly.


are proud to announce we have teamed up with VP racing products and are now an authourised reseller of all their amazing products .
So for all your accessories,lubricants and racefuel including AIDKA approved c9 dont hesitate to contact us or see us at the track.

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 09/07/2023

Saturday we headed to the ypkc for their club day .
With a strong field of all the usual kids plus some that travelled from far n wide ryder showed good pace right off the bat and carried that momentum throughout the meeting .
Format was 6 laps , 4 heats with a final.
The results for the meeting seen ryder go 8th-2nd , 2nd-1st , 7th-2nd ,3rd-1st.
This gave him pole position for the final were he had a good start and led from start to finish with young erin forestal from the Seven-Eight Racing team keeping the heat on him all race.
Special thanks goes out to the wife for the photos and to our team sponsors because without these companies and their support we dont race .

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 02/07/2023

This weekend we headed to the blanchtown dirt kart club for their 2 day event with the format being 8 heats dropping your worst.
Ryder competed in the junior heavy and young sean forrestal from Seven-Eight Racing piloting the second #50 in kt lights .
Day one showed ryder had pace straight away and the results showed going 8th-2nd , 6th-7th, 1st- 1st and a dnf after getting tangled up with another driver.
Day 2 after camping out with the seven-eight and cbr teams we did it over again .
The day didnt start well on a super slippy track ,ryder made what i believe was unavoidable contact and got handed a 5pt penalty .
The remainder of the day seen ryder putting his lid on and getting the job done to recoup points going, 5th-13th(penality), 10th-5th, 11th-4th, 3rd- 1st . This landed him on podium for 2nd outright , a great result.
Sean did an amazing job in the kt light class given our kart was totally foreign to him .
Ty made multiple changes throughout the meeting and sean showed good pace slowly getting more comfy with the kart.
Special thanks to all of our teams supporters as we cant do this without them.


five-0 motorsport are excited to announce and welcome our newest sponsor to the team ... .
Thankyou for your support for this year and into the future.

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 04/06/2023

Saturday we headed to morgan with ryder for the 2nd round of the riverland championship. The format was 4 x 8 lap races ,with a quality field in the junior heavies ryder showed once again that his consistancy is heading in the right direction and he had good speed .
In heats 1-4 he went 4th-3rd , 7th-3rd, 2nd- 4th and 9th- 5th , this gave him the points to land on podium with 3rd outright for the meeting.
Big thanks to all our supporters-


All of us here at Five-0 Motorsport would like to send out a massive thankyou to brisk spark plugs australia for coming onboard as a sponsor and supporting the team .

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 08/05/2023

2023 state titles-
Great week away with some great people ,plenty of laughs,tears and everthing in between.
Jett in the kt showed good pace but had a crap weekend and retired from the event on saturday.
Ryder struggled in practice as we had no kart pace compared to the other kids so we had some real work to do to change our setup ready for heat 1.
Straight away we knew we had it right and the junior 50 was flying.
Ryders drove the wheels of it and results showed lady luck was on our side.
Results for the heats were - 13th to 4th , 3rd to 2nd, 10th-7th and 6th- 8th , this qualified him 6th for the final where he finished 5th .
Once the point were added he finished out the titles as SA #4 , were so proud of both boys efforts behind the wheel.
A huge shout out goes out to morgan dirt kart club for all their efforts ,to all our kart family and friends for their support .
To the wife for letting us do it most weekends and to our amazing sponsors for their generous support .

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 02/04/2023

On saturday we headed back to the Adelaide Dirt Kart Club for round 2 of the junior kart championship.
Results were good considering the pace of all the competitors this year and some of the elbows out racing this meeting , unfortunantly resulting in a few injuries to a couple of friends.
Shout out to kacie duff and sean forrestal ,wishing you both a speedy recovery.
Ryder started heat 1 out of 10th moving up to finish 6th, heat 2 out of 5th ,got knocked around but made his way up to 4th , heat 3 he started back in 12th and got run up onto the back of pushing his pipe onto the wheel acting as a brake which seriously limited his pace and only managed to hold onto 12th.
This gave him enough points though to make it into the finals out of position 14 with a full grid of 20 drivers.
He drove smart and fast but with a big pile up resulting in injured drivers and a restart he managed to finish the final from a fast and sometimes fierce field of about 28 entrants.
Overall result was 7th outright in final and picked up a sportsman award .
Big thanks to the adelaide dirt kart club, shannon barry/senditcovers for the sportsman award, L7 karts for the voucher and our awesome sponsors-

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 05/03/2023

Saturday we headed of to york pennisular kart club for the start of ryder season in round 1 of the junior kart championship.
With a big fields of some of the state and countries fasted junior drivers racing this year.
Round 1 ryder started out of 3 on the grid and was going well until he hit a hole in the track sending him off track and resulting in a dnf.
Round 2 went well after initially having trouble with stating issues on our new engine and carby package for this year he showed he had good pace and went 11th to 4th.
Round 3 was a similar result going 5th to 4th.
Round 4 we had some good tune information from the day and he once again kept his nose clean and drove a solid race from 9th to 6th , this qualified ryder for the final out of 13th where he raced hard,showed good pace and consistancy to come home with a 10th in the main and a good bank of points for the jkc.
Next meeting for us is jetts first meeting at Adelaide Dirt Kart Club for the kt allstars.
Congratulations goes out to all the place getters as it was well deserved given the level of talent this year.
Special thanks goes out to those who help the team, , , , ,

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 11/12/2022

Well thats a wrap for the season now with presentation done at ryder having a solid year but due to covid and his big crash in round 1 he fell down the order for overall season points finoshing 8th.
Jett being mister consistant even though missing a round took out 2nd on the podium for the year in kt heavy.
Super proud of our boys and the team on what was really our first full year.
Final results for the team were-
15 shows,115 races,4 winss,28 podiums,63 top 5 finishes,5 best lap times.
Big thanks to our sponsors, the Adelaide Dirt Kart Club and all in the team for their help throughout the year.


Great nights racing at the again for fast friday 2 .
Jett unfortunantly missing the show due to work commitments however ryder had a good run after struggling for pace at FF1.
Whilst we still chose to run the lesser powered spare engine with a ,pipe and gearing change and ryder getting better at tuning on the fly he had a great show going 4th-3rd, 4th-4th putting him on 4th in the final where he managed to get up to 3rd where he crossed the line unfotunantly erin and jake broke clear of the pack and where uncatchable.
Well done to the club ,the other teams and all involved on the effort to run these events.
Special thankyou to

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 23/10/2022

What a weekend of racing as we headed off to bordertown for the last round of the junior kart championship.
With the boys starting the day with a reasonable run though our gearing selection was slightly off due to not have raced at the tatiara track before.
We made changes which put jett on the pace as he drove fast and smart all day and narrowly missed out on the podium against some really fast competitors.
Ryder was looking at a good chance of coming close to a potential overall podium for the series however with a couple of decisions made by both him and myself ,our inexperience at this track showed and gave us a mixed result and coindidencly failed to make the top 5 podium positions finishing the jkc in 7th.
Still a great result that we are proud of considering this is the boys first full year and the level of competition in this sport.
Final results for the day was - jett 4th,5th,5th,3rd,4th
Ryder- 7th,9th,11th,10th,14th?
Congratulations to all the other teams,drivers and friends on their efforts throughout the year.



With a couple of big meetings coming up, we need to give the club some much needed love!

This Saturday (20th August), we’ll be holding a working bee from 10am-2pm!

Please come on down and help the club out, additional equipment (whipper snippers, movers etc) would all be greatly appreciated.

Please send us a message if you have any questions! See you all on Saturday!

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 14/08/2022

Great night of dirt kart racing with mixed results for the boys.
We started the day slow with the weather not playing nice and almost raining the event out.
Big shout out to the morgan dirt kart for their stellar effort to make the night happen and as it turned out the track was prime by round 2.
Ryder struggled in junior heavies getting tangled up in multiple pile ups causing him to dnf in 2 rounds then finished 4th and 5th.
We watched some awesome racing in jetts group of kt heavies with jett running at the pointy end all night to go 4th,3rd,2nd and 2nd to put him on the podium in 2nd bringing home the hardware.
Special thanks to the wife and tierra for helping out with karts ,setup etc and feeding us, mdkc and ofcoarse the companies that support the team.

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 31/07/2022

Great weekend of racing on saturday night at yorke pennisula kart club for round 3 of the junior kart championship
We got ryders setup almost spot on and he showed some really good pace up against some of the quickest kids in the state.
Four heats and a final run with him going 4th,5th,8th,3rd qualifing him in the final in 6th were he held his own to come away with 6th overall , not a bad effort out of 28 kids.
Thanks to all at ypdkc ,mish for her help throughout the night and the guys at

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 24/07/2022

Adelaide all powers race meeting saturday, both boys had a shocker of a night with ryder having 2 dnf's in the first two heats from mechanical problems followed by mainly mid pack finishes for the rest of the night.
He had a good run in the final to climb from 11th to 5th .
Jett also had a dnf in heat 1 after being punted, race two and three seen him go 2nd ,4th then finished out the night with a 2nd,4th and 3rd landing him on the podium for a overall 3rd placing.
Thanks to adkc and all the work they put in to get us racing, royal precision lubricants.

Photos from Five-0 Motorsport's post 18/06/2022

Congrats to jett on taking out 1st outright for the morgan riverland championship rd2 in kt heavies.
Drove like a champ ,consistant and smart.
Ryder coming away with 5th overall ,showing some great pace all night in the big fields.
Big thanks to morgan kart club , to the wife for her help all night, blight engineering and maintenance, royal precision lubricants, brk karts.
More photos of the night to come.


21/05/2022 morgan dirt kart club junior heavy finals, ryder placing 3rd behind kacie duff and phoenix biele giving him the 3rd step on the podium for the meet.

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Video of ryder heat 1 win .Thankyou for the video Seven-Eight Racing
21/05/22 morgan dirt kart club junior heavy finals